The Skill Maker – Chapter 029

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<Medicinal Mix #1>


‘This is the bulb of a Flower Spore? So, this transforms into a Flower Spore-like monster, right?’

There was something else that surprised him.

‘Other items had limitations and the percentage regarding the increase rate…’

The Flower Spore’s bulb was a bit different.

‘Does this mean it actually adds to the stats?’

He wanted to eat it and check, but eating it for the sake of testing seemed like a waste.

Hyun-Soo’s stamina stat showed up as 79 on the upgraded Interface.

The bulb provided 15 stamina points, which was a lot.

‘This will be quite useful.’

It wasn’t just useful, but it was amazing.

He felt good because he got more than what he expected.

‘I should think about what I should do with these.’

He happily walked out of the portal.


‘What should I do with these? It’s a waste to just eat them. Kim Yoo-Na said she’ll mix the spore with something else, so should I try it too?’

Bright Flower, Treecreeper Grass and Bulb of the Flower Spore were in Hyun-Soo’s hands.

After placing them on top of the table, he activated Interface and contemplated for a moment.

The effect of the Bright Flower wasn’t really useful.

It wouldn’t even be useful to his family since they all had the Low Level Recovery skill.

The Treecreeper Grass isn’t useful to ordinary humans.

It’s only useful to hunters that require energy to use their skills.

‘This is what I’m most concerned about.’

Hyun-Soo cupped his chin while looking at the shining bulb that was as big as a person’s head.

It was big, but on top of that, he didn’t know how to eat it…

‘Will it decrease the effect if I cut it?’

He managed to dig up a couple more of the other items, but he only found one bulb.

Hyun-Soo ended up grabbing a dagger after not know what to do with it.

“Whatever. I’ll just try it.’



Despite of its hard texture, it cut pretty easily.

Hyun-Soo ate a piece of it.

‘It tastes…like a coconut. It’s better than I thought.’

He assumed it would taste like grass since it was a bulb, but it was pretty aromatic and sweet that it made him want to eat more.

‘Let’s see…Interface!’

Hyun-Soo used Interface to check his stats.


▶Name: Kim Hyun-Soo (21)

▶Rank: D

▶Class: Skill Maker

▶Experience: 4%

▶Stamina Level: 87%

▶Energy Level: 94%

▶Stamina: 80 / Agility: 55 / Power: 68 / Critical Hit: 47 / ?? / ?? / ??


▶Skill List


[Skill Creation][C]

[Skill Transfer][C]

[Mighty Throw][D]


‘It increase. But…just by one point.’

Maybe it’s because he ate a small piece, but the bulb’s original effect wasn’t applied.

‘It’s actually better. I thought I had to eat the entire thing, but if it can be shared, then I can give some to my parents and Hyuna.’

He could get paid a lot, but he wanted to exclusively keep whatever was good.

First, he wanted to use it to its full potential and sell whatever was left later.

This was different from the skills he sold.

He could always control the skills he made and sell them.

But the natural resources inside the portal was available to everyone.

‘Since they don’t have Interface, they won’t be able to check their information and what kind of effects they have.’

He now knew.

It didn’t matter whether it was information or power. It was about obtaining it first.

That’s how you get ahead of everyone else.

Even an A rank like Kim Yoo-Na would check the effects by using her own body.

Like Kim Yoo-Na, there were probably people that are interested in the natural resources within the portal.

But whenever he saw Kim Yoo-Na’s reaction to items that were good for the body, he assumed that the items within the portal weren’t well-known to many.

If that’s not the case, then other hunters would’ve already known about them.

And Kim Yoo-Na wouldn’t have to make the effort of taking down a monster herself because she could just purchase them.

There were some that probably tried it.

However, there was a big difference between eating it without any knowledge and eating it while knowing what it was.

‘First, it would best to make it so that they can’t tell what it is.’

Hyun-Soo immediately went to the kitchen.

He brought a mortar and a chopping board and placed them on the table.

‘It said to grind the Bright Flower, so let’s do that first and then I’ll mince the bulb. It’ll be better if I could turn them into powder.’

Thump, thump, thump!

He placed the Bright Flower into the small mortar and started grinding it.

The bowl was filled with dark green juice.

Every time the sticky juice touched the pestle, it would stretch out and snap.

‘I thought it would be a bit bitter, but it doesn’t have any taste.’

After it turned into a green, sticky fluid, he poured it into a bowl.

Next was the bulb.

Crack! Crack!

Even though he cut it into small pieces, it was still pretty thick, so when he crushed it, it sounded like a piece of wood was cracking.

Since it was the seed of plant, he expected there to be some sort of moisture, but the more the crushed, the more it turned into powder.

After crushing the bulb, Hyun-Soo took out the Treecreeper Grass from his pocket.

Wiggle, wiggle!

“Oh, you scared me again! You’re an odd piece of grass.”

The world of the portal was filled with things that couldn’t be understood with common knowledge.

