The Skill Maker – Chapter 020

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<I’m the Skill Maker #2>

“You’re not tired from all the studying?”
“Yeah, after you gave me a massage couple of times, I feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning.”
Since this was her last year in high school, she would mostly spend her time at her desk, causing her body to be really tired.
But, her health improved thanks to the Low Level Health Recovery skill.
Since it was a passive skill, even an ordinary person like Hyuna was able to experience a recovery rate of 7%.
Of course Hyuna would never know.
“That’s good. Just let me know whenever you need one. I’ll massage you every time you ask.”
When he made a joke, Hyuna giggled and said she would him know.
Making money by selling skills was fun, but he was relieved by the fact that his family’s condition was improving.
Even his parents didn’t look like they were going to pass out.
His mother has been in a good mood because the employees at the restaurant told her that she was looking better and whether she was using some sort of product.
“I’m not sure why, but they’re saying that I look a bit young.”
It was thanks to the skill.
When Hyuna returned to her room, Hyun-Soo was in a deep thought again.
He remembered how he obtained a skill after massaging his mother.
[Low Level Acupressure][F]
Releases muscle knots effectively.
He wasn’t sure why he obtained an odd skill like this one.
‘I can’t sell this kind of skill…if I was able to transfer my skill to mom and Hyuna, then it means I can transfer them to ordinary people. Should I visit a masseuse and say that I’m selling it?’

