The Skill Maker – Chapter 014

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<A Step Back, But – #2>


He hoped that by being a hunter, his mother would recover a bit, but in his current state, he could only wish for it.

‘She fell asleep.’

Thankfully, due to his effort and wish, his mother fell asleep with a more relaxed expression.

That also meant that her body weary and exhausted, making him feel uneasy.


As soon as he told himself that he would get a job no matter what,

– Ring!


“The skill, Low Level Health Recovery [F] has been created.”



– Ring!


“You have exceeded the maximum number of Skill Slots.”

“Number of Skill Slots: 5”

“Will you delete your previous skill and acquire the new one?”

“Skills Available for Deletion: Bead Threading [F] / Fast Calculation [F] / Mighty Throw [F].”


Hyun-Soo doubted his eyes.

It’s because it wasn’t possible for a skill to be made right now.


‘What the…?’

He had his doubts, but without realizing it, his finger was already pressing the “Yes” button that was displayed on the semi-transparent screen.

After, the list of skills appeared again and Hyun-Soo chose the Bead Threading skill.


“Bead Threading [F] skill will be deleted.”

“You have acquired the Low Level Health Recovery [F] skill.”


Hyun-Soo quickly pulled the interface window.

Semi-transparent screens appeared before him.

Among the skills that he had, he checked the skill that he just acquired.


[Low Level Health Recovery] [F]

The speed of recovery will be increased by 1.5%.





He didn’t expect much since it was a F rank skill.

But still, since it was a recovery skill, Hyun-Soo felt encouraged.

He always wondered if skills related to healing could be created. His curiosity was answered through this skill.

Since his rank was low, he could only create E or F ranked skills, but if the skill making rank increased and he was able to create rare skills, then he could create an infinite amount of skills.

The speed of recovery was pretty slow, but Hyun-Soo still felt satisfied at the fact that a healing skill was created.

However, it was a skill that he didn’t really need.

‘I won’t even be able to call myself a healer since it only increases the healing rate and doesn’t actually heal.’

It seemed like it was a passive skill since it automatically activates without having to use the skill.

It was a healing skill, but if he were to apply as a healer for a hunt, then he would definitely get everyone killed.

It was the same thing as that crazy healer that messed up the hunt just because he misunderstood.

Then, Hyun-Soo saw his mother sleeping on the bed.

‘Since I have the ability to create skills, it’s obvious that I would get the skills, but it would’ve been better if my mother had this ability instead.’

Hyun-Soo felt a bit disappointed.

His mother needed the healthy recovery skill more than Hyun-Soo.

He was still young and no matter how exhausted he was, he would recover after a good night’s sleep.

His mother on the other hand had a weak body since she was young and since she did physical labor, there’s no way she would recover with just sleep alone.

That’s why she’s always exhausted and it shows how sick her body is.

‘I have no use for it, but if I could give it to my mom, that would be great.’


Filled with disappointed, Hyun-Soo just started at the semi-transparent screen while biting his lips.

Even if it only increased by 1.5%, he knew that it was better than his mother having nothing.

The skill was made because of his mother and yet, it was ironic how he couldn’t give it to the person that needed it.

It wasn’t like there was something he could do, so he kept on sighing and as soon as he was about to close the interface.

– Ring!


“The skill, Skill Transfer [D] has been created.”

“You have exceeded the maximum number of Skill Slots.”

“Number of Skill Slots: 5”

“Will you delete your previous skill and acquire the new one?”

“Skills Available for Deletion: Fast Calculation [F] / Mighty Throw [F] / Low Level Health Recovery [F].”



He’s been surprised several times today.

He hasn’t created that many skills yet, but up until now, there hasn’t been a time where skills were created consecutively.

After he acquired Mighty Throw, he got frustrated because new skills weren’t created after that, which caused him to do useless tasks.

On top of that, it was a D rank skill.

‘Skill Transfer? No way…’

Feeling hopeful, Hyun-Soo pointed his finger towards the bright Yes button.

When he pressed the button, another notification popped up.

– Ring!


“Fast Calculation [F] skill has been deleted.”

“You have acquired the Skill Transfer [D] skill.”


Just seeing the name made his heart skip a beat.



When he shouted confirm in his head, a semi-transparent window appeared before him.



[Skill Transfer] [D] [Inherent] [Solo]

Transfer the created skill to another person.

Depending on the skill’s rank, the transferrable skill’s rank may change.

Currently Possible Transfer Rank: F, E

Since it’s an inherent and solo skill, it’s impossible to copy.




As soon as he checked the description, a high-pitched squeak escaped Hyun-Soo’s lips without him knowing.

When he saw it, there was something that he felt.

‘This is…?’

It felt as if he hit the jackpot.

When he didn’t know any better, he would be happy just from seeing the letters, SS, but would be disappointed when he realized it wasn’t anything special.

It’s only been a week since he awakened as a hunter and after getting slightly involved in the hunter’s world, he started thinking more about it.


<A Step Back, But – #2> End.

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    1. bloggbigg

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