The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 52

<Free City #1>

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Riding a horse was harder than he imagined.

Since a horse had four legs, just walking made Yong-Ho move around alot.

On top of that, horses were a lot bigger than humans. So when they moved their body, the smallest movement felt big.


Because of that, it was the same as sitting on a chair that kept on moving from side to side and up and down.


And this movement was just the start.


When the horse started running, the movement became even bigger.

A horse wasn’t an inanimate object like a bicycle or a car. It couldn’t change directions or stop on its own.

A connection with the horse was needed.


Thanks to the advanced saddles that they were using, the difficulty level of riding a horse decreased, but it didn’t mean that it was easy to ride it.


In order to ride a horse, one needed strong stamina and extreme balance that allowed them to endure the rough movement, the ability to connect with the horse, have the driving force required and the ability to lead so that they’re able to rhythmically balance themselves.


There’s a reason why people create dieting machines based on horse riding or the rodeo culture that was created.

Riding a beast was that difficult.


Catalina sat on top of a flat rock and she opened her mouth while wagging her tail. Yong-Ho was sitting across from her and while he was writing on the ground with a stick, she spoke.


“You seem to learn everything very quickly, sir.”


When the previous owner was alive, it was true that the House of Mammon was on the verge of falling, but it didn’t completely fall.

As the guard, Catalina learned how to ride a horse from the previous guard. Because of that, she knew that it wasn’t easy for a beginner to ride one.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 51

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<The Owner’s Office>

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In the southern region of the demon world, there hasn’t been an owner in over 1,000 years.

After Mammon, the King of Greed, disappeared, the House of Mammon quickly fell and they lost most of their dungeons and territories.


The kings that were hiding under the King of Greed were eating a lion’s corpse greedily.

The empty southern region was like that corpse.


For the ones that either had no value, were difficult to devour or couldn’t be devoured, they combined it together.


Corpses were stacked on the field.

A foul smell spread due to the wind and the sound of crows cawing filled the night sky.


Large beasts were sitting in the middle of the field and it was questionable whether they could be called wolves. And a man was standing in front of those wolves.


They were wearing black armor that covered their body. The color of their hair was as dark as their armor and it was so long that it started dancing in the wind. They had a short mustache on their thin face, but it was messy.


The demon, Embrio.

That was their name.


The battle ended yesterday afternoon. The dungeon wasn’t the only place where battles took place in the demon world. In order to stop them from gaining more power, the owners nearby teamed up and Embrio attacked them by boldly ambushing them.

The battle lasted all day and in the end, Embrio won.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 95

<Karazhan #1>

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“What do you mean? I called because I wanted to. How’s the shop?”

– “It’s great. I think people know about our store now. The number of customers are increasing every day.”

“Nothing dangerous happened, right?”

– “Of course. The young lady from before helped out so much, so nothing dangerous happened.”

“It’s nothing special, but I just got my first pay from my new job, so I wanted to send it to you. They’re not long johns, but I hope you’ll accept it.”

– “No, there’s no need to send it. You should use it since Hyuna is there with you as well.”

“It seems like you’re not spending much of the money that you’re earning from the store, so use the money that I’m sending you and go eat something nice with father.”

– “Jeez. We do run a restaurant, you know.”

Even though she lightly criticized him, she didn’t refuse.

The money that Hyun-Soo was sending wasn’t what made her happy. She felt proud that he hasn’t forgotten about them and was taking care of them even though they were in separate countries.

After they finished talking on the phone, Hyun-Soo sent a part of the money that he received to his mother.

It was still a large amount.

‘I’m sure she’ll be surprised’

He didn’t have to see it to know.

When he imagined the expression on her face, a part of him felt proud.

‘I hope they build a airstrip soon.’

Once it’s there, he’ll be able to fly to Korea and give it to them himself.

They recently decided where it will be placed and the design for it, so he felt disappointed.


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The Skill Maker – Chapter 94

<A Rewarding Date #3>

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Who was Herhim?

He was like a living legend within the hunter world.

Mikhail, the Phoenix user, was currently the most famous hunter, but Herhim was the most famous before them.

At the hunter training school, Herhim’s name was mentioned during history class.