Hyun-Soo shook his head after thinking that they could get famous because of the skill.
‘An ordinary person wouldn’t buy a scroll. Those that are wealthy do purchase them, but someone like a masseuse wouldn’t have that kind of money.’
Thankfully, those odd skills weren’t created very often.
The skill that was mostly created was the Low Level Health Recovery skill.
But, the recovery rate for that skill wasn’t consistent.
The highest recovery rate was 7%, but there were times when it was 6% and even 5.5%, which made it random.
Hyun-Soo would repeat it so that he could make it again.
The ones that were excited were his mom, Hyuna and his dad.
“Why is our son suddenly treating us so well? I’m happy as a father, but are you okay with it?”
“Hyun-Soo, isn’t being a hunter tough? I feel like I should be the one massaging you…”
His family was thankful for what Hyun-Soo was doing, but also felt bad.
When a person really suffers, they tend to be hostile, but everyone was really pure and considerate towards each other.
For different reasons, Hyun-Soo didn’t tell them about the large amount of money he had.
But he didn’t forget about making enough money so that his parents didn’t have to work.
Despite of that, the two still decided to work.
‘They should take a break.’
When a family member becomes a hunter, people usually say that things have worked out for them.
So his parents should rest a bit, but they didn’t.
‘Is that what it means to be a parent?’
It’s possible.
It was because his parents felt guilty towards Hyun-Soo because of the debt they had.
They did take care of the large amount of debt, but they still had some left.
His parents were extremely happy when they heard that he became a hunter because they felt that he had to give up his dream because of them.
However, they were worried that Hyun-Soo would be affected in a bad way because they say that for a hunter, their childhood is the most important period for them.
On top of that, the job of a hunter was dangerous.
‘Despite of the fact that I became a hunter, they’re telling me to avoid any dangerous situations so that I wouldn’t get hurt.’
Using Hyuna as an excuse, they asked Hyun-Soo to look after her so that he wouldn’t work at jobs that required physical labor or at a factory.
They believe that it was better for them to suffer than for their children to suffer.
But if Hyun-Soo brought a large amount of them, they’ll congratulate him for becoming a hunter, but on the other hand, they’ll surely worry about him.
There weren’t a lot of ways for a hunter to make money.
All they could do was hunt.
Money was great, but he was worried that they might feel guilty because their son was risking his life in order to make up for their mistakes. That’s why he decided to keep it a secret for now.
‘We need to pay off the rest of our debt and also buy a house…’
While others were expanding their house, Hyun-Soo’s house was shrinking.
Before, they were suffering because of the debt they had to repay, but after paying back a good amount, they were having a hard time making ends meet.
Since Hyuna was a grown lady, they gave her a room and his parents used one room.
And Hyun-Soo would rest while his family was out and when they came back home, he would go out to work, so he didn’t really need a room.
But they couldn’t live in this small house forever.
On top of that…
‘Buying a house is our dream.’
No matter how times he thought about it, he thought it was a good idea.
He couldn’t buy one with the money he had now, but he made the decision to save up.
He had to think about how he was going to tell his parents.
“Jeez, nothing’s easy.”
Whether he was making money or not, he had things to worry about.
But, compared to before, it was an issue that made him happy.
Not long ago, he was worried about his future because there wasn’t anything he could do.
He could do anything as long as he had money.
You can’t buy money with happiness, but you can be happy if you have money.
If he wanted to live the lifestyle that he dreamed of, then he still had a long way to go.
Hyun-Soo thought back to the original issue.
‘What should I do about the third skill?’
It would be nice if the recovery rate was consistent.
Not being able to control it at will was the flaw.
‘I feel motivated…’
Even before, he thought about becoming a hunter in order to live a good life.
But now that he had a more detailed goal, he felt greedy.
‘I want to make a better skill and make more money with it.’
Hyun-Soo was hungry for money.
“Anyways, let’s keep trying. At least I’m able to make it. I’ll keep trying. Kim Hyun-Soo. I won’t lose to anyone.”
Ha…ha ha!”
Hyun-Soo started laughing out loud.
It’s because he heard a cheerful alarm and a notification popped up.
– Ding!
“Low Level Recovery [E] has been created.”
As soon as he heard the alarm, he opened the Interface.
It was an E rank skill too.
This was the first E rank skill that he created.
[Low Level Recovery][E]
The basic health recovery rate will be increased by 7%.
The basic cure rate will slightly increase.
“This is pretty awesome, even though I made it.”
No matter how you look at it, it was an awesome skill.
It could be seen as praising himself, but Hyun-Soo was proud of himself.
“I’m sure I’ll be able to earn a lot with this skill.”
Others might think that it’s just an E rank skill, but he was the only one that currently knew about it.
He didn’t have more of the F rank Low Level Healthy Recovery skill to sell, but since this skill recovered one’s health and also had an additional effect, people would really want it.
This was also a passive skill. A tanker, a healer and an attacker could use it, which made it universal and very valuable.
‘A healer might not like it. They might think that they’ll become useless.’
But, it didn’t matter to Hyun-Soo.
Also, because of that crazy healer from before, he still felt suspicious about the healers as a whole.
“I wonder how much I’ll be able to sell this skill for.”
Hyun-Soo became curious as to how much people would offer after posting it on the Hunter Net.
If they were smart, people would know how much this scroll is worth.
The recovery rate was the same as the maxed out Low Level Health Recovery skill, but it had a curing effect.
One could tell just from looking at the skill name.
Low Level Recovery.
It clearly shows that the skill doesn’t recover just one’s health.
‘It felt a bit off when it said it recovered more than one’s health, but now that I think about it, it can be used in so many different ways.’
If a bone broke or got fractured, it would be hard to expect this skill to cure it just based on the recovery rate.
In this case, they would need a healer to heal them or visit a hospital.
A tanker usually receives healing from the healer, but the problem was with the attackers.
While reading through the Hunter Net, Hyun-Soo found out that each class had their own issues.
This is one of the issues.
“Go wild attackers.”
Someone said this kind of nonsense. 
Their user ID was Shut the Thieves Up With a Bandage.
It’s when a close-range attacker obtains a stealth skill that a thief would use and call themselves a thief, but the healer wouldn’t take them seriously.
Underneath the post that the thief made, Hyun-Soo noticed the other close-range dealers commenting about their situations as well.
When calculating the ratio of major classes, there are more attackers than tankers and healers.
And among those attackers, close-range attackers tend to get hurt more than long-distance attackers.
It’s because they attack the monsters at a close range and when the monster counterattacks or are attacked by their skills, in most cases, they don’t have enough time to dodge it.
Compared to the long-distance attackers, they’re injured more often, but the problem was that most of the healers didn’t make the effort to heal them.
Especially when they counterattack, the healer gives them a look that tells them they should’ve dodged it.
‘If the cure doesn’t work, then at least the 7% will still be there to help them.’
That’s probably whenever Hyun-Soo posts a skill to sell, they all message him with competitive prices.
‘Just looking at it makes me happy. Is this what it feels like to create a masterpiece?’
Hyun-Soo didn’t know what made a particular work a masterpiece, but thought that it was a similar feeling.
It’s because Hyun-Soo put in a lot of effort into creating this new skill.
He went through a lot.
He was able to make his family feel better through the Low Level Health Recovery skill, but there was still something missing.
Since his actions were the same, similar skills kept on getting created.
He sold them because he needed money, but now that he thought about it, it wasn’t exactly the best method.
‘Scarcity is really important. If I keep selling it as I make it, I might end up in the same position as someone selling a Provocation skill scroll to tankers.’
That’s why, Hyun-Soo started studying. He started reading through different medical books.
Hyuna saw him suddenly reading these books,
“Hyun-Soo, are you…trying to go to medical school?”
And carefully asked.
Honestly, he didn’t understand most of the information he read, but because of the information that he was gaining, Hyun-Soo started experiencing an amazing change.
<I’m the Skill Maker #2> End.

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