The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 070

<Dungeon Upgrade #1>


Jungceros’s spirit was delicious.

The quality wasn’t as good as Foras’s spirit, but when looking at just the amount of the mana, it was more than Foras’s.

When comparing it to food, it lacks flavor, but it can make a person feel full.


Jungceros’s element was darkness. Greed embraced Jungceros’s darkness this time too and Yong-Ho felt a new element take place within his mana.


Mana made up a demon’s body and spirit.

And among them, the “demon kings” had a lump of mana that was purer than ordinary demons.


A new horn didn’t develop. However, his other skills increased.

Yong-Ho enjoyed his powerful body and breathed in deeply. Even though he was just breathing in, he felt mana boiling in various parts of his body.


When Yong-Ho felt the change, Catalina and Skull also realized that they changed.


Catalina’s darkness became stronger. The mana that helped Skull move their dead body became sturdier.


Foras’s power, coldness, became Yong-Ho’s attribute.

Jungceros’s Mind Control made Yong-Ho’s mind stronger.



After feeling refreshed from absorbing the spirit, Yong-Ho quickly wrapped everything up.


Jungceros was dead and this news was going to be delivered to the House of Abigail.

Yong-Ho was sure that they were going to make a move. They might send some soldiers to the House of Foras.


When looking at Jungceros’s war carriage up close, Yong-Ho noticed that it was badly damaged. The horses that pulled the carriage ran away and the stone that was stored inside disappeared. Some of the spirits that left the House of Foras must’ve taken it.


With Rikum in the lead, the House of Mammon’s spirits marched.

Yong-Ho was in the forest that Salami was hiding in and rode on their back. The Dungeon Meerkats that belonged to the House of Foras looked at Yong-Ho desperately. It was hard to tell what the Dungeon Meerkats and Salami talked about while he was inside, but it looked like they were begging him to take them with him.


:”Skull, Skull.”


After placing the two Dungeon Meerkats on each shoulder, Skull walked behind the group.

Like always, Salami powerfully flew up into the air.


‘I’m tired.’


After lying on Salami’s back, Yong-Ho looked off into the distance. The sun was setting in the demon world.


He wanted to sleep. But he couldn’t. Yong-Ho forced himself to stay awake and looked at the ground. After spacing out a bit, he activated the Power of Evolution on the spirits.




After looking at each one, he exclaimed without knowing. It wasn’t because Catalina became stronger after Yong-Ho himself became stronger. Yong-Ho was focused on Skull.


[Development Rate: 100/100]


‘When did it get to 100?’


After the unity evolution, Skull did participate in every battle. But the last time he checked, it was only at 50…




Yong-Ho smiled when he recalled something. On the day when Eligor was training all night, Skull was rolling around the training ground. Skull did the same thing the next day.


Since Skull evolved several of times, building the development rate in the training ground was difficult. He found because when they first discovered the training ground, Skull had to use the hammer many times in order to gain one point.


It did increase, but it meant that Skull would have to continuously use their hammer to fill the development rate.

Physical labor.

That was Skull’s and the Undead’s strength.


Skull didn’t get tired. They had a remarkable talent when it came to doing repetitive jobs.

When Eligor was spending all of his energy in the training ground, Skull was also using their hammer in the corner of the room. Even when Eligor left to do other tasks, Skull kept on hitting the puppets.

And their efforts reached to 100.


“Rock Skeleton Night.”


It was Skull’s new advancement route. Skull must’ve noticed Yong-Ho looking at them, because Skull looked up and waved their hammer. Yong-Ho couldn’t hear them clearly, but it sounded like they were saying “Skulllll.”


Yong-Ho closed his eyes after feeling extremely satisfied. It was only for a moment, but Yong-Ho slept on Salami’s back.   




“Ohhh! You’re back!”


Just like the time when they returned from the free city, Eligor and the other spirits greeted Yong-Ho at the dungeon entrance room.


Rikum, who was leading the spirits, didn’t have to say anything for them to realize the fact that Yong-Ho won. The carriage full of items was proof of that.


Since our side won, I’m happy.

The Goblins had simple thoughts like that and Spot had even simpler thoughts.

Yong-Ho wasn’t sure if it was because of the atmosphere, but the Princess Ant had a small smile her face.


Yong-Ho let the Dungeon Meerkats meets their new family, and after getting off of Salami’s back, he looked at Eligor. Despite of the fact that he became more built through the evolution, tears filled his eyes and Yong-Ho smiled at him.


“I’m back.”


Eligor wiped his tears with a handkerchief and nodded his head. Just like how Catalina and Skull got stronger, Eligor also became stronger thanks to Yong-Ho. When looking at just the physical strength alone, it was safe to say that the House of Mammon was the strongest.


“Oh, but…”



Instead of being happy about, Eligor looked at everyone with a perplexed expression. No matter how many times he blinked, there was something he didn’t see.


“N-no way.”


If someone didn’t come back after leaving for battle, it only meant one thing.

Yong-Ho started blinking and wondered what was going on, but he realized that Eligor was worried about Ophelia.

Eligor didn’t know that she returned first and after seeing his worried expression, Yong-Ho wanted to play jokes on him.


‘Is it because they’re the same race?’


No, it could be more than that.

Yong-Ho stopped himself from smiling and started calming himself down. He was going to announce Ophelia’s death while making the saddest expression.


However, beside Yong-Ho, there was a spirit that couldn’t lie at all.


“In order to fulfill the master’s order, Ophelia returned to the pub first.”