Even though it’s been a while since he retired from attacking the portals, as a veteran, he played an important role.

And he was right in front of Hyun-Soo.

“Say hi, Hyun-Soo. This is Mr. Herhim. I’m sure you already know him without me explaining, right?”

“Of course. It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Herhim.”

“Mr. Herhim. This is Kim Hyun-Soo and he’s a member of the clan. This is Hyuna and she’s Hyun-Soo’s younger sister.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Kim. And lady.”

The man that had a mix of grey and blonde hair greeted them.

He was pretty old, but because he was a hunter, he looked a lot younger.

Herhim agreed to join Kim Yoo-Na and the others temporarily.

“I heard what happened. Your clan was the first one to clear the colorful portal, right?”

“Yes, and I’ve passed along the information to some of the groups.”

“Making a decision for something like that isn’t easy, but you did well. It’s more important to look ahead than look at the benefits that’s in front of you.”

“Yes. Oh yeah, Hyun-Soo had the most important role when we attacked the portal.”

“Oh~ I knew someone was involved when I read the report. With a probability of hundreds of thousands to one, I was curious about the one who was able to find the correct answer.”

Herhim’s blue eyes were filled with curiosity as he looked at Hyun-Soo.

Hyun-Soo felt himself straightening his back.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 93

<A Rewarding Date #2>

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‘It worked out smoother than I thought.’

Honestly, he was nervous for a moment.

Since the hunters were quick to catch on, he knew that they knew something.

But they were courteous and didn’t ask questions.

However, they indirectly touched on Hyun-Soo’s skills and revealed that they were onto something.

But they immediately stopped mentioning it.

It was the same thing as them saying, “We already know everything, but we won’t bother you about it, so don’t worry.”

It was a silent acceptance.

On top of that…

‘They have Ariel, who’s able to see the future.’

Also known as a fortune teller.

The one that’s able to see the future.

And the members all agreed to protect her.

Just from that, Hyun-Soo knew they were trustworthy.

Hyun-Soo was once again content with his judgement.


The clan decided to share the information regarding the colorful portal.

It seemed like the politician that visited expressed that they would reward them for sharing the information, but according to Kim Yoo-Na, she declared that she wouldn’t hand over the information to them.

Instead, she decided to reveal it to other groups and guilds.

The government focuses on the high-ranked groups and guilds because they’re skilled enough to receive their request.

By sharing the clan’s information, they would be able to protect their reputation and contribute in saving innocent lives, which the politician emphasized on.

‘Honestly, there’s not much to share.’

There weren’t any tactics they could share.

Without Hyun-Soo, they wouldn’t be able to clear the portal like they did with the other portals.

However, this was what saving lives meant.


No matter how great the offer was, they weren’t going to accept requests related to colorful portals.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 092

<A Rewarding Date #1>

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“You might be confused since you didn’t know this kind of portal existed. But since it’s confidential, there was a need to control the information. I think they might’ve taken it too far, but that’s just my personal opinion.”

Rumors about the colorful portal would spread fast and then disappear quickly.

There were members that briefly heard about it.

“Anyways, all of you are the first and only hunters to clear the colorful portal, so I visited to show my respect to the amazing hunters and to thank you all for saving innocent lives.”

It was an extremely grand and embarrassing greeting.

When the politician mentioned that they wanted to thank the hunters, they stood up and bowed.

The members felt stiff due to this uncomfortable meeting, so when the politician bowed, they were shocked, so they stood up from their seats as well and bowed. It was a funny sight.

“We carry-out the request after getting paid. We received additional payments for this request and hunt, so there’s no need for you to thank us like this. Clearing the colorful portal was all business. We didn’t volunteer for this because of our moral principles.”

After the chaos calmed down, Kim Yoo-Na’s calm voice filled the room.

“You’re correct. But despite knowing there would be unknown danger, you took the request and I believe it’s only right that we thank you for it.”

The politician continuously portrayed them as heroes and kept praising them.

‘Did he really only come here to compliment us? I know they’re trying to memorize our faces…I heard that politicians are usually busy, but this one doesn’t seem like it.’

