The Skill Maker – Chapter 015

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<Gold Thread – #1>


If transferring a skill really was possible, then he could definitely use it to his advantage.

If skills can be transferred to an ordinary person, then it’s possible for him to transfer it to a hunter.

It was easier said than done.

He could use this to earn money.

Scrolls were sometimes found in high-leveled portals, but instead of using parchment paper, he could set a system where hunters can acquire the same power.


He wasn’t sure why scrolls were often found in portals, but many scholars assumed that when the monsters that ruled the portals either died or was killed, their powers are compressed and are transformed into scrolls.

Meaning, the scrolls contain the same power that the monsters used.

However, since there are varieties of skills that are contained in the scrolls, they couldn’t find proof of its origin so it has always remained a mysterious.

For those that lack in skills, finding a scroll is like winning the lottery.

Skill levels are increased the more they’re used, but there are people that are either too weak to use the skills or their skills are useless.

The latter usually applied to the hybrid class.

Even if one had a powerful skill, it was better to have many useful skills since being a hunter was a dangerous job.


Usually, skills that increased an attacker’s attack speed or increasing the casting skill of a magic user…

On top of that, when comparing a hunter that has one skill to another that had two skills, the hunter with two has a better chance at attacking efficiently.

They’ll gain experience and know how to handle certain situations, but there are those that recruit people just so they can have more power.

That’s why, depending on the power and category of the scroll, the difference in cost can vary greatly. The rarity of the scroll can change its value as well.

For that reason, Hyun-Soo thought of the Skill Maker and the Skill Transfer skills were valuable. Depending on the skills that are made, there could be endless possibilities.

Like the Low Level Health Recover y skill, if it was part of the healing category and had assist effects, then he would be able to earn a lot of money from it.

But, in order to do that, the recovery percentage had to be higher.

It was impossible for him to participate in a hunt, so he had to use the time he had.

It wouldn’t hurt to try.


Hyun-Soo believed that this method would have potential.

The more he increased the creation and transfer ranks, the better chance he had.

‘I sort of have an idea of what I need to do in order to create a skill…’

One the requirements that Hyun-Soo figured out was ‘repetitive actions.’

When he earned the Bead Threading and Fast Calculation skill, he was constantly threading the beads and constantly calculating.

Yesterday, as he was continuously massing his mother, strangely enough, the skill was created.

But, it seemed like something else was required within that repetitive act.

‘This is a bit vague…’

In order to obtain an offensive skill, he went to a mountain and continuously sliced a tree with a knife. But seeing as how he didn’t obtain one, it meant that doing the same act over and over wasn’t the only thing he needed to do.

While doing the same thing over and over, there was something else that needed to fulfill while doing so. That was something he hasn’t figured out yet.

It was a small hint, so it was better than no knowing anything at all.

It was better than going at it blindfolded.

Since he knew the basics, he decided to quickly put his plan into action.

“Won’t it make you tired if you keep massaging me like this?”

“It’s fine, but are you feeling better?”

“Yeah, your massages are making me feel better already.”

When his mother came home, Hyun-Soo would continuously massage her.


“The Low Level Health Recovery [F] skill has been created.”


The same skill appeared again.

Once a skill has been made, he would check the recovery percentage and would continue creating another one.


Hyun-Soo read books about massaging the body and would do them when his mother came home.

Every time the same skill appeared, and the more his massaging skill increased, the recovery percentage increased as well.

The recovery skill was now at a percentage that Hyun-Soo was satisfied with.



[Low Level Health Recovery] [F]

The health recovery rate has been increased by 7%.


Once it hit 7%, it wouldn’t increase. No matter how much he studied and massaged his mother, nothing happened.

It seemed like the maximum percentage for an F rank was seven.

He transferred the first skill that he obtained to his mother and the skill he acquired after was transferred to Hyuna.

Hyun-Soo thought about making another one for himself, but his skill slots were already full.


Other than Interface, Skill Making, Skill Transfer and Mighty Throw, he had one slot left.

Interface, Skill Making and Skill Transfer were his fixed skills, so they couldn’t be erased. In the end, he could only use two slots.

He thought that Mighty Throw might come in handy later, so he decided to keep it, which meant he only had one slot left. He decided it would be best to leave it empty so that he can create more skills.

‘That’s unfortunate…’

He felt disappointed, but he decided not to acquire the recovery skill.

Instead, he decided to put his plan into action.

It was skill selling!

If it was a skill that can increase one’s recovery rate, anyone would want to have it.

There’s usually a healer within the group, but if both the tanker and the attacker were in a dangerous situation, the healer tends to focus more on the tanker than the attacker.

