The Skill Maker – Chapter 026

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<A Fiery Attacker #2>

Hyun-Soo remembered the first time he met Kim Yoo-Na.

The time he contacted her after asking for some time to think…

They created a contract.

There was a reason why he acted the way he did when they went their separate ways.

They created a somewhat business-like relationship.

‘I provided my skill and Kim Yoo-Na provided an atmosphere where I could provide my skill. It’s a very fair contract.’

He couldn’t hunt because the healer community looked at him in a bad light.

After obtaining ‘Skill Transfer’ he changed to selling skills by creating fake scrolls.

It was a way to make money.

However, he did want to hunt in order to see how strong he was and wanted to experience catharsis.

He awakened as a hunter and yet, he haven’t participated in a decent hunt.

It was great that he was making money, but it was also his dream to become a hunter.

But, because of the difficulties in his life, he almost gave up on becoming one.

‘But Kim Yoo-Na appeared.’

Kim Yoo-Na hoped that Hyun-Soo would sell a healing type scroll to her.

She was desperate.

And that desperation helped Hyun-Soo make up his mind.

He said he wouldn’t fall for it, no matter the reason, but it got to him.

‘Hyuna also convinced me to make the decision that I wouldn’t regret later.’

It was true.

Family. And his sister.

Those were the keywords that Hyun-Soo couldn’t just ignore.

The thing that Kim Yoo-Na wanted was a healing scroll that healed at a fast rate and that could cure a body that was getting worse.

‘The problem is that that scroll was the best that I could make at that time.’

After deciding to help, he tried to make a similar scroll, but the scroll that he made was the best he could make at his current rank.

He was a bit disappointed, but thanks to that, he was able to transfer the ‘Low Level Recovery’ to all of his family members.

So, Hyun-Soo told Kim Yoo-Na.

In order to obtain a higher level scroll, he needs to increase his level.

‘I need to increase my level in order to obtain a high-ranked scroll.’

It sounded a bit blunt, but it was the truth.

He didn’t lie about it, so Hyun-Soo decided to be blunt.

‘If I knew a hunter that was an A rank, I would be able to participate in hunts again even though that crazy healer blocked me from doing so…’

In the end, he was getting personally tutored by a high-ranked hunter.

He wasn’t sure if portals with different ranks contained scrolls with similar effects, but there’s still a lot about portals that hasn’t been revealed, so it was hard to say that it was impossible.

Hyun-Soo made up a story based on that.

Since Kim Yoo-Na didn’t know about the fact that he created skills and sold them, she believed him, despite of feeling that something was off.

‘I got scared that an A rank might threaten me to show them proof.’

Thankfully, Kim Yoo-Na wasn’t like that.

Information about portals were valuable.

There was a reason why information about high-ranked portals were only given to high-ranked hunters and groups.

Information gave power, authority and it led to money.

The skills that Hyun-Soo sold were rare and valuable skills.

So asking information about the portal for free was considered rude or they were just looking for a fight.

‘It’s not like I can sell information for money though.’

It was true that he had to increase his Skill Creation in order to create a higher ranked skill.

And Hyun-Soo wasn’t planning on revealing the fact that he was a Skill Maker any time soon.

‘What if they lock me up somewhere after I reveal it? Who’ll help financially. Hyuna has to go to college and I have to buy a house too!’

Since he didn’t have any power, he might just ruin his life if he revealed it.

That’s why Hyun-Soo made up the story.

Hyun-Soo was the one that was in control at the moment anyways.

Kim Yoo-Na was in a situation where she would do anything to save her younger sister.

She didn’t seem like the type, but, even if she were to threaten him, then he could just leave and Hyun-Soo wouldn’t lose anything.

Kim Yoo-Na was at a disadvantage here.

He knew just from the way she was asking for his help.

Hyun-Soo was her only hope.

In the end, she didn’t ask any questions and just went with it.

It’s because it didn’t matter as long as she could save her sister.

There was another good thing that happened after contacting her.

‘I’ve become a hunter that could officially participate in hunts.’

That’s why he officially got his rank calculated not that long ago.

That was the first time he saw the machine.

It was bigger than the machine that Kim Yoo-Na brought and it provided more detailed information. There were two machines in each city.

‘There’s a lot of people that wants to be a hunter.’

It was hard to tell whether they were real hunters or if they were just wasting money in hopes that they couldn’t become one.

Anyways, Hyun-Soo was able to register as an official hunter.

It would’ve taken others a long time, but maybe it was because of Kim Yoo-Na, but he was able to get it done quickly.

‘It felt like a waste when I spent tens of thousands of won within 10 minutes…’

Of course, Kim Yoo-Na was the one that paid.

Even though she paid the large amount, she didn’t think much of it.

Hyun-Soo felt bad and it was as if he was indebted, but Kim Yoo-Na looked at him as if she was saying that this was nothing.

And she added this to it.

‘Hurry up and level up so that you can obtain a scroll for my sister.’

