The Skill Maker – Chapter 016

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<Golden Thread – #2>


There are scrolls that contain a recovery skill, but those were active skills.

Meaning, one can’t use it if they’re not a healer.

Other classes may be able to familiarize it, but being able to activate it was a different story.

It’s hard to make it as effective as a healer.

If one wasn’t part of the healer class, then scrolls with recovery skills were a waste.

Despite of that, there were hunters that offered a lot because they wanted to obtain the skill so that they can be prepared for the worst.

But, obtaining a skill that automatically increases the recovery rate without using a skill?

‘I’ll be able to make a lot of money.’

The problem was that Hyun-Soo was used to it, but the other hunters didn’t know of this.

But there’s was a post on Hunter Net regarding a rare scroll.

I wouldn’t be able to believe it if I were in their shoes.

The nasty comments were proof.

Even the person that came out to buy it first asked if it was a joke.

“Your brought the money, right?”

‘They wouldn’t just run after getting it, right?’

The buyer nodded at Hyun-Soo’s question.

“I’ll give you half first and give you the rest after checking the item.”

They were indirectly asking to show the item.

Hyun-Soo agreed to their terms.

After giving them his account number, a message saying that 10 million won was deposited popped up.

It was exactly half of 20 million won.

“I received the deposit.”

“Should we go somewhere where there aren’t a lot of people?”

They were currently standing in an open roadside. Since the station was right next to it, there were a lot of people.

The male was very impatient.

However, exchanging a scroll in an open area could be pretty dangerous, so after Hyun-Soo confirmed the deposit, the buyer suggested they move elsewhere.

It was because there could be other hunters that could recognize the scroll.

Hyun-Soo agreed.

Hyun-Soo didn’t have a scroll since he just transferred it.

What he brought was a piece paper that looked like a scroll.

‘Who cares if it isn’t a scroll? You still obtain a skill, so it’s the same thing.’

If the buyer knew, he would probably say that he was a fraud, but Hyun-Soo was confident.

“Then, let’s go to the training center. I reserved a room, so I think it would be best to go there.”

The location the buyer mentioned wasn’t that far from the station.

Moments later.

‘This…is a gym?’

Hyun-soo’s eyes widened after seeing the tall building.

The gym.

It was a hunter only training center, so only the hunters are able to use this building.

Since he said the training center, Hyun-Soo thought it was a gym.

His mouth opened wide after seeing the tall building.

It was a magnificent building.

The membership was only limited to hunters.

‘They probably won’t let you in if you don’t have money.’

He was able to find out that only those with money are able to go into the building. He was able to learn this through the various jobs he had.

He felt uneasy about entering the place, but since the buyer walked into so naturally, he didn’t have a choice but to follow.

A pretty woman was sitting at the front desk and on both sides of her, two large men that were wearing uniforms was standing next to her.

Luckily, since I followed behind the buyer, they didn’t stop me.

As soon as we got off the elevator, there was a long hallway with doors on both sides.

The buyer walked up to one of them and placed his finger on the lock.

The door opened smoothly after it read his fingerprint.


This place required a membership, had tight security and the spaces were pretty separated, so Hyun-Soo was curious as to what the room looked like. But, seeing an empty room made him confused.

“Was this room always empty?”

I thought it was a training room.

It didn’t look like a gym at all.

“Oh, it’s because this room is used to practice your skills.”


A long-distance attacker’s skills were often powerful and their range was pretty broad, so they couldn’t use their skills wherever they wanted.

But entering a portal alone to train was suicide.

In order to help those attackers, this training center was built.

“You can give me the scroll now. There aren’t any cameras here so there won’t be any issues with security.”

Hyun-Soo took out the paper that was rolled up neatly.

“Ha, finally, I have a scroll…”

After receiving the scroll, he looked up to the ceiling with a touched expression.

‘It’s not a real scroll though.’

Obtaining the skill wasn’t a lie, but Hyun-Soo ripped out a piece paper from Hyuna’s notebook and rolled it up.

Since he couldn’t tell them that he was able to transfer skills, it was meant to be used as a diversion.

It would be great if he could tell the truth and sell it.

Even if it hasn’t been that long since he stepped into the hunter world, he instinctively knew that he shouldn’t let people know about how he’s able to create skills.

If creating a skill and transferring was universal, or if only a handful of people had it, then the world would be overflowing with customized skills.

‘Unless they were an idiot, I’m sure there isn’t a person alive that would leave a skill like this unused.’

There was a reason why some people paid a lot of money and purchased scrolls, while others attacked high ranked portals.

Hyun-Soo easily found out how rare his skill was.

It was possible that he was the only one in the world that had this skill.

“How do I use this?”

“Just rip it.”

