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<Dungeon Upgrade #4>

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There were various types of swords.

All of which embody the name sword, because they share similar characteristics.


So even if a weapon is called a sword, depending on the type, both the shape and use can be different.


The same applied to lances.

Lances have a lot of different types as well.


Eastern and western lances were different.

There was also a big difference between a one-handed lance and a two-handed lance.


It depended on whether the user wanted to stab the enemy or twirl it around so that the enemy couldn’t get close.

Was it going to be used in a battle between two groups or in a battle where the user is alone?


Some mythril lances are paired with axes, while there are some lances with specialized poles which utilises the handle’s flexibility.


There was a huge difference.


Because of that, every lance was different. The user needed to be sure of the type of lance and the type of skill they were going to learn.


The Red Lotus Demon Lance, Aamon, wasn’t an ordinary lance.

And right now, it looked more like an iron stick than a lance.


Learning from a book or manual will have a negative impact on a beginner like Yong-Ho.

He needed a teacher that can fix his posture and call out his bad habits.

Someone that understands Aamon’s special skills.

Someone that has been using the lance for a long time.

Someone that’s able to really grasp Yong-Ho’s movement.


There was someone that had all of those requirements.

Ophelia spoke in a pleasant tone.


“Sir Aamon, no, the Red Lotus Demon Lance, Aamon, isn’t an ordinary lance. Out of the 12 spirits that Mammon, the King of Greed, commanded, it’s known to be one of the most noble and powerful demons. Aamon is the spirit that stood by Mammon’s side the longest. It experienced many wars and learned many fighting skills during combat in that time. Ophelia, Endelyon’s daughter, swears on her father’s name that out of all the lances, it’s safe to say that Aamon is the strongest in the demon world.”


Learning how to use a lance from a lance.

Even though it’s an answer that one would likely hear from the Chinese philosopher, Doga, Ophelia was very serious.

Aamon had a will. Which Ophelia thoroughly experienced at the pub.


After she finished talking, Ophelia gulped. It’s because she remembered the time she encountered Aamon.

An overpowering figure that ruled over the fiery world.

Even though she just recalled that single moment, her back started to sweat. The cold sweat didn’t stop.


Since Catalina and Eligor never encountered Aamon’s will, they didn’t react like Ophelia did. Catalina looked at Aamon with expectation and Eligor nodded as he wondered why he didn’t think of that in the first place.


‘Learning how to use the lance from Aamon.’


Yong-Ho tried recalling the time he first encountered Aamon.

Red eyes.

Overwhelming was the only word he could think of.


After that, Yong-Ho felt Aamon’s presence several times.

Using its fire, controlling Ophelia and consuming Jungceros’s mind.


Yong-Ho placed Aamon on his lap. He activated the Power of Evolution.


  [Name : Aamon (?)]

  [Race : ???]

  [Class : ??? (???)]

  [Element : Fire ??? Level / ??? ??? Level]

  [Development Rate : 57/100]


  [??? | ★★★★★★ (6)]

  [??? | ★★★★★★ (6)]

  [??? | ★★★★★☆ (5.5)]


Aamon’s stats were filled with question marks.

But as always, Yong-Ho was optimistic. The development rate had increased a lot compared to last time.




It may be a little more than half, but when thinking optimistically, half of the rate was already filled. Yong-Ho was sure he would be able to evolve Aamon soon.

“Right, they always say to strike while the iron is hot.”


After deactivating the Power of Evolution, Yong-Ho said it to everyone, including himself.


Eligor quietly spoke with a worried expression.


“With all due respect…it may be dangerous.”


Aamon’s existence was too great. It was uncomfortable for Eligor to say since Yong-Ho ruled over him, but Yong-Ho was no match to Aamon in his current condition.

What would happen if Aamon suppressed him? What if he gets harrassed?


As someone that had personally experienced Aamon, there was a hint of fear and hesitation on Ophelia’s face when she heard Eligor’s comment.

