The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 076

<Mammon’s Arena #3>

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It felt like an intense feeling was held in his hands.

When she realized that Yong-Ho wasn’t the son of Cayenne, her younger brother, she was disappointed.

But she couldn’t give up.

Maybe he was Cayenne’s descendant. Maybe not his son, but either his grandson or great grandson.

Kaiwan even asked how her brother was doing.

However, she couldn’t talk. Besides her feelings, there were other things that she wanted to say, but she still couldn’t say anything.

It wasn’t because she was trying to control her anxious and impatient emotions. She simply wasn’t allowed to speak. Kaiwan’s lips didn’t open and just twitched. Yong-Ho knew why.



He was controlling Kaiwan. He didn’t give her permission to speak.


Yong-Ho was able to imagine it in his head.

He also had an idea as to how Kaiwan was alive despite the rumors saying that she had died.


Gusion was still looking at Yong-Ho. It was cold. His eyes were filled with many different emotions, but it was obvious that Gusion didn’t like him.


Yong-Ho felt Gusion resisting.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 075

<Mammon’s Arena #2>

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Among the facilities that were located deep within the dungeon, the Library and the Magic Laboratory were probably the most important.


Kaiwan’s Library was actually pretty empty. It was because there simply wasn’t a large enough variety of books. Nevertheless, the books were still taken care of pretty well. He knew that Kaiwan had used them with the utmost care.


Since most of the spirits in the House of Mammon didn’t really read books, no one was using the Library. The spirits however were told to register if they ever wanted to use it, but Eligor was the only one that did and the sole book that he was interested in was the cooking one.


After passing the Library, that still lingered with Kaiwan and her little brother’s scent, Yong-Ho headed towards the Magic Laboratory.


The laboratory was just as big as the training ground. Half of the room was empty space which was probably used to test out magic spells.


According to Lucia, this place was used to study various types of magic, but…


‘We don’t have anyone to do that.’


Out of the spirits within the House of Mammon, Ophelia was the only one that was skilled in magic, but she was a Red Demon. The fact that she was able to use magic was already amazing, so it would be hard to ask her to do any more.


Yong-Ho again realized how important a magician was. He decided to look into it the next time he visited the dungeon shop’s Virtual Space.


After stepping out of the lab, Yong-Ho stopped. Even though Kaiwan had developed 80% of the first floor, it didn’t mean she had filled every part of it. When Yong-Ho was thinking about installing new facilities in the first half of the dungeon, he had made a few empty rooms and Kaiwan’s first floor had empty rooms as well.


‘The place connected to the remaining 20%.’ Read More

The Skill Maker – Chapter 125

<A Way to Win #1>


‘They’re just along for the ride.’

Money won’t bring them this opportunity. They won’t be able to experience this elsewhere.

On top of that, they were safe.

This alliance was formed for power.

So they didn’t feel the need to help them grow.

Because of that, it was only natural for them to exclude them from the training.

And the members that were participating didn’t have any experience with a colorful portal.

Hyun-Soo was able to predict how shocking it was going to be for them.

‘Just tell all of your friends.’

That way, their value will keep increasing.

“Let’s start!”

They were still testing the training method with Riri.

Since they didn’t know how many people Riri’s power will be able to protect, they decided to start with a small group.

When there’s a colorful portal involved, it’s best to be careful.

“This would’ve been impossible if we didn’t have Riri. Our Riri is amazing.”

Before starting the training.

The members complimented her so that they can stay on her good side.


But it didn’t matter.

Riri stuck to Hyun-Soo and was begging for his attention.

She was asking for a lot of compliments since she worked really hard.

But for Hyun-Soo, he felt a bit embarrassed.

It wasn’t only because of Riri. The members all looked jealous.

This was really burdening for him.

He really wanted to wear a mask.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 124

<Thinning Out #3>


“Oh, how’d you know? You’re right. It depends on the contract, but that’s a possibility. That’s why people that know it call it a slave contract. But it’s that effective. People try not to use it that often though.”

