The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 050

<Dungeon Reorganization #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


“For master and the House of Mammon!”




The spirits’ dormitory.

Since all the spirits in the House of Mammon gathered, the large dormitory seemed small.


The spirits either had beer or a cup of alcohol that was available in the dungeon world. Since the salamander didn’t have hands, a bowl filled with beer was placed next to their head and the Treant poured the beer on the roots using their vine.


Eligor brought out a large amount of goods.

There was so much that if the good that Yong-Ho ordered didn’t arrive tomorrow, then they would have to starve for the next couple of days.


There were meat that they obtained from the hunt and pancake was made with the milk, egg and flour that was purchased from the dungeon shop and a variety of vegetable stir fry.


The dishes weren’t that amazing, but there was a large amount.


The only downside was that compared to the food, there wasn’t enough beer. It’s because there wasn’t a reason to drink it. But Eligor did purchase a case of it for Yong-Ho just in case and if wasn’t for that, everyone would be drinking water.


The Orcs were a more exciting race than Yong-Ho had originally thought.

No, there might a difference in thought, but the Orcs who were new to the House of Mammon clearly displayed their likes and dislikes.


Foras was the one that attacked the House of Mammon first.

And Foras and his spirits were trying to kill Yong-Ho and his spirits.

Rikum and the other Orcs put their lives on the line to kill their opponent and that thought didn’t change.


Dungeon fight – For owners that only had one dungeon, they had no choice but to be aggressive about it.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they were putting everything on the line.


In that fight, Foras lost and Yong-Ho won.

That was enough. There wasn’t a need to add the words revenge or grudge to a fight that was already over.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 049

<Dungeon Reorganization #2>

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Since he had to take care of a lot of things as soon as he woke up, Yong-Ho only saw the war carriage on the report that Eligor gave him.


He did see it from afar when Foras brought it with him during the attack, but the only thing he could make out was that the color was black and it was a square shaped carriage.


“Hm, it’s a KV-128. The KV series is one of the masterpieces. The fact that it’s poorly designed is its flaw, but it’s sturdy and powerful. The performance of the mana stored inside is pretty good as well.”


The war carriage that appeared between Yong-Ho and Sitri wasn’t the one that Foras rode in.

A number was written on the report and after the report on top of the magic circle, a model of the carriage was created.


Yong-Ho’s eyes were filled with curiosity as well. The war carriage that was in front of him was like a tank.

The body reminded him of a car because it was square-shaped and the color was black, but there were six small wheels attached to it. Each of the wheels were armored and the window and door reminded him of a vehicle that escorted criminals.


“The war carriage can be pulled by various animals, but it can also be moved through mana. Of course, it’ll be a bit slower.”

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 048

<Dungeon Reorganization #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian  


No matter what anyone said, the Heart of the Dungeon was the most important location within the dungeon.

The Heart of the Dungeon provided mana to all the facilities within the dungeon and the Spirit of the Dungeon, who was like the manager of the dungeon, lived there.


If the Heart of the Dungeon dies, then the dungeon dies too.

The dungeon wasn’t a simple location or building. It was an enormous spirit.


With Catalina following behind him, Yong-Ho entered the secret room that was in the Heart of the Dungeon. The bleak room wasn’t any different from the last time he visited.


“You’re here, master.”

“You didn’t have to rush here.”


A moment ago, the Spirit of the Dungeon was urging for him to go, but now, they were cunning.

There was a reason why she had the voice of a little girl.


Since it was such a cute whine, Yong-Ho just chuckled and approached the Heart of the Dungeon. The Heart of the Dungeon was placed on top of a rough altar and they were releasing an even brighter light than the last time he visited.


The Spirit of the Dungeon spoke.


“Because you’ve gotten stronger, I was given the chance to grow as well.”

“The mana that I need in order to grow has been charged, so all you have to do is give me your approval.”

“Please place both of your hands on top of my body.”


