The Skill Maker – Chapter 007 (Part 2)

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So, there were several comments where people were confused about what “deal” meant. After reading the author’s comment about this, they said it just means attack. So, deal means attack and dealers means attackers. Hope this answers the confusion you guys had.

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‘It seems like I always have to study other’s expression.’

But Hyun-Soo didn’t lose hope.

It was a small step now, but later on, it’ll become a big step for him.

He might have to bow to the other hunters now, but he planned on raising his rank so that people wouldn’t look down on him any longer.

“Ready? Once you see a Flower Spore, get into position and when I aggravate it, start attacking.”

Hyun-Soo stood near the entrance along with the other carriers while listening to the leader’s instructions.

‘So this is what the inside of a portal looks like…’

Seeing the inside of the portal for the first time, Hyun-Soo kept on looking around.

Beyond the marsh-like walls and floors, he never imagined that there would be something beyond this large space.

The monster, Flower Spore, was at place where unknown grass and flowers grew and there were small trees in various places of the field.

It was such a peaceful location that if they weren’t here to hunt monsters, it would be nice place to have a picnic.

It didn’t seem like there would be any monsters in this peaceful place.

The field turned into a battlefield once a hunter sprinkled something, causing something to move below the ground.


“It’s coming! Get in position!”

Under Choi Do-Won’s order, the hunters got into position. Their plan was to spread out and trap the monster.

Suddenly, a rough, green vine appeared out of the ground.

Behind it, a wide flower petal appeared slowly.

It was as large as three adults with their arms spread out.


Under the flower petal, a thick, green bouquet started moving.

The Flower Spore completely crawled out of the ground and after seeing its full form, the first thing that came into Hyun-Soo’s head was how disgusting it was.

‘To think that a disgusting thing like that was living in such a peaceful place like this.’

After seeing its tentacle-like form, Hyun-Soo opened the interface.




> Flower Spore [F]

> Plant Type Monster

> Primary Location: Grey Portal

> Energy Field Status: 100%

> ??

> ??


I used it out of curiosity, and like I had assumed, something popped up.

‘What’s with all these unknown information?’

Since it wasn’t fully activated, there were several information that was missing.

It was impossible to check its primary skills.

It only displayed its basic information.

‘Is it telling me to raise my skills level? Well, at least I’ll know the monster’s name before attacking it. It’s nice to at least see its Energy Field Status.’

“Let’s first aggravate it.”

As the tanker, Choi Do-Won ran towards it first.

The Flower Spore was a lot taller than the average male and with its disgusting form, anyone would be intimidated by it, but it seemed like the hunters didn’t feel that way.

With his sharp weapon, Choi Do-Won cut the Flower Spore’s root.

As the thick, green vine was cut, a yellow liquid seeped out of it.


Wiggling its green vine, the petal part turned towards Choi Do-Won to keep its guard up.

As the flower petal shrunk, it bloomed widely and shot out green powder.

But, as the flower petal shrunk, Choi Do-Won was already far away from it.

After the green powder completely dispersed, they approached the monster again and deeply struck its roots.


The Flower Spore’s vines wiggled violently.

The vines that were spread out were now targeting Choi Do-Won.

“It’s aggravated! Start attacking!”

Choi Do-Won yelled out this command as he grabbed the shield that was on his back. The hunters that were spread out started attacking.

First, two attackers stood behind the Flower Spore.

Standing near the monster, they used the weapons that they brought and started attacking it.

Hyun-Soo, who was watching from afar, saw yellow liquid seeping out when the hunters attack with swords that were as large as their biceps.

‘If I become a close-range attacker, I should carry extra clothes with me.’

He wasn’t sure if it was their clothes or gear, but the two hunter’s faces were covered in the yellow liquid.

Out of the six attackers, four of them stood their ground and started attacking.

Some shot arrows and others shot flaming arrows. There were two people that threw iced lance towards the monster.

The problem was that the monster managed to counter-attack the arrows and the lance with its vines.

While tanking, Choi Do-Won looked towards the base and shouted.

“Attack its body! Attacking its vine has no effect!”

They started attacking its body like Choi Do-Won had suggested.

“I thought they studied the attacks, but they’re not doing so well.”

“If they coordinate well, they should be able to capture the Flower Spore, but…they should be fine, right?”

“I’m starting to feel uneasy. They shouldn’t have a problem as long as they avoid the vines, but seeing them attack the vines instead of the body is a bit…”

The carriers that were standing near the entrance were watching the hunt and started making comments.

“Let’s move closer. We don’t need to attack the body anyways and if we just attack the vines that are slightly sticking out, we can get experience points. Let’s move a little closer.”

When a hunter attacks the monster’s energy field, the hunter acquires the same amount of energy as they attacked.

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    [So, there were several comments where people were confused about what “deal” meant. After reading the author’s comment about this, they said it just means attack. So, deal means attack and dealers means attackers. Hope this answers the confusion you guys had.]

    It’s most likely the author that took a gaming term from english and engrished it, which translates back to english pretty poorly.
    typically you wouldn’t say ‘dealer’ but ‘damage dealer’ or ‘DD’.
    to attack – to deal damage.
    Attacker – damage dealer.
    Would make it a lot easier to read.

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