The Skill Maker – Chapter 027

<Level Up #1>


“Great. Let’s get started. It’s better to start sooner rather than later.”

Hyun-Soo nodded his head.

“The monster we’ll be going against is the Flower Spore.”

It sounded familiar.

‘Is this fate?’

The monster that he fought during his first hunt was the Flower Spore.

And his life as a hunter was ruined because of that monster.

But to think that he would capture a Flower Spore right when he’s about to level up.

“You said you captured on before, right?”


“Then you know what to look out for. The monster may be similar, but since the rank of the portal is different, the monster will be different as well.”

“Got it. Don’t worry.”

“Right. You seem pretty used it now. I’ve met a lot of hunters, but I’m surprised by how fast you’ve grown. Why exactly are the other hunters excluding a hunter like you?”

‘I’m not sure. That’s what I would like to know.’

Kim Yoo-Na somewhat knew of Hyun-Soo’s situation, but she couldn’t understand why Hyun-Soo was forced out of the hunter’s community.

‘She might not know since she worked mostly overseas…’

Even though their relationship was created through a contract, but there wasn’t much that Hyun-Soo knew about Kim Yoo-Na.

The only thing he knew was that her sister was sick.

He didn’t really want to know and it looked like Kim Yoo-Na didn’t want to tell him either.

That was good enough.

This wasn’t the time to think about girls.

Honestly, she felt more like a guide than a woman.

He wasn’t sure when he would get the chance to talk to a beautiful woman like Kim Yoo-Na, but he didn’t have the energy to focus on these feelings.

“It’s coming. I’ll aggravate it, so start attacking it as much as you can.”

“Got it.”

Although the Flower Spore was from a green portal, it probably had similar stats.

Kim Yoo-Na explained that its level might be different, but its attacks should be similar.


Kim Yoo-Na punched the ground with her fist.

The even ground suddenly started rumbling.

The sound of the ground splitting could be heard and green vines flew out of it.


While the vines were stretched out and the monster was taking its place, he saw it appear on the Flower Spore’s body.

While watching the flower petals blossom, Hyun-Soo saw the light.

“Mighty Throw!”


The sharp dagger flew towards the bright, white dot.


However, because of its vines, it didn’t hit the white dot.

However, the dagger cut into its vine and the Flower Spore’s head was focusing on Hyun-Soo.


That’s when.

Kim Yoo-Na hit the Flower Spore’s body with her fist.

The plant type monster was really weak against her fiery fists.


The monster’s high-pitched scream filled the entire portal.

Since they didn’t have any other defense or a healer, they had to be careful whenever its vines tried to attach them.

For the monsters before, Kim Yoo-Na would aggravate them, so all he had to do was attack while dodging their attacks.

‘The Flower Spore is just attacking everywhere with its vines.’

It didn’t even have a wide-ranged attack, but its vines made it seem like they did.

‘I have no choice.’

Hyun-Soo approached closer to the monster.

Most of the vines were attacking Kim Yoo-Na, so he approached the part where there weren’t as many vines.

His eyes met with Kim Yoo-Na’s.

She looked at him with a serious look as if to tell him that it wasn’t a good idea.

‘I wasn’t planning on getting too close.’

Hyun-Soo wasn’t planning on attacking it from up close, but after getting somewhat closer, he dodged the vines and looked at the white dots that were underneath the leaves.


Suddenly, he saw something strange.

‘What is that?‘

Underneath the white, sparkling dot, there was something hanging from its roots.

Just looking at it made it seem like it was part of the vine.



[Flower Spore’s Pocket]

It’s a pocket that contains the Flower Spore’s premature spore.

The premature spore gives a weak paralysis effect.

Effect: Paralysis Effect [Duration: Three Minutes]


He was expecting this to have some sort of amazing effect like the Mutilated Rhinoceros.

With high expectations, Hyun-Soo checked by using Interface.

He was a bit disappointed when he found out that it didn’t have such a great effect, but…

‘No. Isn’t it good if it has a paralysis effect? It is a bit weak, but it’s an important item during a hunt, so it’s not a big loss.’

Once he levels up, his short contract with Kim Yoo-Na will come to an end.

After that, he had to go on hunts on his own.

So, it wasn’t a bad idea to take a useful item with him.

‘I might have to go on hunts by myself.’

He thought it was almost impossible, but if he looked hard enough, he might find a monster he could take care of by himself.

‘My stamina and agility increased a lot and it does feel like my body has become agile.’

He still had a long way to go until he was on the same level as Kim Yoo-Na but, when comparing to the attackers during his first hunt, he was sure that he was way better than them.

‘An opening!’


The sharp dagger flew towards the white light and hit it.


Hyun-Soo’s dagger started flying towards the white dots.

The critical alarm continuously rang.

