The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 56

<The Demon King of Fire #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Ophelia placed a map on top of a small glass table that was placed between them. There wasn’t a need to ask what kind of map it was. He was sure it was a map of the empty southern region.


Yong-Ho looked at the map and tried to find the location of the House of Mammon. It was located at the most southern region of the demon world and behind it, the giant mountain, Encantro Pagnium was located, so it wasn’t hard to find it.


Since the map belonged to the group that handled information, Mammon’s dungeon as well as dozens of other dungeons that were in the area were marked.


The House of Foras’s dungeon was the one that was closest to the House of Mammon’s dungeon.


The House of Foras and two other dungeons created a triangle. And the free city, Nuremburg, was located in the center of those dungeons.


He widened his view a bit. The triangle that Yong-Ho saw was only a small area and didn’t even take up 1/10th of the entire empty region.


Ophelia softly smiled when Yong-Ho studied the map on his own. She waved her finger and pointed at the areas that were located in the northwestern region. The area was far from the free city.


“Embrio, the Demon King of the Wolves, is active in this area. There are already over seven dungeons that they have destroyed. And this hasn’t been confirmed yet, but they most likely won the recent battle against a joint group.”


“Joint group? Are you talking about an allied force?”


Yong-Ho asked because of the unfamiliar word. Ophelia immediately answered.


“Yes. In order to take down Embrio, four owners around the area joined forces. Within the empty region, they’re considered to be pretty powerful.”


Ophelia’s finger pointed at four dungeons. Embrio must’ve been increasing their power within them because they were far from Embrio’s dungeon.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 55

<The Demon King of Fire #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


She was overpowered.

She couldn’t even resist because of that enormous thing.


It felt like she was swept away by a giant wave. No, more like she was buried under the heavy rain that was falling from the sky.

She was trampled on.


The word, conquered, came to mind. But it was only for a moment. Because she felt that her life was really worthless, she questioned whether that was the proper word to use.


Despite being in the center of the chaos, she just stared.

Her thoughts stopped and got disconnected.


She was being analyzed in detail.

In front of the desire.

Her original plan was used on her when she stood in front of Greed.


She couldn’t really feel a strong will from her opponent. Like a child rolling a candy in their mouth, Ophelia’s mind was being played with.


She desperately struggled. It wasn’t because she came back to her senses through her own efforts. It could be that that enormous being purposely gave her a break so that they could play with her more.


She cried. Her survival instinct kicked in and her desire to live was stronger than ever.

But it wasn’t easy. 10’s and 100’s of tentacles were being wrapped around Ophelia’s body. The more Ophelia struggled, the more tentacles shot up from somewhere as if to say that her efforts were a joke.


Her position as the pub’s female owner couldn’t be maintained just because it’d been inherited. Being able to look into another’s mind meant that they had the confidence to protect their own mind.

But she was too powerless. Every time she tried to invade his mind, a bigger wall greeted her.


Ophelia desperately ran. She couldn’t see the tentacles anymore. She kept on running through an unfamiliar space.

Tears and snot covered her face. But she didn’t have the luxury to fix herself. Even though she was out of breath, she couldn’t stop and took a step forward.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 54

<The Demon King of Fire #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian  


The Harpy was the pub’s envoy and due to them interfering, the trade between Rikum and the dismantlers ended pretty quickly.


The dismantlers tried to lower the price by saying that they didn’t really have anyone else to sell it to, but it was no use. Even though dismantlers weren’t part of the pub group, they couldn’t ignore the power that the pub had.

The dismantlers didn’t take any risks. Instead of using tricks on a guest that the pub’s female owner called for, they decided to end this by offering a reasonable price.


Other than the horse that Rikum was riding on, the others either died or ran away, forcing Yong-Ho and his group to walk to the free city.

Yong-Ho got on the horse that Rikum was riding on and then placed Catalina, who was conscious, in front of him. After letting her lean against him, he wrapped one arm around her waist. He was able to somewhat ride the horse.


‘It’s not because I have other intentions.’


Since Skull was too heavy, they couldn’t ride the horse with Catalina.

But ordering Rikum to ride the horse while carrying Catalina made him feel uncomfortable no matter how he thought about it.


That’s why Yong-Ho decided to ride the horse while carrying her and Skull and Rikum agreed.

Skull was happy, but Rikum didn’t forget the fact that he was a spirit that belonged to the house of Mammon. It would be extremely uncomfortable for him to ride a horse while his owner was walking.


Since Yong-Ho was a beginner, it was impossible for him to ride a running horse while holding someone. Because of that, Yong-Ho slowly controlled the horse. It wasn’t because he wanted to hold Catalina for a long time.


‘It’s soft. It’s squishy too.’


And he made sure not to express his thoughts.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 53

<Free City #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


A rushing dump truck, no, it felt like he was seconds away from getting hit by a rushing train.

The Land Worm instantly filled his entire sight and their presence was enough to paralyze his mind.


His life didn’t flash in front of him. In between that short time, his instinct was the only thing that reacted.




The Land Worm hit the ground with its head. The surface broke. Within the dust, pieces of rock flew like grenade fragments.






Between the screams, bones and flesh were being crushed. Like a frog that was in front of a snake, a horse froze in front of the Land Worm and their corpse rolled on the ground. There wasn’t any blood flowing out and it was difficult to make out the horse’s corpse.


The Land Worm was covered in red, dead skin and just from one look, over 10 eyes were attached to them. Within the dust, those eyes were moving all at the same time.




Even though it was dangerous, Yong-Ho jumped off the horse and screamed. He yelled even though the dust made it difficult to see and there was a meaning behind his scream.

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