The Skill Maker – Chapter 075

<It Works #1>

“…..What is it?”
“It’s similar to the item I gave you before.”
Kim Yoo-Na has a complicated look.
“Did you happen to become like that because…”
“…It’s not like that.”
‘Just how messed up do I look? I cleaned myself up before coming here.’
Hyun-Soo took out the package that contained the potion and pushed it towards Kim Yoo-Na.
Kim Yoo-Na accepted it with trembling hands.
“The duration will be a lot longer than before. The minimum dose is the same as before, so it’s better to divide it.”
How often Hye-Na takes the potion was up to Kim Yoo-Na. She’ll probably feed it to her based on the hospital’s schedule.
“And the effects are really good, so it’s better to feed her a moderate amount so that no one gets suspicious.”
Doctors will most likely get suspicious if someone as sick as Kim Hye-Na suddenly recovered as fast as a normal person would.
“Don’t worry about that. I’ll make sure it doesn’t trouble you.”
She hesitated as she kept on touching the shopping bag.
And moments later, she spoke. Her voice cracked a bit towards the end.
“Hyun-Soo, thank you so much. It seems like I’m always indebted to you.”
He was in the same position anyways.
Between the help she was providing him and the help she was receiving for Hye-Na, it was obvious which side meant more to her.
Kim Yoo-Na looked like she was in a hurry because she quickly said her good-bye and stood up from her seat.
As her chair was pushed back, he heard a small sound.
‘It was worth it.’
Her face showed just how happy she was. It was worth staying up for two days and trying to create a new recipe.
These days, there are people that take what’s theirs and not offer anything in return despite of the other person putting in all of their time and effort.
There’s even a saying that they’re paid with their passion.
However, in many ways, Kim Yoo-Na had a lot more than Hyun-Soo, but she didn’t take any of his help for granted.
In that sense, he was lucky.
“I just saw Yoo-Na leave. Did you fight with her or something?”
A hunter that Hyun-Soo spoke to not long ago sat in the same chair that Yoo-Na sat in and asked.
His name was something like David.
“No way. It’s nothing like that.”
After Hyun-Soo passed the test, David talked to him pretty often.
Before, he wouldn’t say a word and just ignored him.
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The Skill Maker – Chapter 074

<B Rank Hunter #3>


Before falling into a deep sleep, Hyun-Soo heard a familiar alarm.

After succeeding in creating a wonder medicine and leveling up to a B rank, his nervousness died down, causing him to fall asleep.


Hyun-Soo checked his own stats.



Name: Kim Hyun-Soo (21)

Rank: B

Class: Skill Maker

Experience: 0%

Stamina Level: 98%
Energy Level: 100%

Stamina: 121 / Agility: 109 / Strength: 120 / Critical Hit: 112 / ?? / ?? / ??


Skill List


[Skill Creation][A]

[Skill Transfer][A]

[Medicinal Mix][B]

[Invisible Attack][B]



Just seeing the letter, B, next to the rank was really satisfying to him.

“Hyun-Soo! You’re not falling asleep again, are you?”

Hyuna asked while he was happily looking at the stats window.

Hyuna looked at him worriedly when she noticed that Hyun-Soo wasn’t answering her properly.

“Don’t worry. It’s nothing. I need to do my part of the work, you know.”

Hyun-Soo told Hyuna not to worry.

However, Hyuna looked like she didn’t believe him, so he stood up from his seat, washed up and walked out.

That’s when Hyuna felt a bit relieved and left the room after saying she was leaving for language school.

“Bye Hyun-Soo!”

“See you later. Let’s eat something delicious tonight. I’m going to try Braised Short Rib.”

Hyuna’s eyes widened at Hyun-Soo’s comment.

“Hyun-Soo, there’s really nothing going on, right?”

“No, I’m just in a good mood, that’s all. There’s nothing for you to worry about.”

It was hard to tell who was the older one.

Well, he has been acting weird the past two days, so it’s only natural she would act that way.

As soon as Hyuna left, Hyun-Soo jumped onto the bed.

He saw two tables when he opened the door and the potions that gave off a shiny, silver-blue color caught Hyun-Soo’s attention.

That was it.

That was the item that he was working so hard on and it’s the item that helped him level up.

As soon as he succeeded in creating that potion, he leveled up.

‘Who knew it would be so complex?’

Handling the Energy Stone was much harder than he expected.

He didn’t think much of it because Kim Yoo-Na told him that she fed it to her sister by simply grinding it.

However, the effects of the Energy Stone didn’t simply change based on the amount it was used.

The effects changed a lot depending on how it’s mixed with other ingredients, the process that’s used to dissolve it, the ratio, etc.

It was so difficult that it belonged in the top three items that was difficult to handle.

He went through a lot.

There was a reason why he only got five hours of sleep during the past two days.

Since he did so much, it was only natural that his experience would increase by two percent.

Patience is a virtue.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 073

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<B Rank Hunter #2>


There are times when his experience level increases a little bit when he uses Interface and Medicinal Mix often.