Yong-Ho followed their instructions and placed both of his hands on top of the marble that was releasing an emerald-colored light.


It was warm. It was similar to body heat.

Yong-Ho instinctively replied to the question that popped in his head. He approved the Spirit of the Dungeon’s growth.


Moments later, it felt like his hands were being sucked into the Heart of the Dungeon. The light that was released from the Heart of the Dungeon grew bigger that the emerald light filled the entire room.


Seconds later.


The light dimmed. A happy voice filled Yong-Ho’s head.


“The Spirit of the Dungeon has grown!”

“Their dungeon management skill has increased. They’re able to install new dungeon facilities and manage them!”

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 047

<Unity Evolution #4>

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The Treant and the salamander were the ones guarding the prison. The two could go up against Skull when it came to spacing out, so it was their calling to play the role of the guard.


As soon as Yong-Ho entered the prison, the Treant bowed and removed the root that was placed on the entrance so that he could enter. The salamander was also crouched in front of the prison door and when they noticed Yong-Ho, they greeted him  by bowing.


The Orcs were sprawled out inside of the cell and they reacted when Yong-Ho walked in. They didn’t stand up and show their respect towards him, but the ones that were lying down sat up and a few of them observed Yong-Ho sharply.


After looking at each and every one, Yong-Ho looked at the Orc that was sitting in the innermost part of the cell.

It was the Orc, Rikum, the one with injured eye that Eligor informed him about.


Unlike the other Orcs, Rikum didn’t observe or glare at him. Rikum looked at him with a composed look and stood up as if they knew what was going to happen to them from now on. They looked at Yong-Ho and gave him a small nod.


Catalina stood next to Yong-Ho. Eligor and Skull both opened the cell door after Yong-Ho gave them the signal.


“Come out Rikum. Our master would like to speak with you.”


He had a serious tone. While the other Orcs were quietly talking amongst themselves, Rikum walked out confidently. After Eligor closed the door, he turned towards Yong-Ho.


“Let’s go.”


The Orcs started talking amongst themselves again, but when Rikum slightly raised his hand to tell them that it was okay, they became quiet. Like Eligor had stated, it seemed like Rikum had great leadership over the Orcs that were in the cell.


‘In that case, if Rikum joins our side, does that mean the issue with the prisoners will be resolved?’


As of right now, it didn’t look too bad. If they didn’t have a leader, they would all have different opinions and it would be that much harder to take care of them.


Yong-Ho didn’t walk far and led Rikum to the room that was next to the prison. It was an empty room, but thanks to Eligor bringing a table and chairs, it didn’t look that empty.


Yong-Ho and Rikum sat across from each other while Catalina and Eligor stood behind Yong-Ho and Skull stood behind Rikum.


Yong-Ho went straight to the point.  

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 046

<Unity Evolution #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Union evolution.

An act to join two different figures into one.

This was possible probably because the Power of Evolution itself became stronger after he got his third horn.


Yong-Ho understood the Power of Evolution this time too.

The name, Rock Skeleton Warrior, was probably made when Skull and the Rock Golem were evolved by being unified into being being.


The Power of Evolution is growing based on how much Yong-Ho was growing.

But that didn’t mean that it was an almighty power.

There were limits and conditions that has to be met, just like how the development rate needs to be filled up in order evolve.

The union evolution was the same. It felt like there would be some sort of condition.


He was curious as to whether it was possible to perform with spirits that were alive and if two spirits have been unified, who’s will will remain, etc.


But if he were to just focus on Skull and the Rock Golem, then it was simple.


Skull was an Undead. An already dead spirit has been binded to a skeletal body through the power of magic.

And the Rock Golem didn’t have a conscious. Even if the two have been unified, it won’t affect Skull’s conscious.


A Skeleton Warrior that had the body and the strength of a Rock Golem.

If this worked, Skull will be able to display a stronger power.


