The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 041

<Dungeon Fight #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Yong-Ho quickly stood up from his seat. Catalina and Eligor’s eyes widened and stopped breathing for a moment.


They broke the wall and created a new path.

It wasn’t an impossible task. But it was something he didn’t think about.

Columbus’ Egg. It’s obvious after it happens, but it was an idea that was hard to think of.


Wall Break was a magic that many used during the dungeon battle. Because of that, many demons either strengthen the walls or set up the dungeon so that it doesn’t put the enemy at an advantage after they’ve used it.


But, Yong-Ho didn’t have that kind of experience. The two previous owners shut themselves inside, so both Eligor and Catalina didn’t have information about it.


When Foras broke one wall, it made the other 10 rooms useless. And the traps that were installed between became useless as well.


Foras started moving. And the room beyond the broken wall just happened to be the wall that didn’t have any traps.


Yong-Ho was able to assume Foras’s next move. Catalina and Eligor also assumed, which is why they looked at Yong-Ho anxiously.


Foras broke a second wall. Once again, the rooms and the traps became useless and they were getting closer to the throne room.


Like the time when the Crimson Ogre came, it was impossible for them to activate and deactivate the rooms to lead them in a different direction.

The situation was different compared to when the new Spirit of the Dungeon was born. The dungeon was now stable because the Spirit of the Dungeon was in control. Even though the rooms in the dungeon were easy to activate and deactivate, but they couldn’t change a group of rooms at the same time.

They purposely changed the layout of the dungeon to extend the passageway that led to the throne room, but that plan actually made things worse.


They had to come up with a different plan. They had to make a secret plan.


“Foras destroyed another wall!”


The Spirit of the Dungeon yelled. The spirits there also saw the marked wall on the map falling apart. The Goblins were filled with fear, which caused them to scream and Skull stood up from their seat and grabbed the hammer.

They didn’t have time.

Catalina clenched her fist. She wanted to call out to Yong-Ho, but held back.

She had to trust him. She didn’t want to disturb him because she felt rushed.

Even Skull waited for Yong-Ho’s command instead of voicing their concern.


A few seconds later.

Yong-Ho spoke.


“Let’s move to the resource warehouse.”


He spoke quietly. Yong-Ho was sure that he spit out whatever came to his mind without realizing it.

Yong-Ho looked at the dungeon map. All of Catalina’s senses were on high alert as she looked at the map as well.


The location of the warehouse.

The room was located on the bottom of the intersection, on the right side. Based on the dungeon map, the warehouse was located on the lower part of the central passageway.


Catalina remembered the time she fought against the giant with the green cape. Because of that, she understood what Yong-Ho was trying to do right now.

It was only for a moment, but Catalina’s face glowed.


“Go to the warehouse!”


Yong-Ho yelled. The Goblins quickly grabbed the weapons and ran. Treant and the salamander also hurried. The Kobold, who was cowering in fear, also followed behind the spirits.


Skull took the lead. The Clay Golem and the Rock Golem were just standing still, so Eligor commanded them to head to the warehouse.


Beyond the second wall that Foras broke, there was a trap. Foras thought they got Yong-Ho back through this magic, which excited them. Because of that, Foras made a mistake by walking into the room without any caution. Thanks to that, a few of the Orcs were shot to death because of the arrow trap.


But Foras still had a large group of spirits.

Going head on like this was the same thing as committing suicide.


Yong-Ho waved his finger in the air while running towards the warehouse. The Spirit of the Dungeon answered right away.


“Here are the number of enemies that are in the dungeon right now.”

“Foras. 28 Orcs. 4 Imps.”


That was a lot.

The fire trap was their strongest trap and they only had two left. He originally purchased more completed traps, but they were useless because most of them were installed on the later part of the road. The moment Foras created the shortcut, half of the expensive traps that he purchased from the shop were neutralized.


But they still had two fire traps left. And since those two were located in the center passageway, the shortcut was useless because they had to walk through the center passageway.


Another variable popped into Yong-Ho’s head.


Even though a room was inactivated, it was still a room. Just because it was out of the dungeon’s control, it wasn’t impossible to walk through it.

In that case, would they be able to forcefully create a passageway that connected to an inactivated with the Wall Break magic? And was it possible for them to move by walking through the inactivated room?


The large space and the many inactivated rooms were the House of Mammon’s strength.

But not anymore. It was a double-edged sword that was placed on Yong-Ho’s neck.


He didn’t even have the time to find the answers for the questions he had. A question without an answer was like a maze. It made his head spin.

Because of that, Yong-Ho erased the questions he had in his head. Instead of asking Eligor or the Spirit of the Dungeon, he ran. A small window of light was activated near his head and it showed Foras’s movement on the map.


Foras didn’t use the Wall Break magic again. It was as if they realized that there wasn’t a shortcut anymore and started walking on an outward path that connected to the center.


