The Skill Maker – Chapter 025

<A Fiery Attacker #1>


“Hurry up and attack it!”

Hyun-Soo’s shoulders started trembling due to the sharp scream.

But, he didn’t forget about his job.

“Mighty Throw!”

He used Mighty Throw, which was an offensive skill that still remained on his list.

With the help of the skill, the small dagger that was on the ground,


Pierced right into the white light, which was the monster’s weakness.

“Finish it!”

“Got it! Mighty Throw!”

Hyun-Soo used the skill again after hearing the order.

Roaaaaaaaar! Kyahhhhh… kyahh…!

Hyun-Soo’s weapon kept on piercing the monster’s weak point as it shined brightly.

The monster must’ve felt tortured because it started running around widly.

Boom, boom!

The grey monster had a large body and the mutant rhinoceros was getting ready to charge.

Anyone that was near it would be stomped to death!

However, the person that was tanking was skillfully dodging the monster’s attacks.

‘No matter how I look at it, it’s amazing.’

Despite of using a critical attack on its weakness, the monster didn’t even look in his direction.

She wasn’t even a tanker.

‘She’s an amazing woman.’

She hasn’t aggravated the monster once.

It could be due to the difference in ranks, but Kim Yoo-Na looked like a goddess of war with the way she was controlling the flame.

Despite of seeing it a couple of times, he was amazed by it.

‘Besides the fact that she’s an A rank…Kim Yoo-Na. She’s an amazing woman.’

He was currently getting tutored on a one on one battle.

His goal was to increase his rank as quickly as possible.

That was it.

“Finish it!”

“Got it!”

Hyun-Soo used Mighty Throw again.

The sharp dagger pierced deeply into the white dot.


Every time Hyun-Soo hit right in the center, an alarm appeared along with a cheerful sound.

As if it was in a lot of pain, the rhino roared loudly.

Before dying, the rhino performed its final widespread attack.



Every time it stomped its feet, the dust jumped up into the air.

Kim Yoo-Na stepped on the stones that was in the air with ease and flew into the air.


With a short shout, Kim Yoo-Na attacked the mutant rhino’s horn with her fist.

Her fist was enveloped in flames.


‘Mighty Throw!’

The mutant rhino couldn’t endure it and finally collapsed to the ground.

The portal was filled with the sound of its heavy, big body falling to the ground.

On the fallen monster’s body, the daggers that Hyun-Soo threw were pierced throughout its body.

“Whew…it took a while, but we managed to capture it.”

“Its outer skin was thicker than I had imagined. The daggers didn’t pierce deep enough.”

“Really? You still did pretty well despite of it. You’re used to it now, right?”

When Kim Yoo-Na turned around with a bright smile, the rhino’s blood was smeared all over her face.


She looked like a cold woman when standing still, but when she talks with a pretty smile, he should feel happy, but.

‘It’s not that I’m scared. I’m just creeped out and surprised whenever I see her.’

She looked like someone that would appear in a horror movie, so Hyun-Soo turned his head away and laughed awkwardly.

‘Let’s see…how much it increased. Interface!’


▶Name: Kim Hyun-Soo (21)

▶Rank: E

▶Class: Skill Maker

▶Experience: 97%



▶Skill List


[Skill Creation][D]

[Skill Transfer][D]

[Mighty Throw][E]


‘Experience increased by 11%.’

After seeing how much Interface changed, Hyun-Soo smiled with satisfaction.

As he increased his experience level, Mighty Throw, which he used often, also leveled up from F to E.

Interface’s activation rate was also increasing and it developed so much that he was now able to see the monster’s weakness in different places all at once.

‘On top of that, the class was revealed.’

A category that was marked with ?? on Interface was revealed.

It was the class.

‘I thought the hunters were divided based on major and hybrid classes, but that wasn’t the case.’

Hyun-Soo’s class was Skill Maker.

Since Hyun-Soo made skills, it was the perfect category.

Kim Yoo-Na’s class was Fiery Attacker.

It definitely wasn’t divided based on the hunter’s category.

‘I guess the class that Interface categorizes them in is different.’

The Interface skill still had a lot of sections that wasn’t revealed.

Hyun-Soo assumed that the more his rank and the skill’s activation level increased, the more information will be revealed.

“I’ll try measuring it now.”


Kim Yoo-Na placed a simple measuring instrument on Hyun-Soo.

Beep! Beep, beep, beep!

The machine made beeping noises for the longest time and eventually displayed an alphabet on the small screen.

“You should’ve leveled up, but maybe you’re lacking a bit.”

It’s a portable machine that displays a hunter’s rank by measuring the amount of energy they have.

Even though it’s considered portable, it was a pretty large machine.

And, it was expensive too.

But, ever since they decreased the amount of functions and its size, there wasn’t much you could do with it.

‘So, that thing costs billions of dollars, right? I wondered who would buy something like that…’

Kim Yoo-Na was that kind of person.

“Since there aren’t any portals that we hunt right now, we’ll have to stop here.”

