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Hey guys,

As many of you have noticed, I have not been updating the chapters at all and I apologize for that. I understand that many of you have been waiting for the chapters and I haven’t been giving that to you. My full-time job is requiring that I travel and because of that, I have not had the time to sit down and really focus on the translations. It’s not fair to you guys and because of that, I have decided to stop translating permanently. I will be closing everything down, including this website, this Friday.

Thank you for all the support that you’ve given me since the first day that I started translating.

9 thoughts on “Last Announcement

  1. Belkar

    That came as a shock, but if it’s what you feel you should be doing…
    I can only say thank you for all your time and effort spent translating!
    Best of luck with travelling for work and real life in general.

  2. Volatile100

    It was a good run man. If real life is calling, no problem. Good luck with life, and may you have peace. Just make sure to pass the translations to somewhere so we don’t lose them please.

  3. Marrdreg

    Man, that is hella disappointing to hear even if I understand your reasoning. I need my Dungeon Maker fix, hah. I would like to say that it would be nice of you to continue translating even if there isnt much consistency, or maybe find a new translator to take over before taking your leave.. .
    On that same note, and most importantly, I respect your decision and wish you the best in life.

  4. Grizzlykin

    That for sure came in brutaly and un unexpectedly but if that’s what you have to do I can’t be mad at you.

    Good luck with your life reading this novel was great for how long it lasted.

  5. Nanashi

    Don’t sweat it man. You did a great job for us leachers, you have all my gratitude.

    And btw take your hobbies as what they are, its good to be passionate and dedicated, but go as far as you feel like and don’t feel pressured by shedules unless you really want it, so you don’t burn out. Hobbies are to be enjoyed, there is a lot of stuff that you are forced to take on.

    Good luck from now on from an anonymous leecher.

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