The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 039

<Dungeon Fight #1>

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It was morning.

Without getting a wake up call from the Spirit of the Dungeon, Yong-Ho walked out of the bedroom.

“Good morning, master.”


Eligor was standing in the throne room like always. He greeted Yong-Ho like always and Yong-Ho smiled.

“You’ve definitely changed.”

“It’s all thanks to you, sir.”

His actions remained the same, but his outer appearance changed.

Eligor looked younger.

Saying that his youth has been restored was too much, but it was difficult to find a description that was fitting.

Muscles appeared on his upright back. His upper body was thin, but now, it was like a hard rock and the wrinkles that filled his face were almost gone.

  [Name : Eligor (M)]

  [Race : Red Demon]

  [Class : Spirit (Low Rank)]


  [Fire Level 0 / Darkness Level 1]

  [Main Stats : Strength / Stamina]

  [Development Rate : 0/100]

  [Strength Level 0| ★★☆ (2.5)]

  [Stamina Level 1| ★★☆ (2.5)]

  [Ability Level 0| ★☆ (1.5)]

  [Mana Level 0| ★☆ (1.5)] -> Upon development, advancement routes will open

  [Possible Advancement Race]

  [Red Demon| Beast]

Before, Eligor’s development information was as bland as the Goblins, but now, there was a lot more information.

The potential value of each development route increased a bit and an ability level appeared.

And the advancement route was Red Demon Beast.

Even though it was just a silhouette, it was enough to assume their outer appearance after they advance. The muscles were better developed and his horn became bigger. There was a high chance for him to change into a muscular spirit, which fit well with the name.

Like the Kobold, currently, Eligor wasn’t a fighting spirit. But, once he evolves and advances, then he’ll be able to be a part of the fighting group.

“I’m going to wash up. Let’s start after breakfast.”

“Yes, sir.”

Currently, the House of Mammon’s dungeon doesn’t have a proper water system. Once the dungeon’s development stage increases, it can be installed, but this was in the distant future.

Yong-Ho scooped up some water from a jar that was in the corner of the throne room and washed up. The Kobold quickly gave him a towel and while washing off the water, a sleepy Catalina walked out of the bedroom.


Yong-Ho led the sleepy Catalina to the jar and then walked back to the center of the room. On top of the wide mat, Eligor and the Goblins were busy setting up breakfast.

The Treant’s roots were rooted inside the room that was in front of the throne room and the salamander that was lying next to them ate their breakfast by absorbing the dungeon’s mana.

Skull, who was always rolling around the throne room somewhere, absorbed mana as well, so they were always rolling around near the door.

The Princess Ant was an omnivore, so Yong-Ho finished his breakfast by giving Kobold the pancake that was for the princess. After organizing his thoughts for a moment, he walked out of the throne room.

The dungeon shop’s package was going to arrive today.

If Foras attacked before the package got here, it would be an issue. Even if they came right after the package, it would still be difficult.


At least a couple of hours. If possible, at least a day.

He needed time. Even a couple hour delay can make a difference.

The distance between the throne room and the dungeon entrance was further than before. There wasn’t a big change on the linear distance, but it’s because they used a different move.


It’s been a couple of minutes since he waited in the dungeon entrance room. The dungeon shop’s courier knocked on the dungeon door as if they were waiting for the right timing.

It was a young demon with red skin. The white uniform and the baseball cap stood out the most, but that outfit represented the dungeon shop’s couriers.


Attacking the courier was the same thing as attacking the dungeon shop itself. The dungeon shop was the center of the demon world’s economy and fighting against them was burdensome even for the six kings, so in a way, their uniform was an invincible armor.


“Please sign the recipient’s name.”

Since they’ve delivered packages several of times, their face was familiar. After signing the paper that the demon handed him, he took a big step back.

With a slightly lazy look on their face, they snapped their finger.

He wasn’t sure how it worked, but the packages leaped into the entrance room and started stacking on top of each other. There were several boxes that were as big as the time the Treant was delivered, so the room was filled up in an instant.

“Thank you.”


After the delivery has been completed, the demon politely bowed and exited the dungeon.

Yong-Ho and the other spirits looked at the courier and then moved to the packages.

“I’ll open them.”


Everyone became excited when they started opening the package. Catalina, Eligor and even the Goblins had an excited expression. Skull was the only one that was indifferent about it and that wasn’t an exaggeration.


The Clay Golem and the Rock Golem came out from the first two boxes. Despite of the fact that their upper bodies were bent, they were just as big as the Treant.

The Goblins widened their eyes and looked at them with interest and Eligor kept on smiling as if he was satisfied by what he saw.


Excluding the one box that contained food and various materials, the rest contained materials for the traps that he ordered.

As soon as Yong-Ho finished registering the Clay Golem and the Rock Golem, Eligor spoke.

“We’ll begin working immediately.”

Since they were in a hurry, there was no reason to wait. After Yong-Ho confirmed, Eligor commanded the Golems and the Goblins to carry the materials and immediately began installing the traps in the nearest room. Since there was a lot, the Treant, salamander and even Skull joined them.


Once the spirits exited like the tide, Yong-Ho and Catalina were the only ones left. Yong-Ho still had work he needed to get done and since Catalina was his guard, she had to stay by him.

“So this is the Dungeon Meerkat.”

Once he opened the box that was 50cm long on all sides, two meerkats that were as a big as a person’s forearm appeared. The way they stood up on their feet and looked up at Yong-Ho was pretty cute.


