The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 038

<Reorganization #4>

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Being able to think fast was one of Yong-Ho’s strengths.

It wasn’t an exaggeration when they said it was the start of a revolution and the current situation in this empty land and the secret of the dungeon was more than enough to upset him.

But Yong-Ho didn’t waver. Instead of mentally wasting energy on unnecessary things, he turned his attention on things he had to take care of right away.

Currently, improving the dungeon and picking the most useful spirits were the most important tasks for Yong-Ho.


Yong-Ho emptied his thoughts by taking a deep breath and then raised his head to look at the window of light.

The Rank Two spirit catalogue wasn’t different from before. There was a spirit that he’s been thinking about, so it didn’t take him a long time to choose one.

He picked the Rank Two dungeon spirit, Clay Golem.

Yong-Ho picked the spirit that could work and defend, just like the Goblins.


The Clay Golem was strong when it came to strength and stamina and they were useful when it came to doing tasks that required a good amount of strength.

Compared to the last time he came here to purchase a Rank Two spirit, the mana situation had improved a lot, so the amount of mana that the Golem consumed wasn’t burdensome.


‘It’s good that we don’t have to spend a lot on food. And, we don’t have to prepare a separate room for them.’

It was convenient because he didn’t have to worry about giving them food and clothing.

But since they didn’t have any idea of self-concept, they needed that much more help. If they don’t receive any commands based on the situation they’re in, there was a high chance that they may act out of place.

‘Anyways, I’ve decided on the golem that specializes in strength.’

While working, Eligor or Jun the Goblin Ranger will most likely stay with them and during battle, Yong-Ho or another spirit will stick with them, so it wasn’t something he needed to really worry about.

Yong-Ho made his final decision on the Clay Golem and then looked over the Rank Three spirit catalogue.


The spirit list that was displayed on the window of light refreshed. It was so much more impressive than the Rank Two catalogue that Yong-Ho couldn’t keep his eyes off of it.

  [No 01.]

  [Race : Dwarf (M) – Teen]

  [A dwarf that’s been captured in this world]

  [Skills : Building Tools / Building Arms / Ability to give basic magic skills]

  [Strengths : High stamina, Skilled in building]

  [Weaknesses : Somewhat rebellious, Very stubborn]

  [Seller : Demon Andromalius]


His eyes stopped on the first category.

The information was already different from the Rank Two spirit catalogue and on top of that, the information was extremely interesting.


‘Dwarf? Is it the same Dwarf that I’m thinking about?’

They’re a dwarf race that originated from northern Europe.

Along with the Elves, they’re a race in the fantasy category and are a popular race that appears quite often.


Their outer appearance isn’t that different from the Dwarves that people imagine.

They were short, big, had a large beard, a stubborn expression and slightly pointed ears.


‘They were captured in this world?’


He remembered what Eligor said before.

The connection between the dungeon and this world. And the issue that occurs through that.


Different situations popped into his head simultaneously.

The party and the adventures when exploring the dungeon. And the Dwarf Warrior’s role is the tank.

The demons attacked the peaceful Dwarf mine. The Dwarf Warriors had to surrender to the demon troops.


The situation didn’t matter right now. Yong-Ho skipped the strengths and weaknesses and looked at the seller information.



He didn’t know who it was. But, it didn’t matter. The important thing was that it clearly stated the seller’s information.


‘Buying a used spirit is dangerous.’


The idea of evolving a spirit and then earning money by selling them was still too early.

If it’s within a system where the seller’s name is displayed, then his existence would definitely be known.

A spirit’s stat that’s been increased through the Power of Evolution was that special.


Yong-Ho looked at the Dwarf again. The few sentences that he saw made him think about a lot of things.

The dungeon has an exclusive blacksmith. They create weapons, repair broken tools and create the items that are needed.

It was charming.

Managing a dungeon wasn’t as simple as the games. Just because a dungeon had mana and resources, it didn’t mean things would get made right away.

Yong-Ho remembered the time Eligor made chairs for the torture chamber. The bamboo bars in the prison were the result of Eligor’s hard work.


‘The dungeon’s blacksmith, no, after making a workroom…’

To create weapons. On top of that, to create facilities that they can use in the dungeon.


‘Like a bathhouse or a bed or a decent throne…’

His imagination didn’t stop there.

And a couple seconds later.

Yong-Ho closed his eyes tight. It was unfortunate, but he got rid of the attachment he had for the Dwarf.

He would eventually purchase one. He thought that they were an important element to the dungeon.

But not right now.

The most important thing right now was strengthening the dungeon’s defense, not improving it.

Yong-Ho quickly got rid of the lingering feeling and turned the catalogue page. He looked at the other spirits.

  [No 02.]

  [Race : Rock Golem (-)]

  [Golem made out of hard rock]

  [Strengths : High defense power, Strong]

  [Weaknesses : Slow movements / Requires commands]

  [Seller : Dungeon Shop]

  [No 03.]

  [Race : Harpy (F)]

  [A spirit with the ability to fly. They’re very smart so they can be given the task to give commands to spirits]

  [Strengths : Agile / Intelligent]

  [Weakness : Low stamina]

  [Seller : Dungeon Shop]

  [No 04.]

  [Race : Ogre (M)]

  [A fighting spirit that’s strong and has high stamina]

  [Strengths : Strong / High stamina]

  [Weaknesses : Eats a lot / Not very intelligent]

  [Seller : Dungeon Shop]

Every detail caught his attention.

The Rock Golem that was made out of rocks reminded him of a robot and although the Harpy’s arms were wings and the lower half of their body was a bird, their upper body looked like a woman’s and it was really beautiful.