That’s why, even when there’s a moving grass, there no reason to be weirded out.

But, he was still surprised regardless, so as he was taking it out, Hyun-Soo was close to freaking out.

‘I threw it to the ground, but it’s still moving.’

This isn’t some horror movie…



As soon he took the grass near a pot of boiling water, it started moving more violently.

It looked as if it was doing its best to survive, so Hyun-Soo closed his eyes, threw the grass into the pot and quickly covered the lid.

‘I’m boiling a piece of grass, but it felt like I was catching a chicken.’

Hyun-Soo managed to prepare all the ingredients.

Hyun-Soo was lost in his thoughts as he looked at the ingredients.

He finished getting rid of its original form.

According to his plan, he would sort out the ingredients and put them all together.

But, Hyun-Soo got curious.

‘Should I mix them?’

He already cut and grinded them, so mixing them shouldn’t be an issue.

If there was one thing he was worried about, it was the effect.

‘It won’t blow up or anything if I mix them, right? Will it become poisonous?’

Hyun-Soo decided mix a small portion since it’ll be problematic if he mixed all of it.

The bulb turned into powder, the Treecreeper Grass was boiled and the Bright Flower became a sticky liquid.

He placed all three of them in a bowl and mixed them.

The powder melted and instantly disappeared.

The liquid enveloped the grass and made it look like a jelly.

While slowly mixing the ingredients, Hyun-Soo was reminded of something.

‘This kind of looks a red ginseng rice cake. It’s just different because this is dark green.’

Since he added ingredients that were good for the body, it’ll probably be better than ginseng.

‘It would’ve been great if I added the Mutilated Rhinoceros’ Horn powder.’

But his father already ate it all.

If he added the horn powder, he might’ve created an amazing item that could be really good for the body.

Hyun-Soo was a bit disappointed.

After noticing that there weren’t any changes to the ingredient, Hyun-Soo used Interface.

‘Let’s check. Interface!’


[Pickled Low Level Recovery Root][Normal]

The Pickled Recovery Root that was made by mixing different medicinal herbs.

Once eaten, for a certain period of time the stamina will increase in small amounts

And during that time, the recovery rate of physical injuries and energy will increase in small amounts.

Due to imbalance between ingredients and inexperienced creation skills

The full effects of the ingredients can’t be applied.

Effect: +Stamina 1 [Duration: 10 Minutes]

+ Energy Recovery Rate Increased by 2% [Duration: 10 Minutes]

+ Physical Injury Recovery Rate Increased by 2% [Duration: 10 Minutes]



He created something.

All he did was mix the ingredients, but he created something new.

Despite of the fact that he mixed three different ingredients, they had similar effects, but there was one thing that was different.

‘The Bright Flower’s effect increased the stamina’s recovery rate, but the Pickled Root increases the recovery rate of physical injuries. Did something change when they were mixed together?’


Hyun-Soo started thinking.

He carefully organized the thoughts he had when Kim Yoo-Na first told him about the effects of the natural ingredients within the portal and actually ate them to check the effects.

‘I think…I can make this and sell it.’

Mixing different ingredients will increase the effects.

He estimated the cost.

He knew he could make money with this.

Inside the portal was a rich mine.

And Hyun-Soo was the only one that could check the information.


Hyun-Soo looked at the pickled root.

And then.


“You have successfully combined resources with different effects.”

“With this success, Medicinal Mix [C] has been created.”


Hyun-Soo doubted his ears after hearing the alarm.

‘Medicinal… What?’


[Medicinal Mix][C]

Creates a new medicine by mixing different medicinal herbs.

Depending on the type of herbs, ratio and combination, different types of herbs will be created.

Depending on the experience, the success rate will change.

Experience: 1%


It’s like someone pushed me from behind.

Telling me to make money with this.

‘This is awesome.’

Depending on the ingredients and the combination, he could create an endless amount of medicine..

Hyun-Soo was already thinking about how to use this.

“Man, I’m tired….”

A man with dark circles was lying on the floor.

It was Hyun-Soo.

Despite of his family being asleep, Hyun-Soo was busy using the skill.

All he had to do was use Medicinal Mix and it’ll provide the results right away.

He created a whole batch of Pickled Low Level Recovery Root.

‘Knowing that the effects can change depending on the ratio is pretty fun…’

He ended up staying up all night because of it.

While making them, he would eat them so that it would recover his stamina, but it didn’t recover his mental fatigue.

‘On top of that, the activation level for Interface increased.’

He increased Interface’s activation level by 4%.

He used it so many times throughout the night to check the information of the new medicines, that the activation level increased without him knowing.

‘I am tired, but since I was able to make this, it’s a success, right?’

Hyun-Soo looked at the small glass bottle that was sitting on top of the table.

‘Low Level Stamina Increase Potion.’

That was what the bottle contained.

The potion was a light blue color.



<Medicinal Mix #1> End.

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