‘They’re similar to the ones I saw on the Discovery Channel.’


The only difference was that the one in the demon world had pointy ears, not rounded ones.

Yong-Ho registered the pair of Meerkats and used his Power of Evolution to check their stats.

  [Race : Dungeon Meerkat]

  [Class : Spirit (Low Rank)]

  [Main Stats : Agility]

  [Development Rate : 0/100]

  [Agility Level 0| ★☆ (1.5)]

  [Possible Advancement Race]

  [High Meerkat]

After seeing the advancement race name, he had an odd feeling, but it was only for a moment.

He saw the silhouette of them after advancing, but there wasn’t much of a difference in their outer appearance.

“It’s written that Dungeon Meerkats usually go outside of the dungeon and during the night, they sleep in the cave they created at the entrance. Hm…it looks like they aren’t on watch during the night.”

A frown appeared on Catalina’s face as she read the information that was enclosed in the package. But, Yong-Ho thought positively about this. At least they’ll alert everyone when the sun is up.

Since they didn’t have any way of alerting, this was an improvement.

“I’ll take them outside of the dungeon first.”

Catalina placed the instructions in her inner pocket and extended her arms out towards the meerkats. They must’ve thought she was pretty because they jumped into her arms as if they were her pets.

It was a nice sight, but instead of seeing them, Yong-Ho looked at the large dungeon entrance.

It was a large door that didn’t really have any shapes.

Yong-Ho spoke all of a sudden.


“Can I…go outside too?”


After he ascended as the owner of the House of Mammon.

Yong-Ho hasn’t stepped outside of the dungeon once. It’s because there was a high chance that the air in the demon world could be dangerous to him since he wasn’t a full demon.


But the Yong-Ho now was different from before. He awakened as a demon and absorbed spirits for development twice. His body and mana both became extremely strong.

“Um…well in your current condition…”


Catalina sounded like she agreed, but she was still worried, which made her stop talking midway. Her ears and tail drooped.

Yong-Ho smiled and after patting her head, he straightened his back. He took a step forward and spoke.


“I’m sure nothing big will happen if it’s for a moment. Let’s go.”

Catalina nodded her head and ran ahead of Yong-Ho towards the door. Yong-Ho commanded the Spirit of the Dungeon and they opened the door.

The sky was red and the warm wind was blowing on the wild land.

The south of the wind belong to the House of Mammon in the past.


Yong-Ho breathed in deeply. Along with Catalina, he walked out of the dungeon.

He saw the sky and the ground.


Defense was more advantageous than offense when it came to dungeon battles.

And that advantage was enough to change the outcome of the battle.

The attacker had no way of knowing how the defender set up the dungeon. They also didn’t know what kind of traps were installed and what kind of spirits were hiding.

Even the stronghold, which helped the opponent observe the outer appearance, was different.

The dungeon itself was a maze.

The attacker had to consider the fact that it was going to be dangerous due to the traps that were installed.

But the attacker wasn’t always at a disadvantage.

Even though every dungeon had different layouts, the defender’s dungeon was the attacker’s stage.

When comparing it to a castle, it’s like the attacker climbed across the wall and invaded the castle.

As the attacker, they needed soldiers that could take care of the defense and they also needed the knowledge and experience to find and destroy the traps.

Foras has been an owner for almost 70 years.

During that time, Foras did a good job protecting the house’s dungeon and defended the attacks from outer forces.

However, despite of that, they didn’t have that much experience in dungeon combat.


The carriage that were carrying Foras’s spirits were running across the land. Foras was sitting in the carriage in the front and organized his thoughts by closing his eyes.

Foras was old.

The demons in the demon world lived off of mana and since their outer appearance and life expectancy differed from demon to demon, it was difficult to assume.

But still, Foras was old.

Other than the fact that Foras had a bit of wrinkles and a white beard, there wasn’t any other sign of aging, but Foras himself knew that truth more than anyone else.


Passing the throne to the next generation. Protecting the dungeon.

Building a base to make that possible.

He decided to think only about that.


Foras preferred hand-to-hand combat. Most of the Orc soldiers were fighting spirits and their strength was close-range combat.

Even if it was too much, Foras tried to take as many spirits on the carriage. Sorcerers were necessary during dungeon combat and Foras didn’t have a lot of them.


He was sure that there was a change in the House of Mammon.

The two owners that took over after Kaiwan had weak bodies and minds. Even if the owner were alive, unlike the rumors of them committing suicide, taking down a base was too much.


Something that Kaiwan left.

Or a new owner that ascended.


It didn’t matter which side it was because it wasn’t something they couldn’t overcome. It’s been over 10 years since Kaiwan disappeared and during that time, the dungeon declined. Even if there was a new owner, there wasn’t enough time and workers for them to develop it into a normal state.

‘We’ll take them down by overpowering them.’

The House of Mammon was nothing more than an empty shell, but the history itself was really long. If they get lucky, they may be able to obtain a spirit that’ll increase the dungeon to another level. There was a high chance that a lot of Kaiwan’s inheritance still remained.

Kaiwan’s younger sibling, the owner from two generations ago, and their descendant, the previous owner, all worshiped Kaiwan for resurrecting from the ashes. They probably didn’t think about selling Kaiwan’s inheritance so easily.

A warm wind blew.

Even if they were to rest a bit before going into combat, the dungeon fight will occur in a couple of hours.


Foras opened their eyes. They greeted the wind that was blowing from the south.


<Dungeon Fight> End.

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