The portals are controlled by the government, so we need to get approval prior to hunting a portal.

Despite of the small land, a lot of portals open up in Korea.

However, due to procedural issues, not everyone gets approved to hunt.

‘They control the market value by limiting the amount of Energy Stones one can obtain.’

It didn’t matter.

Anyways, in order to get approved, they have to register a couple of days beforehand.

But it did seem like high-rank hunters, official groups and guilds get approved a lot faster.

She seemed worried about how slow Hyun-Soo was leveling up, causing a frown to appear on her face. But she ended up turning her attention back to the rhino.

‘She looks like she’s having fun.’

With a satisfied expression, he observed Kim Yoo-Na, who was currently dismantling a body.



[Mutilated Rhinoceros’s Horn]

It was the horn of the Mutilated Rhinoceros.

It can’t be easily cut as it’s very firm.

Once it has been digested, it’ll provide nutrition.

Recommended Intake Method: Eat it raw.

Effects: Once digested +Stamina 3% [Maintained for two hours]


The horn had this kind of effect.

She said she went around and obtained various items for her younger sister and it seemed like she already knew what kind of effect the monster’s residue had.

At first, Hyun-Soo didn’t know why she was slaughtering the monster.

‘It’s not like she was poor like me, so why is she doing all the work?’

Being really curious, he asked and Kim Yoo-Na answered.

‘It’s good for the body. It’s known as health food.’


She said she’s eaten it many times and showed Hyun-Soo what she acquired.

Hyun-Soo used Interface.

‘I was really surprised then. That was when I found out that it provided information about objects too. It not only displays my information, but also displays another person’s, a monster’s and an object’s information…It wasn’t an SS skill for nothing.’

Information was important.

It couldn’t be stressed enough.

It can be a shortcut because you can get ahead depending on the kind of information it displays.

It’s an enormous benefit if you’re able to get ahead of everyone else.

After that, Hyun-Soo made it a habit to use Interface whenever he entered a portal.

‘The world inside of the portal is different from the world that I live in. So it’s not weird to find fantasy-like items.’

The existence of monsters was a big difference.

When compared to ordinary medicine, the items found in portals had a way better effect.

‘If I didn’t have Interface, I probably would’ve just passed by medicinal herbs and fruits that had amazing effects.’

But, he had a way of checking that information.

Moments later, the Mutilated Rhinoceros’s horn was completely cut off and was on Kim Yoo-Na’s back.

“Let’s get out of here.”


“Are you heading home?”

“I should.”

They’ll end up spending money if they stay out.

Going home was the best decision.

“Then…take this piece of the horn that I cut off. You’ve worked hard today, so go home and rest. I’ll let you know when I receive approval for the next hunt.”

“Got it. I don’t really need. It’s difficult to handle it, so it’ll only be baggage.”

“Is that so?”

Kim Yoo-Na briefly contemplated and took back the piece of horn that she offered to Hyun-Soo.

And then.


With a shout, a red flame appeared from her hand.

Holding the flame is both hands, she enveloped the horn with it and focused her energy on it.


The horn that was within her hands were starting to break into smaller pieces.

That happened for a couple more minutes.

“Whew.. All done.”

Bringing her hands together, she extended it towards Hyun-Soo.

As soon as the flame disappeared, the horn that was in her hands changed into fine powder.


Hyun-Soo quickly opened the bag he carried around with him and accepted the powder she offered.

“You can mix it with water, eat it with bread or mix it with rice before cooking it.”

Kim Yoo-Na even explained how to eat it.

But her method was slightly incorrect.

“It’ll provide…a better effect if you eat it raw.”

Remembering the description he read from Interface, Hyun-Soo explained it to her.

He thought about just keeping quiet, but since he acquired a nice item and she took care of the monster, he decided to tell her.

Kim Yoo-Na just nodded her head.

“I guess you can eat it that way. I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.”

As we were leaving the portal, Kim Yoo-Na picked up the Energy Stone.

Hyun-Soo didn’t mind that she took the Energy Stone with her.

‘An Energy Stone isn’t enough payment for getting one on one training from a high-ranked hunter.’

It would be rude to take the Energy stone.

Kim Yoo-Na grinded the Energy Stone, purified it and gave it to her younger brother.

He couldn’t ask for it just to get money.

After saying their goodbyes, they exited the portal and went their separate ways.

Once the hunt has been scheduled, she said she would contact him, so there wasn’t a need to make an appointment.

“-The subway has arrived. Please wait in the safe area…”

After entering the subway that would take him home, Hyun-Soo was able to finally relax.

During the hunt, the amount of times Hyun-Soo was in charge was less than Kim Yoo-Na.

However, since the hunt was tiring for the both of them, Hyun-Soo felt kind of tired.

After sitting down, he closed his eyes.

A faint image of Kim Yoo-Na attacking the Mutilated Rhinoceros appeared.

‘I made the right decision in contacting Kim Yoo-Na, now that I think about it.’


<A Fiery Attacker #1> End.

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