But Catalina didn’t think that way.

When Yong-Ho first wielded Aamon, Catalina was next to him and she watched. She was also there when Yong-Ho first controlled its fire.


Aamon acknowledged Yong-Ho as its owner. If not, then Yong-Ho wouldn’t have been able to control its fire.


Catalina didn’t express her opinion. But as they were connected as a spirit and owner. Yong-Ho knew how Catalina felt. Both of them softly smiled at each other.


“I believe in you too!”


Lucia raised her voice.

Yong-Ho laughed out loud without realizing, so he fixed his posture. After taking a deep breath, he grabbed Aamon, who was sitting on his lap.


He closed his eyes.

No one had taught him, but he was able to figure it out.


Yong-Ho spoke to Aamon.    




The world was on fire.

The fire kept on burning the sky and ground which eventually became one.


Someone was swinging the lance within the fire.

A large male.

Even though they just had a bulky build, they looked like a giant.


The lance drew a wheel. Not only did it split the fire, but in the end, it even played with it. It looked like a fancy flower was blooming.


Yong-Ho couldn’t see the male’s every movement. He wasn’t moving fast, but that was just how Yong-Ho felt.

It was an overwhelming amount of information. It was even difficult to imagine what kind of move he was going to make next.

Yong-Ho  just watched. And he was falling for it. Yong-Ho felt like he was one with the male’s movement.


He consciously closed his eyes again. He felt the fire. And different figures appeared inside Yong-Ho’s head.


It was the fire’s memory. The fire burned its body and expressed everything in this world.


He saw people.

Not one, but many.


A figure holding a giant sickle was commanding the battlefield. The figure had the head of a wild goat and they had a horn. Their body was covered in black fur.


A woman that covered her face with a eyepatch walked through the fire. She had gold hair and everything on her body was red. The sword on her waist was thin and it resembled a crescent moon.


After that, many different figures passed though his head like a vision.


Fraternal twins that were looking at each other.

A barbaric warrior that was wearing a lion skin.

A Centaur that was aiming their arrow towards the sun.

A bull-like male that was roaring while being covered in his enemies’ blood.

A woman with black hair that had a warm expression and was holding a water bottle.


There was even more after that. He saw a woman and a man and even saw deformed monsters sometimes.

Yong-Ho soon realized.

He had became aware.


‘Mammon’s spirit.’


The King of Greed’s 12 spirits. The great spirits that controlled the demon world with the King of Greed.


The visions disappeared. And Yong-Ho saw a man’s back.

He was walking up the stairs. The wind made the cape flutter.


The sky was blue. It wasn’t the demon world’s colorful sky.

The man climbed the steep stairs.

At the end of the staircase, a large throne made of stone was sitting there.


The man didn’t look back. And behind him, Mammon’s spirits appeared one by one. They all followed him up the stairs.


The man’s name.


They disappeared.

Everything turned into flames and flew away.


A large eye looked at Yong-Ho.


My young owner.


It was different from when Yong-Ho first met them. Yong-Ho didn’t tremble in fear. Yong-Ho looked at Aamon as their master. Then he started speaking naturally.


“That was you.”


He was talking about the man that was walking up the stairs.

The man that was twiring the lance within the fire.

Even though they weren’t big, it felt like they were a giant.


He felt Aamon smile.

Even though Aamon didn’t talk a lot, Yong-Ho knew this time as well.


That was Aamon’s form before they turned into a lance.

The time when Aamon was known as the Lance God. It was the memory of a demon that ruled the demon world long time ago.


Aamon taught Mammon how to wield a lance.

The fire’s memories were short, but they had an impact. Yong-Ho understood the things that couldn’t be expressed with words.


Young owner.

They had just learned how to walk.

Just like the King of Greed, climbing those steep stairs towards the tall throne is impossible right now.

But that only applies to now.

If you have the will to move forward, then I will be your support.


Yong-Ho replied with his mind and not with his voice.

