The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 072

<Dungeon Upgrade #3>


It became quite busy.

After returning to the dungeon, Yong-Ho visited the basic workshop and talked with Bugrim.

Bugrim still couldn’t talk, but he must’ve focused all of his energy on creating items because he created a lot of things while Yong-Ho was away.


“He said with a decent brazier and anvil, he’ll be able to create better items.”


Eligor explained on behalf of Bugrim. Yong-Ho questioned with his looks on how they communicated and Eligor explained that they used their bodies to communicate.


Even though Bugrim couldn’t speak, he could hear and thanks to the Evil Spirit of the Past, he was able to understand the other spirits.

Bugrim was full of ambition. He wasn’t the same as the Bugrim that was inside the prison cell.

Yon, the Goblin, probably became hopeful after hearing about the body recovering after one evolves.

The spirits, including the Goblins, didn’t know that Yon had evolved, but since the dying Yon revived, that’s all that mattered.


[Development Rate 15/100]


Since Bugrim’s skills had already been well-developed, his rate Development Rate wasn’t increasing very much.

After Yong-Ho convinced himself that everything will pay off as long as he works hard, he headed towards the workshop.


The Princess Ant and Spot were in the training ground swinging a stick. Spot was swinging with enthusiasm, but the Princess Ant was only swinging it because Spot told her. But thanks to that, her Development Rate was increasing.


The farm was where the Princess Ant was staying and thanks to Bugrim’s hard work, it turned out really nice. And Spot’s dog house was located within the farm as well.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 071

<Dungeon Upgrade #2>


“I love you, valuable customer. What can I help you with?”


His eyes were fixed on the only figure that was standing in the white room.

As usual, the red-haired Sitri was beautiful.


While sitting on a white, antique chair, Sitri greeted Yong-Ho and motioned him to sit. Within moments, a chair appeared behind Yong-Ho.


Yong-Ho was used to it now, so he calmly sat in front of Sitri. Sitri spoke first as usual.


“You’ve become stronger.”


Unlike his horns, the change wasn’t something that can be seen with bare eyes.

Instead of going into details, Yong-Ho just smiled and Sitri responded by slightly opening her eyes. There was a reason behind Yong-Ho’s smile.


Yong-Ho became stronger.

After the fight with Foras, he consumed the distortion, a Land Worm and Jungceros’s spirit. Even though it was a short period, the change was so big that it was safe to say that he was a different person.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 119

<Bait & Hook #1>


‘Might as well try.’

It wouldn’t hurt to try.

If it doesn’t work, then he could still mix the potion into the sauce.

Hyun-Soo used his phone to contact David.

“David, are you available?”

– Huh? What’s up?

“Can you stop by my dorn? There’s something I want to give you.”

– Okay. I’ll be right there!

Since he experienced a lot of odd situations through Hyun-Soo, he was the best guinea pig.

Even if something weird happened, he wouldn’t think much about it.

“I now have a guinea pig for testing. I should use this opportunity to really test it out.”

The first subject he’ll pour the energy into.

It was going to be through the pear that Riri was eating.


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The Skill Maker – Chapter 118

<It’s Delicious and Good for the Body #3>


“About what?”

“A lot of the guests are getting lost at night.”

“Oh, you’re referring to the guests that are getting lost in front of the restricted area, right?”

“Yeah and they said there’s a lost child that keeps visiting the supply room.”

“I wonder why. This place isn’t that difficult to navigate around.”

“I know, it’s weird, right? Or maybe it’s because I’ve gotten used to this place and it’s really easy to get lost.”

“I don’t think so…”

A smile appeared on Hyun-Soo’s face as he watched Katrina think seriously about it.

He already heard it from Kim Yoo-Na, but he was able to confirm the current situation again through Katrina.

‘They feel provoked.’

Things were going like he had planned.

Letting Riri fly every time they ate was effective.

Hyun-Soo wanted to provoke the hunters. He wanted to raise their expectations and imagination through Riri.

