The Skill Maker – Chapter 010

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His happiness only lasted momentarily.

Hyun-Soo froze in place after seeing the large vines charge at him with the intention of ripping him to pieces. The green vines that were moving really fast in front of him was weird and at the same time, scary.

‘I’ll die if I get hit.’

In his mind, he strongly felt the need to get out of the way.

Although his legs were shaking, he managed to roll to the side and dodge the attack.

Knowing that dodging it once wasn’t the end, Hyun-Soo quickly stood up after rolling.

For the first time ever, he saw a monster up close and on top of that, the monster was trying to kill him, which caused his hands to shake.


His feet were in the same situation.

‘What’s the tanker doing…?’

Looking over at Choi Do-Won, he noticed his exhausted face and the healer that was trying to heal him with every ounce of energy they had left.

It looked like it would be difficult to aggravate the monster again.

Hyun-Soo gritted his teeth.

Even though his entire body was trembling with fear, he held the pebble tightly in his hand.

The fact that the energy field decreased to half all of a sudden must’ve affected the monster greatly because its movement wasn’t as agile as before.

Thanks to that, he was able to calm down for a moment.

However, he couldn’t let his guard down since the vines’ attacks were dangerous.

‘Damn it!’

While holding the pebble tightly in his hand, he started running. Like a whip, the vines started chasing after him.

Anyone would be able to hear the vines slicing violently through the air. The vines smashed the ground so hard that it caused countless numbers of debris to jump up in the air.

The vines were able to move freely, but when attacking long distance, it tends to stretch out in a straight line.

Hyun-Soo and the monster were pretty far away from each other.

After noticing that the vines would stretch out in a straight line, Hyun-Soo started running in odd directions.

‘White dot. Where are you white dot…?’

The white do that he was able to see so clearly was now covered by the flower petal due to the monster constantly moving around.

Sweat was rolling down Hyun-Soo’s back. His face was covered in sweat.

Due to his nervousness, he wasn’t able to feel it.

Sweat rolled down his eyes and was hanging on the tip of his eyelash, but he didn’t notice.

Looking for the white dot and running while looking behind wasn’t easy.

But if he didn’t do that, then he would die due to an absurd reason.


Hyun-soo was ridiculously moving around so that he could survive, but when he had aggravated the monster.

The monster let out another roar.


Choi Do-Won cut off part of the monster’s vine and was attacking its body.

When he was focusing on defense, when the monster’s attention was turned elsewhere, he took that chance to attack its weak spot.

Even though a tanker’s attack level is lower than an attacker, they still had the ability to attack the monster.

But, their skills are mostly made up of defense skills rather than offensive skills.


Seeing a part of its body cut off must’ve made it really angry because the vines that were attacking Soo-Hyun was now attacking Choi Do-Won.

It was a lot slower than before, but its attack was still dangerous.

The attackers heard Choi Do-Won yelling at them to attack, but they all had a troubled expression.

No one took the initiative to start attacking.

Hyun-Soo was the only one circling around the monster while holding a pebble since he was trying to find the white dot.

‘Even though the tanker aggravated the monster, if we don’t do anything, everything will go back to the way it was.’

The tanker’s stamina and the healer’s healing skill was at its limit.

‘That’s why, it’s our priority to kill it as soon as possible! If only I could see the white dot…’

Hyun-Soo finally found the white dot.

He was searching for it while running around the monster and moments later, between the petals, he saw the white dot.


No confirmed it for him, but Hyun-Soo knew that the white dot was its weak point.

‘I’ll get it!’

Hyun-Soo moved the arm that held the pebble.

Moving his body with it, all of his strength was focused on his arm.

‘Mighty Throw!’

And his assumption was correct.


As if it was in pain, the monster started twisting its body.

Seeing that, Hyun-Soo gulped.

‘The energy field is decreasing.’

The critical message didn’t pop up this time, but when compared to the moment when the attackers attacked, the energy field decreased at a much faster rate.

Maybe the attack wasn’t as strong as the first time, but thankfully, the monster targeted the tanker that cut off its vines.

A heavy burden was lifted off of Hyun-Soo’s shoulder and he aimed all of his pebbles on the white dot.

He didn’t know when the monster would target him again.

‘This is awesome. I can’t believe I can see the monster’s weak point.’

Every time the pebble hit the dot, the energy field decreased, causing Hyun-Soo to feel ecstatic.

Hyun-Soo was probably the only one that knew of the white dot.

If that wasn’t the case, then the attackers wouldn’t have attacked its body from all over the place since it wasn’t as effective as Hyun-Soo’s attack.

He wasn’t sure why he was able to see it all of a sudden.

But, he did have a hunch.

No matter the reason, it was true that he was able to see the white, sparkling dot.

“I think…we’ll be able to capture it.”

“…Then, do we need to attack it too?”

“I think the tanker is doing well…Whatever.”

The attackers that was standing behind started talking amongst themselves and one by one, they stood next to Hyun-Soo.


Then, they carefully started attacking.

‘Now they help after we’ve done all the work.’