‘If there’s one thing that’s getting to me…’


If he did proceed with the unification, then that’ll be it for the Rock Golem. Through the recent battle, he lost the Clay Golem and on top of that, he was close to losing the Rock Golem as well.




Skull was still important. It was a sad reality, but the House of Mammon was being operated by a small group. It was better to have one soldier that added to the group, rather than having two soldiers that were of no use because they were broken.




Yong-Ho spoke. Skull answered with the same trusting expression.




Skull spit out their answer. Yong-Ho placed both of his hand on top of Skull and the Rock Golem.

He looked at the Rock Golem one last time and got rid of the regrets that was lingering within him.


Unification evolution.

Rock Skeleton Warrior.


Yong-Ho sent mana to both of them. He activated the Power of Evolution.  

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 045

<Unity Evolution #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


  [Demon of Evolution]

  [Name : Chun Yong-Ho (M)]

  [Race : Half Human/Half Demon]

  [Class : Demon]

  [Elements : Fire Level 2 / Darkness Level 1 / Coldness Level 2]

  [Individual Characteristics]

  [Calm / Crafty / Daring]

  [Natural Ability]

  [Stamina / Mana]


  [Development Rate : 100/100]


The stats window was a lot more detailed compared to before. He noticed the big change with one look.


‘Individual characteristics and abilities?’


Yong-Ho instinctively touched the horn that was on his forehead. Since Yong-Ho became stronger after absorbing the spirit, the Power of Evolution got stronger as well, which allowed him to look at the categories he wasn’t able to see before.


He now had three horns.

It was a major change that when seeing it from a spirit’s point of view, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they’ve ranked up.


‘Nature sounds like it’s referring to personality…’


Yong-Ho frowned without knowing. He agreed that he had a calm and daring personality, but crafty?!

Even after placing his hand over his heart, he felt that it was unfair.

A dungeon spirit’s body and soul belong to the owner and dungeon.

Catalina was one of those spirits and his attitude towards her was proof that he wasn’t crafty.


There were a few times where he had ulterior motives, but it was just a few times and they were insignificant.


“Hm. Bo-body and soul.”


Yong-Ho cleared his throat when he thought about the spirit. Catalina’s face, no, her entire body popped up in his head.


‘I ack-acknowledge.’


Yong-Ho managed to calm himself down after thinking about Eligor and Skull and looked at the abilities. It probably displayed the abilities that he had a natural talent for.


‘It’s probably different from characteristics traits, right? Since this has to do with individual talent.’


A Succubus is known for their charm and mana and a Dark Elf is known for their agility and vitality. It meant that their race affected the skills that they had.

But a race and an individual was different. It wasn’t odd for one to have an individual skill.


‘Stamina and mana.’


He somewhat understood that part. It’s because his stamina and mana had more potential than the other stats.


The change didn’t just show additional categories.

The level of the stats increased automatically and the stat for coldness leveled up twice at once. It’s probably because he absorbed the spirit that contained that power.


‘I might be able to control both elements somehow.’

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 044

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<Unity Evolution #1>

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Whether the Princess Ant voluntarily became independent of the Queen Ant or not, they’ll end up getting a new task.


Building a new colony.


The moment the Queen Ant died, the Princess Ant’s conscious, which was like a frozen seed, started growing buds little by little.


However, the time it took to grow the bud was too short.

With a blank face, the Princess Ant started nibbling the pancake a little and it was difficult to find traces of consciousness.


Just like the Queen Ant, the Princess Ant looked similar to a human. The color of their hair was similar to gold and they had mysterious green eyes that didn’t have scleras.


Maybe 12-years-old. The Princess Ant looked like a girl of that age and their antennas started flinching.

The Princess Ant instinctively turned their head.

Not only the Kobold, but other spirits started approaching in a group.


The Princess Ant waited while blinking her eyes. A nasty smell filled the nose. Blood, dirt and other things were mixed into the smell.


