The Skill Maker – Chapter 008

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<Good and Bad Things Happen At Once #2>

That’s what the hunters meant by experience and if they receive a consistent amount, then they’ll acquire that many more skills.
The more experience you acquire, the more powerful skill one can use.
This is also known as leveling up.
Gaining a lot of experience also means that their rank is also increasing.
The carriers didn’t participate in the hunt, but they would secretly attack the monsters so that they’ll be able to raise their level.
Since they were nothing more than a carrier, they won’t be acknowledged as an official attacker and the hunters will always be hunters.
Unless you started out as a B rank with a silver spoon in your mouth, most of the hunters that didn’t have connections and money had to start from the bottom.
This meant that most of the active hunters had started from the bottom.
Because of this, considerate people like Choi Do-Won told the carriers that they could attack too.
Of course there were people like Kim Yoo-Han, a healer, who made rude remarks before entering the portal.
Knowing how difficult it was to get to this position, there were people that couldn’t stand it when others got to this position so easily.
“Hyun-Soo, if you have an offensive skill, you should use it. Since our attacks won’t reach the body, you should attack the vine over there.”
“Even if our attacks did reach the body, the attackers will get angry. Attacking without any gears will only make them think that we’re stealing their experience points, so it’s best not to attack it.”
“I see.”
Among the carriers, Hyun-Soo was the youngest, so the others started giving him tips.
Since the other carriers were speaking from experience, Hyun-Soo decided to memorize their tips well.
After several failures, he was able to enter the world of the hunter.
Leaving without doing much was worse than dying.
‘Is it time for me to finally use this skill?!’
Despite of awakening to his power, he was frustrated because of his future. While spending time at the batting cage, he acquired a skill.
He was moved by the possibility that this caused him to create a useful skill.


[Mighty Throw] [F]
Ability to throw the object in hand with all their might.
When it hits the target, it may cause damage.
Accuracy Rate: 48%


It seemed a bit weak, but it was fine.
The accuracy rate was a bit low, but it was fine. It meant that if he threw 10 times, then half of those throws would hit the target.
On top of that, ‘it may cause damaged’ was what caught his attention.
There was no way he could attack by calculating fast or by threading beads.
That’s why, Mighty Throw was Hyun-Soo’s first offensive skill.
To prepare for this moment, he even brought an item to throw.
After he acquired the skill, Hyun-Soo contemplated about what he should throw.
He thought about throwing a baseball, like he did at the batting cage, but he found out that baseballs were quite expensive.
In the end, Hyun-Soo decided on consumable goods.
He didn’t have the luxury to spend a lot of money on consumable goods.
‘I picked up all the pebbles that were in my neighborhood.’
He visited construction sites and mountains and picked up as many pebbles as he could.
He ended up placing way too many in his bag that he almost broke his back. Letting go of his greed, he ended up taking a small amount.
Since he had to work as a carrier, it would be better to carry lightly.
When observing the other carriers, he saw Jo Young-Jin creating a pinky-sized ice cube with all his might.
Seeing them use distant offensive skills, Kim Yoon-Soo and Heo Jin-Ho were probably long-distance attackers.
However, Park Jung-Hwan was a close-range attacker, so he held a small knife in his hand. He hesitantly approached the wiggling vine.
Seeing him stop midway, he was probably looking back at the base.
“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!”

As expected.
Someone with a sharp tone called out to Park Jung-Hwan.
It’s was Kim Yoo-Han, the healer.

Healers usually stood in the back, so they were near the carriers.
Because of that, Park Jung-Hwan kept on looking back and Kim Yoo-Han noticed him approaching the vine.
“Who said you could attack? Are you insane? Don’t you know that carriers are supposed to stand behind the battlefield?!”
Knowing the carriers’ situation, the leader told them they could attack when they had the chance, but the healer was holding them back.
Hyun-Soo thought he could just ignore him, but Park Jung-Hwan thought otherwise.
He couldn’t attack the vine nor did he listen to Kim Yoo-Han because he froze in place.
Honestly, Park Jung-Hwan’s action was understandable.
Out of the close-range hunters, healers are able to use their powers to treat the wounded, but they were very rare.
Out of 100 hunters, there’s probably one that was a healer.
If there weren’t attackers, the hunt would just get longer, but if there wasn’t a healer, then they’ll mostly get annihilated.
Because of this, healers are treated very well.
Kim Yoo-Han was an E rank healer.
Truthfully, this group mostly consisted of D ranks, so his ranking wasn’t all that great.
However, his class increased his worth.
If Kim Yoo-Han started nagging here, then it would complicate Park Jung-Hwan’s current situation.
Between the healer and the carrier, it was obvious who would get the majority of the vote.
When Hyun-Soo thought about just ignoring him, Park Jung-Hwan did the opposite and froze up.
Since Hyun-Soo wasn’t familiar with the hunter’s world, it was possible for him to think that way.
He already gave up on becoming a hunter a long time ago.
But, without a second examination, he awakened to his power. He wasn’t consistently learning about the hunters, but he somehow managed to enter the hunter’s world.
The knowledge that he gained from the Hunter School was basics of the basics.
There’s no way they would teach children about what the hunter’s world was like.
To add on, an apprentice class’s reality was harsh because they were looked down upon. That’s why, in order to overcome this, that was all he concentrated on.
Hyun-Soo somewhat knew what the hunter’s world was like.
However, he only concentrated on parts that was relevant to him.
He knew how the awakened hunter’s skill points were distributed, but he didn’t know what kind of powerful structure would be created in the real world because of it.
Since he was so focused on his current situation, it was true that it blinded him from other things.
Due to Kim Yoo-Han’s sharp tone, the other carriers froze in place as well.
The atmosphere changed drastically, compared to when they started attacking, that they all stopped talking.
But, if they just stood there because of what Kim Yoo-Han said, then they wouldn’t be able to get any experience points.
Hyun-Soo thought Kim Yoo-Han had some sort of misunderstanding.
He could’ve thought that, despite of the leader warning them not to attack for experience points, they were going against his words.
However, the carriers all just silently stood there instead of being vocal about what the healer said.
“The leader told us that once the monster was aggravated, we could start attacking, so isn’t that okay?”
Wanting to clear up any misunderstanding and relieve the tension, Hyun-Soo explained exactly what the leader told them.
He wanted to let Kim Yoo-Han know that the leader allowed them to attack and that they weren’t being uncooperative.

