The Skill Maker – Chapter 021

<A New Skill #1>


‘I’ve gained a lot from making this skill. I also found out that my experience level increased whenever I made the skills.’

The first time he felt that something was different was when he was reading the medical and was trying to understand the information.

By remembering how the muscles were separated and the location of the bones, he massaged his mother.

Hyun-Soo’s massage was more of an acupressure therapy rather than an ordinary massage.

“Your massage skills are getting better and better.”

His mother complimented him as he massaged her muscles.

But Hyun-Soo was thinking about something else that he didn’t hear her.

‘Huh? What’s this?’

On his mother’s back, there were faint white dots floating around.

‘Isn’t this similar to the one that I saw on the Flower Spore?’

Hyun-Soo lightly pressed on the white dot and his mother commented by saying how good it felt and complimented him.

Hyun-Soo continued pressing on those dots.

He kept on pressing the dots rhythmically without thinking much and that’s probably why a skill wasn’t being made.

But when felt that something was off, he opened the Interface, he noticed that skill’s activation status had increased.



It provides a digital visualization of the user’s information and the opponent that the user targets.

Depending on the user’s will, it can activate.

It can’t be replicated since it’s an inherent, exclusive skill.

Activation Status : 1.6%


After defeating the Flower Spore, it increased by 0.4%, which put the Activation Status as 1.4%.

But after checking again, the interface increased by 0.2%, making it 1.6%.

Hyun-Soo also checked his stats.


▶Name: Kim Hyun-Soo (21)

▶Rank: E


▶Experience: 10%



▶Current Skill List


[Skill Creation][D]

[Skill Transfer][D]

[Mighty Throw][F]


The experience level was at 9% after defeating the Flower Spore, but now it increased to 10%.

This was awesome.

His experience level increases even though he doesn’t participate in hunts.

‘All I did was create skills though.’

While creating the skill, he checked the Interface many times and even tried replicating his actions until a skill that he was satisfied with was created.

‘Is that why?’

He thought about the different possibilities, but he couldn’t be certain.

All Hyun-Soo could do was assume.

‘But, isn’t it treating me too well all of a sudden?’

The world always treated him harshly and only showed the bad side of society, but now, it was the total opposite.

Since he couldn’t participate in hunts because of that crazy healer, he decided to sell skills instead.

But that increased Hyun-Soo’s experience.

In the end, continuously making skills raised Hyun-Soo’s level.

‘If someone told me this, I would’ve thought that they were lying.’

But this was real and it was the truth.

With Skill Creation, Skill Transfer and Interface, they were the perfect combination.

‘The more I know…….’

It felt like he was digging an oilfield and the more he dug, the more oil came out.

The thought that he had failed had already been erased from his mind.

Hyun-Soo felt how powerful and amazing his skill was.

But, his skill kept on showing new things that surprised him each time.

“In the end, I’ve created a masterpiece”

After creating the Low Level Recovery, Hyun-Soo’s experience increased to 11%.

And the Activation Status of his Interface increased to 1.8% as well.

“First, I’ll post it on Hunter Net.”

Since there was a goal he wanted to fulfill, he decided to do that first by visiting the Hunter Net.

Within minutes, the computer that he built had finished booting.

“Let’s see…….”

After logging on, Hyun-Soo clicked his tongue after seeing the large amount of messages in his inbox.

Most of them were asking him to sell his skills to them.

Out the skills that he made, Hyun-Soo sold skills related to increasing a certain stat.

Instead of erasing the skills that he continuously created, he decided to sell them slowly, one at a time instead of selling them all together.

With that method, the balance in his savings started increasing more and more.

Maybe it was because of that.

Hyun-Soo was starting to become famous on Hunter Net.

When he appeared, people reacted right away.

There wasn’t anyone on the Hunter Net that criticized Hyun-Soo.

At times, there were people that asked whether it was fake, but the other users would criticize them for their comments.

– What will you do if he doesn’t come back because of your comment?