It was up to them to choose.

And through that, he’ll be able to filter them out.

‘Should I provoke them a bit more?’

Hyun-Soo recalled the ingredients that were sitting in his dorm.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 117

<It’s Delicious and Good for the Body #2>


“Anyways, you guys are the only clan that managed to clear the colorful portal.”

Kim Yoo-Na looked over at Hyun-Soo.

Hyun-Soo also looked at Kim Yoo-Na when he felt her looking at him.

An odd feeling that he couldn’t quite describe enveloped him.

“More people will try to work with you guys and I’ll get even busier…hm…and now we’re back to where we started.”

“Stop complaining, Mr. Herhim. I have a hard time believing that you get tired.”

Was that a good thing?

When Herhim intercepted, the odd feeling that he felt between him and Kim Yoo-Na completely disappeared.

After that, they made small talk.

Kim Yoo-Na made a “That’s understandable” face and listened to Herhim.

And then, Herhim focused all of his attention on Riri.

‘I’m sure he told me to come because he wanted to see Riri.’

Herhim stated a different reason, but Hyun-Soo was sure that Riri was the reason.

After they finished talking, Herhim approached Hyun-Soo while him and Kim Yoo-Na were getting up.

He looked inside Hyun-Soo’s hood with a disappointed look and then spoke to him.

“Jeez, these rumors. It looks like you did that on purpose, so would it be okay if I help you out?”

“That’ll be great.”

If Herhim gets involved, things will work faster. A more detailed rumor will spread.

This was exactly what Hyun-Soo wanted.

A large treasure will definitely attract moths.

But it was hard to tell whether they were an ally or a foe.

One thing he was sure of was that those moths couldn’t become allies.

He would gladly welcome them with open arms if he could filter out the foes.

On top of that, he’ll be able to see who’s side they were on.

“Then, leave it to me. I won’t let you down.”

Herhim extended his hand out.

Hyun-Soo smiled while shaking his hand.

He smiled brightly.


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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 070

<Dungeon Upgrade #1>


Jungceros’s spirit was delicious.

The quality wasn’t as good as Foras’s spirit, but when looking at just the amount of the mana, it was more than Foras’s.

When comparing it to food, it lacks flavor, but it can make a person feel full.


Jungceros’s element was darkness. Greed embraced Jungceros’s darkness this time too and Yong-Ho felt a new element take place within his mana.


Mana made up a demon’s body and spirit.

And among them, the “demon kings” had a lump of mana that was purer than ordinary demons.


A new horn didn’t develop. However, his other skills increased.

Yong-Ho enjoyed his powerful body and breathed in deeply. Even though he was just breathing in, he felt mana boiling in various parts of his body.


When Yong-Ho felt the change, Catalina and Skull also realized that they changed.


Catalina’s darkness became stronger. The mana that helped Skull move their dead body became sturdier.


Foras’s power, coldness, became Yong-Ho’s attribute.

Jungceros’s Mind Control made Yong-Ho’s mind stronger.



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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 069

<Dungeon Offense #5>


It felt like time stopped.

Inside the room where the battle was taking place, everyone remained still as if they froze. They were so still that one would probably wonder if they remembered how to breathe.


But it didn’t last long.

The one that broke the silence was surprisingly the one that caused the silence.


Jungceros’s large body fell to the ground. It seemed like he was just leaning over, but he must’ve not been able to handle his weight, because his body fell. And he didn’t move anymore. He had a blank look on his face.


“Pant, pant…pa…”


Yong-Ho, who was being weighed down by Jungercos, raised himself up while panting. Catalina, who was within Yong-Ho’s arms, quickly used her arms and legs to help him.


It was hard to tell how this happened. Jungceros fell on Yong-Ho and their eyes met. And a few seconds later, Jungceros became unconscious.


“Mind oppression.”