He understood after listening, but since there were human rights issues, no one really uses it.

“But Yoo-Na chose to use it because she wanted to make it official. When people join forces or become allies, they don’t really use it. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. And for a colorful portal…it’s worth it.”

They were still studying the Puppeteer’s corpse.

They haven’t found anything yet.

But everyone agreed that a colorful portal was a lot more valuable than an ordinary portal.

The world was focused on the monster that FE killed and FE itself.

That’s why Kim Yoo-Na was being cautious.

There was a new group that was joining them and she needed data as well as security.

“I’m sure we’ll get approved since we submitted a request.”

After that single visit, they received all of their approvals on time.

That’s why they should be getting the approval soon.

‘I have a lot to do before then.’

The time until the next hunt.

Hyun-Soo will be prepared by then.


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The Skill Maker – Chapter 123

<Thinning Out #2>


Hyun-Soo called Riri.

“Riri, stop and come over here.”


Riri was sitting on top of the spy’s black head and flew to Hyun-Soo when he called her.

“Wow. She wouldn’t even listen when we asked her to stop.”

David mumbled to himself in disappointment.

He was complaining about how she was treating people differently.

Hyun-Soo asked after she sat on his shoulder.

“Did you make him that way?”


It was a short answer.

She was clearly saying yes.

Hyun-Soo had no idea as to how she left the dorm and how she was able to catch that person.

On top of that, since when did she have the ability to create illusions?

‘They do say that kids grow every day.’

This probably happened because he hasn’t been able to take care of her recently.

Of course she wasn’t a child of a human, but since it hasn’t been that long since she hatched out of the egg, it’s safe to say that she was a child.

Kyuuuu, kyuuuuu.

Riri was trying to say something by violently moving her body.

But when she realized that her owner wasn’t understanding her at all, she flew towards the palm of his hand.

And she tried to place Hyun-Soo’s hand on top of her head.

‘Is she?’

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 074

<Mammon’s Arena #1>

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The five Board of Directors had extremely powerful skills.

They were all demon kings that had their own dungeons and these important figures were known to be physically very powerful within the large demon world.


Orobas, the one with superhuman strength, was extremely powerful.

But that didn’t mean he wasn’t strong in other areas.

Bifron, the most intellectual demon, believed that Orobas’s real strength was his unbreakable body.


Red Demon, a fighting race, had trouble learning magic.

It’s safe to say that there weren’t any Red Demons that were known to use magic.

But it didn’t mean that they were incompetent. Physically, they were above average, so they possessed strong mana and had the ability to use that mana to strengthen their body.


This was the source for the Red Demon’s amazing physical abilities.

Body strengthening.

By pouring out their mana, it makes their body both faster and firmer.


Orobas could be considered as the strongest amongst the Red Demons, so strengthening his body more was honestly useless. But, he didn’t stop training. Despite becoming the great Demon Prince after developing himself for a long time, he was never lazy.


Orobas was playing Cat’s Cradle with his beautiful maiden, Silvia, a Dryad he treasured. On the outside, it looked like he was flirting with her, but this was part of his exercise.

Orobas was too strong. When Orobas didn’t use his mana to strengthen his body, he needed to train himself on controlling his strength. If he used his body without thinking, giving his lovely Silvia a light hug would break her body, causing her to die.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 073

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<Dungeon Upgrade #4>

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There were various types of swords.

All of which embody the name sword, because they share similar characteristics.


So even if a weapon is called a sword, depending on the type, both the shape and use can be different.


The same applied to lances.

Lances have a lot of different types as well.


Eastern and western lances were different.

There was also a big difference between a one-handed lance and a two-handed lance.


It depended on whether the user wanted to stab the enemy or twirl it around so that the enemy couldn’t get close.

Was it going to be used in a battle between two groups or in a battle where the user is alone?


Some mythril lances are paired with axes, while there are some lances with specialized poles which utilises the handle’s flexibility.


There was a huge difference.


