The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 55

<The Demon King of Fire #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


She was overpowered.

She couldn’t even resist because of that enormous thing.


It felt like she was swept away by a giant wave. No, more like she was buried under the heavy rain that was falling from the sky.

She was trampled on.


The word, conquered, came to mind. But it was only for a moment. Because she felt that her life was really worthless, she questioned whether that was the proper word to use.


Despite being in the center of the chaos, she just stared.

Her thoughts stopped and got disconnected.


She was being analyzed in detail.

In front of the desire.

Her original plan was used on her when she stood in front of Greed.


She couldn’t really feel a strong will from her opponent. Like a child rolling a candy in their mouth, Ophelia’s mind was being played with.


She desperately struggled. It wasn’t because she came back to her senses through her own efforts. It could be that that enormous being purposely gave her a break so that they could play with her more.


She cried. Her survival instinct kicked in and her desire to live was stronger than ever.

But it wasn’t easy. 10’s and 100’s of tentacles were being wrapped around Ophelia’s body. The more Ophelia struggled, the more tentacles shot up from somewhere as if to say that her efforts were a joke.


Her position as the pub’s female owner couldn’t be maintained just because it’d been inherited. Being able to look into another’s mind meant that they had the confidence to protect their own mind.

But she was too powerless. Every time she tried to invade his mind, a bigger wall greeted her.


Ophelia desperately ran. She couldn’t see the tentacles anymore. She kept on running through an unfamiliar space.

Tears and snot covered her face. But she didn’t have the luxury to fix herself. Even though she was out of breath, she couldn’t stop and took a step forward.

She survived.

She was alive.


The ridiculously enormous overpowering feeling felt far away. She was happy about the fact that she escaped an overpowering despair and that joy filled her head.


But when she took another step forward.


The world was on fire. The sky, ground and everything in that world was enveloped in fire.

She was in the center of that fire. Her body was on fire. The pain she felt from the fire was the most painful feeling she had ever experienced.


But she wasn’t even allowed to release a painful scream.


An enormous eye that was on fire was in front of her. The eye was looking down at Ophelia and her chin started shaking. Tears started rolling down because she felt overpowered again. She started drooling like a fool.


Does an ant have the ability to tell the difference between a human adult and child?

Even if that was possible, was that meaningful to them?


She felt indifferent about the eye.

Ophelia had a hunch that this was her last moment. The fire that was on her body became larger.


She wasn’t given the chance to look back at her life and the moment she was about to become extinct.

The fire disappeared. The tentacles appeared again and replaced the fire that was on her body. She heard the voices of great beings above her head.


This is mine.

That body, spirit and hair.

That’s why it’s not allowed.

This useless woman’s life and death is now all mine.


It wasn’t the voice. The actual being was emitting the power.

The red eye didn’t look at Ophelia. Even if it was only for a moment, Ophelia thought that the eye was smiling.


Do just that.

My inexperienced king.


The fire disappeared. Night replaced the fire that filled the entire world.

Ophelia felt calm within it. She unconsciously closed her eyes and lowered her head as if to say that she was ready to accept everything.


The tentacles that were wrapped around her body turned into green flames. At the same time, instead of hearing a voice that was far away, a friendly voice filled her ears.


“Found you.”


Ophelia opened her eyes. She turned around.  



It was a mental groan. Her lips were closed all this time. Like a Succubus that desired a spirit, her tongue and saliva was like that. When she opened her eyes, she didn’t see a rookie with a dumb expression.


It was an owner that tightened their grip on her hand and their other hand was on her collar while green flames rose out of their eyes.


That’s when Ophelia realized it. The being that was in front of her and what she was trying to do.


Her body was shaking. Her legs became weak. Yong-Ho let go of her collar and as Ophelia lost her only support, she collapsed to the floor.


Her body was trembling. Her face was a mess because it was covered in tears and snot. Because she was filled with fear, she ended up urinating.


When Catalina quietly opened her eyes a little, the sight of Yong-Ho and Ophelia kissing shocked her and she couldn’t understand what was happening. Even in Rikum’s point of view, Ophelia suddenly fell to the floor after kissing Yong-Ho.


Yong-Ho stood up from his seat and looked down at Ophelia, who was currently on the floor. Ophelia saw Yong-Ho and quickly bowed her head. Her voice started trembling.


“K-king of Greed.”


She recognized it as soon as she said it. The Red Lotus’s flame that burned the world.

The red eye that had an extremely overpowering presence.


The Red Lotus Demon Lance, Aamon.

The item that represented Mammon, the King of Greed!


Joy and fear were mixed together.

Everything was falling into place.


Foras’s death.

Catalina suddenly becoming stronger.

The House of Mammon suddenly rising up.


Mammon, the King of Greed, was one of the Seven Deadly Sins and they disappeared without a trace.

‘Greed’ has returned.

At the same time, Aamon woke up after being asleep for a long time and was now together with the King of Greed, who was back.


The revolution that Embrio created.

The empty southern region was in a chaotic state.


Who was that for?

The answer was obvious. Ophelia shuddered.


She placed her trembling hands on the floor. She kneeled on one knee. After lowering her head, she showed respect. She tried her best to control her trembling voice. It wasn’t just because of fear. She was moved and was filled with joy. She recalled her father’s face.