Just because they had a weak conscious, it didn’t mean their basic instincts weren’t working. The Princess Ant cowered like a beast filled with fear. And then, the one that had a familiar smell appeared. It was the Kobold.


“Wolf, wolf!”


The Kobold seemed excited about something because they started wagging their tail excitedly. Kobold quickly approached the prison cell and burst opened the locked door. They walked up to the Princess Ant and grabbed her hand.


“Wolf, wolf!”


They were asking her to come out, but just like Eligor, all she heard was the Kobold barking. On top of that, she couldn’t make an assumption of what the Kobold wanted based on their actions and expression.

The Princess Ant looked at the Kobold with a confused expression and turned her head. The foul smell arrived.

Eligor, the one with red skin, arrived with green Giants. Not only that, but he brought a large tree that Yong-Ho has never seen before and creatures with small frames that had green skin.


“Wolf, wolf!”


Kobold glanced at Eligor and forcefully pulled the Princess Ant’s arm. In the end, the Princess Ant stood up and clumsily walked out of the prison cell.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 080

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<Genius? #2>

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“What do they say in these types of situation? Lucky? Right. They say lucky!”

Hyun-Soo pushed away David because he was burdening him with his approach.

He normally made big gestures, but because he was excited, they became bigger.

“Let’s talk after you’ve succeeded.”

“But I already feel like I’ve succeeded. It feels totally different from before!”

“Yeah, yeah. But let’s talk after you’ve accomplished it. I need to rest…”

His head and eyes were already hurting and on top of that, he was starting to get exhausted mentally.

Since he’s helped him enough, he decided to rest up a bit, but David started talking faster.

“I’ve been thinking.”


“I don’t think you know yourself that well. That’s not good.”

“…Excuse me?”

“I need to take care of you.”


Hyun-Soo was suddenly filled with questions.

What did I hear just now?

Some dark-skinned guy said something odd like taking care of me. Did I hear it right?

Was the headache making me imagine things?

“There’s nothing more dangerous than a genius that isn’t aware of themselves.”

David was extremely serious.

Hyun-Soo barely managed to stop himself from cringing.

He was already in a groggy state.

“Right, don’t worry. I’ll help.”

“What? No, that’s not it. What are you saying?”

“So this is why Yoo-Na recruited you. That’s our leader for ya. She has an eye for talent.”


‘This guy isn’t listening to a word that I’m saying!’

Besides the fact that he was cringing on the inside, he didn’t have any idea on how to deal with their absurd thought.

Didn’t he call me a genius because he had nothing else to say to me?

If he stayed longer, he knew David would say more absurd things.

Hyun-Soo exited the training room without looking back.

It was Hyun-Soo’s personal training room, but in the current situation, it was better for him to leave.

Once he returned to the dorm, he lied down on top of the bed.

‘This skill. Everything is great, but the side effect is really bad since it’s short and there’s a limit to how much I can use it.’

It would be better if he could increase the activation rate of Interface even just a little bit, but.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 042

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<Fierce Battle #1>

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The fist’s movement made the air freeze. Even though there was some distance between them, Yong-Ho felt the cold.


Their eyes met.


He couldn’t see the hard muscle that they had through the years of training, the strong impression Foras had despite of their old age and the white hair that formed due to the coldness.


Just their eyes.

Their blue-gray eye that was filled with bloodthirstiness caught his attention. It looked like Foras was going to release a roar soon.




That sound broke the time that stood still. Instead looking behind her, Catalina hugged Yong-Ho and rolled a few times. Even though it was a little, when they were further away, both of them bounced to their feet almost at the same time and wielded their weapons.


Skull, who was stuck to the door, targeted Foras’s back and waved their hammer. It was fast and on point, but the attack was a failure because they yelled out their name.

The hammer cut through the air.