However, it only provoked him and his face was distorted with anger.
‘What’s going on? The healer was the one who started this mess, but it feels like Park Jung-Hwan and I are at fault here.’
Thankfully, due to him working at various part-time jobs, he was able to sense the tense atmosphere.
Hyun-Soo quickly looked around.
‘Looking at the current situation…I’m doomed.’
His assumption was right.
The healer suddenly raised his voice and started yelling.
He didn’t look normal when Hyun-Soo first saw him, but his anger reached a point where it seemed like he was going crazy.
“Are you looking down on me because I’m an E rank? You’re listening to the leader because he’s a D rank, but not me because I’m an E rank?”
“…Kim Yoo-Han, that’s not what I meant…”
“I think that’s what you meant!! If you guys approached the battlefield and suddenly got hurt, do you know who has to heal you guys? Me! If I can’t heal, do you know what will happen to the base? They’ll all die! So if I tell you not to do it, don’t you think you should listen to me?!”
Releasing his anger at the carriers, Kim Yoo-Han turned towards the leader and started yelling.
Sir! I don’t want to heal anymore! A lowly carrier is looking down on me, so I don’t feel like healing anymore. I’ll be leaving!”
In order for the attackers to attack, they turned the monster’s body, but once the tanker heard the commotion, he looked back.
His expression showed how ridiculous he thought this was.
Hyun-Soo felt the same way.
‘Stop the hunt? I know I’m a new hunter, but even I knew that meant death for us.’
Was there a time when monsters stopped attacking and called time-out?
Once hunters enter through the portal and the hunt begins, it doesn’t stop until one side dies.
Despite of that, Kim Yoo-Han said he was giving up, so it was normal to think that he was crazy.

He was definitely crazy.
If they had ears and they could hear just fine, any hunter would say that he was crazy.
“Kim Yoo-Han, calm down. We won’t attack the vine. We’ll move behind the battlefield.”
Park Jung-Hwan, the person that started this, tried his best to calm him down.
Honestly, Park Jung-Hwan never had the chance to actually attack.
Long-distance attackers like Kim Yoon-Soo and Heo Jin-Ho had some kind of experience.
His mistake was that he approached the vine to attack because he was a close-range attacker.
And Kim Yoo-Han caught that act.
Park Jung-Hwan probably acknowledged the fact that all of this happened because of him and because he was caught my Kim Yoo-Han.
He froze up at first, but when Kim Yoo-Han yelled to stop the hunt, he must’ve realized what was going on because he tried to calm him down.

“Calm down? Does it look like I’ll be able to calm down? That no-good porter was looking down on me!”
Kim Yoo-Han started at Hyun-Soo while pointing at him.
‘That’s not true. I just thought there was a misunderstanding, so I just explained what the leader told us!’
Hyun-Soo felt victimized.
From which part did he feel like he was being looked down upon?
In Hyun-Soo’s eyes, Kim Yoo-Han looked like someone that had an odd victim mentality.
However, if he were to mention that, then they would be missing a healer and the hunt will get much more difficult.
He wasn’t sure how it would turn out if he told the truth.
“Kim Yoo-Han, please calm down.”
“You can’t just quit in the middle of a hunt.”
“We all know how important a healer is, but this is too much…”
If the leader was able to hear it, despite of being the furthest way, then the attackers between the healer and the leader probably heard the commotion.

They thought Kim Yoo-Han’s action was crazy.
Even though there were people trying to calm him down, he still yelled out to stop the hunt, causing some people to think he was being obnoxious.
After hearing another attacker’s unfriendly comment, Kim Yoo-Han became angrier.
“Kim Yoo Han, hurry up and help me heal them.”
Not being able to stand by any longer, the second healer requested for his help.
“I won’t! I won’t do it!”
Just then, Choi Do-Won, the leader and the tanker, got hit by the Flower Spore’s vine.
Thankfully, he wasn’t knocked out, but the there was a deep cut on thigh, causing red blood to flow out.

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