Since Kim Yoo-Na was aggravating the Flower Spore, daggers were all over its body and a green residue was seeping out of it. The monster didn’t have the time to look back at Hyun-Soo.

Since he was continuously attacking it, the monster’s Energy Field was getting weaker, which made it easier for him to attack.

‘Did the tanker from before not do his job right or is Kim Yoo-Na just better?’

Kim Yoo-Na was an A rank hunter, but she was an attacker.

The man from before was a tanker.

‘Since I didn’t really like that guy, I’ll just assume he didn’t do his job right.’

Hyun-Soo came to that conclusion.

While doing so, his hands and feet were continuously moving.

He managed to dodge the vines that the monster was waving around due to the pain and whenever he saw its weak point, he didn’t forget to attack it.

‘But something is missing.’

He was continuously lowering the monster’s Energy Field, but Hyun-Soo felt that something was missing.

‘It would be nice if I had a skill I could use to finish the attack.’

If not that, he wished he had a stronger skill.

The combination of the dagger and Mighty Throw increased the attack point tremendously, but he was frustrated by the fact that he didn’t have a skill that could cause a large amount of damage with one attack.

As of right now, rather than causing a large amount of damage, he was doing a DOT damage. (Damage Over Time)

Kyaaaaaaah! Kyaaaa! Kyaaaaaaah!

After attacking Kim Yoo-Na for a while, it realized that there was another attacker.

It hit the floor with its vines, but Hyun-Soo noticed its attack and managed to dodge it.

‘I’m now able to dodge its attacks so easily.’

Experiencing it first hand was the best way to get used to hunts.

Hyun-Soo studied Kim Yoo-Na’s attack methods and how she carried the battle.

He couldn’t help but feel oppressed by the monster, but he wasn’t so scared that he couldn’t attack or make mistakes.

‘When I level up, I’ll make a skill for Kim Yoo-Na and then I should try making one for myself.’


Moments later, Kim Yoo-Na was in her last attack and attacked the center of the Flower Spore’s petal.

It was her final blow.

After confirming that Hyun-Soo decreased most of the Energy Field, she performed her final attack.

When her fiery fists punched the center of the Flower Spore, the monster screamed out loud.

Kyaaaaaaah! Kyaaaa! Kyaaaaaaah!

The fire must’ve been really painful because it started writhing in pain.

At the same time, the vines were flailing.

Swoosh! Fwoosh!



The vines were moving all around the place.

Even though it was doing that because it was in pain, it was dangerous.

After seeing the vine flying towards him, Hyun-Soo crouched down and suddenly remembered something after seeing the petals burning.

‘Oh! I need to get that!’


The dagger flew a short distance and passed through after it cut the pocket.

He was now skilled enough to hit the target.

The pocket was disconnected and ended up dropping to the ground.

Hyun-Soo ran in-between the vines and managed to grab it.

“Finish it!”

“Okay! Got it! Mighty Throw!”

Fwoosh! Bam!

Hyun-Soo’s dagger flew swiftly through the air.

The dagger flew towards the monster that was on fire and hit right in the center of the white, shining dot.

Kyahhhhh…! Kyaa…aaah!

The Flower Spore that was writhing in pain slowly stopped moving.

All that remained were its black ashes.




[Level Up!]




[Your rank increased to D.]

[Current Rank: D]

[The number of skill slots has been increased.]

[Available Skill Slots: Six]




[The skills’ levels have been increased.]

[“Skill Creation”[D] has been increased to “Skill Creation”[C]]

[“Skill Transfer”[D] has been increased to “Skill Transfer”[C]]

[“Mighty Throw”[E] has been increased to “Mighty Throw”[D]]

[The activation status for”Interface”[SS] has been increased.]

[Current Interface Activation Status: 8.7%]


Hyun-Soo was out of it due to the alarm and the notifications that were popping up.

At the same time, a strange feeling filled up his body that he couldn’t explain with words.

It was as if he became a more important figure!

Hyun-Soo definitely felt his skills increasing and felt his body getting stronger.

‘I finally leveled up!’

Hyun-Soo managed to come back to his senses after being filled with excitement.

He was close to embarrassing himself in front of Kim Yoo-Na.

It was because he wanted to laugh out loud after realizing what happened.


He couldn’t stop smiling and because he couldn’t control his emotions, his fists were shaking as he called out the skill in his head.


▶Name: Kim Hyun-Soo (21)

▶Rank: D

▶Class: Skill Maker

▶Experience: 4%

▶Stamina Level: 100%

▶Energy Level: 100%

▶Stamina: 79 / Agility: 55 / Power: 68 / Critical Hit: 47 / ?? / ?? / ??


▶Skill List


[Skill Creation][C]

[Skill Transfer][C]

[Mighty Throw][D]


The information that was displayed on Interface changed too.


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