The Skill Maker – Chapter 079

<Genius? #1>

No, it’s possible for me.
Hyun-Soo didn’t have the courage to say it out loud.
It’s because it even sounded cocky to him.
“If it was possible, then I wouldn’t have turned on that fan and made a big fuss.”
“Didn’t you use it to concentrate so that you can create an image of it?”
“There’s that too. But it’s really rare for people to use two different skills at the same time.”
“I see.”
He now understood why David was so shocked when Hyun-Soo created fire and wind.
Despite of the fact that it was small and weak.
‘But still, if it’s rare, that means there are people that are able to do it.’
Hyun-Soo told David to try to use two different at the same time.
There was something he needed to check.
“I told you, it doesn’t work.”
Even though he was complaining, he tried it.
The moment David used the skill, Hyun-Soo focused on his body.
‘…I knew it!’
As soon as David used the skill a blue light started floating and even though it was faint, he saw it moving around.
A frown appeared on David’s face.
Suddenly, a purple light appeared from a different side.
That light enveloped the blue lights and it turned darker as it floated around
“I can’t. I tried to use an additional skill, but…it’s impossible.”
Moments later, David announced that he gave up while catching his breath.
At the same time, the colors that was emitted from his body completely disappeared.
‘It would’ve been nice if this skill lasted a bit longer…’
Even though he saw it for a short period of time, his eyes started burning as if they were on fire.
David wasn’t able to endure it as well, but it was still unfortunate.
But he still obtained something within that short period.
The purple light probably appeared when the flow of the energy wasn’t smooth or the skill was used inappropriately.
The blue light was the opposite of that.
‘When David first used the skill, it was a blue light. But when he tried to use another skill, the purple light appeared. Then that means it’s being clashed somewhere…’
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The Skill Maker – Chapter 078

<It Works #4>


Even though it was small, the tiny fire pillar was whirling around like a storm.

This was the result of mixing fire and wind together.

Hyun-Soo smirked after the skill create a weak vortex.

‘Will it become bigger once it levels up?’

It wasn’t like the other skills where the skill became smaller because he compressed it.

This was probably the strongest the skill could output.

He put in a little more energy to test it out, but it got twice as big.

That’s probably why the skill was described as tiny.

‘The result is a bit different from what David was thinking.’

He wanted to break the form of the Flame Arrow and have it mixed with the wind.

But, he wanted to master the attack method of the Flame Arrow.

‘If it was made through that method, then I would’ve discreetly used Skill Transfer. Wait, that’s not a bad idea.’

But the fact that the Tiny Fire Storm’s rank as F was what stopped him.

Hyun-Soo was thinking while moving the fire pillar within this hand and while deep in his thoughts, the training room’s door opened wide.

“Hey, Hyon-Ssoo! What were you doing that you didn’t hear the call? There’s something…hm?”

The person that criticized Hyun-Soo without any hesitation was none other than David.

Speak of the devil. David froze right on the spot while talking.

His eyes were fixed on Hyun-Soo’s hand.


Hyun-Soo quickly cancelled the skill that was in his hand.

But David had already seen it.

Right when he thought that he was in trouble, David intercepted.


“I beg you, please help me!”


David grabbed onto one of Hyun-Soo’s leg.

‘Wha-what’s going on…?’

“Hyon-Ssoo, I won’t ask any questions, so please help me. Please? Please? Please!”

A man with a large frame was holding onto his leg and was begging him without questioning him about it.

“H-hey…let go of my leg first and then we’ll talk.”

“NO! Unless you say that you’re going to help me first, I’m never going to let go!”

The way David’s large eyes rolled around and blinked reminded Hyun-Soo of a scared deer.

Desperation filled his eyes.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 077

<It Works #3>


‘Then the plum, purple light I saw, that light is…’

It could be the energy that wasn’t flowing smoothly.

A lot of time had passed since the Hunters and the portals appeared.

Despite of that, there were still many things that haven’t been proven scientifically.

Hyun-Soo wasn’t able to completely figure out everything that he was seeing with his own eyes.


‘I can make assumptions all I want.’

Out of all the things that happened from the beginning up until now, how many were realistically possible?

Even the famous Mikhail said it too.

That reality was a fantasy.

He leveled up and the activation rate of Interface increased too.

That’s why it wasn’t so bad to look at it that way.

‘The more I know, the more amazing the skill is.’

Even though the activation rate hasn’t reached the half point, if it continuously increased, then it’ll be developed more.

Blink, blink.

After looking at the faint blue light that was circling around the body, his eyes felt dry and was starting to hurt, causing him to close them.

He’s been looking at those light that was around the hunters for 20-30 minutes.

It wasn’t that long.

‘Is this my limit?’

Since the activation rate was low, it felt like the amount of time he could use the skill was short too.



The hunters used their skills to attack the monster that the hologram was displaying.