“Oh……. I’m nervous. Recovery skill scrolls are really hard to obtain. Wow…… I…….”

With trembling hands, he ripped the piece of paper.

At the same time, Hyun-Soo used the Skill Transfer.

‘Skill Transfer!’

A semi-transparent window appeared before him.

“Select the skill you would like to transfer.”

“Transferrable Skills : Mighty Throw[F] / Low Rank Health Recovery[F].”


Hyun-Soo selected the Low Rank Health Recovery without any hesitation.


“Select your target.”

“Target : Park Jung-Ho (C)”


Despite of the fact that this deal wasn’t guaranteed, he paid a lot of money. He was a C rank hunter.

After selecting Park Jung-Ho, he opened up his Interface to check his skill list and saw that the Low Rank Health Recovery was gone.

“…Was that all? Was that enough?”

“Yup, that’s it.”

Since it disappeared from his list, he was sure the skill was transferred to Park Jung-Ho.

Park Jung-Ho was expecting something great to happen, but since nothing happened, he started starting at Hyun-Soo.

His face was telling me that he was going to kill me if the scroll was a fake.

‘Maybe it’s because he’s a C rank, but he’s scary.’

It seemed like Park Jung-Ho purchased scrolls before because he kept on nodding his head while being confused about Hyun-Soo’s fake scroll.

“Hm, I’ll deposit the rest after I check. Is that okay?”

“Yes, that’s fine. How are  you going to check…?”

The recovery skill wasn’t a skill that could be checked with the eyes.

He didn’t have the Interface skill, so Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure how he was going to check.

Of course Hyun-Soo was able to check.


Hyun-Soo used the Interface skill.

The target was a bit different.

He used the skill with Park Jung-Ho as his target.

He’s never used it on another hunter, so he tried it as a test.

‘Oh, it worked.’


▶Name: Park Jung-Ho (??)

▶Rank: C

▶Class: ??




▶Skill List


[Low Health Recovery][F]



Hyun-Soo confirmed that the Low Health Recovery skill that he had was transferred to Park Jung-Ho. However, other than Park Jung-Ho’s rank and the skill that he transferred, everything showed up as question marks.

‘Is it because only 1.4% of the Interface has been activated?’

He somewhat had an idea regarding Skill Creation and Skill Transfer, but he had no idea regarding the other skills.

‘Will it change once it increases?’

Hyun-Soo thought that if the percentage increased, something about the skill would change.

Excluding the skill that he transferred, he didn’t know anything else, but being able to see another person’s information through Interface was encouraging.

‘Wait, then does that mean, other than humans, I can use it on other targets?’



Now that he looked back, he remembered seeing the information regarding the Flower Spore.

After that, he had no reason to use it so he forgot about it.

But, if he could use it like he did just now, then it’ll be very useful to him.

Excluding the monsters, he could check other objects within the portal.

The portal was an unknown world so there were a lot of things that have yet to be discovered.

However, it was true that it was very useful, despite of the fact that Interface was a SS rank.

But, in the previous hunt, he was able to see the white dot, so the more it’s developed, it’ll be on the same level as Skill Creation.

‘It’s not a SS rank for no reason, right?’

But, since there was nothing he can do as of right now, he decided not to expect too much.

He’s been disappointed so many times after becoming a hunter.

If he had high expectations and found it wasn’t much, he’ll only be disappointed.

After being lost in his thoughts for a bit, Hyun-Soo started paying attention when he saw Park Jung-Ho preparing something.

When he said he was going to check, Hyun-Soo thought maybe he had Interface too, but Park Jung-Ho’s way of checking was to activate it to see if it was real.

“It’ll take some time. My skill is the type that discharges, so stay behind me by sitting near the entrance.”

Since he still needed to get 10 million won, Hyun-Soo listened to him.

“How will you check by using your skill?”

Recovery has to do with stamina, so he wasn’t sure how it was related to using his skill.

“Once my power is at its limit, my stamina decreases as well. That’s why, if I completely drain my powers and do some push-ups or squats, I’ll be able to know what exhaustion feels like.”

This is what Park Jung-Ho meant.

‘He’s going to drop his stamina to zero and compare.’

It was a terrible idea.

At one point, Hyun-Soo worked for a shipping courier, so he exactly knew what it felt like to be exhausted.

‘Even if they paid me more, I wouldn’t go back. The pay was great, but it’s way too exhausting.’

But he was doing that on purpose. Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure whether he should complement him or think of him as an idiot.

Are all C rank hunters the same?

“Wind Blast!”

Swoosh! Boom!

Rough wind was released from Park Jung-Ho’s hand.

As soon as it was released straight from his hand, the window hit the training room’s wall.

A loud sound filled the room.

But, it was interesting how the wall didn’t break.



<Gold Thread #2> End.

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