“Oh, I see.”


Eligor let out a sigh as if he really felt relieved and Catalina wagged her tail while enjoying the sight she was seeing.


Even though Catalina ruined his fun, Yong-Ho ended up smiling. After patting Catalina’s head, Yong-Ho asked Eligor if they had become close after arguing like cats and dogs. It affected him a lot.


Eligor’s red face became more red and the spirits started taking out the items and organizing them after Eligor ordered them to do so. Yong-Ho immediately headed towards the Heart of the Dungeon with Catalina.


  “I was waiting for you!”

“I know this is sudden, but congratulations on your victory, sir.”


It was easy to tell from her voice that she had high expectations.

Lucia was connected to Yong-Ho’s mind and out of the Spirit of the Dungeons, she was quite smart. Even though she couldn’t see it, she assumed that Yong-Ho brought her something.


“Thump, thump.”

“Thump, thump.”


It sounded like she was begging him to give it to her, so Yong-Ho chuckled. Even though he took out the House of Foras’s dungeon spirit, he didn’t give it to her right away. He felt like playing a joke.


“Thank you for the food.”


He then closed his eyes. With a serious expression, he got ready to consume it, but in his head, he imagined Lucia being anxious and not being able to stay still.


Really? Are you really going to eat it all? You’re not going to give me any? Really?


Even though he couldn’t hear it, he knew that was what she was thinking.

It felt like he could see Lucia filled with tears in her eyes, just like Eligor.


Was being sly his natural personality? Yong-Ho laughed out loud when he imagined Lucia crying because of his joke.

He was taking it out on Lucia because his plan on making fun of Eligor failed, but he stopped. Lucia’s body emitted an odd light and he pushed in the House of Foras’s dungeon spirit into the Heart of the Dungeon.


It was the same refreshing feeling he felt when he first absorbed a spirit.

Lucia felt that as well. That feeling was so great, that even Yong-Ho was affected by it even though they were only connected through their minds.


  [gkdkrgkdkr sjan aktdlTdjdy! sjan! sjan!]


She must’ve lost it because Lucia yelled with a strange voice.

And it didn’t just stop there.


If the owner becomes stronger, the dungeon becomes stronger and when the dungeon become stronger, the owner becomes stronger as well.


The Heart of the Dungeon released a light. The light was more intense than the time he consumed the Land Worm’s spirit.


“I’ll begin the development.”

“The Heart of the Dungeon will become bigger and more beautiful and I’ll have better control over the dungeon.”

“Once it’s completed, I can begin building new dungeon facilities. I can also improve the facilities that we already have.”

“I need about a day to develop.”

“Please wait one day.”


She spoke coldly at first and then spoke like her usual self towards the end.

The Heart of the Dungeon started wiggling like a Slime. Instead of releasing an intense light, a faint green light was released.


Dungeon Spirit Mid-Rank Training Ground

Dungeon Bathhouse

Stronger Wall

Secret Passageway Between Rooms

Dungeon Mid-Rank Workshop

Dungeon of Space Completed


The words of light that displayed in the air reminded him of when games updated. It was faint, but he saw a video as well.


“The Dungeon Bathroom that will help relieve exhaustion. Try using it to relieve the spirits’ exhaustion.”


In a low voice, Catalina read one of the sentences that was displayed in the air. Just like the dorms, it’s a facility that uses mana to help the spirits relax.


The Mid-Rank Training Ground and Secret Passageway caught Yong-Ho’s attention.

Eligor and Skull were able to develop faster than expected thanks to the Basic Training Ground. Once the Mid-Rank Training Ground is completed, Catalina and the other spirits will be able to grow as well.


‘And the Secret Passageway.’


After recalling the net-like passageway that was installed in the House of Foras, Yong-Ho nodded his head. Even though the passageway that was installed in the House of Foras was a bit too much, if they used it right, then it would be useful when suppressing the enemy.


‘And everyone will be able to discreetly move between the rooms.’


And the Door of the Space.

The facility that Kaiwan stopped building. The very thing that was on top of Yong-Ho’s To-Do list.


Lucia fell asleep. When Yong-Ho realized it, he looked at Catalina so that they can quietly leave the room. But why? Catalina looked at the words of light with an extremely anxious expression. Her ears and tail looked really weak too.




When he called Catalina, she became flustered and looked back at him. After displaying her cold, female guard look, she took a step forward and exited the Heart of the Dungeon’s room.


Yong-Ho looked at the word of light again. Which one of those made Catalina feel anxious?


He didn’t think long. Yong-Ho stopped thinking and exited the Heart of the Dungeon’s room. Catalina, who was waiting for him outside of the room, greeted Yong-Ho with a bright smile.


‘Did I imagine it?’


No way. He definitely saw it. But he stopped thinking about it and since Catalina was back to her usual self, Yong-Ho turned his attention elsewhere.


He returned to the dungeon and completed the major tasks. Now, all he had to do was rest.


‘No, that’s not true.’


His work wasn’t done. He needed to complete as many things as possible before the House of Abigail and the owners started making their moves.


“Um…I hope you’re not thinking about exploring the dungeon…”


Catalina asked while inspecting Yong-Ho’s expression. But Yong-Ho shook his head. If possible, he wanted to collect all of Kaiwain’s inheritance, but since Lucia was asleep, exploring the dungeon was impossible.


There was something else.


After petting Catalina’s head, Yong-Ho looked back at the throne.   




“I love you, valuable customer. What can I help you with?”


<Dungeon Upgrade #1> End.

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