The skills that the hunters were using just happened to be fire and wind elements.

They were pouring out their skills as if to show that their skill was better than the other.

“They’re sure trying hard.”

The hunter that was sitting next to him mumbled to himself.

When Hyun-Soo looked at them, they smiled and explained.

“You can’t see it? Since we have a new member, they’re trying to show that they’re the better hunter. They really don’t like losing.”

You think you’re all that? I’m skill too.

That’s what this hunter was basically saying.

Thanks to that, Hyun-Soo was enjoying the show.

He wasn’t sure what kind of pairing this was, but the two hunters were using the skills that Hyun-Soo was focusing on.


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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 038

<Reorganization #4>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Being able to think fast was one of Yong-Ho’s strengths.

It wasn’t an exaggeration when they said it was the start of a revolution and the current situation in this empty land and the secret of the dungeon was more than enough to upset him.

But Yong-Ho didn’t waver. Instead of mentally wasting energy on unnecessary things, he turned his attention on things he had to take care of right away.

Currently, improving the dungeon and picking the most useful spirits were the most important tasks for Yong-Ho.


Yong-Ho emptied his thoughts by taking a deep breath and then raised his head to look at the window of light.

The Rank Two spirit catalogue wasn’t different from before. There was a spirit that he’s been thinking about, so it didn’t take him a long time to choose one.

He picked the Rank Two dungeon spirit, Clay Golem.

Yong-Ho picked the spirit that could work and defend, just like the Goblins.


The Clay Golem was strong when it came to strength and stamina and they were useful when it came to doing tasks that required a good amount of strength.

Compared to the last time he came here to purchase a Rank Two spirit, the mana situation had improved a lot, so the amount of mana that the Golem consumed wasn’t burdensome.


‘It’s good that we don’t have to spend a lot on food. And, we don’t have to prepare a separate room for them.’

It was convenient because he didn’t have to worry about giving them food and clothing.

But since they didn’t have any idea of self-concept, they needed that much more help. If they don’t receive any commands based on the situation they’re in, there was a high chance that they may act out of place.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 040

<Dungeon Fight #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


The sky of the demon world was red. But, it wasn’t just one color.


Purple lights were mixed during twilight and it connected to the western sky. It was as if the black, red and purple watercolor paints were mixed together and beyond that, red and yellow were mixed together. It looked as if the sky was on fire.


And that didn’t fill up the entire sky. The quiet and soft red light filled the blank sky. It was similar to a sunset.


Dust flew with the wind. The ground was dry, but like the sky, not all parts were like that. There were fertile areas as well and there was a forest with tall trees not too far off. Just like the ones in the human world, they were trees with green leaves.


There was a river that flowed through the forest. It was too far, so it was hard to tell, but the river was pretty clear. Out of many streams, one of them flowed near the dungeon, so Yong-Ho knew where Eligor and the other spirits went to early in the morning.


The air was cold. Catalina said they were between winter and spring.


Mana was the root of all living things in the demon world. It applied to the birds that flew in the air and the bugs that crawled the ground.


Along with Catalina, when Yong-Ho stepped out, he stayed outside for a long time. He wasn’t really looking around the area. All he did was look around the dungeon entrance.


The House of Mammon’s dungeon entrance was located at entrance of a large mountain.

The name of the mountain was Encatro Pagnium. It meant Edge of the World in archaic.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 041

<Dungeon Fight #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Yong-Ho quickly stood up from his seat. Catalina and Eligor’s eyes widened and stopped breathing for a moment.


They broke the wall and created a new path.

It wasn’t an impossible task. But it was something he didn’t think about.

Columbus’ Egg. It’s obvious after it happens, but it was an idea that was hard to think of.


Wall Break was a magic that many used during the dungeon battle. Because of that, many demons either strengthen the walls or set up the dungeon so that it doesn’t put the enemy at an advantage after they’ve used it.


But, Yong-Ho didn’t have that kind of experience. The two previous owners shut themselves inside, so both Eligor and Catalina didn’t have information about it.


When Foras broke one wall, it made the other 10 rooms useless. And the traps that were installed between became useless as well.


Foras started moving. And the room beyond the broken wall just happened to be the wall that didn’t have any traps.


Yong-Ho was able to assume Foras’s next move. Catalina and Eligor also assumed, which is why they looked at Yong-Ho anxiously.


Foras broke a second wall. Once again, the rooms and the traps became useless and they were getting closer to the throne room.


Like the time when the Crimson Ogre came, it was impossible for them to activate and deactivate the rooms to lead them in a different direction.

The situation was different compared to when the new Spirit of the Dungeon was born. The dungeon was now stable because the Spirit of the Dungeon was in control. Even though the rooms in the dungeon were easy to activate and deactivate, but they couldn’t change a group of rooms at the same time.

