The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 042

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<Fierce Battle #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


The fist’s movement made the air freeze. Even though there was some distance between them, Yong-Ho felt the cold.


Their eyes met.


He couldn’t see the hard muscle that they had through the years of training, the strong impression Foras had despite of their old age and the white hair that formed due to the coldness.


Just their eyes.

Their blue-gray eye that was filled with bloodthirstiness caught his attention. It looked like Foras was going to release a roar soon.




That sound broke the time that stood still. Instead looking behind her, Catalina hugged Yong-Ho and rolled a few times. Even though it was a little, when they were further away, both of them bounced to their feet almost at the same time and wielded their weapons.


Skull, who was stuck to the door, targeted Foras’s back and waved their hammer. It was fast and on point, but the attack was a failure because they yelled out their name.

The hammer cut through the air.

Despite of the pressing situation, Foras calmly moved his body, dodged Skull’s hammer and counterattacked. The moment Yong-Ho and Catalina stood up from the ground, their attack pierced through Skull’s armor and hit their side.


Their armor was damaged. Skull’s body flew towards the wall as if they were hit by a car.


And the fire that filled the room disappeared. There wasn’t time to determine how many Orcs were alive and out of them, how many are able to fight.


Despite of being tired, the salamander attacked Foras’s legs with their tail. It was a fast attack, but Foras lightly jumped and dodged their attack as if they were able to predict the salamander’s attack. Instead of attacking the salamander, the moment they landed, they kicked off the ground and charged towards Yong-Ho and Catalina.


Catalina quickly released an arrow. The arrow pierced into Foras’s shoulder, but it wasn’t enough to stop them from charging towards them. In a blink of an eye, the distance between Foras and Yong-Ho closed and Foras kept on throwing punches.


They punched the air again. The cold air filled from the fist filled the surrounding.


Yong-Ho managed to move to side and barely dodged their attack, but he didn’t think about counterattacking. The moment Foras’s fist missed him, Yong-Ho’s eyes met with Foras’s and when he did, the flames of Greed rose up. The fire that he randomly shot out enveloped Yong-Ho.


Foras saw the fire in front of him and instinctively backed away. After seeing the cold air in front of him, Yong-Ho increased the distance instead of striking with Aamon.


And during that opening is when he would attack. When it came to numbers, Foras had the advantage, but in the current room, Yong-Ho had the advantage.


The Clay Golem looked like they threw their body as they attacked Foras. Under Eligor’s command, the Rock Golem and the Goblins ran towards the entrance and Catalina turned her body towards Yong-Ho.

Skull, who was hit against the wall and fell to the floor, raised their head up.



An Orc charged through the door while roarding. It was Foras’s Orc guard, Busker Gokun.

The other Orcs were standing up as well. If all of them enter the room, then this battle will be over.




Skull yelled out again. It was an attempt to catch Busker Gokun’s attention, but it didn’t work. However, the Rock Golem arrived just in time to charge against them.


It was a confusing fight. They were in a situation where they had to focus only on the enemies that were in front of them. Yong-Ho instinctively distanced himself more and tightened his grip on Aamon. The blue mana flowed around the Clay Golem and enveloped them. The Clay Golem was charging on like a car, but they couldn’t anymore. A white frost covered their body and moments later, their body started crumbling!


Yong-Ho didn’t think any longer. He gathered his mana. The sound of Gokun and the other Orcs fighting around the small door didn’t interrupted Yong-Ho’s concentration.


He saw blue mana. As they punched into the Clay Golem with their cold fist, they cooled the liquid from the inside and caused them to collapse. Foras kept on letting out a horrible shriek and charged towards Yong-Ho.


Yong-Ho slashed using Aamon. At the tip of the blade, the fire of Greed was released towards Foras.

Foras didn’t try to dodge it. His power emitted cold air and as it enveloped their two fists, they extended it out and tried to punch through the fire.


Punching completely through was too much. But, he was able to create a gap like when they first invaded. Foras opened the fire with both of his hands and jumped as if they were going to soar.


Animal. Beast.

He couldn’t think of any other words to describe Foras. Foras looked down at Yong-Ho with bloodthirsty eyes and roared and Yong-Ho looked back at Foras and roared back. The Treant was waiting for the right moment and when the cold and fire were mixed into the air, they extended their vine out.


As soon as they wrapped it around Foras’s body, their vines froze. Some even started falling apart.


But, it was enough to buy some time. Foras planned on directly attacking Yong-Ho after passing through the fire, but they were held back and Yong-Ho and Catalina didn’t miss their chance.




The roar that was peculiar to the Orc clan disturbed both of them. The Orc, Busker Gokun, picked up the axe without any hesitation and was about to throw the axe at Yong-Ho and Catalina.




Skull noticed and threw themselves at Gokun. The salamander gathered their remaining energy and spit out fire towards the Orcs again.

It was a mess. Yong-Ho slashed with Aamon and Foras moved his body to the side of Yong-Ho and dodged Aamon. Then, they punched Yong-Ho hard with their right arm.