“…Thank you for the compliment. I can’t help but think that that’s not the only reason why you came here though.”

“Haha. I guess I was too obvious. It’s true that I came here to thank you for what you did. And…could I ask you for a favor?”

The politician went through that long introduction just to ask them for a favor.

“What kind of favor?”

“It’s a bit embarrassing to ask this, but…if you’re okay with it, would you mind sharing the information that you obtained regarding the colorful portal that you cleared?”


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The Skill Maker – Chapter 091

<What Was Gained? #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian




That’s it.

After eating the fruit that was hanging from the plant, he couldn’t breathe and felt an intense pain.

Because he had a hard time breathing and was in pain, he fell out of the chair and fainted.

‘……I thought I was going to die.’

He managed to survive.

But it felt like someone punched him repeatedly all over his body, so Hyun-Soo grabbed a handful of Levshila and shoved it into his mouth.

Chew, chew.


Even though eating a lot didn’t stack the effects, it calmed him down mentally.

Hyun-Soo grabbed another handful and ate the plant.


Since he ate a medicinal herb, it felt like he was getting better.

‘What just happened to me?’

He ate the fruit of a plant he didn’t have any information on.

And right after, he felt an intense amount of pain.

‘……That fruit was the issue.’

Thinking about it now, he wasn’t sure why he wanted to eat that fruit really badly.

He remembered telling himself that he was going to look into it more and the way he ate it without hesitation wasn’t like him at all.

He couldn’t help but think that maybe he was possessed.

Other than the fact that he was in a lot of pain and lost consciousness, nothing changed.

Hyun-Soo looked at himself to see if there was anything wrong with him.

He slowly poked his abdomen and chest to see if they were infected, but he didn’t feel any pain.

Because of the Levshila, after the pain disappeared, his body felt really light.

‘Something is definitely weird.’

Since his physical condition changed all of a sudden, he couldn’t help but be worried.

Since he was a hunter, most illnesses were cured on their own, so it wasn’t a big problem, but since his body was an asset, he was thinking about going to a hospital.


His eyes saw something odd.

Hyun-Soo was about to activate Interface and look at his stats.

He wanted to look his stamina since his body felt odd.

And then he saw something he hasn’t seen before.

“What’s this?”

Hyun-Soo’s eyes were fixed on the list of skills.

Interface displayed Skill Creation, Skill Transfer, Medicinal Mix, Invisible Attack and Blade Fist.

Those are skills that he’s seen before.

But at the end, there was something he’s never seen before.

‘What is that??’


▶Name : Kim Hyun-Soo (21)

▶Rank : B

▶Class : Skill Maker

▶Experience : 3%

▶Stamina Level : 97%

▶Energy Level : 100%

▶Stamina : 126 / Agility : 114 / Strength : 125 / Critical Hit : 117 / ?? / ?? / ??


▶Skill List


Skill Creation[A]

Skill Transfer[A]

Medicinal Mix[B]

Invisible Attack[B]

└ Blade Fist[B]



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The Skill Maker – Chapter 090

<What Was Gained? #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


“If a monster really did exist, then they probably wouldn’t leave the nest unfinished. And the plants around them are too fresh. The size of the nest is big, so I’m sure the monster is just as big and there’s a chance that they damaged their surroundings. But look.”

Hyun-Soo pointed at the fresh plants that were around the nest.

They weren’t harmed in any way and were overgrown.

If something did exist here and were using the nest, they wouldn’t have left without finishing the nest and the plants around the nest would’ve probably been damaged.

If it was a monster with wings and dug the ground with their claws, there was a high chance for those plants to grow in different directions.

“That makes sense. If the plants are alive, then there should at least be some sort of secretion or discharge, but it’s really clean.”

“There isn’t a monster alive that would stay calm when there are intruders. Despite us using a lot of our skills, nothing showed up, so this place must be empty.”

The hunters used many different skills in case the monster was hiding somewhere, but since nothing appeared, they felt relieved.

After acknowledging the fact that there weren’t any monsters, the hunters were able to think rationally and take in their surrounding.

“There aren’t any doors, so I’m assuming this is the last stage. How do we get out though?”