He saw it increase one time when he didn’t go on any hunts and made skills while staying home all day.

‘I should try both just in case.’

Becoming a B rank was his current goal, but he wasn’t sure how much experience he’ll receive by using those skills.

He would level up right away if he went on a hunt, but since he couldn’t go on a hunt right now, if there was a way to increase his experience, he was willing to try it.

‘Creating a new potion is probably the best.’

Whenever he creates a new recipe, he ends up concentrating on that alone that he uses up all of his energy.



While Hyun-Soo was creating a plan to increase his rank to B, the other hunters were practicing in the Center Room.

‘This is just like an action movie…huh? What’s that?’

While Hyun-Soo was thinking that he was watching a 4D movie, a hunter was testing out a skill and Hyun-Soo saw a faint purple light emitting from their body.

But when Hyun-Soo thought it was odd and tried to check again, it had already disappeared.

‘…Was I seeing things?’

It happened so suddenly that it was hard to confirm it.

Hyun-Soo thought that maybe he saw an afterimage of the skill and didn’t think about it any longer.


Maybe it’s because he felt relieved after overcoming a critical moment, but despite of him wanting to raise his experience, Hyun-Soo was laid-back.

But that moment ended when Kim Yoo-Na made a comment a couple of days ago while visiting.

‘I have no time to rest. Guess I don’t have a choice. She said it’s because of Hye-Na after all.’


To Hyun-Soo, they were his weakness, and at the same time, they were a gem that he treasured the most.

Since Hyun-Soo felt that way, he understood how other people felt.

Even though he passed the test, he wasn’t very fluent in English.

It hasn’t been that long since he came here, so it was obvious that he wouldn’t know much.


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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 035

<Reorganization #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


The sky and the ground was filled with darkness. The dungeon shop’s Virtual Space used to be all white, but now, it was the complete opposite.

Black. Darkness. The light was blocked out, so nothing could be seen within this space.

There was no sound. A heavy silence was the only thing that filled the room.


It was an extremely special space. All of their senses will be disabled to those that enter this space.

They couldn’t see, hear or touch anything.

That’s why it was comfortable.


If they could endure being in solitude for a long time, if they could deeply fall into it by being alone.

Unfortunately, most living things have difficulty doing that. Sitri was someone that would be able to endure it, but she didn’t like being in this room for a long time.


Sitri liked the feeling of a soft blanket that’s been dried in the sun. She liked the warmth that a person’s body had and loved the sound of nature that tickled her ears. She felt happy when the wind blew against her skin once in a while.

But still, Sitri came to this room sometimes. There are times when she would think about the past whenever she entered this space.

The demon world’s history was long.

The citizens of the demon world didn’t know the history of the dungeon shop, how old the dungeon world was and how it all started. Honestly there weren’t that many that were interested.

But, there was one truth that they did know.


The absolute being of the demon world.

They were an absolute being that the description, Demon God, was the only one that described them perfectly.


That kind of figure existed. They’re not here now, but they definitely existed in the past.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 034

<Recapturing the Gold Mine #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Mana was the root of a demon family’s life.

Almost every living being that existed within the the demon world had mana and snatching that was called Spirit Absorption.


Ordinary demons had the ability to absorb spirits as well. However, when they absorb a spirit, the effects weren’t all that great.

Demon kings were the only ones that could climb up to a higher place by absorbing spirits.

If there’s a big difference in mana between the king and the spirit, then they won’t be able to properly absorb it, but if the spirit is stronger than them, then the king will be able to increase their power by absorbing it.


That’s why they were the Demon king.

Since the Law of the Jungle applied in the demon world, they had no choice but to aim for the top.


The number of kings weren’t small. When there were many, over 100 kings existed.

Just because they’re a king, it didn’t mean all of them were strong. Out of all of them, there were those that were weaker than ordinary demons.

But kings had potential. The reason why they’re called kings is possibly because they had the potential to ascend to the throne.

Yong-Ho opened his hand. He was out of mana, but it didn’t matter.

He focused on the blue mana that was on the Queen Ant’s forehead. It was as big as a fist and it looked like a marble as it shined beautifully. That spirit was sucked into the palm of Yong-Ho’s hand.

This was the third.

