The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 064

<Kaiwan’s Inheritance #4>


“Ophelia, the daughter of Endelyon, would like to have an audience with the owner of the great House of Mammon.”


The throne room.

Ophelia kneeled in front of Yong-Ho, who was sitting on the throne. Catalina was standing on the left side of the throne room and Eligor, Rikum and Skull were standing at the bottom of the steps, which were created during the reorganization.


Out of all the spirits that were currently in the House of Mammon, Ophelia was the strongest. On top of that, since she was the leader of a group for a long time, there was a certain dignity in her movements.


‘No, maybe class?’


Seeing Ophelia show her respect towards him reminded him of the “demon” that he imagined when he was younger and felt like he was one step closer to becoming that demon.


But now wasn’t the time for him to be happy about fulfilling his desire. Yong-Ho was curious as to why Ophelia suddenly decided to visit him, but he hid his impatient side by speaking calmly.


“Thank you for coming this far. You visited a lot sooner than I expected.”

“It’s because I became the House of Mammon’s spirit. I need to understand the interior of the dungeon and the situation outside of the dungeon is changing fast.”


Ophelia was wearing the same bartender outfit she was wearing at the bar and was straightforward about her visit. Yong-Ho actually preferred this method since he didn’t know much about the complicated etiquettes.

Yong-Ho was also straightforward.


“What’s the situation like with the other owners?”

“It seems like they’ll start moving within a few days. Foras’s death and defeat has now become a fact. It’s been a while since they left to invade the House of Mammon and haven’t returned yet.”


This was something that Ophelia and Yong-Ho spoke about before at the pub.

In order to attack a different dungeon, an owner needed at least a few dozens of units and a unit of that size is bound to stick out no matter what.


“In the northwest region of Foras’s dungeon, the House of Abigail is located and their movements seem unusual. Not only did they visit the pub yesterday to gather information, but they even hired a mercenary group that was within the free city.”


It was obvious what they were trying to do.

A frown appeared on Yong-Ho’s face.


“How’s Foras’s dungeon?”

“The spirits have started leaving.” Read More

The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 063

<Kaiwan’s Inheritance #3>


He wasn’t consciously doing it.

Yong-Ho was mentally and physically exhausted and that’s why his instincts really kicked in.



It was one of the Seven Deadly Sins and it was guiding Yong-Ho. There was no end to their desire and they wanted the swirling lump of mana that was in front of them.


The demon world was created through mana.

The air, rock and soil. Mana was inside everything that was in this world. Of course the amount of mana was different. Like the wind, mana flew around the demon world. That neverending flow created difference.


This flow of mana was a phenomenon created by the distortion.

Like a small whirlpool that’s created in a river. A different flow that’s been created in an unexpected section.


The distortion was dangerous. It was something that shouldn’t be dealt with carelessly.


But Greed didn’t care about that. It seemed like they wanted it even more because it was dangerous.


Catalina gulped. She wasn’t used to mana and because of that, she couldn’t assume just how dangerous the distortion in front of her was. Since it became smaller, the only thing she could assume was that it was less dangerous than before.


But Lucia was different. Even if the dungeon shop didn’t input any information, she was the Spirit of the Dungeon. She was able to really feel the flow of the mana within the dungeon.


Even if it became smaller, it was still a distortion. The mana was spinning at a fast rate and it wasn’t any different from a lethal weapon. If Yong-Ho placed his hand on it, his body might break because he’s unable to endure the distortion.


But he didn’t hear any voices.

It hasn’t been that long since Lucia had been born, so she wasn’t sure how to describe the current situation. It was rare for a Spirit of a Dungeon to be able to feel this much emotion.


Was she supposed to tell him to depend on her?

Her owner performed impossible tasks before. She was sure that her owner would surprise her this time too.


No, she shouldn’t think like that. It was really dangerous to have expectations.




Lucia managed to speak. But Yong-Ho didn’t stop. He wasn’t simply being controlled by Greed. Yong-Ho also wanted the distortion that was in front of him. And he wasn’t being forced to stretch his hand out. Read More

The Skill Maker – Chapter 107

<Time to Hunt #1>


His eyes looked at the deep pool of water.