He couldn’t dodge it or block it. Foras punched Yong-Ho’s side harder than he had imaged and the coldness that was created by the blue mana was trying to deteriorate Yong-Ho’s flesh and blood. Catalina released an angry scream and charged towards Foras.


Catalina’s strength was her shocking agility that was based on her her emotions. Catalina lowered her body as if she was crawling and after going around his side, she targeted his back.

But her attack was predictable.

Even though Foras couldn’t move as fast her her, knew predicted on how she was going to attack. She was going to pierce into his neck with her dagger, so he moved to make sure the dagger pierced into his back instead. Once he felt the sharp dagger pierce into his back, he violently moved around. Instead of shaking off Catalina’s light body, he extended his left arm out and grabbed a part of her body. He then spun her body and punched her.


Foras’s left fist punched Catalina’s abdomen. It was so strong that it wouldn’t be odd if his fist ripped through her thin body.


Instead of screaming out in pain, Catalina spat out blood instead. She couldn’t move her arms and legs and from Foras’s fist, the coldness started eating away Catalina’s body.




Eligor charged. However, Foras wasn’t the type to stand there and get hit by a simple attack. He moved his legs and dodged in way that looked like he was making fun of him and because Eligor attacked the air, it ruined his stance, which allowed Foras to attack his side.


There was a coldness this time too. Eligor let out a moan and fell.


And then there was fire. The green fire enveloped Foras, Catalin and Eligor.


Foras quickly released the cold air. The fire didn’t invade Foras. But it didn’t matter to Yong-Ho. The fire was released to cover the sight, not to attack.


Even though Yong-Ho experienced one blow, he couldn’t really move his body. There was a big difference in skills. It was different from the other insignificant demons that he fought before.

Yong-Ho charged into the fire. He targeted Foras’s back and extended Aamon towards them.


He attacked the air again. Through the flames, Yong-Ho saw Foras’s eyes. After releasing the cold air, Foras turned around and twisted his body, which was enough to dodge Yong-Ho’s attack. The distance between them naturally closed and Foras used their right fist to attack Yong-Ho.


In that explosive moment.

The arrow that Catalina desperately shot pierced into Foras’s leg. Like the first one, there was poison on it and it caused Foras to stop moving.

Yong-Ho didn’t see it. The moment Foras dodged Aamon, Yong-Ho extended out his left hand towards Foras’s neck.


He couldn’t reach it properly. It wasn’t an attack to punch through or bash Foras. However, that was enough.


Kaiwan’s ring gushed out mana. The Power of Distortion was activated and as it distorted the space, it created an intangible shield. It hit Foras’s neck and it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that this was the starting point!


The neck one of the vital points that was difficult to train. The unexpected blow caused Foras to lose his stance. Yong-Ho didn’t let the chance pass by. He used Aamon and pierced into Foras’s side. He then released fire through the tip of the blade.




Foras resisted. The mana that was filled with coldness started approaching near Aamon. Yong-Ho didn’t pour in more mana. Foras’s mouth was wide open as he let out a scream and Yong-Ho shoved his left hand inside of his mouth. He activated the Power of Distortion once more!


He heard a disturbing sound. Yong-Ho’s left hand was pushed out and red blood covered Yong-Ho’s face. Both Foras and Yong-Ho collapsed to the floor.


This wasn’t the end. Despite of their jaw being destroyed and their mouth ripped, Foras didn’t stop resisting. Yong-Ho focused all of his senses on Aamon. He twisted Aamon into Foras and poured out all of his mana. The green flame started eating the coldness.


Foras grabbed Yong-Ho’s neck. But they couldn’t strangle or break his neck. Yong-Ho looked straight into Foras’s eyes. He commanded the Spirit of the Dungeon and focused the dungeon’s remaining mana on Aamon. Instead of releasing a large flame, Aamon burned Foras’s mana by using a small, cohesive force.




Busker Gokun yelled. Despite of the fact that their pelvis was destroyed because of the huge axe, Skull didn’t let Gokun go. Salamander spit out fire again and Yon, pierced Gokun’s neck with a spear while he was focused on Foras and Skull. Another Orcs’s sword attack cut Yon’s lower body. Blood was flowing out.



It wasn’t over. That’s why Yong-Ho placed his left hand on top of Foras’s chest. The coldness climbed up his hand like a final curse and he absorbed hit. Greed’s fire swallowed Foras’s cold spirit.


Spirit absorption.

A change through that.

It was more painful than pleasurable and it filled Yong-Ho’s body and spirit.

It was different from before. It was different from when he absorbed the spirit of someone that was weaker or on the same level as him.


Owner Foras.

The Demon of Coldness.

Even though his power wasn’t that strong, he was the owner of the dungeon that protected the house for over 70 years.


He absorbed the spirit of someone stronger.

Greed didn’t throw away the coldness and the Power of Evolution displayed the effective change.

He swallowed Foras’s mana.


Mana was the base of a demon.


Yong-Ho lifted his head. A third horn appeared on his forehead and he was able to feel a huge amount of mana flowing.


The fight wasn’t over.

But it would soon be over.


The Red Lotus Demon Lance, Aamon.

A green fire was released from the tip.


<Fierce Battle #1> End.

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