“Endelyon’s daughter, Ophelia. I humbly present her to the King of Greed who has returned.”


A sentence made of light was created above Ophelia’s forehead. It was the House of Mammon’s spirit crest that was passed down from her father.


Yong-Ho extended his hand out towards her.

He accepted her.  




Yong-Ho was led to a VIP room and sat on an expensive-looking sofa. Since it was a large sofa, Catalina sat to his right and Skull sat on his left side. Rikum sat on the single sofa chair that was next to the large sofa.


As the one that guided the group, Harpy tried to remain calm, but a confused expression filled her face.

What kind of a person was Yong-Ho that Ophelia commanded Harpy to obey them no matter what?


Even though the Harpy was really curious, they weren’t stupid. Since they knew that unnecessary curiosity will only cause anger, they politely left after guiding Yong-Ho to the VIP room.


Since meeting Greed and Aamon caused her to urinate, Ophelia needed time to wash up and change her clothes.


After swallowing the saliva, he touched his lips with his finger.


‘I got lucky.’


Who knew Ophelia would try to invade his mind? It was something he never experienced and an attack method he had never thought about.


It was a relief that Ophelia ended up destroying herself in front of Greed. Even if Greed didn’t appear in front of her, Aamon would’ve probably stopped her.


‘Is my mind defense close to unconquerable?’


Realistically, he couldn’t completely control Greed and Aamon yet, but it didn’t mean that he didn’t have access to their essence.


Greed was one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Aamon, the Red Lotus Demon Lance could set the whole world on fire with just one swing.  


He could feel the presence of both.

He realized how great of a power pulsated within him.


The fact Ophelia was found within Greed because of her will and the fact that she surrendered to Aamon were good enough results to make him happy. Even though it was a power he couldn’t control yet, they were both his.


‘Now that I think about it.’


Yong-Ho was unconsciously touching his lips and moments later, stopped.


‘Fi-first kiss.’


Yong-Ho attend an all-boys middle and high school and also majored in engineering. It was obvious that he didn’t have a girlfriend, but all this time, he didn’t even have friends that were girls.


Even though he didn’t plan it, it was still his first kiss. And it was even a sexy french kiss.


‘I don’t remember it.’


Because of the situation he was in, he couldn’t remember how her lips felt and the feeling of getting that first kiss.

He thought it was unfair. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t remember it and it made him go crazy.




Now wasn’t the time to think about it.

Right now, he wasn’t the human Chun Yong-Ho that majored in engineering and was the son of a man that owned a chicken shop.

The owner of the House of Mammon.

The Demon King of Greed, which was one of the Seven Deadly Sins!


‘Dammit! But, still!’


Yong-Ho unconsciously let out a sigh and turned his head to the side. Catalina was biting her lower lips while displaying a blank expression. She was surprised so she flinched.


“I-if that’s what you want, sir! B-but I need time to prepare…”


As her ears were hanging loosely, her tail was up high. Catalina stuttered and then looked down.


Yong-Ho wondered what Catalina was saying and then quickly turned his head back. He kept on calculating it in his head.




Now that he thought about it, both Catalina and Rikum didn’t know anything about the current situation. After Ophelia suddenly kissed Yong-Ho, she collapsed to the floor and then pledged her loyalty right after.


Being devious was a natural human characteristic and after suppressing it, he coughed. In order to fix the odd atmosphere that Catalina created through her comment, he summarized what happened between him and Ophelia.


“Oh! That’s why!”


Catalina must’ve understood because she nodded her head. Skull even laughed happily.

Rikum didn’t know that Yong-Ho had Greed and Aamon and even though it looked like he didn’t completely understand, he accepted because of the things that happened right before his eyes. He thought that Ophelia called Yong-Ho the King of Greed because he was the owner of the House of Mammon.


When he finished explaining, they heard a knock and Ophelia walked in. She was wearing a bartender outfit that was similar to the previous one.


“My behaviour in front of the great king was a disgrace. I, Ophelia, humbly ask for the King of Greed’s forgiveness.”


Ophelia kneeled before Yong-Ho and politely spoke to him. This was the first time someone spoke to Yong-Ho like this, so he was surprised, but he didn’t show it. He spoke with ease.


“I forgive you. Please stand and take a seat Ophelia. There’s a lot I wish to hear from you.”

“Thank you, King of Greed.”


Ophelia showed her respect once more and gracefully sat on the soft seat that was across from Yong-Ho.


Ophelia was the owner of the bar and was also in charge of part of the free city.

After swearing allegiance to Yong-Ho, she became the House of Mammon’s spirit.

He got lucky because she volunteered to become one.


As the owner of the pub, she had wealth and information. She also had subordinates that she controlled.

Just the thought made him feel excited. It was the same type of joy he felt when he found the gold mine and armory.

The warriors, prostitutes and gamblers that were under this level.

All of them weren’t the House of Mammon’s spirits. They were employed under Ophelia to be exact.

But their employer, Ophelia, was Yong-Ho’s.


Yong-Ho tried to suppress his excitement. He recalled the first objective.

He asked Ophelia.


“I want information regarding the owners around this area. And also the demon king that appeared in the northern region.”


Ophelia immediately opened her mouth as if she was expecting that question. Yong-Ho was thirsty for information, and the information that she had was worth a lot to Yong-Ho.   


<The Demon King of Fire #2> End.

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