Because of that, every lance was different. The user needed to be sure of the type of lance and the type of skill they were going to learn.


The Red Lotus Demon Lance, Aamon, wasn’t an ordinary lance.

And right now, it looked more like an iron stick than a lance.


Learning from a book or manual will have a negative impact on a beginner like Yong-Ho.

He needed a teacher that can fix his posture and call out his bad habits.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 122

<Thinning Out #1>


“Don’t worry too much. It’s not like we’re going to reveal it soon. But with an item like this, don’t you think it’s worth trying it?”

Of course they had a backup plan.

They’ll probably have a detailed plan by the time the potion is released to the world.

They won’t let people scam them easily.

‘On top of that, I’m the only one that can make it. With just that, they won’t be able to attack me easily.’

They haven’t decided on how much they were going to reveal.

But in time, everything will be revealed.

Only Hyun-Soo could do this.

Hyun-Soo recalled the data room he visited before Kim Yoo-Na visited him.

There was an enormous amount of data regarding the clan.

These days, information could be used as a weapon and a lot of data was contained in the data room.

And Hyun-Soo was able to find the information he was looking for.

It was some sort of thesis and one of the tests that was related to the topic was the thing that Hyun-Soo was curious about.

That a hunter’s energy was natural.

Since everyone’s energy characteristics was different, energy couldn’t be exchanged.

When an energy with different characteristics enters the body, it automatically pushes it out and the body experiences excruciating pain. The person may even lose their life if things got really bad.

When two different energies meet, it’ll really damage the body.

That’s why the person may even die.

Hyun-Soo thought of one thing while reading the results.

‘But, why is it possible for me?’

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 121

<Bait & Hook #3>


Kim Yoo-Na’s eyes widened.

“This……? Is this ‘that’ as well?”


Kim Yoo-Na agreed on Hyun-Soo’s plan to gain control through food.

It was possible because she worked with Hyun-Soo for a long time.

Hyun-Soo also assumed that Kim Yoo-Na somewhat had an idea about his skill.

‘There’s no way someone as quick-witted as Kim Yoo-Na wouldn’t know.’

But she never asked him directly or hinted at it, so all he did was assume.

She was surprised by the tangerine that Hyun-Soo gave her.

She knew about his cooking skills since she ate his food before, so she wasn’t expecting this at all.

“So that’s why they acted that way.”

She thought things were working out on their own because they reacted so passionately and didn’t know this was the reason.

“It’s not an ordinary tangerine. You did something to it, right? I’m assuming it’s related to what you wanted to tell me.”

“Yes, that’s right. Regarding the potions that are being sold at the black market, I’m thinking about making a more systematic approach.”

“The potion that are being sold? Are you thinking about selling them through a different method?”

“I’m still thinking about it, but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead.”

Getting the result you want right away was difficult.

That’s why it’s important to take one step at a time even if it takes longer.

Then you’ll be able to reach your goal during the most important moment.

“What kind of plan is it?”

She was no longer focused on the tangerine.

She turned into a serious businesswoman.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 120

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<Bait & Hook #2>


“Did you guys enjoy the food?”

When Kim Yoo-Na stood up and spoke, everyone looked at her.

“I know it’s been uncomfortable because there wasn’t a training room, so I prepared a space for you.”

It was an announcement that didn’t fit well with dinner time.

They didn’t reveal the Center Room and the personal training rooms that the members have been using.

Because of that, the visitors complained a bit.

‘Are they crazy?’

‘That’s absurd.’

The members complained about the visitors that were complaining about not having a training room.

It’s because they overstayed their welcome by making up silly excuses and now they were demanding a training room.

‘It’s a good thing they finished building it by spending all their money…if not, my plan might’ve been delayed a bit.’

He heard that there was a tall building in China that was completed in 12 days.

It was an amazing achievement done by man.

The FE’s new building wasn’t any different.

‘They used a lot of money.’

He was able to really see them splurge.

Since money had so much power, the workers worked for 24 hours straight.

If they needed more people, they got more people and if they needed more material, they provided it.