He instinctively used Interface and during that moment, he almost cheered.

‘A passageway that leads outside!’

However, the issue was that it was a long passageway.

And, they would have to swim for at least 10 minutes.

On top of that, if they get lost, there’s a chance that it’ll be more than 10 minutes.

‘But it’s still a passageway!’

That was the only available exit.

Even though there was an exit, the method was almost impossible.


‘Make the impossible possible.’

Who was he?

A Skill Maker that was able to make any type of skills.

The members should be thankful that Hyun-Soo was with them.

After finding a way out, Hyun-Soo hinted to the members by pointing at the pool of water.

Frustration can be a scary thing because negative thoughts can make the possible impossible.

Hyun-Soo stepped in before the members became frustrated and pessimistic.

“But, when thinking about how we got in, it probably won’t be easy going out. We used an oxygen tank when coming in. Even if our bodies were stronger than most people, holding our breaths under the water for more than five minutes is impossible…do you think it will work?”

The members all looked at Hyun-Soo.

Kim Yoo-Na was also waiting for him to reply.

“It’s possible. However…I need some time.”

Oh my…!

Oh god.


Everyone started exclaiming when they heard his reply.

They were relieved from the pressure and frustration they were feeling.

When Hyun-Soo mentioned that he needed time, the members dispersed and searched the cavern.

They didn’t want to pressure Hyun-Soo and they were trying to see if there were other ways they could escape.


Someone called out his name.

It was Kim Yoo-Na.


“……I trust you.”

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 106

<Trap #3>


“…Tell me the good news first.”

When Hyun-Soo replied, Eugene held up two fingers and then folded one.

“Okay. The good news is that, we received approval to go hunting.”

Was that good news?

Hyun-Soo was a bit confused, but he decided that it wasn’t so bad since they’ll be able to go into the portal again.

“And the bad news?”

Eugene folded his second finger.

“The bad news is that, there’s something fishy about that approval.”

“Fishy? How?”

“Nothing has been revealed about it. But they’ve been giving us a hard time, so the portal that they approved, probably isn’t an ordinary one. On top of that, it’s not the one that we requested. We submitted an exchange request, but they told us that they would cancel the approval if we didn’t want it.”

And it’s been a long time since they went hunting.

Eugene added.

In order to remain active, there was a need for them to go on hunts.

So, unless they find something that’s really off, they’ll most likely go hunt the portal that they got approval for.

“It’s highly unlikely that they would joke around with a portal, but…we can’t put our guard down.”

“I see.”

“Yoo-Na is going to tell everyone to gather later tonight. We’ll be going on that hunt soon since it’s been a long time. Something feels off, but it feels good that we’re going hunting.”

Katrina, who was sitting next to him, nodded her head in agreement.

Like Eugene mentioned, Kim Yoo-Na asked everyone to gather.

She explained the current situation and asked for everyone’s opinions.

The members all agreed to hunt.

Everyone felt that something was off, but they were all confident that nothing serious would happen.

‘It’s not a colorful anyways. What could go wrong?’


Be careful what you say.

‘Damn it.’


That was the best word he could think of to describe the situation.

“……What should we do?”

“Maybe we should wait for the second group?”

“There’s a good chance that all of us may drown before they arrive.”

“I don’t like drowning. It won’t be a beautiful death.”

The members were trapped, so they were all making serious comments.

And when someone made a funny comment, the tense atmosphere disappeared.

“If we use a skill to create a hole, this whole place will probably crumble…”

“The path that we entered from is too deep, so it’s impossible for us to individually go out that way.”

After the situation suddenly changed, Eugene was the first one to search the inside.

“So, we’re fucked.”

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 105

<Trap #2>


“You’re right, but the fact that two groups failed is pretty serious. People are scared because they don’t know how the ordinary portals will suddenly change.”

“I think the chance of a portal changing during a hunt is very slim.”

“That’s what I think too, but when they’re affected by the issue, people stop making rational judgements. Who would’ve thought that a colorful portal would appear? We still don’t know how the portal appeared. So I understand the fear that they have of the ordinary portals possibly changing.”

