The Skill Maker – Chapter 101

<Awakening #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


“I heard you had a good talk. The owner was extremely satisfied. It’s very rare for someone to catch his attention. You’re definitely the Super Rookie.”

“…Please stop with that embarrassing nickname. But, how did you know things worked out well?”

Inside the car on the way back.

Eugene, who was driving, spoke to Hyun-Soo as if he remembered it.

Eugene go inside with him, but he vaguely knew about the things that happened inside.

“He has a pretty nasty personality, so it’s easy to tell. You can tell by the merchants that greet us or the posture of his staff.”

Now that he mentioned it, compared to when they entered, the staff were a lot more courteous when they exited.

“No matter how great the person is, if they’re not up to their standards, then they won’t let them in…the reason why they’re arrogant is because of the owner.”

According to some rumors, world-famous guilds brought items to them and they refused the guild by saying that the items weren’t that great.

But Hyun-Soo was being escorted by A ranked staffs when he was leaving the building.

He wasn’t really comfortable when guards with large builds were following them around, but according to Eugene, that was the best treatment one can receive.

A satisfied smile appeared on Hyun-Soo’s face.


‘…What’s with the activation rate?’

Hyun-Soo activated Interface to start making the potion since he had a place to sell now, but his eyes widened when an unexpected number was displayed on the screen.

Activation Status : 30%

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 100

<Black Market #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Herhim is probably…….

‘The owner of this black market.’

Or has a position that’s equivalent.

It was obvious that the rumors within the black market couldn’t be easily ignored.

‘Did she predict this?’

He couldn’t help but think that because she introduced Hyun-Soo to Herhim for his future.

Herhim looked back and forth between Hyun-Soo and Kim Yoo-Na and smiled.

He nodded his head and mumbled, “It’s nice to be young.”

“Okay, so what’s going on? I’m sure you’re not here to tell me some good news.”

“…I’m not sure what kind of misunderstanding you have, but please stop. The reason I’m here is because I wanted to sell information.”

“Sell information? What kind?”

“I’m sure you already know.”

When Kim Yoo-Na replied, Herhim’s expression changed.

“You’re right, I do. And also the reason why you’re wanting to sell that information to us.”

“Then I’m sure this conversation will end soon. I’ll sell the information and you can pay me by releasing the information to others.”

“That’s doesn’t seem very beneficial to us. What would we gain from it?”

Herhim asked after interlocking his fingers.

The nice, middle-aged man turned into a strict dealer.

It was totally different from when he asked Kim Yoo-Na about her well-being.

A seller and a dealer were the only ones in the room.

“You’ll be the exclusive source.”

“Oh. Does that mean you’ll be releasing all future information regarding the colorful portals through us?”

“That’s right.”

“Hm, that’s not a bad deal.”

“We both win. It’s good for us and you benefit from this, Mr. Herhim.”

When Kim Yoo-Na spoke with a smile, Herhim nodded his head.

“You’re definitely a clever one. You thought about including the black market into all of this. That’s why your grandfather won’t let you go.”

“…I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”

“Oh, that was my mistake. I believe we have a deal.”

Kim Yoo-Na took out the documents that was in her bag.

Herhim took the thick contract and looked over the information.

After skimming through it, Herhim displayed a satisfied smile and extended his hand out towards her.

They shook each other’s hands.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 060

<Kaiwan’s Journal #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Yong-Ho didn’t rush.

The importance of playing hard to get didn’t just apply to people in romantic relationships.


“My name is Chun Yong-Ho and I’m the owner of the House of Mammon. You’ll be working here from now on.”


Bugrim didn’t reply immediately to his introduction. Yong-Ho wasn’t skilled at reading another person’s feelings, but even he was able to tell that Bugrim was feeling anxious, so Bugrim sat up.

They hesitated for a moment, but showed respect towards Yong-Ho.


It was a better reaction than when they were staying still like a rock, but Yong-Ho wasn’t satisfied.

Eligor approached Yong-Ho and whispered to him.


“After they stepped out of the spirit preservation box, they haven’t said a word. It could be that they don’t know how to talk.”


The “World-Class Magic” made it possible for them to communicate with each other and Bugrim didn’t have any issues understanding Yong-Ho.