They even provided shower rooms and high-quality food.

Even though they haven’t finished it, a part of the facility was completed so that people could use it.

And Kim Yoo-Na notified the visitors about it.

Was it for their comfort and convenience?

The answer was no.

Hyun-Soo slowly looked at the people.

Some wondered why Kim Yoo-Na was announcing it all of a sudden and others felt something through that announcement.

‘I knew it.’

Something was happening.

Some hunters felt something change within their bodies and they understood why Kim Yoo-Na made that announcement.

It was obvious.

They needed a space where they can move around freely.

If they figured this out, then they would definitely have more questions.

How did she know?

This was Hyun-Soo’s next plan.

‘The high-ranked hunters. They’ve noticed.’

High-ranked hunters are generally smart.

Hyun-Soo wasn’t sure if their brains developed when they leveled up or if their bodies were well-developed because they had a lot of hunting experience.

Since there weren’t any information about this, he didn’t know the answer.

‘Anyways, the important thing is that we’re at the second stage of my plan.’

All that was left was the third stage.

The third stage was easy.

The only thing the hunters had to do was stand up and run to the training room.

And have them realize the changes in their body and have their bodies learn the effects.

Then he’ll be done with that stage.

“If anyone needs a drill hall, our staff at the entrance will guide you there.”

A small smile appeared on her face.

“Doing a light exercise after eating is needed.”

She added that comment.

No one knew if it really was going to be a light exercise or an intense exercise.

Only the hunters that stood up knew.


Click, clack.

Hyun-Soo was on his way somewhere.

He was going to arrive at his destination very soon.


David wasn’t the only one that was pulling Hyun-Soo back.

Everyone automatically gathered at the Center Room even if they weren’t training.

David looked around and then pulled Hyun-Soo into the Center Room.

The room was empty.

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you have that?”

“Have what?”

“You know, that.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know, the Bibimbap that you made for us!”


Hyun-Soo now understood and nodded his head.

Then David asked with a disappointed expression.

“Why in the world did you make it for them? There isn’t enough for us!”

“Do you even know what that was?”

Even though Hyun-Soo made several dishes that contained medicinal herbs, he never explained it to them.

“Of course I know it. I’m not that stupid, you know.”

It was understandable as to why they didn’t know because they would either go meet their girlfriends or exercise after dinner.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make it again for you guys.”

It wasn’t that difficult.

After Hyun-Soo answered without any hesitation, David shook his head with a frustration look.

“No, that’s not it. I’m worried about you!”



Who? Me?

When Hyun-Soo asked, David nodded.

“That’s right! Why would you make something like that? It should be just for us…oh, no, that’s not it! Everyone knows that you made it now!”

David enthusiastically voiced his concern.

“Ha, ha ha.”

Hyun-Soo’s laugh didn’t really fit well with the current situation.

David was confused because Hyun-Soo’s laugh was odd, but Hyun-Soo couldn’t stop smiling.

‘Now that I think about it…….’

He acted like this before.

When he saw Hyun-Soo use two different elements at the same time, David begged him to not tell anyone.

He was probably curious about how that it was possible, but he didn’t even ask.

But he acted like Hyun-Soo’s guardian because he was afraid that something bad was going to happen to Hyun-Soo if others found out.

‘What did say back then? That he had to look after me?’

He was treating Hyun-Soo like a baby.

That’s why the other members scorned him.

It happened not that long ago, but it was a pretty funny memory.

‘He’s still the same.’

In the end, David was worried about Hyun-Soo.

Even though no one was holding a weapon, it was a war zone.

A war zone where people take and gets things taken away from them.

“Ha ha…….”

It was obvious that David would be worried after Hyun-Soo revealed his skill in the current situation.

“Wh-why are you laughing rookie? Did I make a mistake?”

“No, no. I’m just thankful.”


David didn’t understand.

When Hyun-Soo said thank you, David waved his hand really fast.

“N-no…I mean…I should be the one thanking you since I’m probably just being nosy. But, what are you trying to do? Is it okay to reveal yourself like that?”