That’s why, it would appeal to attackers that the healers often ignore or to the tankers that want to upgrade their stats.


Then, one day.

“Phew, finally…”

Hyun-Soo accessed the Hunter Net and went into the category where other hunters sold weapons and items.

He clicked ‘New Post’ and started typing while his hands were shaking.

After typing, erasing and editing his post several times.

He finally submitted his post.


Title: Selling Health Recovery Skill

Content: Selling health recovery skill

I’m selling a skill that increases your healthy recovery rate by 7%.

It’s a passive skill and doesn’t require you to use any other skills.

I prefer a fast, clean transaction.

Direct transaction, no negotiations.

Please tell me your desired price.

Thank you.


While reading the post again to make sure there weren’t any errors, other people were gathering to Hyun-Soo’s post.

Since a scroll was somewhat rare, there were definitely going to be people that misunderstand the post as someone selling a scroll.

There were already replies on Hyun-Soo’s post.


– Is this for real?

– Really?

– You shouldn’t troll in this category

– Wow, are you really selling a scroll?

– Is this real?

– If this is real, I’ll buy it. Please call me. 000-0000-0000

– It sounds fake. If it was real, who would sell it here?


Scrolls related to healing was rarer than other ordinary scrolls, which is probably why a lot of people were doubting about the post.

Scrolls that had a limited amount and had an effective skill were normally sold in secrecy.

Moments later, there were posts that doubted Hyun-Soo.


– This bastard is the same carrier that got kicked out recently for talking back to a healer. He’s a liar.

How can a carrier acquire a scroll?

  • Wow, really? It did seem like he was making it up.
  • Is there proof?
  • The rumor already spread between the healers and tankers.


Hyun-Soo now knew why he wasn’t getting hired.
He assumed just from the reply he received the other day, but he didn’t know the rumor spread to the tankers as well.

‘Tankers and healers are the best class so of course they would know.’

Hyun-Soo was at a loss for words after reading the comments.

There were comments that questioned his motives.

However, despite of the nasty comments, he received messages from others with their desired price.


“If you really have a recovery skill scroll, I’ll buy it. 000-0000-0000.”

“Do you have two scrolls?”


“1.5 million.”


There were some that just wrote their desired price and there were others that left their phone number.

It was the totally opposite situation from when he was applying for jobs.


During that time, he was so nervous that he wouldn’t get any replies.

People were still posting negative comments on the thread, but seeing his inbox fill up made Hyun-Soo happy.

‘Is this what it felt like to be on the other end?’

This is why people with skills had the advantage.

I had the power the create skills.

It was really amazing.

When I first became a hunter, I didn’t really know about it and spent my energy on useless things.

‘Now that I think about it, I guess I should thank the healer for putting me in this position. But it’s not like I was grateful towards him.’

If that guy didn’t spread weird rumors, he would’ve still been applying to carrier jobs and sending messages in the hopes that he would get hired.

He probably would’ve continued mimicking the major class without really realizing his potential skills.


He would’ve been blinded about his skills.

‘I discovered this skill thanks to the guy that I was trying to get revenge on…pretty funny.’

What that crazy healer did was a blessing in disguise.

But, he wasn’t a bit thankful towards him.

When he read the nasty comments with that mindset, he didn’t feel anything.

“Let’s see…who should I contact?”

After reading the messages in his inbox, he replied to the person that offered the highest amount.

As soon as he sent it, he got another message from the same person.


“I want to make a deal now. If you tell me the time and location, I’ll be there.”


‘Better for me.’

Hyun-Soo quickly sent them the time and location.


Hyun-Soo would leave the internet café without filling the entire hour, which made him think the money was a waste, but he decided to pay 1,000 won anyways.

Later, he’ll be able to earn hundreds, no, thousand times more.

That’s why spending this much was nothing.

Also, when he earns enough money, he was planning on purchasing a computer, so he won’t need to spend money at the café.

‘I won’t be spending any more money here.’

After Hyun-Soo arrived at the location, he took out his phone.

A male not too far from him picked up his p hone.

The male looked around while on the phone and when he saw Hyun-Soo he approached him with an uneasy expression.

“You’re really selling a scroll, right? It’s not a joke?”

“If I was joking, I wouldn’t even make the effort to come out here.”

“Oh, sorry. Recovery scrolls are extremely hard to obtain so I came out hurriedly, but honestly, I wasn’t sure if this was real or not.”


Hyun-Soo understood.

When he researched, scrolls were extremely hard to acquire.

Excluding the ones that were pretty easy to find, most of them were rare and often pretty expensive.

A majority of the people can’t buy it because it’s not available.

‘On top of that, the one I made is a recovery skill. And it’s passive.’



<Gold Thread – #1> End.

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