Yong-Ho was going to ask whether he could talk or not, but decided not to.


Bugrim’s bearded face looked pretty calm, but his eyes told a different story.

Different emotions were mixed together. Even in his current condition, Bugrim didn’t ask whether his mana can be recovered. There was a possibility that he couldn’t talk.


Yong-Ho spoke calmly. Read More

The Skill Maker – Chapter 099

<Black Market #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


“Who are they?”

“It’s under construction. Hopefully it gets done soon.”

“What is it?”

‘The airstrip.”

“…They’re really building one?”

“Of course. We don’t lie, my friend.”

He assumed that’s what it was, but after seeing them actually work on the airstrip, Hyun-Soo was dumbfounded.

On top of that, it was huge!

“They’re just making adjustments since they just started, but the airstrip is going to be built not too far from here, so there’s no need to worry.”

Kim Yoo-Na told Hyun-Soo that things were going to quiet down.

Kim Yoo-Na’s face was filled with exhaustion.

It’s because she’s been busy running around and taking care of things.

“I don’t understand why they’re controlling the information. No, I do know, but I don’t understand it. How can they do that?”

“Once you’re crazy over money and power, that’s what you become.”

Eugene answered after hearing her ridiculous comment.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, there’s an issue with one of the jobs that Yoo-Na did.”

Eugene quietly told Hyun-Soo that the higher-ups must’ve lost their minds.

“Why are you controlling the information? You shouldn’t be thinking about the benefits. Lives are at stake here. First you threaten us with innocent lives and now you want to control the information? This doesn’t make sense.”

Hyun-Soo felt energy being released from Kim Yoo-Na as she spoke.

Her eyes were burning. And…her fist was actually on fire.

And then she looked at Hyun-Soo for an answer.

You agree too, right?

Hyun-Soo unconsciously nodded.

It wasn’t because he was intimidated by her. At least, that’s what he wanted to think.

“Woah, Yoo-Na. Calm down.”

“…Oh jeez. I guess you’re really upset.”

Kim Yoo-Na cleared her throat when Eugene asked her to calm down.

“It was really upsetting when the information regarding the first colorful portal was revealed.”

But why?

Even though Hyun-Soo was curious, at the same time, he knew why.

‘Those who have money and power are all the same.’

On top of that, they wanted to reveal the information regarding the second portal.

And during that process, Kim Yoo-Na was feeling really upset.

Kim Yoo-Na tried to remain calm, but since she was really upset, it was obvious as to how things went.

“So, what did you do?”

Eugene asked her.

“Nothing. I just left.”

“But, what about the information? It seems like they’re trying to control the hunters as well by the way they’re trying to control the information. They’re the types that feels relieved once they have the control. They work in an office, so what would they know?”

The way Eugene mumbled made it seem like he had a grudge against them.

“I’m going to release the information.”


Kim Yoo-Na gave a short answer when Eugene complained about how they would use everything within their power to gain control and would even cheat their way to obtain it.

“The black market.”

“Wow, you’re being serious.”

“If we can’t use the official method, then we have no choice but to use the unofficial method.”

Hyun-Soo questioned his hearing when he heard their conversation.

Black market.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 059

<Kaiwan’s Journal #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


While Yong-Ho was in the free city, the House of Mammon was going through major reorganization, so the passageways and the facilities changed a lot.

That’s why, while they were walking towards the prison, Eligor was busy explaining the new layout.


“This is a single path that has the dungeon’s first defense facility. Since we were so focused on making the length of the winding road longer, we missed the fact that the walls between the passageway became weak. To fix that, we fixed the thickness of the walls between the roads so that an entire room is almost able to fit in.”


Since most of the inactivated rooms were completely empty, it’s natural for it to be weak against Wall Break.

After he turned the corner on the newly reorganized passageway, he noticed that the walls between the passageway were stronger than before. As they filled the inactivated rooms, they created strong walls.


But that didn’t mean they filled every room. In order to use the same tactics they used before in the activated rooms, they didn’t fill some of inactivated rooms.

Unless the enemy had the ability to see through walls, it would be impossible for them to tell the difference between filled rooms and empty rooms.


‘I feel like someone like that will appear later on though.’


