The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 037

<Reorganization #3>

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“You’re sharp.”

Sitri leaned on the back of the chair. The way she looked at Yong-Ho was different from the other times and it looked as if she was setting a price on an item. She slightly stuck her tongue out and lightly licked her bottom lip.

“Please continue.”

Yong-Ho gulped. Yong-Ho thought about Catalina in his head so that he wouldn’t be blinded by her beauty. When he thought of how Catalina drooled while sleeping, he quietly chuckled and he was able to somewhat break free.

With a more relaxed expression, Yong-Ho continued talking.

“Foras didn’t move when the last two owners were alive. According to Eligor, it’s because the owners within the empty parts of the lands were maintaining the balance.”

A peace that was created by balancing the power.

Since they had hostile relationships, they couldn’t move carelessly. While they’re attacking one owner, a different owner may attack from behind them.


“It’s still a dungeon even if it’s on the brink of collapsing. Time and troops will be used when attacking in order to take it. During that moment, their dungeon could be in danger because of the other owners.”

“And you think the House of Mammon’s dungeon isn’t worth taking a risk?”


Sitri spoke as if she was assisting. She had her usual small smile, but he couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Whenever he saw her, the only thing that filled his mind was how beautiful she was.

Yong-Ho thought about Catalina again and answered.

“Yes. After Kaiwan, the King of Distortion, the House of Mammon really weakened. Since it wasn’t balanced, they probably didn’t make a move.”


It’s too much trouble to eat, and too much to throw away.

But in the end, Foras didn’t make a move. They just left them alone. Even during the time when the past owner died and the House of Mammon’s dungeon was at its weakest.

“But they’ve started moving. And it seemed like they’re determined about it.”

It was difficult to think that they simply had a change of heart.

Eligor first stated that they could’ve been waiting until the protective barrier weakened, but Yong-Ho didn’t think so.

“And there’s another thing that’s suspicious.”

Sitri tilted her head. It wasn’t that it was unexpected, but she was curious as to what Yong-Ho wanted to say and if he’ll talk about the thing that was on her mind.

Yong-Ho leaned his body to the left and continued.

“It’s something that I’ve thought of while exploring the dungeon and finding new facilities.”

Sitri licked her lower lip again.

Yong-Ho closed his eyes.

There weren’t any suspicions at first.

But the sense of disharmony increased day by day.


“Was the House of Mammon’s dungeon really not worth anything to the other owners in the empty land?”


Yong-Ho opened his eyes again. He didn’t rush.

“The forefathers of the House of Mammon…It did somewhat belong to Mammon, the King of Greed, but there are a lot of facilities within the dungeon. You’ve recently discovered the armory and the gold mine that Kaiwan left.”

They weren’t just facilities.

Within the dungeon, there were a lot of hidden items and Aamon was one of the items that he found.

“At first, I even thought that maybe they were just trying to avoid provoking Mammon’s spirits and the dungeon itself even though it was weak. But no matter how much I thought about it, it was odd. The House of Mammon’s dungeon is worth a lot. If a strong owner that’s able to command strong spirits took this dungeon, they’ll be able to acquire Mammon’s inheritance a lot faster than me.”


“But no one wants the House of Mammon?”

Sitri smiled brightly and commented. Yong-Ho nodded his head.


“Yes. If the defensive shield is the issue…honestly, it’s only an issue to the weaklings.”

There’s no reason to go after the six kings that controlled the demon world.

If the demon was pretty powerful or if they were more powerful than Yong-Ho, then that was more than enough.

But no one wanted the House of Mammon’s dungeon.

Is it because it was located at the edge of the demon world? Because the dungeon was too far into the corner?

That was absurd. It might be a different story for the owners that were located on the other side of the demon world, but for the owners that were in the empty land, it was definitely within their reach.

Sitri stopped touching her chin and waved it in the air. Then the distance between Yong-Ho and Sitri closed. It felt like the ground became narrower instead of the chairs moving.

They were so close that their knees were touching.

Sitri bent forward a bit and whispered a question as if she was talking about a secret.

“Have you tried discussing it with Eligor?”

“Not yet.”


Sitri waved her finger again. Then, Sitri’s chair spun around and it became one with Yong-Ho’s chair. The armrest that was in the way naturally disappeared and Sitri leaned her body against Yong-Ho. His body became nervous when he felt something soft and aromatic.

Sitri didn’t seem to care about his reaction because she slightly moved her lips.

“Where should I start from…?”

She didn’t think about it for a long time. Sitri lightly placed her hand on top of Yong-Ho’s thigh and whispered.


“I’ll start with Foras then.”

Yong-Ho nodded his head. Instead of distancing himself from her, he thought about Catalina again. He felt calm after thinking about how she would act cold, but her ears would be flapping.

Sitri waved her right hand. A large window of light appeared in front of Yong-Ho.

“This is the empty southern part where the House of Mammon is located. When Mammon, the King of Greed, ruled in the past, this entire land was theirs.”

That large land took up 1/7th of the entire demon world. There were many owners that owned their own dungeon.

“Like you’ve stated, the owners in the empty part are maintaining a tight balance. Nothing good will come out of suddenly starting a war…they were maintaining a subtle balance.”

It was past tense. Yong-Ho instinctively reacted and Sitri was satisfied.


“It hasn’t been that long since the balance has been broken. On the edge of the northwest part of the southern empty area, an owner suddenly started a war to conquer. And they’re being violent about it. They haven’t lost once and they’re expanding their power.”


