The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 045

<Unity Evolution #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


  [Demon of Evolution]

  [Name : Chun Yong-Ho (M)]

  [Race : Half Human/Half Demon]

  [Class : Demon]

  [Elements : Fire Level 2 / Darkness Level 1 / Coldness Level 2]

  [Individual Characteristics]

  [Calm / Crafty / Daring]

  [Natural Ability]

  [Stamina / Mana]


  [Development Rate : 100/100]


The stats window was a lot more detailed compared to before. He noticed the big change with one look.


‘Individual characteristics and abilities?’


Yong-Ho instinctively touched the horn that was on his forehead. Since Yong-Ho became stronger after absorbing the spirit, the Power of Evolution got stronger as well, which allowed him to look at the categories he wasn’t able to see before.


He now had three horns.

It was a major change that when seeing it from a spirit’s point of view, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they’ve ranked up.


‘Nature sounds like it’s referring to personality…’


Yong-Ho frowned without knowing. He agreed that he had a calm and daring personality, but crafty?!

Even after placing his hand over his heart, he felt that it was unfair.

A dungeon spirit’s body and soul belong to the owner and dungeon.

Catalina was one of those spirits and his attitude towards her was proof that he wasn’t crafty.


There were a few times where he had ulterior motives, but it was just a few times and they were insignificant.


“Hm. Bo-body and soul.”


Yong-Ho cleared his throat when he thought about the spirit. Catalina’s face, no, her entire body popped up in his head.


‘I ack-acknowledge.’


Yong-Ho managed to calm himself down after thinking about Eligor and Skull and looked at the abilities. It probably displayed the abilities that he had a natural talent for.


‘It’s probably different from characteristics traits, right? Since this has to do with individual talent.’


A Succubus is known for their charm and mana and a Dark Elf is known for their agility and vitality. It meant that their race affected the skills that they had.

But a race and an individual was different. It wasn’t odd for one to have an individual skill.


‘Stamina and mana.’


He somewhat understood that part. It’s because his stamina and mana had more potential than the other stats.


The change didn’t just show additional categories.

The level of the stats increased automatically and the stat for coldness leveled up twice at once. It’s probably because he absorbed the spirit that contained that power.


‘I might be able to control both elements somehow.’

It was an embarrassing imagination for him to say out loud, so Yong-Ho imagined himself controlling both ice and fire at the same time for a moment. Since the elements were opposites, he wasn’t sure if they could create a synergy effect, but it didn’t look all that bad.


‘The problem is whether there’s a method to using that coldness…’


For fire, he borrowed Aamon’s power and used it well, but this was different.

He had to find a way to use his mana in addition to his power. And he had a vague idea of the solution.


‘I have to learn magic.’


Mana was the root of a demon house.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the time it took for them research a way to use magic with mana was as long as the demon world’s history.


Like always, Yong-Ho quickly organized his thoughts. There was a need for him to learn magic, but it wasn’t something he could do right now. Looking at the remaining stats through the Power of Evolution was more important.

And since his development rate was at 100, he was able to evolve.


  [Strength Level 1 | ★★☆ (2.5)]

  [Stamina Level 2 | ★★★ (3)]

  [Mana Level 4 | ★★★☆ (3.5)] – Unable to develop (Temporary) –

  [Charm Level 0 | ★★ (2)]

  [Agility Level 1 | ★★ (2)]

  [Talent Level 0 | ★★☆ (2.5)]

  [Attribute Enhancement Level 0 | ★★★ (3)]

  [Seven Deadly Sins | Greed]


Yong-Ho’s eyes widened as soon as he saw the stats window. A comment that he’s never seen before appeared next to mana.


‘Unable to develop?’


A sentence that said that mana was unable to develop was right next to it. Yong-Ho was going to develop his mana this time too, so he was shocked when he saw it.




Yong-Ho looked to see what changed compared to before.


‘The potential development increased. Stamina, mana and agility level increased by one.’


The horn showed the class of the demon’s mana. The development rate and a part of his skills changing was something he understood. Other than those differences, the only new thing that appeared was the Attribute Enhancement.


Then what was the problem?

Yong-Ho looked back at himself. He remembered the time he first obtained the Power of Evolution.


The Power of Evolution was Yong-Ho’s power. The root was from Yong-Ho’s soul and mana and because of that, he understood it better than anyone else.


At first, he only saw colorful smokes, but later, the method that it used to show it changed, based on Yong-Ho’s will.


This time, it was the same. It responded to his will and Yong-Ho was able to understand what the issue was.


‘In simple terms, is it saying I can’t keep developing the same stat over and over again?’


Yong-Ho’s body requested for balance.

It wasn’t even requesting for a complete balance. Since he’s been developing just the mana, his body want him to develop the other stats.


If Catalina’s agility reaches to level four, she might face the same issue.


Yong-Ho nodded his head. It wasn’t completely stopping him and since it was asking him to develop the other skills, he could handle it.


‘Then the problem is which one I should develop.’


Strength, stamina and agility was something he immediately understood. Those three were the most involved stats during a fight.


The others were charm, talent and attribute enhancement.


The main stats of a Succubus was charm and he had an idea as to what kind of skill that was.

They change to make themselves  beautiful and that would be done based on Yong-Ho’s preference. They make sure to leave a good impression.


‘I’m sure it’ll be beneficial if I develop it…’


It felt like it would help when appeasing the Orcs that were in the prison cell. In the Records of the Three Kingdoms game, Liu Bei would use their overwhelming charm to appoint a personnel.


‘It’s a bit difficult to explain talent, but I think I get the general idea…’


He had a feeling that the skill affected actions that required movements of the body or hand.


Attribute enhancement did just that.


‘This is hard.’