Magic existed within the demon world. See Through magic would be useful and it probably did exist.


But that was something he could think about later. And even if someone did have that magic, it would be difficult for them to break through a wall that was over 100 meters thick.


“We’re planning on installing the traps that you purchased from the dungeon shop in the passageway. We also created a guard post in a corner so that those that are on guard duty can rest.” Read More

The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 57

<Private #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian




It was being fair and not siding with any sides.


It was a comforting idea because no one would attack since they were neutral.


To the weak, neutrality was an idea they could only dream about.

The strong pressured them to either side with them or with the enemy, so this was an exit where they could be freed from it.

It was the best shield where it allowed them to increase their strength peacefully.


‘Right, it’s like a dream.’


A powerless neutrality didn’t exist.

All they had to do was destroy the weak that chose to be neutral.


Power was required in order to protect the neutrality.

Sharp teeth and claws that even the strong couldn’t ignore and could actually counterattack them.


The dungeon shop was the only one in the demon world that was neutral.

No demon king could ignore the dungeon shop’s neutrality. The rulers that had a sin and superhuman strength in the demon world. It also applied to the six kings.


The most intelligent one within the dungeon shop. Bifrons’s existence was art itself and they were looking at a chessboard and various artwork.

It was different from an ordinary chessboard. It was a game that Bifrons created and it was called Encantro.

The game starts with 60 horses and the idea of x, y, z axis was added to it. On top of that, the horses were able to advance in rank and even change and the idea of having support and ambushing the enemy was added to it.

Since there was about a dozen rules that were added, it was useless to compare the difficulty level to that of ordinary chess.


The more one plays, the more complicated and difficult it gets, so it’s difficult for someone with an ordinary mind to enjoy this game. In the entire demon world, there were only about 10 people that enjoyed this game. Bifron, the creator of this game, was included in that number.


But Bifron didn’t care. They created this game so that they could enjoy it. And if this game was revealed to the demon world, then the number of players will probably double. The demon world was that big and there was a variety of races.


Bifrons looked across.

Even though the seat was empty, they were able to see someone. A character that they created a long time ago.

They were Bifrons’s old friend.


Their old friend made a move. They spoke while looking at Bifrons.


‘I knew that giving you the nickname Most Intelligent was too much.’


Bifrons made their move. They nodded.


“You’re right. I just like analyzing and I just happen to be talented in calculating. On top of that, I’m using my calculating skills to operate the dungeon shop’s system…I’m probably below average when it comes to scheming and knowing about worldly affairs. No, that’s most likely it.”


Whenever Bifrons met their old friend, they ended up looking back on themselves. And they always agreed with their own statement. It was true that Bifrons had an extraordinary mentality, but it didn’t mean that the affairs of the world were all in the palm of their hand.


‘Samael looked like they’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately.’


Their friend made a move. With that one move, over 100 different possibilities were created.

But those possibilities were only within the set rules.


Instead of making their next move, Bifrons took a step back. They replied as they looked at the entire board.


“They’ve always been like that. They’re probably worried about the balance breaking within the demon world. The conflict between the King of Pride and the King of Envy is something they’ve never experienced during their short life.”

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 58

<Private #2>


Flying through the sky while riding the salamander was an incredible thing.

He wanted to continue flying like this.


But it was obvious that the salamander was tired.

They weren’t used to flying yet and the evolution process itself used up a lot of their stamina.


The salamander lowered themselves and returned to the dungeon entrance and instead of being selfish, Yong-Ho decided to let the salamander rest.


The salamander landed on the ground. Since they didn’t have any experience flying or landing, they landed pretty roughly, but no one really cared.


The Orcs were the first ones to clap and then some of the spirits followed and clapped at the salamander.


The salamander must’ve felt embarrassed because they groaned and then shook their head.

Yong-Ho patted the salamander’s back and then got off their back. Since a handle was already there, if he could get a nice saddle from somewhere, it would be perfect.




Because of his excitement, there was something that he missed.


Was it too much?

He wasn’t referring to the salamander’s evolution. He was talking about the fact that he evolved the salamander outside of the dungeon.


Because she observed around the House of Mammon’s dungeon, she realized that Yong-Ho was the owner.

