The Skill Maker – Chapter 017

<First Successful Skill Sale  – #1>


Was this the skill of a C rank attacker?

The strength of his skill couldn’t be compared to the skills he saw during the previous hunt.

Even though Hyun-Soo was behind him, the wind made his hair fly in different directions.

It was a white room that didn’t have anything in it.

However, if this skill was used in an ordinary room, the rough wind that Park Jung-Ho used would’ve broken and torn the entire room.

It definitely would’ve created a mess.

‘It would’ve been nice if I could use a skill like that.’

Hyun-Soo wet his lips.

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

‘But, I had something those hunters didn’t.’

It was because he had the Skill Creation skill.

Whether I really had the scroll and if I did, he acted as if he really wanted to obtain it.

He offered to pay twenty million won like it was nothing, but it was a large sum for Hyun-Soo.

‘It’s too bad, but…no, honestly, I didn’t feel as envious and sensitive about it as before.’

Hyun-Soo looked at the unique potential his power had.

He saw it.

He was currently experiencing his potential first-hand.

Roar! Boom!


“Wind Blast!”

Park Jung-Ho continued using his skill.

The wind blew within the large training room.

As the wind bumped into the wall, it shattered into pieces. But, like Park Jung-Ho said, it wasn’t dangerous at all.

‘It’s refreshing.’

It was nice to watch thanks to the cool wind that blew within the room.

If Park Jung-Ho used a water or fire skill, he probably would’ve been dying because of the heat or would’ve felt frustrated because of the humidity.

“I’m almost done.”

He noticed the effectiveness of Park Jung-Ho’s skill weakening.

Moments later, Park Jung-Ho was seen sweating a lot.

If he was sweating despite of the harsh wind, that meant his stamina was decreasing.

‘How stubborn.’

He then stopped using his skill and started doing push-ups.

After exercising with whatever strength he had left, Park Jung-Ho fell to the floor and at the same time, took out a stopwatch and started timing.

“Are you timing it?”

“Yeah, it’s best to know your limits. You’ll know how much strength you can use before you completely lose your energy and how long it takes for you to recover that energy. You have to observe it objectively so that you don’t participate in hunts you can’t handle. Your body is your everything, so you should at least know that much.”

“I see…….”

Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure whether all C rank hunters were like him or if it was just him.

About 10 minutes passed.

While on the floor, he caught his breath while looking at the watch and then sat up.

“You were right. It feels like the recovery rate increased by 10%.”

What he sold increased the recovery rate by 7%, and maybe he felt something different, but Park Jung-Ho’s expression brightened.

He still looked tired and exhausted, but he seemed satisfied.

“Thank you for selling this. I didn’t catch your name. Do you have a business card?”

“I don’t have a business card…My name is Kim Hyun-Soo.”

“Mr. Kim Hyun-Soo, my name is Park Jung-Ho and I’m a C rank attacker.”

“Got it…….”

He suddenly became modest.

At first, it felt like we met to make a direct transaction for a used item, but now, he acted as if he was talking to a celebrity.

‘He sure changed his attitude quickly.’

He already through the Interface, but he acted like this was the first time he heard his name.

“When I saw you earlier, you didn’t seem like an official because you weren’t familiar about measuring your limits, so how did you get a scroll…?”

As Park Jung-Ho extended his out for a handshake, he asked Hyun-Soo.

“Oh, that, I…….”

I was about to answer him without realizing it.

Thankfully, I was able to shut my mouth before revealing the truth.

“……It’s a secret.”

“Ha ha. I see. Well, I asked because I was curious, but I figured you would say that.”

Hunters with skills had a lot of benefits.

It could be rare information about a portal or an item that ordinary hunters doesn’t know or can’t have.

It could be information, an item or power.

And they never shared whatever they acquired with others.

They were a privileged class.

A hierarchical class was destroyed long ago, but the world was already creating a new class.

The fact that the privileged class didn’t share with others was common knowledge.

Park Jung-Ho probably thought that Hyun-Soo had some sort of skill or had connections with someone that had skills.

The way he just laughed it off after hearing Hyun-Soo’s answer made him think that maybe Park Jung-Ho was expecting that kind of answer.

“I’d be grateful if you could let me know about other scrolls you’re planning on selling.”

Park Jung-Ho took out a business card from his wallet and gave it to Hyun-Soo.

On the card, it had his name, his rank and that he was a long-distance attacker.

‘He doesn’t even work for a company…it’s interesting that a hunter has a business card.’

Well, promoting yourself is important these days.

It’ll benefit you more if you have it.

The card was printed on a pearl-colored, specially made paper. This made Hyun-Soo want to make one as well.

