The Mightiest Manager – Chapter 14

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<Every Unconditional Favor Has a Reason- #4>


He contemplated for a moment while grinding his teeth. Honestly, it wasn’t worth contemplating over. If a lawsuit was filed, The Crescent would be at higher disadvantage than Hero Management.


‘Shit, shit, shit… and it’ll get worse if this event gets more complicated.’


Kang-Joon knew how to survive within the boundary of the law, and also knew that benefiting was much more important than resolving it. There was too much at stake for the opponent to confess their mistakes, so all Kang-Joon could do was try to benefit from a certain point. He wasn’t sure if it was intentional, but he knew that Director Hyun won’t ever tell the truth.


So, Kang-Joon decided to get as much as he could.


“Then…let’s do that.”


Due to the mistake that the director of The Crescent made before, they couldn’t just stand by and watch their first-rate device be taken away. When it came to the fate of the battle, it was cheaper for them, but I couldn’t help but feel bitter on the inside.


Kang-Joon entered The Crescent’s safe and received the A rank Aether Sword, which was created by a group of master artisans, and an armor coat. On top of that, he handed over a C rank Shield Bracelet.


The Shield Bracelet was part of the first-rate hunting device and it was a mini armor coat. When it’s used with an armor coat, it strengthens it like so that it can be used like a shield. Even though it was small, they had to include a lot of functions and despite of it being small and was a F rank Shield Bracelet, it was worth over 10 million won. (Approximately 10,000 dollars)


The hunter’s world revolved around money and that’s why there were so many things one had to spend money on.

After Kang-Joon left in a car, The Crescent’s Director, Hyun Jin-Soo, stood in front of the window and watched Kang-Joon’s car leave. The Crescent was large workshop that was part of the mid-sized companies and even though they believed they lost a lot to Kang-Joon, it wasn’t enough for the company to go bankrupt.


“This is why I didn’t want to do something dumb like this.”


Hyun Jin-Soo lived somewhat of a righteous life, but he knew that intentionally sending a broken device was the same as murder. On top of that, he had to think about the possibility of this workshop having to take responsibilities, so he was feeling uneasy.


He made a call. After it rang a few times, he heard the voice of a middle-aged man.


“Oh, Director Hyun. I was just about to call you…”

“We have a problem, sir.”

“A problem…what kind of problem? Oh, oh right…Was it Hero Management?”


“Didn’t I give you instructions?”

“Yes, I did just as you have instructed me, but…”


That was something the Chairman requested the other day and Director Hyun was able to obtain the contract by fulfilling his request. That’s why, it was a task that he had to fulfill no matter what.


“They’ve caught on.”

“They have?”

“Yes. Some manager came and made a mess.”

“A manager? Are you saying a manager came instead of Seol-Young?”


“Oh, wow…one manager went to that workshop and destroyed that place?”

“You see…that guy was…how to describe him. He was strange.”


“He was a hunter. A B rank on top of that.”

“A hunter? A hunter is now a manager? What are you saying?”

“I’m not entirely sure…He really had a hunter license.”

“…Okay. A B rank hunter…It sounds vaguely familiar.”


The Chairman asked if there were any huge losses and when Director Hyun listed all the items that Kang-Joon took, the Chairman said he would compensate for the loss and hung up. After Director Hyun threw his phone on the sofa, he sat down.


“Bastard…I shouldn’t have gotten involved.”


Pushing his guilt aside, he hated himself for being so focused on getting that huge contract, causing him to make this kind of deal. But, without that contract, he wouldn’t be able to maintain the large workshop, so the deal wasn’t very useful to him.


Director Hyun hoped that it would end here.

He would be satisfied if the innocent, human hunter had exhausted. Including the awakened ones, the ones with special powers were rare when the disappearances first started and within 10 years, the number of human hunters increased. Now, there were so many knights, awakened ones and mutants that no one bothered with human hunters.