The fact that Ophelia knew what Catalina looked like was a big hint.

The other owners and the pub’s information agents closely observed Foras’s dungeon, so they knew that Foras wasn’t coming back.


Yong-Ho turned around.

Ophelia said that other than her, there wasn’t anyone else that was watching around the House of Mammon’s dungeon.

She was able to watch them through the artifact that her father left. He left it in an alleyway within the House of Mammon in case Kaiwan returned.


Since the dungeon entrance and the area around it were protected by mana, installing a monitoring magic or artifact was difficult. Those that monitored the area usually used spirits, like the Dungeon Meerkat, to monitor and sense the surrounding.


‘That’s why I think there wasn’t anyone that saw it, but…’


But it was a bit overboard. It was something he had to refrain from doing next time.


‘That is true.’


When Yong-Ho turned back around, he noticed that the spirits were looking at him, so he smiled awkwardly.

Their eyes were really sparkling.


Catalina was looking at the salamander with an uncomfortable expression and it seemed like she wanted to ride it, but was stopping herself from asking. The way her tail and ears were drooping looked cute, but at the same time, he felt bad.


The Orcs excitedly talked about how everything that the Goblins said were true and the Goblins and Kobold were busy jumping around. Skull also cheered while waving their hammer.


But among them, the Treant was the most excited.


The Treant was more excited than the salamander and they looked at Yong-Ho as their branches started shaking. A human’s face was created on the tree’s body, so he was able to see their excited expression.


‘They’re aware of it.’


The fact that they were next.


Yong-Ho turned around again. And he thought doing it again wouldn’t hurt since he’d already done it once, so he approached the Treant.


When Yong-Ho got closer to the Treant, the other spirits closed their mouths and looked at them. They looked like spectators watching a magic show.


Yong-Ho slightly glanced over. The Princess Ant, who was standing next to the Kobold, was blinking her eyes. Even though it’s only been a couple of days, it seemed like she developed emotions.

He couldn’t push back on registering her as a spirit. But today would end with Treant’s development.


“Okay. Don’t get scared and relax.”


As they relaxed, the Treant’s branches dropped. Yong-Ho raised his left hand again so that the spirits could see it clearly. Yong-Ho used the Power of Evolution to look at the Treant’s stats.


  [Race : Treant (M)]

  [Type : Monster Spirit (Low Rank)]

  [Element : Earth Level 1]

  [Individual Trait]


  [Individual Skill]

  [Vines / Stamina]


  [Development Rate : 100/100]


  [Vines (Tentacles) Level 1 | ★★ (2)] -> Advancement route revealed upon development

  [Stamina Level 0 | ★★ (2)]

  [Agility Level 0 | ★ (1)]


Since they were originally a Rank Two spirit and they’ve only evolved once, they were a lot weaker than the salamander in many ways.


Yong-Ho had already thought about the Treant’s development route, so he chose Vines without hesitation.


Light enveloped the Treant this time too. The Treant’s silhouette was transforming within the light and the other spirits stopped breathing and focused on the Treant.


The light disappeared. Yong-Ho released a long sigh and pulled back the hand that was on top of the Treant’s body. He took a few steps back and looked at their entire body.


Their body grew bigger and the number of vines increased. It was safe to say that there was twice as many.


The spirits excitedly clapped this time too.

But after evolving, the Treant looked at themselves for a moment and with a sad face, their vines fell to the floor.

It seemed like they were expecting to obtain wings too.


‘I’m sorry. That’s impossible.’


Even though the salamander obtained wings they didn’t have, he thought that change was possible because it was within an acceptable range.

But he couldn’t imagine wings appearing on a tree and giving them the ability to fly.


Yong-Ho tapped the Treant’s vines as if he was telling them to cheer up and then looked at the advancement route.


[Treant – Assault Type] | [Treant – Defensive Type]


Both of them looked slow as usual, but the assault type had pine cones along with the vines and also thorns. For the defensive type, the leaves were bigger and thicker.


After checking the advancement route, Yong-Ho looked back at Eligor. He walked into the House of Mammon’s dungeon along with the spirits.   




“Seriously! Why didn’t you come in when you arrived?!”

“Did you do that to worry me?”

“But you’re back safe and sound.”