The northwest region started to change into one color on the map.

Yong-Ho now knew.


“You’re right, sir. Foras has decided that there was a need for him to get stronger in order to survive. Even if it means they’re going to be in danger.”


They broke the balance. The domino started to collapse.

The tight balance that was maintained in the southern region collapsed. It was the start of a revolution.


Sitri collected her breath. She looked at Yong-Ho and whispered into his ear.

“The information that I’m about to tell you now is so important that it can’t be compared to someone like Foras.”

Yong-Ho had an idea of what Sitri was going to say.

It was an answer regarding the second suspicion that Yong-Ho mentioned.

“Kaiwan, the previous two owners and all the owners under the House of Mammon put their lives on the line to protect this secret.”

The chair split into two again. Sitri sat right in front of Yong-Ho. Instead of her seductive smile, she looked at Yong-Ho with a cold expression. She spoke in a low tone.

“In the past, Mammon, the King of Greed, controlled 1/4th of the demon world. And Mammon’s true character, known as The Secret of Greed, is their largest and strongest dungeon.”

The window of light was located behind Sitri and even though it showed new pictures, Yong-Ho didn’t lay his eyes on it. He stared straight into Sitri’s purple eyes.


“After Mammon died all of a sudden, the other kings that were suppressed by Mammon started attacking the House of Mammon all together. And during this process, Mammon’s true nature, The Secret of Greed, was completely destroyed.”


Sitri closed her eyes. She leaned back as if she felt a wave of exhaustion within a single moment. She spoke in a tone that was different from before.

“The enormous amount of treasure that Mammon gathered was looted and after destroying The Secret of Greed, the kings were satisfied. Taking their superhuman skill was one of their biggest reasons, so they were definitely satisfied.”


‘Superhuman skill?’

This was the first time Yong-Ho heard of that word, but he didn’t interrupt her. He decided to concentrate on her explanation for now.

“The Secret of Greed had been destroyed. Mammon’s treasures were looted by the other kings and the 12 spirits that guarded the House of Mammon either left or died. This is the ‘truth’ that’s been spread in the demon world.”


Sitri purposely stopped talking. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Yong-Ho and a smile appeared on her face again.

Yong-Ho understood.

“The Secret of Greed is still alive.”

“You’re right. The one that was destroyed by the kings was a fake one. The true one…it’s the dungeon that’s the current base for the House of Mammon.”

Mammon’s spirits didn’t split up. They remained in The Secret of Greed.

Mammon had four out of the seven superhuman skills and three of the Seven Deadly Sin’s power, but since they all disappeared, the demon world believed that The Secret of Greed was destroyed.

But that wasn’t the case.

The one that did get destroyed was the fake one.

It was true that the superhuman skills and the Seven Deadly Sin’s powers were taken, but they were able to preserve everything else instead.

“If this truth gets out, the vagrants in the empty southern area won’t be the only ones that’ll attack the House of Mammon. The six kings that are reigning over the demon world will probably start moving.”

In order to take away everything that Mammon had.

In order to eliminate the potential risk from this world.

“It was actually easy to hide the truth when the previous two owners were alive. It had already collapsed and whenever the spirits found something new, they thought that it was Kaiwan’s inheritance. But…I’m sure you’re a bit different, right?”

Yong-Ho gulped. But it wasn’t because he felt burdened by the truth.

He actually looked straight at Sitri.


The woman that knew all of this information.

She was involved with the House of Mammon for a long time and favored Yong-Ho.

“Ms. Sitri. You’re…”

“The dungeon shop’s important asset.”

Sitri interrupted Yong-Ho. It looked as if she disagreed with whatever Yong-Ho was trying to say.

“We’re done talking. Since you want to repay the debt for the mana potion, I’ll charge you more for this information.”

Yong-Ho couldn’t read the expression that was on her face. A smile that was for business use was on her face and when Sitri waved her finger, a small window of light appeared between him and Sitri.

On the window of light, it displayed the amount he could earn by using the gold mine as collateral, the price of the various items that Yong-Ho ordered and the price of the information.


Yong-Ho pushed away his regrets. The most important thing right now was to block Foras’s attack.

“I’ll use the remaining to purchase a spirit. Can I purchase the information related to Foras?”

“I think you’ll be able to purchase a Rank Two and a Rank Three spirit. And regarding the information about Foras…since you purchased an expensive piece of information, I’ll give you a slight discount.”

Sitri got rid of the window of light. She looked at Yong-Ho and spoke.


“Usually, the dungeon shop doesn’t sell information about an owner. The owners themselves try their best to hide their information. Foras also does not know about it. The dungeon shop knows about it, but even if you are a valuable customer, we cannot leak any information. I hope you’ll understand.”

The demon’s power was a trump card that the demons had. It’s obvious that they would keep it a secret.


“The information that I can give to you is…the fact that Foras tends to control the Orcs as their spirit. They tend to enjoy close-range attacks.”


Yong-Ho nodded his head. The fact that there were a lot of Orcs under their control was something that he already knew, but he couldn’t ask her for more information.


“Valuable customer, that was an enjoyable transaction. I look forward to meeting you again.”

Sitri bowed like she did before and like always, she became a light and disappeared.

Yong-Ho was now alone and like last time, a catalogue filled with spirits was displayed before him. With the amount he had left, he would be able to purchase one Rank Two and one Rank Three spirit.

Yong-Ho focused on the current situation.

He looked at the dungeon shop’s servant spirit catalogue.


<Reorganization #3> End.

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