Hyun-Soo thought it was sickening how they ran away to save their own lives, but he couldn’t really say much.

Anyways, he wasn’t officially participating in the hunt because he joined as a carrier, not a hunter.

“It’s going down…!”

After the attackers started attacking, or to be specific, after Hyun-Soo kept on throwing the pebbles at the white dot with all of his might, the monster went down.

The flower petals started falling off and the vines fell to the floor.

The attackers started cheering.

‘We somehow brought it down.’

He thought that they were going to die, but relief filled his body after realizing that he was going to live.

Hyun-Soo looked at the monster that he helped take down.


It was tiring and scary, but seeing it on the ground made him feel overwhelmed.

This is probably what it felt like to be proud.

He was the happiest after knowing that he was going to live.

While looking at the monster’s dead body, Hyun-Soo noticed Choi Do-Won looking at him.

They briefly made eye contact.

Choi Do-Won’s eyes were filled with complications.

He was certain that the energy field started decreasing once Hyun-Soo stepped in.

There was no way the tanker didn’t notice this.

Things probably got complicated for him because the one that brought down the monster wasn’t an attacker, but a carrier.

He seemed to have thought of something because he broke the eye contact.

“Good job everyone.”

After taking in a deep breath, Choi Do-Won summoned everyone.

Excluding the crazy healer, Kim Yoo-Han, and the carriers, everyone else stood in front of Choi Do-Won.

According to the other carriers, as soon as Kim Yoo-Han saw the monster go down, he exited through the portal.

After the situation had been resolved, Hyun-Soo was filled with happiness.

It’s only been a month since he’s awakened as a hunter, but his head was filled with life issues.

The other attackers couldn’t see the white dot.

He was sure that he was able to see the white dot because it was connected to a skill of his.

Seeing the energy field decrease the more he hit it, he knew it was the monster’s weak spot.




[Interface] [SS] [Inherent] [Exclusive]

Activation Status: 1.4%


As soon as he yelled out the skill name, it let out a cheerful sound and a semi-transparent window appeared in front of him.

As he looked at the skills list on the interface, he blinked his eyes and detailed information were displayed.

Hyun-Soo’s eyes moved quickly as he read through it.

‘It increased!’

When he first awoke, the interface’s activation status was at one percent.

But now, it increased by 0.4 percent, making it 1.4%.




> Name: Kim Soo-Hyun (21)

> Rank: E

> ??

> Experience: 9%

> ??

> ??


> Acquired Skill List

[Interface] [SS]

[Skill Making] [D]

[Bead Threading] [F]

[Fast Calculation] [F]

[Mighty Throw] [F]



On top of that, his experience increased by nine percent.

By attacking the white dot, he was able to gain that experience.

Normally, when a carrier participates in a hunt, the most experience they’ll receive is 0.5%.

This is based on F rank, so those that are E rank will receive less than 0.5%.

In that case, the amount of experience Hyun-Soo gained at once was amazing.

‘I wish it continued like this. Then that would be awesome.’

Now that he had an offensive skill, as long as he kept his class well-hidden, he didn’t have to get a job as a carrier or complete odd jobs.


With this amount of attack skill, he’ll be able to participate in any type of hunt.

The more experience he acquires, the faster his rank will increase and getting a job will be a lot easier.

Then, he’ll be able to make more money.

Up until now, it was his issue…no, poverty was his family’s issue and now, he’ll be able to escape it.

The saying, every cloud has a silver lining, was what popped into his head.

During that time, as the leader, Choi Do-Won cut open the Flower Spore’s body in front of everyone and acquired the Energy Stone.

‘It’s my first time seeing an Energy Stone.’

The Energy Stone that Choi Do-Won held in his hand as covered in the monster’s deep green fluid, but the part that wasn’t covered showed a transparent, grey crystal shape.

Ordinary people that didn’t have any knowledge about the hunter world would’ve thought it was a gem.

The hunters definitely knew it was an Energy Stone.


“Since we didn’t find any scrolls in the grey portal, we’ll disperse the cost of the Energy Stones.”

Even though they were a further away, he yelled in order to let everyone know.

“We’ll now begin the account transfer.”

Then, he started typing on his phone.

The weird thing was that no one said anything about Hyun-Soo.

‘Does that mean he won’t give any more than the fixed amount?’

His question was answered.

The attackers that received their share briefly looked at Hyun-Soo and walked towards the portal.

Since the carriers had to move the monster’s dead body and receive their pay afterwards, they stayed behind.

Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure what to say.

‘Didn’t you see me attack the monster?’

‘Thanks to that crazy healer, we almost our lives and I’m the one that fixed the situation.’


He didn’t have the courage to say it.

On top of that, no one said anything about the healer.

He looked around.

Everyone looked tired and had a dissatisfied expression, but no one stepped up to say anything.

Since no one died during the hunt, they seemed to just want to stay quiet.

Before entering the portal, there was a rumor saying that Kim Yoo-Han was part of a high-ranked family and because of that rumor, he probably didn’t want to take any risks.



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