“So I dug my own hole.”

“Right. Since they’re not letting the only clan that cleared the colorful portal go on hunts. It’s a very stupid act.”

Herhim spoke bitterly with a caring expression.

“This isn’t the first time they’ve done something stupid, but this is really dumb. Why would they think about putting restrictions now of all times? These petty people don’t care about what’s important as long as it’s beneficial for them.”

“Yeah, I don’t really feel good about doing the things they were asking me to do.”

“Hang in there. Even though they’re dumb, if they have a brain, they won’t do the same dumb thing again.”

Herhim called the high-ranking officials dumb without any hesitation.

From the way he talked about them, it seemed like he personally experienced it before.

“Big. In order to change the current situation, we need something big. Something so big that it’ll change everyone’s minds.”

If they don’t do anything, things were going to remain this way.

The number of portals will increase and they’ll probably try to take care of it, but it’ll be impossible for them take care of the same number of portals that the hunters cleared.

“That will be us.”

Hyun-Soo spoke after doing some simple calculations and Herhim exclaimed at his statement.

“You’re right. I believe you guys will succeed in changing the current situation.”

“Then we should be able to get those approvals soon.”

“Right. That’s it. I’m sure there a few that are still calculating all of this. It won’t be easy. There’s always complicated calculations in places where there’s money. But there is a need to change the situation, so I’m sure those approvals will come though. Of course I’ll try to help in any way that I can.”

Anyways, the black market was part of the reason why the high-ranking officers were on edge.

Herhim must’ve felt responsible because he said he would help.

“Anyways…Hyun-Soo, are you planning on selling that little one?”

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 062

<Kaiwan’s Inheritance #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Even if it was a simple exploration, it was a lot better than when they were exploring the armory and gold mine.

During that time, they didn’t know where anything was and had to assume the direction, but this time, they had a map.


Even though the owner from two generations ago inherited the throne, the gold mine was taken from them by the Crazy Ants. They even had to give up their loving sister’s belongings, so they were probably in an urgent situation.


And it meant that the areas after the gold mine room remained as Kaiwan’s.

The map he found in Kaiwan’s journal was more of a blueprint that included her future plans.

However, the areas around the gold mine were probably already built during Kaiwan’s time, so he was still sure that the map was accurate.

After arriving in front of Kaiwan’s office, he waved his finger and displayed the dungeon map and Kaiwan’s map that he drew in the air.


Before starting the exploration, he looked back at Catalina.


“How are you with using your shadow? Have you gotten used to it?”


Catalina hesitated for a moment and answered as her ears weakly dropped.


“I haven’t perfected it yet. The more I use it, I feel like there’s more to it…I think I’ll have to use it as an additional attack for now. Um…would you like to see it?”


He had no reason to decline, so after taking a few steps back, he nodded his head. Spot quickly caught on, so they grabbed Salami’s tail and pulled them back.


Catalina kept her distance from the others and after taking a deep breath, she unsheathed the dagger that was on her belt. And then she quickly cut through the air. Read More

The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 061

<Kaiwan’s Inheritance #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


There are many types of power.


When people mention power, many think about physical strength.

An overwhelming violence that lets one fulfill their desire, even if it’s forced.


The law of the jungle was used in the demon world.

That’s why violence alone was enough to go against most powers.


But it was only most.

It couldn’t be applied to everything.


Physical strength and mana was included in the violence.

Powerful strength.

Supreme mana.


In that case, what other power were there?


To Embrio, having power meant being able to fulfill whatever you desired.

Imposing your will onto others. And then fulfilling it.


Beauty was another amazing power.

There’s a lot of stories of men acting foolishly in order to capture the heart of beautiful women.


It’s being able to instigate the other’s desire and make them follow.

It’s being able to accomplish your own desire through beauty.


Being intelligent and having the ability to speak well was another power.

They were like sharp fangs and they were more than enough to stab the opponent.


Embrio acknowledged it.

Those were definitely powers. But they were low-class powers.


They were bound to fall in front of overwhelming violence.