Lucia greeted Yong-Ho by making a fuss in the beginning and then talking softly afterwards.

The way they acted was pretty cute, so after he chuckled like Skull, he looked around the dungeon entrance room. Even though they reorganized a large part of the dungeon, there wasn’t a big change to the entrance room.


“We’ve finished reorganizing the inside passageway, like you’ve instructed. We’re currently reinstalling the traps and building the workshop.”


Eligor explained after reading Yong-Ho’s mind. Yong-Ho nodded his head and looked at the ceiling. He spoke as he waved his finger into the air.


“Lucia, is it possible to register the Princess Ant as a spirit now?”


“It’s possible.”

“From the way you acted outside, it seems like you’re in a hurry today, sir.”


“I’m not done. I have a present for you too.”


Lucia didn’t reply right away. If they were a human, they would probably be blinking their eyes.


“A present for me?”

“You brought me a present?”


“Let’s start the registration. Support me.”


Yong-Ho spoke slowly as if he was trying to change the subject and then looked at Kobold and the Princess Ant. When Yong-Ho lightly waved his hand, the Kobold understood and immediately brought the Princess Ant in front of him.


Yong-Ho imagined Lucia pouting with an unsatisfied look. That’s what she must’ve been doing because she spoke in a slightly sulky tone.


“Preparations are complete. Please begin.”

“Like I’ve mentioned before, registering the Princess Ant as a spirit will take a lot more mana than usual.”

“Please keep that in mind.”


She must’ve created a line between public and private matters because her voice was calm again.

After nodding his head, he placed his hand on top of the Princess Ant’s head.

Because she saw what happened outside, she slightly flinched, but then closed her eyes and didn’t push back his hand.


Like Lucia warned earlier, the amount of mana that it took to register them was similar to when he evolved the salamander.

The Princess Ant groaned and a white magic circle appeared on her forehead.


“The registration is complete. The Princess Ant is now the House of Mammon’s spirit.”




When looking at the amount of mana he used, it was like he evolved a spirit three times, so he let out a deep sigh and pulled his hand back. The Princess Ant then opened her eyes and after looking at herself, a disappointed look appeared on her face as her shoulders dropped. They probably thought they were going to transform.


Yong-Ho patted their head. Maybe it’s because she’s been registered, but he felt closer to her.

And it was the same for the Princess Ant. She was like an inanimate object before and started showing a bit of emotion.


‘Let me push my limit a bit more.’


The spirit registration felt like an annual event.

Yong-Ho activated the Power of Evolution.


  [Race : Crazy Ant (F)]

  [Position : Princess Ant]

  [Type : Monster Spirit (Low Rank)]

  [Element : Coldness Level 0]

  [Individual Trait]


  [Individual Skill]

  [Charm / Mana]


  [Development Rate : 0/100]


  [Charm Level 0 | ★★ (2)]

  [Emotion Level 0 | ★☆ (1.5)]

  [Mana Level 0 | ★★ (2)]

  [Stamina Level 0 | ★ (1)]

  [Attribute Strengthening Level 0 | ★☆ (1.5)]




Yong-Ho touched the window of light that displayed the development route. There was a faint silhouette above the Princess Ant’s body, but none of them showed any dramatic changes. It just felt like a 10 year old turned 11 years old.


‘Will there be a Queen Ant advancement when they become an adult?’


“Usually, the Princess Ant needs anywhere from a few years to over a decade in order to become a Queen Ant.”

“Since they’ve lost the colony, there’s a possibility that they might choose to grow quickly in order to create a new colony.”


‘I wonder.’


Yong-Ho nodded his head and looked at the Princess Ant again. After lowering himself so that he could be on the same level as her, he spoke.


“I look forward to working with you. Staring today, your name is Yuria.”


Maybe it’s the effects of the spirit registration, but it felt like the Princess Ant actually understood what he said. Even in the spirit list, Yuria was added to it.


Kobold, who was always with the Princess Ant, barked as they jumped around. It seemed like they were congratulating her, but at the same time, it was like they were signaling Yong-Ho to give them a name as well.


‘How about Spot or Puppy?’


It might be too much to name all the spirits that he was going to register from now on, but he felt that he should at least give the Treant and the salamander a name.


