The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 066

<Dungeon Offense #2>


It was safe to say that Ophelia’s second visit was unexpected.

Between the House of Mammon and the free city, it took more than a day on horse, but it only took Ophelia a day to come back.

Unless she really pushed her horse, she probably changed directions before arriving at the free city and returned to the House of Mammon.


Ophelia was a mess and that was more than enough to explain how violent the ride back was.

Her light, blonde hair was covered in dust and her neat and tidy clothes were messy.


Ophelia’s horse was covered in sweat and as soon as they arrived at the dungeon entrance, they collapsed to the ground. Ophelia entered the House of Mammon without taking care of her horse.


Yong-Ho was exploring the dungeon with the spirits and it didn’t take him long to reach the dungeon entrance. However, 10 minutes felt like an eternity for Ophelia.


“What’s wrong?”


Yong-Ho asked directly when he arrived.

He was curious as to why she returned so quickly and why she came here instead of using the communication device.


All of those thoughts were condensed into that one question and after hearing it, Ophelia collected her breath. She assumed that he would have a lot of questions, but answering each and every one wasn’t important right now. Ophelia didn’t even greet him properly.


“The House of Foras surrendered to the House of Abigail.”

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 065

<Dungeon Offense #1>


Yong-Ho woke up earlier than usual.

It wasn’t because he was worried about the things that could happen.



“Please hurry to the training ground!”

“Eligor is dying!”


Lucia’s scream woke Yong-Ho up and he exited the room without washing up. While rushing out, Lucia continued talking to him.


“Of course he won’t really die.”

“But he went over his limit, so his body isn’t in a normal condition.”

“He really spent all night hitting the puppet in the training ground!”


When considering the current time, it meant that he’s been hitting the puppet for eight hours straight.

Of course a person doesn’t die from exercising for eight hours. On top of that, Eligor was a demon and he even evolved Eligor’s stamina.


“Please take what I said literally!”

“I’m sure he didn’t rest even for a second!”


It wasn’t like Lucia watched Eligor’s almost suicidal training from beginning to end. But she knew that Eligor was a Red Demon. Lucia knew about Eligor just as much as Catalina knew about him.


Yong-Ho gritted his teeth while running towards the training ground.

Yong-Ho was the one that asked Ophelia to provoke Eligor a bit. And when he heard that Eligor sneaked into the training ground from Lucia, he was happy that his plan worked.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 110

<Riri’s Skill #1>


This clan cleared two colorful portals.

But there was no guarantee that he’ll be able to cover 100% of the situation.

But Hyun-Soo took pride in the fact that he’ll be able to back them up.

‘And it’s not like I’m by myself either.’

Even amongst the A Rank hunters, they were on different levels.

Even if they wielded the same weapon, there could be a huge difference in power and performance based on who’s using it.

Because of that, Hyun-Soo was able to trust the members since they were that talented.

They were able to adapt during battle and had the ability to obtain information at a fast rate.

They were also swift.

On top of that, the experience they built up until now was different from ordinary hunters.

If they’re given the chance to analyze the opponent’s patterns, they’re able to adapt to it right away.

‘I guess it’s safe to say that I’m destined to be here.’

Hyun-Soo and the clan were all in the same boat.

Hyun-Soo decided to help the clan rise to the top.

“I think we should think about the colorful portal a bit more…”

“Danger comes with the territory when you’re the first.”

“You’re right. They said they had a lot of information this time, right?”

“Yeah. So, isn’t that a good enough reason for us to go for it?”

Hyun-Soo noticed that Kim Yoo-Na used the word, cooperate.

He assumed that’s what they were talking about while he was thinking about something else.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 109

<Time to Hunt #3>


“It’s never too late for revenge.”

“I see…….”

Kim Yoo-Na smiled after hearing Hyun-Soo’s comment.

“You and I think alike. We can get revenge using the same method, but that’ll make us the same as them. We also need to grow our powers a bit more.”

She didn’t stop there.

“But, we shouldn’t just sit here and do nothing, right? They came all this way, so if we don’t do anything, they might look down on us.”

“Oh, I agree. It’ll be a disappointment if we don’t do anything. We should find other ways to pay them back. Violence isn’t always the answer.”

Their eyes met.

Even though they couldn’t pay them back the same way, there were other methods.

“Then, I should increase the number of hunts. And target the colorful portals.”

“That’s a good idea. Showing off our power…I’m sure they’ll get angry. I guess the training will become harder.”

“Do you have another idea, Hyun-Soo?”

An idea suddenly popped into his head and it caused him to smile.

“Yeah, if my assumptions are correct, then my idea will definitely hit them hard.”

A method that’ll keep them on edge.


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The Skill Maker – Chapter 108

<Time to Hunt #2>


But moments later, the members changed to hunters that was worried about the trouble their fellow member caused.

“I apologize for the trouble. If you file a claim to our clan, we’ll pay for the damages.”

“…No, it’s fine. It was a mistake, so there’s no need.”

The assistant started breaking out in cold sweat and when the members entered the room they were led to, the person that called them was waiting for them there.

“Welcome. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Thank you for the invitation.”

“It’s nothing. Thank you for accepting the invitation. Since this isn’t an official meeting, I would like it if we spoke comfortably and instead of addressing me by my position, please call me Ronald.”

“Thank you for the warm welcome, Mr. Ronald.”

Kim Yoo-Na spoke as the clan’s representative.

“Have a seat everyone.”

Right when everyone was going to sit down.


“Oh! My mistake!”

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