It was a room with no traps. But Foras was cautious about walking into the room. Since the arrow trap from before caught him off-guard, it was obvious that he would become more cautious.

Foras became cautious about his surrounding again and like before, they had to take their time when walking into one room.


And during that time, Yong-Ho and the spirits didn’t stop. When Foras confirmed that there weren’t any traps and moved forward with the spirits, Yong-Ho reached the warehouse.


The Goblins were catching their breaths because they raced to the warehouse with their short legs. The Treant and the Golems moved slowly, so they haven’t arrived at the warehouse yet.


Yong-Ho breathed heavily. He paid attention to Foras’s movements through the dungeon map. Since he was at a disadvantage when it came to numbers, he had no choice but to use the layout of the dungeon to defeat Foras.


Catalina and skull read Yong-Ho’s mind.

According to the dungeon map, between the warehouse and the curvy road, there was only one room that was inactive.

Meaning, they could activate the room and create a detour so that they could attack them from behind.


Not all dungeons were able to quickly activate like the House of Mammon’s dungeon.

And by quickly activating the rooms, there were definitely issues that Yong-Ho didn’t know about.


But now wasn’t the time to think about those things.


The best time would be when Foras and their spirits rush into the remaining fire trap room that was located in the center.

While they’re occupied with the traps, that’s when Yong-Ho and the others will attack them.


Foras cautiously inspect the next room. Out of the spirits that they had, if Foras had a skilled magician, then they would be able to completely get rid of the fire trap.


Foras was a close-range attacker and since their spirits were the same, Yong-Ho was lucky.


Some of Foras’s spirits entered the fire trap room.

Eligor, the Golems and Treant arrived at the warehouse.


Yong-Ho waved his finger.

The Spirit of the Dungeon activated the room. Catalina and Eligor opened the door and Yong-Ho and the salamander ran. The remaining spirits followed behind Yong-Ho.


Right when an inactivated room activated, Foras quickly raised his head. He noticed a change in the mana. No, it was more like he instinctively felt danger. He quickly stopped the spirits and naturally looked behind him.


Foras heard footsteps behind the closed door. They knew what that sound meant. Foras opened his mouth to yell.

And in that moment!


Catalina and Skull opened the door at the same time.

Foras and Yong-Ho saw each other. With just one look, they were able to recognize each other.


Foras yelled. Yong-Ho roared.


Their cries were mixed together, which caused the meaning behind it to be crushed. The salamander released a flame by pouring all of their energy. Yong-Ho was standing next to them and while wielding Aamon with both of his hands, he raised it into the air. He poured all the mana that he had and created a large wave of fire.


A fire pillar and wave.

And another was added.

“I’ll activate the trap!”


The Spirit of the Dungeon yelled. Fire was released from the ceiling and the ground and it enveloped Foras’s spirits, who had advanced into the front room. The fire that Yong-Ho and the salamander released filled the room that Foras was standing in.


A predicament. There was fire everywhere!




Yong-Ho yelled. Yong-Ho didn’t know what was happened beyond the fire that filled the room.

All he could do was prepare for the worst.

He tightened his grip on Aamon. He poured out all of his energy and even though it was only for a moment, he couldn’t feel any energy in both of his arms.

Catalina immediately understood what Yong-Ho meant and Yong-Ho’s hand was heading towards his belt. He ripped the seal on the last mana potion and poured the blue liquid into his mouth.


He only needed a couple of seconds to do that.

Since he used all of his mana at once, Aamon’s fire didn’t last a long time. The same thing happened to the salamander’s fire.


But it was for a few seconds.

It was short, but the timing was long.

Foras and their spirits were harmed badly. The ambush was successful.

Eligor and the Golems reached the room that Yong-Ho was in even though they were a bit late.

Yong-Ho gulped the mana potion and felt his mana being recovered.

The salamander started breathing heavily since it used up its energy and stopped spitting out the fire.

With a blank expression, Skull looked at the fire that filled the room.


And Catalina hugged Yong-Ho’s waist. It looked as if she was going to throw him, but instead pushed him.

It was unexpected. But it was a necessary action.


Yong-Ho saw it while being pushed.

Within that short moment, he witnessed sight that made him doubt what he just saw.


The fire split.

A hole formed between Yong-Ho’s wave of fire and the salamander’s fire pillar. Something was consuming the fire. And something large cut through the hole.


He felt a coldness within the fire.

The air was being frozen right before his eyes.

The figure ripped through the curtain of fire and charged.


Yong-Ho saw a cold, blue mana.

That blue thing cut through the fire and after it passed through the fire barrier, he saw them soar into the air.


It was the demon of power.

It was another name the dungeon owner had. It was a distinct skill that demons receive depending on their awakening.


Foras, the Demon of Ice.

Foras punched. They punched the area where Yong-Ho’s head was just in.


<Dungeon Fight #3> End.

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