The Skill Maker – Chapter 018

<First Successful Skill Sale – #2>


I wanted to become a hunter in order to earn money, but I can make money through this, there’s really no reason for me to participate in hunts.

‘But, honestly, I’m a bit tempted. It was my dream when I was younger. Maybe I still do want that. I’m not a little boy anymore, but there’s a something in me that wants to hunt like some kind of heroic hunter.’

This was different from money.

He’s only dreamed of obtaining a power like this when he was younger and now that he did have it, there’s no way he wouldn’t be tempted.

He did become a hunter in order to make money, but he remembered how he wanted to become a hunter when he was younger, and that feeling was still there.

That’s why he was tempted by Park Jung-Ho’s offer.

This was also a chance to get revenge on that healer.

But, Hyun-Soo was suspicious as to why Park Jung-Ho mentioned that healer.

‘But, it’s too good of an offer. There’s usually an ulterior motive in situations like this. He sounds like one of those internet companies where they offer you money to sign some sort of agreement.’

By using money as bait, they tell potential customers to use certain products for a certain period of time. Park Jung-Ho seemed like one of those people.

“Your offer sounds great, but what’s the reason for proposing it to me…?”

“It’s simple, really. You just have to give us all the scrolls that you acquire. Of course we’ll compensate you for them.”

“…There might come a time where I won’t be able to provide a scroll.”

“Of course. We’re not forcing you to obtain one. Just when you do obtain one! We ask that you sell it to us.”

He says it’s okay, but he looked like one of those lords that robbed people through taxes.

‘This doesn’t feel right.’

Well, it is odd for an official group to want to genuinely recruit Hyun-Soo.

He didn’t have any amazing and was merely a carrier.

That’s probably he was saying great things about his group…

‘Their goal is obtaining the scrolls.’

It was obvious.

He wasn’t exactly evil, but it wasn’t like he had good intentions either.

He was probably observing Hyun-Soo’s reaction.

“Thank you for the offer, but I’m not good enough to join an official group. Thank you though.”

“I’m not saying this because I’m part of it, but it’s a really great group.”

“I understand. Maybe in the future.”

When Hyun-Soo declined his offer, Park Jung-Ho had a disappointed look.

‘I’m sure he’s disappointed about not getting the scrolls.’

It was obvious.

It’d be a different story if the scroll was fake, but after checking its authenticity manually, he probably wanted to recruit him even more.

He knew that forcefully making Hyun-Soo join the group would backfire since he already declined his offer.

Park Jung-Ho thought Hyun-Soo had some sort of skill that he was hiding, but he decided to just let him go despite of his disappointment.

“That’s too bad. I hope we do meet again very soon.”

“Ha ha……. Yeah.”

“If you happen to have another scroll you want to sell, please let me know right away.”

“Ha ha ha……. Got it.”

Hyun-Soo was surprised by how persistent he was regarding the scrolls.

‘It’s like life or death for him.’

Despite of the fact that he’s given up on recruiting Hyun-Soo, Park Jung-Ho stared at him.

After they said their good-byes in front of the grand training center, Hyun-Soo and Park Jung-Ho went their separate ways.

That’s when he was able to relax.

“If I do make a business card, I shouldn’t reveal the fact that I’m a Skill Maker.”

He only sold one scroll, but it affected him greatly.

He could tell how greedy Park Jung-Ho became after focusing just on the scroll.

Through that meeting, Hyun-Soo felt that he should keep it a secret no matter what.

All he did was sell one scroll, but Park Jung-Ho made a variety of offers. If he found out that the scroll was made by him and not obtained from a portal, what would he do?

They might lock him up and tell him to make skills.

‘They might feed me raw octopus or fried dumpling.’ (Old Boy reference)

Just thinking about it made him shudder.

Even though he wasn’t in a cold room, Hyun-Soo shivered.




He still felt a bit uneasy, but it immediately went away as he walked into the bank.

‘Just how much is this?’

His account balance was zero.

He gave the money he earned as a carrier to his parents and Hyuna.

Other than that, there were a lot of things he had to make payments for, so his balance was always low.

“20 million won……!”

It was a large amount of money.

Even when Hyun-Soo worked two part-time jobs and also had a side job, it was an amount he could never earn.

Before receiving offers about the scroll on Hunter Net and before Park Jung-Ho deposited the money, his future looked dark.

But after checking the money with his two eyes, he had hope.

‘What should I do first?’

What do people usually do when they suddenly get a large amount of money?

It was such a large amount that he couldn’t think about what he should do for his parents and Hyuna.

There were a lot of things to do.

But this was the money he earned by selling his first skill.

Hyun-Soo wanted to commemorate.

He wanted to give his parents the money and also buy them name brand items.

He also wanted to take them out to a luxurious restaurant.


When there’s suddenly a lot of money, people tend to change.