The way they walked through several doors reminded Hyun-Soo of a Matryoshka doll. Since this kind of portal was new for the hunters, they were having trouble.

“The thing behind the nest. Maybe that’s the exit. It looks similar to the portal entrance.”

There was a wavering light behind the nest and it really was an exit.



An exit that lets you leave the portal.


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The Skill Maker – Chapter 089

<What Was Gained? #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


“Then, let’s go. If I’m wrong, then I won’t step up like I did before and give suggestions.”

“Wow…isn’t that just you saying that if you’re wrong, then you’re wrong? You should take responsibility for…”

“If that’s not enough, then I’ll put down everything that I have. I’m not the type to play around with money.”

“Oh, you’re right. Hyun-Soo really likes money.”

Eugene mumbled after hearing what Hyun-Soo said.

He wasn’t sure if Eugene was trying to help or if he said it without thinking, but it seemed to have affected Marcus.

“…Are you all agreeing with what that noob is saying?”

Marcus looked around after asking and the members were nodding their heads.

Marcus had a dejected look, but when the majority supported Hyun-Soo, he looked like he had no choice but to give up.

“Okay, then let’s do as he says and go for the fourth door. The person that made the decision should take responsibility for it. But I’m not sure if the noob is capable enough to take responsibility.”

“You don’t have to worry about unnecessary things like that.”

After the commotion died down, they stood in front of the fourth door.

They stood in their usual spots and endured the odd feeling they felt during the last three gateways.

And they were able to see it.

Nine doors were standing far from where they were.


‘6/7…do we just need to go through one more to finish this?’

What’s at the end? That’s what Hyun-Soo was curious about the most.

While they were going through the sixth gateway, the members acted like they were on a field trip.

It was understandable because before they went through the sixth gateway, they didn’t see any monsters.

Walking through a white space for a long time really affected the mind.

But everyone was talking about different things, so not many people looked tired.

“Why are there only doors though? Are all mixed colored portals like this?”

“This might be happening because we entered while the portal was transformed. Once the transformation is complete, maybe the space behind the portal is filled. Not a white space like this.”

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 088

<Colorful Portal #3>

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Eugene, who was originally in the back with Hyun-Soo, stepped up and moved forward with Brad while putting his guard up for any potential danger.

But moments later, he said there wasn’t anything dangerous and expressed that it was odd.

“There’s nothing. There aren’t any walls or floors and it feels like I’m floating in a white space.”

“There aren’t any monsters?”

“From what I’ve seen so far, there’s nothing. But there is something up ahead over there. It’s too far, so I wasn’t able to check it.”

The hunters thought about the efforts they had to put in while listening to Eugene and Brad’s conversation.

The door they walked through disappeared without a trace after they walked in.

They were just standing in a white space.

“Then, walking towards it would be the right thing to do.”

The hunters started walking towards the place that Eugene mentioned.

Since there was nothing within this space, it was hard to tell how far they walked.

‘Interface isn’t getting anything either.’

Hyun-Soo thought he would be able to get something, but he got nothing.

“…It’s another door.”

“You’re right. And this time, there’s five.”

When the hunters were able to confirm what it was that Eugene saw, they all started groaning.

It’s because there was another door.

On top of that, there were two more than the first time.

“I didn’t hear anything about this…”

“Of course. The ones that were supposed to tell us ran away since they couldn’t enter the first door.”

“This is unexpected. What should we do? Do we need to go back? We didn’t prepare for something like this.”

Before accepting the request, they all worked together and thought about the possible situations that could occur and researched different options.

However, since it was a new portal and they weren’t given a lot of information, there was a limit to how much they could prepare for it.

But despite that, they ran a lot of different simulations and prepared for it.

But they didn’t know that something unexpected would appear like this.

During this time, Hyun-Soo realized that one of his assumptions were correct.

But he wasn’t happy about getting the correct answer.

‘I didn’t think there would actually be seven doors.’

This is the information that Interface provided regarding the second doors.


[Closed Door][2/7]

A door that leads somewhere.

It’s closed tightly.

There’s only one door that will lead to the right path.

The door will automatically open when a hand is placed on the door.

There’s only one path, so choose carefully.

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