The Ogre was a cannibal and they left a strong first impression. Despite the fact that they were made out of blood and flesh, it felt like they were larger and sturdier than the Rock Golem. They weren’t smart at all and the fact that they looked more like a beast than a human was impressive.

He really wanted to purchase all three.

Yong-Ho took a deep breath again to calm himself down. He’s only seen 1/4th of the Rank Three spirit catalogue.

He turned the page one by one while trying to remain calm.


The Two-Headed Hellhound could be considered as an upgraded version of the Hellhound.

A Giant Slime can produce a stronger acid and it can somewhat change its form.

The Imp Magician is able to use basic magic.

There was a Low-Rank Genie that had an Arabian feel.


And Yong-Ho’s hand stopped again. He looked at the spirit that was displayed on the window of light.

  [No 13.]

  [Rank : Phantom Steed (-)]

  [A ghost spirit that’s in the Undead category]

  [Strengths : Fast mobility / Ability to fly]

  [Weaknesses : Unusually low magic resistance]

  [Seller : Cimeries]

A dark ghost spirit with their white mane flying in the air.


Even though there aren’t many opportunities to ride a horse within a dungeon, he still wanted it. The picture showed the Phantom Steed carrying several Undead Knights and it was impressive.


Yong-Ho closed his eyes for a moment and imagined Skull riding on top of the Phantom Steed.




It would be nice to see Skull riding the Phantom steed after they’ve been evolved to a Skeleton Knight.

But Yong-Ho shook his head this time too. Maybe later, but not right now. On top of that, Yong-Ho walked around places, so seeing a spirit riding a horse would break the hierarchical order. He wasn’t exactly the authoritative type, but he didn’t want to break it.


‘Well…I’ll be riding the salamander later on anyways.’


It would happen after evolving them to a point where they grew wings.

Yong-Ho turned the pages again. A female Elf appeared during it and it caught his attention, but he was able to convince himself to pass it. It was effective when he remembered the way Catalina wagged her tail, just like when he was talking to Sitri.


It’s been over an hour.

Yong-Ho looked through the catalogue for a long time and finally made his decision.

  [No 02.]

  [Race : Rock Golem (-)]

  [Specialty : Stone Wall]

  [Physique | ★★☆ (2.5)]

  [Strength | ★★ (2)]

  [Intensity | ★★ (2)]

It was the Rock Golem that he’ll be managing with the Clay Golem.

The reason was the same as the Clay Golem. The dungeon needed workers since there will be a lot of work that required a lot of strength.

On top of that, Foras’s troops were mostly Orcs, so the Golems were the ideal spirits to use when defending against them.


As soon as he completed his purchase, a message appeared on the window to pick a spirit. It was provided by the dungeon shop and he was given this option since he spent a lot of money.


[Dungeon Meerkat: Lives at the entrance of the dungeon and alerts when there’s an enemy.]

[Dungeon Hamster: Moves through the corners of the dungeon and reports any damaged and broken places.]

The two spirits were really cute.

Personally, Yong-Ho wanted the Dungeon Hamster, but he thought about which would be more practical. In order to make the dungeon a safer place, he picked the Dungeon Meerkat.


“Thank you for using the dungeon shop.”

“The items that you ordered will be delivered to you by tomorrow.”


Yong-Ho closed his eyes. He disconnected from the Virtual Space.



He was exhausted.

He spent over two hours over there, but physically, it felt like he was there for several hours.


“Are you okay, master?”


As soon as he opened his eyes, he heard Catalina’s voice. She was standing next to the throne and gave him a cup of cold water.


Yong-Ho happened to be thirsty, so he accepted the cup happily. He spoke after seeing her wag her tail with joy.

“Thanks. It’s all thanks to you.”


Catalina blinked her eyes in confusion, but he wasn’t planning on explaining it to her. He just chuckled and drank the water.


“Where’s Eligor?”

“He’s resting in the spirit dormitory. It seems like he’s been really exhausted from all the work lately.”


Catalina spoke in a worried tone.

Eligor has been working hard in the past couple of days since they wanted to build the facilities as quickly as possible. He even did small tasks, so he would definitely be worn out.

Eligor probably needed a dungeon maid more than a Dwarf so that they can assist him.

“They’re going to deliver it tomorrow anyways. Let him rest for the day.”

“Yes, master. I’ll be in charge of cooking the food today.”

Catalina was reacting fast today. After standing up, Yong-Ho patted her head to compliment her and headed for the bedroom. Yong-Ho also needed to rest.



The dungeon shop’s package will be delivered tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also the day that he assumed Foras will begin his attack.

When and with how many troops will Foras use to attack?

Yong-Ho laid down on the straw bed. He remembered what Sitri said.


‘The true Secret of Greed is still alive.’


Mammon, the King of Greed.

The inheritance that they left.

Yong-Ho closed his eyes.

He fell into a deep slumber.



Foras acknowledged.

Terak, who left to take over the House of Mammon’s dungeon, was now dead.

Is it the work of another owner or a small demon family? Or did the House of Mammon’s dungeon have a stronger defense than what they imagined?

Maybe Kaiwan…it could be the last move that the shrewd girl left.

It didn’t matter.

The situation in the northern region changed everyday. Even if it was a risk, they had to get stronger.

Capture a dungeon and grow it.

Taking everything that Kaiwan left into their own hands.


Foras gave their command. Excluding a group of soldiers that will guard the dungeon, the rest of their troops participated.

A couple of carriages that were carrying armed Orcs were running across the wilderness.

They were headed to the southern edge of the demon world.

It was the House of Mammon’s dungeon.


<Reorganization #4> End.

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