Despite of the pressing situation, Foras calmly moved his body, dodged Skull’s hammer and counterattacked. The moment Yong-Ho and Catalina stood up from the ground, their attack pierced through Skull’s armor and hit their side.


Their armor was damaged. Skull’s body flew towards the wall as if they were hit by a car.


And the fire that filled the room disappeared. There wasn’t time to determine how many Orcs were alive and out of them, how many are able to fight.


Despite of being tired, the salamander attacked Foras’s legs with their tail. It was a fast attack, but Foras lightly jumped and dodged their attack as if they were able to predict the salamander’s attack. Instead of attacking the salamander, the moment they landed, they kicked off the ground and charged towards Yong-Ho and Catalina.


Catalina quickly released an arrow. The arrow pierced into Foras’s shoulder, but it wasn’t enough to stop them from charging towards them. In a blink of an eye, the distance between Foras and Yong-Ho closed and Foras kept on throwing punches.


They punched the air again. The cold air filled from the fist filled the surrounding.


Yong-Ho managed to move to side and barely dodged their attack, but he didn’t think about counterattacking. The moment Foras’s fist missed him, Yong-Ho’s eyes met with Foras’s and when he did, the flames of Greed rose up. The fire that he randomly shot out enveloped Yong-Ho.


Foras saw the fire in front of him and instinctively backed away. After seeing the cold air in front of him, Yong-Ho increased the distance instead of striking with Aamon.


And during that opening is when he would attack. When it came to numbers, Foras had the advantage, but in the current room, Yong-Ho had the advantage.


The Clay Golem looked like they threw their body as they attacked Foras. Under Eligor’s command, the Rock Golem and the Goblins ran towards the entrance and Catalina turned her body towards Yong-Ho.

Skull, who was hit against the wall and fell to the floor, raised their head up.



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The Skill Maker – Chapter 081

<Genius #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian

It was.

‘Why is everyone acting so friendly?’

It was the attitude of the other members.

Not that long ago, Hyun-Soo was a low-ranking hunter that was treated coldly by everyone.

On top of that, no one knew that Hyun-Soo was currently a B rank other than David.

That’s why in their eyes, Hyun-Soo should be seen as a C rank newbie that just joined the clan.

‘Despite of that, I don’t know whether to think that they’re open-minded for asking me for advice or that their willingness to benefit from this was great.’

No matter what the reason was, the fact that they had to show respect towards Hyun-Soo applied for both sides.

It could probably hurt their pride.

“Don’t you guys have any self-esteem? Why are you guys coming up to him all of a sudden?”

“There isn’t a reason for us not to.”

“Right, after looking at you, it made me realize that even a scroll couldn’t help you with that, so what does having self-esteem have to do with getting stronger?”

Hyun-Soo decided to step in.

“First…I’m not sure whether it’ll work or not. And I don’t know how long it will take. The important thing is that, during this process, the skill can be copied.”

The hunters were all shocked by Hyun-Soo’s information.

“My assumption was correct. You’re a Hidden class.”

“You’re right. Since he mentioned copying a skill, is he a copycat?”

“ I guess he’s trying to find a way after copying the skill.”

Hidden Class.

Unfamiliar words popped up.

“Hidden Class…?”

Hyun-Soo asked after hearing those words for the first time and a hunter replied.

“This is something that we came up with, but when a person has a rare class aside from their main class, we call that a Hidden Class.”

Like in a game, when a person has another class on top of a class that everyone has, they called that a Hidden Class.

“Anyways, since it’s a Hidden Class, we won’t ask any more questions, so don’t worry. It’s an unwritten rule among us, so unless you talk about it first, we won’t ask. We won’t bombard you with questions, so don’t worry.”

They said that it’s rare for someone to have a power on top of the power that everyone else has.

It’s not smart to reveal your cheats within a game and then use it.

Other people won’t take it if used discreetly.

The hunters reassured Hyun-Soo by saying that they won’t talk about this elsewhere.

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