Yong-Ho quietly spoke while trying to collect his breath. The sight of Greed devouring Jungceros impacted Yong-Ho. Jungceros and Yong-Ho were on the same level, so when Jungceros couldn’t resist Greed, it excited Yong-Ho.


“They tried to control my mind.”


That was enough. The Orcs were surprised because they didn’t know what he meant, but it wasn’t the same for Catalina and Ophelia. Ophelia actually felt joy and fear at the same time.


Her joy was because of Greed.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 116

<It’s Delicious and Good for the Body #1>


“Is it okay…to give that away?”

“Why? Other than the Energy Stones that are lawfully traded, most of them come through here.”

That’s why it’s okay to give one or two.

Riri looked like she was contemplating.

She didn’t want to go, but it was difficult for her to ignore the Energy Stone.

‘Riri consumes energy. So, it’s obvious that she wants the Energy Stone, but…it is really okay? To use the Energy Stone that way?’

He used Energy Stones in his potion as well, but this was different.

Reworking the potion by using Energy Stones sounded a lot better.

But he was just giving it to Riri.


For some reason, Riri felt uncomfortable around Herhim.

No. He knew the reason why.

‘No one would feel comfortable if they felt threatened personally.’

However, Riri couldn’t overcome the temptation and approached Herhim.

Carefully. Slowly.

She inspected around Herhim while flying and ended up landing on Herhim’s hand.

She grabbed the Energy Stone and quickly flew to Hyun-Soo.


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The Skill Maker – Chapter 115

<Power Expansion Preparations #3>


“I’m glad you’re here. We were discussing about how much information we should reveal regarding the colorful portal.”

Kim Yoo-Na greeted him warmly because Hyun-Soo contributed a lot during this hunt.

However, Leon didn’t know the reason, so he felt displeased.

“Technically, we only participated, so we need Xeon’s agreement.”

“What is Team Xeon suggesting?”

Leon looked a bit uncomfortable, but he replied.

“There’s…really no need to reveal it.”

“Then, Yoo-Na is on the side of wanting to reveal it.”

Since they’ve been through a lot, it’s understandable that they would suggest that.

On top of that, he probably felt that there wasn’t a need for Yoo-Na to have control over the information.

Hyun-Soo agreed with that.

‘Even if we reveal it, there’s a lot of people that won’t be able to use it anyways, so it’s better to boast about it a little’

Another reason was to annoy the higher-ups.

There was no reason to give them more power when they were trying to control the hunters for their own selfish gain.

‘Our life is on the line as well.’

Many lost their lives because they didn’t have enough information.

Of course some would still die even if they had the information.

Just in this portal, they managed to avoid death four times thanks to Hyun-Soo.

No one knew how things would turn out.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 114

<Power Expansion Preparation #2>


Excluding Hyun-Soo, everyone was in the same situation, so they promised to keep quiet about this.

“We need make sure Team Xeon keeps their mouths shut too!”

One person urged that they get rid of the evidence.


Team Xeon was busy vomiting, so they didn’t really have to worry.

However, the more important members of the guild looked at Hyun-Soo oddly.

Hyun-Soo felt their stares and put on a big smile while looking back at them.

There was no reason to avoid them.

He actually wanted them to see, judge and think about it.

The floor that shined brightly was actually the first floor.

“Is it because it’s a colorful portal? Nothing is easy.”

No one had any idea as to what kind of space they were in.

Once they realized that they landed on the first floor without dying, they released a sigh of relief.

If something went wrong, the first floor would’ve be covered in blood.

The hunters that come in after won’t have any idea as to what happened and how they ended up dying this way.

“Tsk, tsk. How much longer are you guys going to keep vomiting?”

“Should we dismember while waiting?”


They were supposed to dismember the monster with Team Xeon.

Kim Yoo-Na’s clan did all the hunting and the only thing Team Xeon did was get in the way.

But, they did participate so that they could guide Team Xeon during the hunt.

That’s why it’s better for both sides to observe and see how the situation works out.


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