‘An E rank’s job description wasn’t that great, so what would be a good job description?’

Hyun-Soo contemplated for a bit.

‘Since I can create skills…maybe Skill Maker?’

It wasn’t exactly the fanciest job name.

Even though he can only make E rank and F rank skills, once he raises his skill rank, the day might come where he’s able to create S rank and SS rank skills.

They always said to dream big.

‘The bigger your dream, the better.’

The rank of Skill Creation was D, but Hyun-Soo had hope.

As he was about to put away the business card that Park Jung-Ho gave him, Hyun-Soo noticed that there was something written under his name.

“Team Provoke…?”

“Oh, it’s the team that I’m affiliated with.”

There were official attack groups and the unofficial groups.

Unlike the unofficial group that recruited anyone for a hunt, official attack groups operated like a company.

The only thing different was that their main task was hunting monsters.

Since they operated with fixed members, it was an advantage to them because they worked well together and they were also picky about who they recruited, so having skilled members was another advantage.

However, when someone makes a mistake, it affects the group greatly, but it doesn’t affect the unofficial groups so much.

Official high rank attack groups tend to hunt high ranked portals safely and at a fast rate.

There were times where skilled hunters acted on their own, but since being part of an official group had its advantages, a lot of hunters prefer joining a skilled group that had a lot of skilled people.

Depending on the group that a hunter is associated in, their safety, reward and even their status in society can change.

Between those that are hired by a medium-sized companies and those hired by large companies, the ones working at the large company tend to take more pride. This was the same concept.

After seeing Hyun-Soo being interested in the team, Park Jung-Ho’s expression brightened.

At first, he looked shabby, nervous and uneasy, but after acquiring the skill, he seemed more relaxed.

“It’s difficult to join an official group these days, right? I didn’t know, but hunters are having a hard time getting hired.”

“I agree..”

It applied to all groups.

Out of the 20 messages he sent regarding a job, he received replies from only two places.

“Our official group is great. We don’t have crazy schedules and we don’t talk bad about each other. We think of the members first, so even during a tough hunt, nothing bad really happens. I’m not saying this because I’m a member, but it really is a nice group.”

“I see.”

If they believed that people mattered, then it meant safety was important to them too.

“The group isn’t that big, but we normally hunt green portals. We’ve been preparing for blue ranks these days. You sold the scroll at the perfect time.”

“Oh, I see…….”

‘Why is he showing off all of  sudden?’

Hyun-Soo was carefully listening to what he had to say, but didn’t know why this guy started showing off in the first place.

‘Not that long ago, I was struggling to find a job as a carrier and after the issue with the healer during the first hunt, I started getting nasty comments. Is that why he’s showing off? Is he rubbing salt into the wound?’

After thinking about that, I started getting angry.

However, when he realized that this guy paid him two million won, he calmed himself down and his anger melted away.

Money was important.

It was very, very important.

He started the hunting job in order to make money.

It was too late for him to get a job as a hunter, but what was important was that he was able to make money through a hunter’s skill.’

After seeing Hyun-Soo’s expression change, Park Jung-Ho quickly changed the subject.

“The issue probably occurred within an unofficial group, right? If you join an official group, you won’t experience those kinds of issues. Actually, if a crazy healer like that was part of the group, they were required to compensate for the damages. Even though we don’t currently have an opening, if you’d like, we can create a position for you.”


He stopped listening midway, assuming that Park Jung-Ho was going to continue showing off, but suddenly doubted his hearing.

‘No way…….’

“You mean……?”

He asked to make sure and Park Jung-Ho smiled.

He had a nice smile, but to Hyun-Soo, it was just another man smiling.

“What I’m saying is, you can join our group if you’re interested. I’m not the leader, but…I’m friends with the leader. We can make room for you.”

Depending on the skill and position, the hunting order can change, but just participating in a hunt was a big advantage.

At least he wouldn’t waste time as a carrier.

Like the guy had briefly mentioned, he’ll be able make a move against the healer that messed up his first hunt.

Since the group had power, they were offering to help him.

“Honestly, this training room was provided to the hunters thanks to the group. You seemed interested earlier…if you join our group, we offer everything for free.”

The more I listened, the more tempting it sounded.

‘I suffered when trying to find a job as a carrier and now, I’m being recruited into an official group.’

Because of that crazy healer, he wasn’t able to participate in another hunt.

And that was his reality.

However, he found another route, which caused Hyun-Soo to forget about participating in a hunt.

It’s because the new route gave him the opportunity to make money too.


<First Successful Skill Sale  – #1> End.

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