– Hey, we should report him, right?

– This is defamation.

└ It is.

└ ㅡㅡThey’re doing it on purpose.

‘They sure seem to be doing great even when I’m not there.’

There was someone that said that Hyun-Soo wasn’t a carrier, but was actually an attacker that disguised himself as a carrier in order to recruit people into the group that he was associated with.

There were also rumors that Hyun-Soo beat the Flower Spore all by himself when he participated in his first hunt, which was more believable.

He was shocked when he first heard the story.

‘What is this?’

He was dumbfounded by the story.

‘But, it’s not so bad.’

There wasn’t anyone that didn’t like compliments.

Hyun-Soo was the same.

He wasn’t the timid type where he didn’t like the attention.

There wasn’t a man alive that didn’t like being recognized for his work.

‘I’m sure there are a handful of people there that criticized me in the beginning.’

When Hyun-Soo posted, they all commented with excitement.

‘I was always criticized, but now they’re begging for my attention. Is this why people are saying that power is a necessity?’

It was funny, but at the same time, absurd.

But on the other hand, Hyun-Soo was criticized on the Hunter Net so much before, but now, it’s like he regained his honor.

It would be a lie if he said he wasn’t proud of it.

Hyun-Soo started organizing the messages that he received.

If his inbox is always full, he won’t be able to receive important messages when he posts a skill he wants to sell.

But something caught his eyes.


“I see that you’ve been selling scrolls often. Do you have a Seller’s License?”

“What do they mean?”

Hyun-Soo opened that message.

“I’m not sure from which guild you’re reselling it from, but if you keep this up, there will be consequences. Don’t go overboard. I’m not sure why you’re doing such unnecessary work on this site, but it’ll get difficult if you keep doing things that make you stand out.”

“……Are they threatening me?”

It was like they were telling me not to get carried away.

“Are there rules for selling a scroll?”

He didn’t take the time to actually look into it, so he wasn’t sure, but Hyun-Soo felt that “license” wasn’t something that the country provided.

“They’re like a merchant that comes up to you and complains about how you’re selling it at a discount price even though you’re offering market price.”

It’s like they’re mad for offering a competitive price.

He felt weird after reading the message. He felt restless and uneasy.

In the end, he thought it was absurd.

“What they’re saying is nonsense…”

Hyun-Soo erased it immediately.

The next message that caught his attention was weirder.

“Hello, Kim Hyun-Soo. I want to talk to you about the scrolls that you’re selling…”

‘How did they know my name?’

Since he was known for the Flower Spore incident, it wouldn’t be hard to find his name.

But, honestly, it’s been weeks since that incident, so there probably weren’t a lot of people that remembered his name.

Most of them probably forgot, but there are those that will do anything to find out.

‘Why does it seem like they’re the persistent type?’

Since there’s a bad vibe, erase.

But there were more messages that contained similar information.

It seemed like a lot of people sent them during the times he wasn’t on Hunter Net.

‘Hopefully they don’t find my contact and personal information.’

He wondered if he should create a new ID.

It would be best for his own safety.

Most of the messages that he received so far were asking him to sell the scrolls to them, but the messages that read today made him feel uneasy.

It was as if someone was watching him.

Hyun-Soo’s face scrunched up due to the uneasy feeling.

His goal was make a lot of money.

But it would make things complicated if there were issues now.

He didn’t like competing against others, but felt that he needed to observe to see how things developed.

Things became complicated because of that psychotic healer, so he didn’t want his mistake to be the reason why things became complicated.

“Let’s post this first…….”

He still had a long way to go until he reached his targeted goal, but with this, he’ll be a bit closer.

Between paying off the debt and buying a house, if he couldn’t resolve both at the same time, it’s wise to resolve the issue that’s more urgent.

After contemplating a bit, Hyun-Soo shook his head and quickly created a thread.

[Title : Selling Recovery Skill.

Content : It’s a passive skill that increases the recovery rate by 7%.