Hyun-Soo thought his family would never change like that, but he couldn’t guarantee it.

It’s possible that his family might not change, but those that knew about the money may bother them.

He earned 20 million won for now, but he it’s possible that Hyun-Soo can earn an endless amount of money.

People would probably come up to them and ask them to invest in a company or ask them for money despite of the fact that their living situation was better. There was no guarantee that those kinds of people wouldn’t bother them.


After thinking about how his family could suffer due to their kindness and not being able to lie to others so easily, Hyun-Soo contemplated on whether he should tell them about the money.

Also, Hyun-Soo knew that his parents would feel bad and say that they couldn’t accept it because he worked so hard to earn it.

Hyun-Soo decided that keeping this a secret from his family was a way to protect them.

He would give it to them when the time was right.

Of course he would give them a part of the money.

‘Having money is good, but when I gave them money last time, they felt bad about it. If I gave them this entire amount, they’ll be shocked and might faint due to the shock. It might be better to buy them gifts so that they don’t feel so bad about it.’

When he earned money during his first hunt, he gave it to his parents. He wasn’t sure what to get them with the money he earned after selling a skill.

It was a happy affliction.

Maybe that’s why. He air seemed refreshing and the weather was great.

‘This is my path!’

His D rank skill looked weak.

Skill Creation.

When Bead Threading and Fast Calculation skills were created, he thought those skills were useful, but he didn’t know those skills would make him money.

He wasn’t envious of those that participated in hunts and fought monsters.

But there was something much more important to him.

This method allowed him to support his family a lot faster than participating in hunts, so there was no reason for him to return.

Hyun-Soo clenched his fist.

He felt the bankbook within his hand.

The book contained pieces of paper, so it shouldn’t have felt heavy, but his fist felt heavy.

“Right, from now on, I’m the Skill Maker!”

It was the moment where the world’s first Skill Maker was born.







A couple of days later, Hyun-Soo visited the Hunter Net.

When he visited bulletin board, he was surprised by the fact that comments were still being posted on the thread he created.

‘They must not have a life.’

They were probably those that couldn’t find a job and was sending messages all day. Threads were being posted nonstop.

Among those, some mentioned about the “fake” scroll that Hyun-Soo sold.

Among those, Hyun-Soo clicked on one of the threads.


[Title: Did someone buy the scroll that was being sold last time?

Content: If you bought it, show it off to the world. Since no one confirmed that they purchased it, it’s probably a fraud, right? There’s just too many trolls.]


The replies on there were definitely interesting.


– I told you it was a fraud.

└ 2222 Whoever fell for that is a weirdo.

– Maybe they got kidnapped and were taken to a boat. That’s why they haven’t returned…….

└ Wow, if that’s true, then it’s scary…….

└ This sounds legit…how terrifying;;

– But are there people that actually fell for it? You can just tell that it’s a fraud.

└ But it’s pretty interesting. A passive recovery skill lol

└ I agree. They had a good imagination. But if those skills did exist, wouldn’t an official group have already obtained it? There’s no way it would be posted on here.

└ From what I heard, a mid-sized official group bought it.

└ Really? Who?

└ Do you have proof?

└ My friend’s friend’s girlfriend’s younger brother is a member of that group and said someone really bought it.

└ Just how many people were involved?


To sum it up, they were saying it was a fraud.

Since so many people visited this site on a daily basis, new ideas are shared and fights occur amongst the group.

It seemed like Hyun-Soo’s scroll was a hot topic.

“I think I’ll make another post…”

Using a small portion of the money he earned, he purchased a computer.

He used the computer at the internet café when he was working there, but going there as a customer made him think that it was a waste of money.

‘Hyuna was in need of one anyways.’

Hyun-Soo didn’t know since he didn’t study much, but for the students that did study, it was a necessity.

She would need it for her after school program, tutor and to listen to the online lectures that are provided by the country.

It was cheap, but he purchased one with a decent speed, so Hyuna should be able to use it without any issues.

Anyways, a smile appeared on Hyun-Soo’s face after he sat in front of the brand new computer.

“Let’s see. How will they react this time?”

It’s possible that there might be negative comments as well as an inbox full of messages this time too.

Because that’s what happened last time.

All Hyun-Soo had to do was reply to the highest bidder.

‘So this is what it feels like to be the boss.’

Only those that have done it can fully use it to their advantage.

Since Hyun-Soo never experienced this before, the most trivial things made him happy.

“You really can’t tell what will happen in life. I didn’t think I would be in the position where I pick and choose who I want to reply to.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, he was getting worried over getting replies, but now, he was in a position where he was able to choose.

It was thanks to his Skill Creation.

At first, he was disappointed by the fact that the skill was a D rank, but now, he regretted for feeling that way.


<First Successful Skill Sale – #2> End.

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  1. LordofLuck

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