It was different from the first two. The exhilarating pleasure that he felt was the same, but he felt something else.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 072

<B Rank Hunter #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


A few days after he successfully completed the test.
Hyun-Soo stood on the same spot that he stood on the first time arrived at the clan’s base.
And he introduced himself again, but this time, he was at different position.
“It’s been awhile since we have a new member, so please treat him well. Hyun-Soo, you can go in now.”
As he walked back, he slightly turned his heads and his eyes met Kim Yoo-Na’s.
‘Now she looks at me.’
Kim Yoo-Na had small smile on her face as she watched him walk back, but when her eyes met his, her smile disappeared.
Other than private meetings, Kim Yoo-Na would purposely not look at him, but now, she looked at him without holding back.
It was like a sign.
It was a sign saying that they wouldn’t undervalue Hyun-Soo’s worth just because he had a connection with Kim Yoo-Na.
This is the kind of benefit that he got once a majority of the members acknowledged him.
‘I was pretty disappointed.’
He knew the reason and he understood them.
That’s why he was thankful, but on the other hand, he felt bad.
Despite of that, he was a bit disappointed, so he felt even more bad towards her.
After that, Kim Yoo-Na briefly announced the clan’s schedule.
When she told them that they haven’t received any requests, a group of them expressed their disappointment.
When the meeting was over, most of them stood up and went about their own business.
“I just don’t understand!”
Hyun-Soo heard someone’s angry voice.
He was about to ignore it, but because of the conversation they were having, Hyun-Soo stopped walking.
‘The voice belongs to?’
“I don’t understand why all of you are treating him so nicely based on one measly test.”
They were definitely talking about Hyun-Soo.
There was no guarantee that the other person would like everything about him.
There were always going to be likes and dislikes.
It would be a lie if he said he didn’t care, but saying that everyone had to like him was an unrealistic idea.
Right when Hyun-Soo was about to overlook it.
“Hey, you’ve got it all wrong.”
He heard another familiar voice.
‘It’s Eugene.’
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The Skill Maker – Chapter 071

<Acknowledgement #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


“Good eye, newbie!”


When he heard that, Hyun-Soo started looking around.

Because his body was feeling off all of a sudden, he missed everything that happened within that short period of time.

Hyun-Soo saw how the other hunters started moving.

Swoosh! Swoosh!


The sound of vines being cut and remains falling to the ground filled the area.


But the parts that were being cut off were the same parts that Hyun-Soo was attacking, which was the monster’s weakness. It felt really odd.

‘So that’s what they meant earlier.’

As A ranked hunters, they had a lot of experience with hunting in portals, so they noticed how Hyun-Soo was attacking the same area twice.

Since they were continuously checking the Energy Field, when Hyun-Soo successfully attacked, they confirmed that the field decreased a lot and decided to go along with it.

‘That’s why they’re A rank hunters…’

They weren’t surprised by the unexpected situation and instead, calmly analyzed the situation.

When thinking about how they analyzed Hyun-Soo’s actions, despite of him still lacking a lot, there was definitely a difference between the rank.

“Let’s finish it!”

Originally, while the long-distance attackers are attacking the roots and part of the body, the close-range attackers would attack most of the body.

But now they’ve switched.

The close-range attackers took care of the roots while the long-distance attackers took care of the body.

No one suggested on doing this, but they naturally switched the attacking points.

And results showed.

There weren’t that many spores left and due to the pain, the Blasting Spore’s movement slowed down.

In order to make sure that the hunt was over, a hunter pierced the monster’s body with a sharp ice lance.



It sounded like a piece of fabric was being torn apart and the monster’s body fell forward.

If they were alive, they would’ve reacted to it in some way.

‘It’s done.’

The Blasting Spore didn’t have any reaction.

They were completely dead.

“Good job.”

“Well done.”

“This one was kind of different.”

“You’re right. But, it was still fun, right?”

Once the hunt was officially over, the hunters started talking amongst themselves.

‘So this is how my first hunt ended.’


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The Skill Maker – Chapter 070

<Acknowledgement #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


It was safe.

The hunt was going along so smoothly, that that’s what he thought of.

The Blasting Spore was an extremely picky monster, so it was weird that things were going along smoothly.

Hyun-Soo was currently participating as a close-range attacker.

The reason was simple.

It’s because the Invisible Attack was invisible.

That was the best advantage, but currently, it was a bit disappointing.

It’s because it was difficult to show a visible effect since that was the skill’s specialty.

He could be a long-distance attacker and attack from afar, but he had to show his skill now.

Since he was doing the test, wouldn’t it be much better if he could actually show them his skill?

For that reason, when Hyun-Soo was willing to become a close-range attacker instead of a long-distance attacker, Eugene and a couple of other hunters were confused, but didn’t say anything.

It’s because they knew he wouldn’t bluff or life about his skills.


He felt a heavy shock from the White Unicorn’s sword, which costed $400,000 at the weaponry.

‘The recoil is still pretty strong.’

While attacking, Hyun-Soo concentrated really hard to find the Blasting Spore’s weakness.

This was the place where he had to prove with worth and skills.

Even though his rank was low, he wanted to show that his rank wasn’t everything.

‘But, why can’t I see its weakness?’

It’s possible that the activation rate of Interface is too low for it to display the weakness of monsters in the blue portal.

But still…

‘When I was hunting the spider monster, I definitely saw their weakness.’

Despite of that, the Blasting Spore’s energy field was decreasing.


He heard something from above.

Hyun-Soo instinctively looked up.

Due to the battle, the spores that were hanging were moving around violently and hitting each other, but that wasn’t where the sound was coming from.

It sounded like something was being cut off.



No one had to say it.

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