The answer was of course, yes.

With Hyun-Soo’s acknowledgement, that’s how they created the contract.

Kim Yoo-Na took really good care of him.

After hearing that it was impossible for Hyun-Soo to participate in hunts, she said,

‘Then, hunt with me.’

Which surprised Hyun-Soo.

She wasn’t just talk too.

For the first time, Hyun-Soo was able to see an A rank’s grey portal that day.

Before capturing the monster, he followed her instructions by finishing it with a final blow.

Most of the attacks were done by Kim Yoo-Na alone.

He was thankful towards her because she personally trained him and helped him see the new functions of Interface.

‘She’s a good luck charm.’

That’s what he thought, but he didn’t show it in front of her.

Even for Hyun-Soo, it was hard for him to continuously compliment a woman that looked at him with a straight face.

‘I wonder what the next hunt will be about.’

Despite of the fact that he was in her care, Hyun-Soo was excited for the next hunt.

He felt himself getting stronger little by little.

He was close to leveling up to a D rank.

‘The activation status for Interface is a bit slow, but it’s getting there, and my experience point has been increasing tremendously, so it’s that’s great.’

Maybe that’s why those that have money and power ride buses.

‘It feels good even though I’m tired physically.’

In his pocket, he had the Mutant Rhinoceros’s horn power, which was good for the body.

After thinking about giving it to his parents and Hyuna, he felt more satisfied about today’s hunt.

‘I’ll have some as well.’

The subway that Hyun-Soo was riding was nearing its destination.




‘Let’s see…’

Hyun-Soo looked around the new portal he entered.

‘The rhinoceros’s horn powder from last time was pretty good.’

After telling his parents that it was good for their body, they ate it happily.

His father was especially happy.

He understood just from the word, nutritious.

After seeing the powder that Hyun-Soo brought, Hyuna said…

‘This looks like the drug that you see in movies and American dramas.’

And hesitated for a bit, but took a bite after closing her eyes.

Perhaps it was better than she had thought, because he asked for more.

The downside regarding this powder is that while it increases one’s health level, it wasn’t permanent.

‘It only lasts for two hours.’

As time passes, the effect wears off, so one would have to constantly eat it in order to maintain its effects.

‘It increase one’s health, but it also benefited something else.’

Thanks to that, he was able to work-out late at night.

The night air was refreshing and he enjoyed it.

The problem was that he felt a bit tired the next morning due to spending his energy the night before.

Anyways, thanks to Kim Yoo-Na, he was able to experience its effects and after confirming the information he saw on Interface, he couldn’t just sit still because there was something that was still lacking.

It was true that he felt a bit uncomfortable before because they were all part of the portal.

That’s why, he only checked the effects of the items that Kim Yoo-Na said was good for the body, but he never intended on eating them.

But, after eating it, Hyun-Soo’s mind changed.

‘I can’t miss this.’

And after the uncomfortable feeling he had slowly disappeared, he suddenly thought about something.

‘On top of that, I can check the information regarding the items with Interface. I shouldn’t let an awesome skill like this go to waste.’

That was his first thought.

‘On top of that, this…can help me make money.’

It was just an idea as of right now, but once he organizes his thoughts, he felt that something great could come out of it.

It was another way to make money.

Hyun-Soo lived a life where he tried to make even a dollar more, so he was good at coming up with ideas that could potentially help him make money.

Instinctively, he used Interface on different parts of the portal.

“Kim Hyun-Soo. Stop getting distracted and come here.

“Oh, right.”

Hyun-Soo’s mind was elsewhere after thinking that maybe he could find an item that had an amazing effect, but followed Kim Yoo-Na after she called for him.

“According to my calculations, you should’ve leveled up previously, but seeing as how you didn’t, this hunt will most likely be the last.”

“I hope so.”

During the last hunt, his experience point as an E rank increased to 97%.

With this hunt, it’ll fill up the remaining three percent and still have some left over.

“Then, the scroll that I asked for…you can sell it to me, right?”

“It’ll be difficult to do it right away, but I’ll do my best to get it as soon as possible.”

“That would be great. Hye-Na’s condition hasn’t been great…again.”

“…I’ll get it as soon as I can.”

Seeing a woman with an arrogant impression filled with worry made him think of the painting, “Portrait of a Beauty.”

But, Hyun-Soo knew that that beauty broke the rhinoceros’s horn with her fist and attacked the monster by enveloping her hands with fire.

Since Hyun-Soo saw it so many times, he couldn’t really see Kim Yoo-Na’s beauty.

Whenever she talked about her sick sister, Hyun-Soo felt his heart pounding.

The scroll that Kim Yoo-Na wanted wasn’t really a scroll, but a skill that Hyun-Soo made.

‘As long as it has good effects, that’s all that matters, right?’

Despite of the fact that he was thinking that way, after seeing her desperately find a way to save her sister made him feel a bit guilty about lying to her.

Since he couldn’t tell her the truth, he had no choice to tell a white lie.

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