Yong-Ho used the process of elimination.

First, strength. The amount of strength he had now was enough. Charm? It was tempting, but maybe later. Increasing it to level one wouldn’t affect a battle all that much. Since he couldn’t use coldness, he decided to place attribute enhancement to the side as well.


After eliminating a few of them, there were stamina, agility and talent left.


Yong-Ho looked back at all the fights he fought. It was the most recent fight and he remembered how much he struggled fighting against Foras.


‘I’ll increase my agility.’


Out of all the stats, the only one he would be able to see a difference was agility. If he became just a bit faster, then it’ll help him in battles. He was tempted to increase talent as well, but since the idea was abstract, he didn’t go for it.


Yong-Ho used the Power of Evolution on himself. Unlike the times he increased his mana, a refreshing feeling filled his entire body. He wasn’t sure if it was all in his head or if his body actually lost weight, but it felt like his body became lighter.




After taking in a deep breath, Yong-Ho leaned his back against the bed. He closed his eyes and listed the things he had to do.


The general list would consist of inside and outside.

The inside work be taking in the Orcs that surrendered as spirits, getting rid of Foras and the Orcs’ corpse, reconstructing the dungeon layout and making spirits like Skull and Rock Golem undergo rehabilitation.


The outside would be to sell the war carriages that Foras brought to the dungeon shop for money and Foras’s dungeon itself.


Foras’s dungeon.

It wasn’t that far from here. On top of that, Foras, his personal guard and most of his troops lost their lives. Meaning, there was a high possibility that Foras’s dungeon was an empty house right now.


But he couldn’t be careless. The reason why Yong-Ho himself was able to win over 50 of Foras’s spirits was because of the dungeon traps.


Even though Foras died, the traps that were installed in the dungeon were still active. If Foras was more worried about the other owners than Yong-Ho, then there was a chance a Foras left some of his troops to defend the dungeon.


‘On top of that…I’m sure they’ve caught on that Foras is dead by now. Since I’ve been out for more than a day, I’m sure they’ve prepared to defend the dungeon.’


If the owner dies, then the Spirit of the Dungeon that’s connected to the owner dies as well.


He had to be cautious. His side received some damage as well and if they were to attack another dungeon just because they killed a owner, it may do more harm.


First, he had to make the Orcs his spirits. And since they know about Foras’s dungeon, he’ll collect enough information from them. It was okay to make a move afterwards.


‘Other than that, the only other things I have to do is register the Princess Ant as a spirit and find Kaiwan’s office.’


Those two tasks were important for the dungeon’s development.

Yong-Ho looked at Kaiwan’s ring that was on his left hand and he kissed it without knowing. He wasn’t sure if he did that because it saved his life several times or because he remembered Kaiwan kissing it at the armory.


‘Let’s eat first.’


Since he slept a day and a half, that meant that he didn’t eat for that long.

Yong-Ho stood up from his seat. Since he had a lot to do, he walked out of the room.






When he walked out, he saw one of the things that he had to take care of.


He saw Skull and Rock Golem, who were sitting next to his bedroom door. They both looked pretty bad.


Since Skull’s pelvis was broken, he couldn’t stand up. Since they lost a leg, it’s safe to say that they were disabled.


The Rock Golem was sitting next to them and their condition was bad as well. Their right arm was completely gone and since there were cracks all over their body, it seemed like they were going to break apart soon.


The Rock Golem didn’t have a conscious and yet, there was a sense of sadness, but Skull, who was able to talk and roll around seemed worse. Since Skull was special to Yong-Ho, he approached the two spirits before going to fill his stomach.


“Skull, Skull.”


Skull spoke with the same blank expression. Maybe it’s because he’s always seen Skull roll around, but right now, Skull looked comfortable in their current condition.


How was he going to restore them?

The Clay Golem was completely ruined, so he couldn’t do much, but for Skull and Rock Golem, since only a part of their body was destroyed, there was a higher chance of recovering them.


He thought about either developing or evolving.

Yon was on the verge of dying due to the injury on their chest, but thanks to the effects of them ranking up, it was healed. Wouldn’t the same thing happen to both Skull and Rock Golem?


‘To do that, their development rate needs to be filled up…’


Skull did a lot during their battle at the gold mine. And since Skull did well in defending against Foras’s guard during the recent battle, it may be possible.


Yong-Ho activated the Power of Evolution. His eyes started glowing a green color as he looked at both Skull and Rock Golem.


  [Name : Skull (-)]

  [Race : Skeleton]

  [Class : Skeleton Warrior]

  [Attribute : -]

  [Individual Nature]





  [Development Rate : 100/100]


  [Bone Strengthening Level 1 | ★★ (2)] -> Rank route opens upon development

  [Physique Level 1 | ★★ (2)] -> Rank route opens upon development

  [Intellect Level 0 | ★☆ (1.5)] -> Rank route opens upon development

  [Talent Level 1 | ★★☆ (2.5)] -> Rank route opens upon development


The description, original, put a smile on his face when he read it. Thankfully, Skull’s development rate was at 100. The problem was that their rank route hasn’t been opened yet.


Will a simple evolution recover their broken pelvis?


While contemplating, Yong-Ho turned his head to look towards the Rock Golem.

From left to right. And then from right to left.

His eyes were following a line without him knowing.


Between Skull and the Rock Golem.

A line made up of a white light was connected.


Yong-Ho kept on looking back and forth and then read the new word of light that appeared above it. He unconsciously said it out loud.




[Rock Skeleton Warrior]


Yong-Ho looked back at Skull. Skull spoke to Yong-Ho.




He somehow knew what Skull was saying.

Yong-Ho turned his attention back to the description. He gathered his mana.


<Unity Evolution #2> End.

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