“They probably don’t know that I did it. And I didn’t purposely reveal it either. They probably won’t think that it’s me and will just think that our clan has something.”

“That’s okay, right? Did you…do that on purpose?”

“Yeah, we should use whatever we can.”

He wasn’t going to do anything useless.

If they had to take one step forward, it would be a giant step.

“I didn’t even know and was worried for no reason. I was really worried that someone might have taken you.”

David let out a huge sigh of relief.

“Ha ha. I just realized this, but it’s great to have someone like you worrying about me. Thank you.”

“Huh? No. Oh man, you’re making me cringe.”

Was it because he was surrounded by people who were honest?

Hyun-Soo expressed his appreciation without any hesitation.

The old Hyun-Soo wouldn’t have been able to say things like this.

It felt like this was the time for him to really realize the things he wasn’t able to before because he was always looking ahead.


“Ariel almost got kidnapped before. They still try, but it was a lot worse before. Since extraterritorial rights exists, it’s not as bad as before…jeez…”

“I see. I understand. Don’t worry too much. Do I look like someone that’ll get easily kidnapped?”

Hyun-Soo created fire and wind on the palm of his hand while laughing.

It was the same skill that David told him to hide.

Who would try to go up against someone with that kind of skill?

“Yeah, I’m sure you can take care of yourself. But still, be careful.”

“Got it.”  



‘Not bad.’

Knowing that someone cared was a pretty good feeling.

Hyun-Soo exited the Center Room and headed to his original destination.

Knock, knock.

Hyun-Soo stood in front of a large door and knocked.

It was a notification that the owner of the room wanted.


A slim figure was looking at something while leaning on a desk.

Kim Yoo-Na lifted her head and greeted Hyun-Soo.

“How are they reacting?”

It wasn’t Hyun-Soo’s own plan. They were using the clan’s name to execute the plan.

That’s why it was difficult for him to see their reactions.

But Kim Yoo-Na was actively participating in the plan.

“It was great. They were pretty excited so they ran to the training room.”

Kim Yoo-Na giggled.

Hyun-Soo was able to imagine that.

A good amount of them visited here to get information and to find some sort of flaw.

There were also some that were trying to become allies with the clan.

Anyways, they put their pride down and ran to the training room.

“It’s a success.”

“Yes, it sure is.”

“I’m sure they’ll make a more competitive offer now.”

“It’s all thanks to you, Hyun-Soo.”

They showed off the clan’s skill.

Once they come back to their senses, they’ll be busy calculating their offers.

Even though strong hunters gathered here, there was still a difference in skill between them.

After seeing FE’s skill, there will definitely be some that believe that they’re not strong enough.

‘We’ll just get rid of them.’

It meant that they weren’t strong enough to walk on the road that the clan was going to walk on.

This will be their chance to find out the skill differences.

It was an unexpected bonus.

‘The more people we filter out, the better I guess.’

There’s a reason why companies gave two tests and did an interview at the end.

“Since we provoked them, I’m sure some of them will start getting busy.”

“Yes, let’s move on to our next part of our plan.”

Hyun-Soo and Kim Yoo-Na looked at each other.

After sharing their secrets, a sly smile appeared on their faces.

Since they set everything, some of the hunters will start getting busy

Once they start moving, they’ll execute the next part of their plan.

The first part of their plan was a success.

Hyun-Soo decided to slowly start executing the next part.

“Try this.”

Hyun-Soo took out the fruit he brought with him.

It was a tangerine he bought from the market.

He bought it because Hyuna really liked it, but he decided to offer some to Kim Yoo-Na too.

“What’s this?”

“You’ll know once you try it.”

It wasn’t that Kim Yoo-Na didn’t know what a tangerine was. She was wondering why he was offering it to her.

Even though she asked why, Hyun-Soo answered her by telling her to try it.

Kim Yoo-Na peeled the tangerine and ate a small piece.



<Bait & Hook #2> End.