‘For the salamander, maybe Lamborghini, Diablo or Porsche…no, that’s a bit too much. Maybe Salami?’


Anyways, he decided to think about it later. He had to discuss with Eligor regarding the things that happened at the free city and he had to understand the new dungeon layout.


After Eligor dismissed the spirits, Yong-Ho spoke with a relaxed expression.


“I know it’s a bit late, but thing worked out great.”

“It seems that way.”


Eligor smiled warmly. Yong-Ho gathered Eligor, Catalina and Skull and walked towards the inner part of the dungeon. After checking how the passageways have been reorganized on the dungeon map, he asked a question.


“Where’s the Dwarf now?”


The Dwarf had manufacturing skills and they would be in charge of the workshop.

Eligor answered Yong-Ho’s question with a warm smile.


“Of course they’re in the prison.”


Why did he say “of course” in the beginning?

Yong-Ho asked again with a confused look.


“Just out of curiosity, you didn’t torture them, right?”


A sulky expression appeared on Eligor’s face and Yong-Ho released a sigh of relief.   



<Private #2> End.

The Skill Maker – Chapter 98

<Black Market #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian



As expected.

The members that were on the ground started coming back to their senses.

They didn’t know what happened, so they looked around with a blank expression.

And when they found Hyun-Soo standing tall before them, they realized that they came back to reality, so they released a sigh of relief.

Some released their anger by using profanity while hitting a wall and others stretched out on the ground knowing that they were safe.

A a few started crying.

“Ahhhhhh. It was really scary! Hiccup!”

Katrina was one of them and when she found Hyun-Soo after looking around, she started crying and ran towards him.

Hyun-Soo felt some sort of burdened, so when he slightly moved his body, she cried even harder.

‘I have that egg in my pocket.’

It felt like he made a kid cry, so when he patted Katrina’s head, she stopped crying for a moment and then started crying again.

They mentioned books, studying, failing, so they probably had a traumatic experience related to those things.

While Hyun-Soo was calming down Katrina, the members overcame the remaining illusions.

“Damn it, I didn’t realize it was an illusion.”

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 97

<Karazhan #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


The silver light didn’t appear this time.

Because of that, Karazhan’s attack slightly cut the hem of Hyun-Soo’s clothes.

‘What the?’

Did he imagine the silver light he saw just now?

But the light actually blocked Karazhan’s attack.

“Damn, whatever. I’ll think about it later!’

Hyun-Soo stopped thinking about the problem and focused on the situation that was occuring before him.

It’s because Karazhan was now attacking aggressively, which was different from when they first fought.

At first, they attacked without moving a muscle, but now, they were aggressively throwing themselves towards Hyun-Soo.

It’s probably because they realized that standing still didn’t affect him.

‘But just suddenly attacking like this is really unexpected!’

Even though they looked like a fairy, their actions reminded him of a horror film.

Thanks to his views slowing down the opponent’s movements, he managed to dodge their attacks.


Hyun-Soo used his skill while dodging, but Karazhan used their wings and flew up to dodge it.

While dodging, they released an odd cry.

It sounded like they were looking down on him.

“Huh…… “

Were they looking down on him just because they had wings?

Because they were able to freely control their wings, Hyun-Soo couldn’t really land any attacks.

The smoke would protect their weakness and when Hyun-Soo counterattacked when Karazhan attacked, they would just fly away.

They were really like an annoying fly.


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The Skill Maker – Chapter 96

<Karazhan #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian



The sound of something shattering filled the place.

“Wh-what’s that?!”

The hunters felt something odd, so they quickly put their guard up.


“Wait…… What is…….”

“My head……!”



One by one, the hunters grabbed their heads and stumbled.

They did their best to endure it, but it was too much and they became unconscious.

The members tried to wake up by harming themselves, but in the end, they became unconscious.

Hyun-Soo was going to approach him, but he suddenly felt a really bad headache.


Once Hyun-Soo realized that it was an illusion, the illusion shattered and it revealed reality.

After that, the members fell one by one as if they were attacked.

Hyun-Soo was sure that Karazhan, the owner of this portal, was doing this.

Hyun-Soo shook his head.

But it was useless.

His vision became blurry.


‘…… What happened?’

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