On top of that, if you get any physical injuries, it’ll raise the recovery rate a tiny bit.

No inquiries. No negotiations.

Fast, clean transactions only.

Please send me your offer.]

In order to prevent annoying comments, he posted in the same format as the other threads.

Thanks to his popularity, people were already commenting.

Whenever he posts something, there are more encouraging comments than criticism.

Thanks to the comment that the first buyer made, there were more transactions and those people would give their testimony regarding the transaction.

– Ohhh, he’s here again! The scroll seller!

– I wonder how much people are willing to offer for this.

– The scroll this guy is selling is extremely expensive, but they’re worth it. There’s barely any passive skills.

└ It’s not that expensive. If you think about how much the other guilds are selling it for…….

└ I agree. They probably obtained a lot of scrolls, but the large guilds refuse to sell them at a cheap price. Compared to them, this guy is a total saint.

‘I wonder how much they’ll offer this time.’

If they were skilled enough hunters, they would know that this skill is a lot more useful than the Low Level Health Recovery skill.

Moments later.

Someone found out the small difference and commented.

– Hey guys, isn’t the thread a bit different? The title is different too.

└ Now that you mention it. The word “health” isn’t there.

└ The details are different too. What does it mean by “if you get any physical injuries, it’ll raise the recovery rate a tiny bit?”

– Is this what I think it is?

└ I think we’re thinking about the same thing;; That’s a passive skill too, right?

└ Yeah, it’s passive. When they mentioned recovery rate.

– From which portal can I obtain this kind of scroll from?

└ If we knew, would we be here writing comments like this?

└ Don’t look down on me like that…


<A New Skill #1> End.

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  1. Graestra

    this guy sure is being reckless. He mentions being somewhat scared of the first buyer and how something could have happened to him in that secluded room. Then he starts getting somewhat threatening emails and chooses to ignore them. He is weak and has no backer, someone could easily do something bad to him. Before he starts selling like that he should really make himself stronger so he can stay safe.

    1. blackhawkrider

      This is why I think the MC is retarded. He has an OP ability but instead of researching the ability he only thinks, “yay! I can now become a hunter!”. Then once he got screwed over by a pathetic “healer”, then he is like, “lets make skills and sell them!”….my gosh……

      1. Animelover N7

        Come on, this guy was selling beads as a side job. What are you expecting someone who’s op and smart, a litte bit much dont you think? Hyun Soo wants money and he really doesnt understand games too much cause i’m sure anyone else would have found a way to make more skills than him. Also he only thinks that you have to hunt in a team but its still somewhat early in the story so its best to see what happens. Also no need to call him retarded, I mean sure he’s not the brightest bulb here but he could ‘in theory evolve into a good hunter’.

        1. Ytalani

          That’s why they keep emphasizing that HS didn’t graduate and has been a juvenile delinquent before. I’m not in position to judge those who didn’t attend a proper education or even a previous gangster, since some proves to overcome their situations and even reach the top of the social hierarchy. So, in HS case he’s too guillible or rather naive in being a hunter. His knowledge is limited with no one to teach him. Besides, his main problem is being poor, and as a bread winner, it is necessary for him to earn money to help his family. For him aside from earning, other things doesn’t matter. I just hope he grows up to be OP.

          Thanks for the chapter

        2. blackhawkrider

          I admit that it was a bit much but at least a bit of a common sense regarding him selling skills should be a bit obvious right? If he wanted to sell the skills he makes, he could at least tried to make a new skill that creates the skill scrolls. That way he could have avoided suspicion from “customers”.

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    He really should have looked into that license thing. If it was an actual, legitimate license, it wouldn’t have been hard to find out about it.

    Also, he really, really doesn’t need that much money right now. He should focus on getting stronger so that he can actually defend himself and his family. At the rate that he’s going, people are going to bust down his door, take his family hostage and force the source of his “scrolls” out of him, and he won’t be able to do anything to stop them.

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