“Now that I think about it, I think that guy has over 10 years of experience.”


Since he looked at his license, he was able to assume Kang-Joon’s experience. Whether it was humans or monsters, if he managed to survive in a world filled with monsters for 10 years (11 years to be exact), then it meant he was an intimidating monster as well.


Among the human hunters, they either die before becoming a C rank or after they become a C rank. If he was a B rank, then it’s safe to say that he was one of the top hunters.


Director Hyun was curious as to why a guy like him suddenly became a manager at a management company instead of remaining as a hunter.


Hero Management was large a large management company in the past, but now, it was a company that was slowly being forgotten. But, a monster-like guy who used to be a hunter entered. He was an odd one because, unlike the other new recruit, there wasn’t an awkward atmosphere around him.


He had a certain calmness that couldn’t be seen in others. Because he calmly showed that he had the upper hand, Director Hyun fell for it.


‘Whatever happens, it seems like Hero Management will cause a big commotion.’


Hoping that he won’t get involved any longer, Director Hyun resumed his work.


Seol-Young couldn’t keep her mouth closed after seeing the amazing hunting device that was worth 800 million won. Kang-Joon already inspected its quality so these new devices weren’t faulty.


“No, no way…”


Instead of finding out how the situation ended, he received these items.


If he really tried to get information out of them in the first place, they probably would’ve kept their mouth shut. Seol-Young nodded her head after he explained that he’d rather gain something from it rather than handing it over to the police.


At the same time, she felt shameful. She was obviously happy about getting a device for free, but doubt Kang-Joon and that doubt was right. Because of her mistake, a new hunter could’ve experienced an unnatural death during their first hunt.


Seol-Young was happy, but sad so she started mumbling.


“Thank you…very much, Kang Joon.”


He almost lost his life and thanks to his plan, he was able to bring some really nice equipment. With these three sets, even a civilian that didn’t know anything could wear them and take down a high-ranked monster.


“You’re really, really amazing. I was surprised…so surprised…”


Not being able to hold it in, Seol-Young cried.


“Why are you crying during a happy time like this?”

“Oh, I’m no-not sure…I’m really grateful…that’s why…”


It’s been less than a month since Kang-Joon joined the almost bankrupt management. But, they already got a new hunter and new equipment. A hunter is supposed to make their own gear, but when training a new hunter, there are times when the management holds the device.


While seeing Seol-Young sniffle and wipe her tears with a handkerchief, Kang-Joon mumbled.


“They say you cry more when you get older…”

“…You jerk.”




“Ah! Wh-why did you hit me?!”

“You said it so that you can get hit!”


Maybe Seol-Young was angry, but she stopped crying and kicked Kang-Joon with her heel. Tears formed in Kang-Joon’s eyes and he hurriedly ran away. Wiping the tears from her eyes, Seol-Young watched Kang-Joon run away and grinded her teeth.


“This should be stored in the Hunter Bank.”


Since it was such an expensive item, keeping it at the office would be a crazy thing to do.

“Do you want to get something good to eat since we’re already out?”


Seol-Young shook the car key that was returned. Kang-Joon nodded with a smile. Manager Song of the financial team was still asleep, so there was no need to wake him up. As they headed towards the parking lot, Seol-Young quietly talked.


“It’s such a relief that you’re here, Kang-Joon.”


If someone died because of her mistake, she wouldn’t be able to live with it. Kang-Joon lightly nodded his head and asked with a serious expression.




“Do you have some sort of grudge?”



Seol-Young quietly let out an empty laugh.


“I’m not sure about the hunters, but when you start working in the hunting management field…”


With a sad expression, she turned her attention to the ground.


“You hold grudges so many times during the day.”


After hearing her answer, Kang-Joon scratched his head. If he asked more questions, that would be provoking whatever she held inside. It was the same thing as her refusing.


“Well, there’s only one hunter now, so it shouldn’t happen, right?”


Seol-Young forcefully put on a bright smile.


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