He felt Aamon smile again. The fire grew bigger and covered everything.


Yong-Ho opened his eyes.

Everyone was looking at Yong-Ho worriedly and when he shot up, they all became shocked by his action.



“Are you okay?’


“Are you okay? You’re not hurt anywhere, are you?”


Everyone was worried, so they all asked about his well-being.

Yong-Ho blinked. He saw Catalina who was about to cry. And then he saw the anxious Eligor and then Ophelia, who released a sigh of relief. He also had a vision of Lucia letting out a sigh of relief as well.


“It’s been more than two hours since you’ve contacted Aamon.”

“Everyone was really worried. We were worried.”


He thought it only happened for a moment, but a lot of time had passed. Yong-Ho realized that he was covered in cold sweat. He probably groaned during those two hours. He understood why Catalina’s ears looked so weak and why she was looking at him with a worried expression.




It was worth it. After reassuring everyone with a soft smile, he stood up while holding Aamon. After he motioned Catalina and Eligor to step back to make room, he raised Aamon.


Fire appeared. The red flames enveloped all of Aamon and then disappeared with the wind.




Catalina exclaimed. Eligor and Ophelia couldn’t hide the smile that was on their faces.


Aamon’s form changed.

The one meter iron stick now increased to two meters and took on the form of a lance.

Just like before, it didn’t have any special shape and looked like a boring, red stick. But he couldn’t judge Aamon just on the outer appearance alone. Everyone that watched was able to feel Aamon’s power.


Yong-Ho wielded Aamon with both of his hands.

It was different from before.

He felt himself being unified with Aamon.


Another fire was released and Aamon changed its form to a red bracelet. The bracelet wrapped around Yong-Ho’s right arm as if it was alive.


Catalina’s ears and tail started moving at a fast pace. Eligor had tears in his eyes and Ophelia chanted her father’s name as if it was some sort of spell.


‘Mammon’s spirits.’


The King of Greed, Mammon, was the one walking up the stairs. And his 12 spirits were following behind him.

Yong-Ho saw himself walking up those stairs. And he also saw his loyal spirits following behind.


My young owner.


After it called out one last time, Aamon remained silent. But Yong-Ho wasn’t surprised. It’s because he had already understood how he was going to learn about the lance from Aamon in the future.


Yong-Ho petted Catalina’s head.

And then he made fun of the crying Eligor with Ophelia.  




A few days later.

Yong-Ho took Skull’s unit and continued the dungeon exploration. The library was another facility that was on Kaiwan’s map and he succeeded in finding it.


Even though there weren’t any traces of special mana in the library, there were hundreds of books.

The library door had the crest of a wolf swallowing the moon and when Yong-Ho opened the door, he experienced Kaiwan’s memory.


Kaiwan’s younger sibling, who possessed a weak body, enjoyed this place. Kaiwan, who loved her younger sibling, similarly enjoyed spending time at this library.




Every time they found Kaiwan’s inheritance, the House of Mammon became stronger.

Because of her, the House of Mammon managed to survive, allowing Yong-Ho to become the owner.


The armory, gold mine, his connection with Ophelia, the Ring of Distortion and the bracelet that allowed him to store mana.

Yong-Ho received a lot from Kaiwain. If it weren’t for her inheritance, then they would’ve lost the dungeon.


The woman with gray hair had a violent expression.

Yong-Ho saw her smiling face when she was in front of her younger sibling. Because of that, Yong-Ho touched the crest with a gentle expression.


A week after they discovered the library.


Yong-Ho had now acquired all the areas that was on Kaiwan’s map.

And that meant that he was now in control of 80% of the first floor.


Things were still hidden in the remaining 20%.

He didn’t know how many levels the basement had and which of Mammon’s spirits and inheritance existed there.


The King of Greed was walking up the stairs.

Yong-Ho remembered seeing his back.

It was slow, but steady.


<Dungeon Upgrade #4> End.

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