They weren’t worth much when going against violence.


It could sound really ignorant and simple-minded. But that was reality. Embrio watched so many strong figures fall because of violence.


The power that was in front of them was like that too.


Embrio was standing on a destroyed free city. And he was inside a small and cozy house that was located in the center of the city.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 104

<Trap #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


“……Excuse me?”

“Is there a reason to pressure you in making those potions? Before you joined, all the members were already above average hunters that received attention wherever they went.”

It meant that there was no reason to make the potions exclusive.

‘Well, someone is overflowing with confidence.’

Even if other hunters increased their stats by using a potion, Kim Yoo-Na was confident that the members would still win.

She was definitely worthy enough to be the clan’s leader.

She was confident that they would rule over even without using those tricks.

And her dignity.

Hyun-Soo felt that Kim Yoo-Na was able to become this confident and have pride  because she didn’t question her skills.

‘I knew it.’

He had a keen eye.

The more he spent time with her, the more he admired her.

The confidence that a strong hunter displayed was really beautiful.

“I see. I guess there was no point in asking.”

“It’s fine. I understand why you would ask. But, I am a bit sad though. Did I do something to make you not trust me?”

“No, it’s not that. You already know all the things that I went through…”

“Oh, right. You did. Right.”

Hyun-Soo was surprised, so he tried to come up with an excuse.

It felt like sweat was rolling down his body.

Hearing a beautiful woman sorrowfully express how sad she was wasn’t good for anyone’s heart.

Hyun-Soo felt like it was his fault.

When he mentioned the past events, Kim Yoo-Na must’ve understood because a small smile appeared on her face.

‘……She’s not doing it on purpose, right?’

Hyun-Soo was confused by how quickly the conversation changed.

“Are you free this afternoon?”

“H-huh? Well, I don’t have any plans.”

“Then, do you want to go to the black market together? As you know from Mr. Herhim’s personality…it’s better to go as soon as possible.”

Hyun-Soo felt a bit disappointed because there were some potions that were incomplete, but he nodded his head.

“Then let’s meet at the entrance in an hour.”


When Hyun-Soo stood up, Riri, who was playing on his shoulder, slid off so they started flapping their wings.

Kim Yoo-Na’s eyes naturally turned to Riri.

“It’s…Riri, right? When you do something with Riri, please call me too. I think it’ll be good research material.”

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 103

<Awakening #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Hyun-Soo quickly checked Interface.

And he found some interesting information regarding the fairy.

The fact that the word, dependent, was written on there.

And there was another thing he realized.

The fairy that hatched from Karazhan’s egg consumes a hunter’s energy.

He wasn’t sure if the fairy only consumed the energy or consumed other things as well, but whenever Hyun-Soo gathered his energy to create a potion, the fairy would approach him and stick out their lips.

Maybe that’s why the fairy looks bigger.

“So feeding you isn’t my top priority right now. That’s a relief.”

He wasn’t sure if that was a good thing though.

But thanks to the fairy, Hyun-soo decided to take a break from making the potions.


The fairy sounded like it was falling asleep as it tossed and turned.

It fell asleep on Hyun-Soo’s shoulder.


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The Skill Maker – Chapter 102

<Awakening #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian



Hyuna’s voice brought Hyun-Soo back to reality.

The ratio to create the potion was pretty complicated, so that’s why he was mentally exhausted.

On top of that, Hyun-Soo was trying something new, so he used up a lot of his energy.


“Come over here!”

Since Hyuna was making such a big deal, Hyun-Soo drowsily walked to where she was.

And when he looked at the thing that Hyuna was pointing at, his eyes shot open.

“Look at this. There’s a crack, right?”

Like Hyuna had mentioned, there was a slight crack on the egg that was sitting below the red light.

“You’re right. I think it’s trying to hatch.”

His brain was now completely awake.



“Did you hear that?”

“I did. I think it’s starting.”

“We can’t help it, right?”

“I think it said we couldn’t.”

He read somewhere that they need to crack the shell on their own.

That we shouldn’t help even if we felt bad.

That would actually affect them in a bad way.


Crack! Crack! Crack!

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