They purposely changed the layout of the dungeon to extend the passageway that led to the throne room, but that plan actually made things worse.


They had to come up with a different plan. They had to make a secret plan.


“Foras destroyed another wall!”


The Spirit of the Dungeon yelled. The spirits there also saw the marked wall on the map falling apart. The Goblins were filled with fear, which caused them to scream and Skull stood up from their seat and grabbed the hammer.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 036

Note: This week will be two regular chapters and four bonus chapters for a total of six chapters! Thanks to the patrons, they helped me reach my first goal and I wanted to show my appreciation for their continued support.

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<Reorganization #2>

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  [Name : – (F)]

  [Race/Position : Crazy Ant / Princess Ant]

  [Class : Evil Spirit (Low Rank)]

  [Charm Level 0 | ★★ (2)]

  [Emotion Level 0 | ★☆ (1.5)]

  [Mana Level 0 | ★★ (2)]

  [Stamina Level 0 | ★ (1)]

  [Attributes Level 0 | ★☆ (1.5)]

Maybe it’s because they haven’t been registered as a spirit, but when compared to the Goblins that he saw for the first time at the Virtual Space, there were a lot of sections that weren’t shown.

‘They’re definitely a kid.’

Since they were a young princess, their potential related to development was quite low. However, they had a lot of development routes and since their current skills were really low, their growth rate was pretty big.

‘What’s emotion?’

He had an idea, but it wasn’t convincing enough.

Yong-Ho waved his finger into the air and checked each other development route of the Princess Ant. There was a bit of a difference, but above the Princess Ant that currently looked like a 12-year-old, there was a silhouette of a girl that was slightly more mature.


‘Will she grow up once she evolves?’

There must be a development route after she evolves, because there were two boxes of light above the Princess Ant’s head. He could probably confirm it after registering them as a spirit.

Yong-Ho deactivated the Power of Evolution after thinking about the Queen Ant for a moment. It’s because he felt someone behind him.


“Did you call for me, sir?”

“I was out for too long, huh?”

Yong-Ho jokingly asked as he turned around. Eligor answered with his usual warm smile.

“You came back just in time. You’ve been pushing yourself to the limit, so you should rest well.”


It went along smoothly. Yong-Ho waved at the Kobold again and left the prison with Eligor. He spoke as they walked towards the throne room.

“How’s the constructions coming along?”

“We’ve finished installing the basic traps. There are more advanced traps, but since we didn’t have the material, we just cleaned it up so that we can quickly install it when we have the materials.”

Traps and spirits were needed when it came to defending the dungeon.

The dungeon facilities and traps were like the castle walls and the spirits were like the soldiers that protected the castle.

Yong-Ho decided to focus more on the traps and the dungeon facilities.

If the castle walls are tall and thick, then the weakest soldiers can hold off the enemies.

They arrived at the throne room faster than they expected. Catalina had been waiting in front of the throne room and she opened the door.

Yong-Ho walked across the large room and after sitting on the throne, he lightly stretched his body. He asked Eligor, who was standing next to the throne.

“What do I need to buy?”

“First…I created a budget sheet based on the traps that you instructed us to build.”

Eligor took out a piece of paper that was in his inner pocket and gave it to Yong-Ho. It was a list of materials that they needed in order to build the various traps.

“And this is an assumption that I made regarding the gold mine’s current worth.”

The second document contained the depth of the mine, the amount of gold that was currently there, how much gold they’ll be able to obtain in a month and the total worth of the mine based on the previous information.

The dungeon’s gold mine was similar, yet different, from the one in the human world.

The fact that there was gold in the mine was the same, but the mining method was different.

In the human world, it’s normal for people to go into the mine and keep digging until they find the gold, but in the dungeon’s gold mine, mana is used to mine the gold.

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 037

<Reorganization #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


“You’re sharp.”

Sitri leaned on the back of the chair. The way she looked at Yong-Ho was different from the other times and it looked as if she was setting a price on an item. She slightly stuck her tongue out and lightly licked her bottom lip.

“Please continue.”

Yong-Ho gulped. Yong-Ho thought about Catalina in his head so that he wouldn’t be blinded by her beauty. When he thought of how Catalina drooled while sleeping, he quietly chuckled and he was able to somewhat break free.

With a more relaxed expression, Yong-Ho continued talking.

“Foras didn’t move when the last two owners were alive. According to Eligor, it’s because the owners within the empty parts of the lands were maintaining the balance.”

A peace that was created by balancing the power.

Since they had hostile relationships, they couldn’t move carelessly. While they’re attacking one owner, a different owner may attack from behind them.


“It’s still a dungeon even if it’s on the brink of collapsing. Time and troops will be used when attacking in order to take it. During that moment, their dungeon could be in danger because of the other owners.”

“And you think the House of Mammon’s dungeon isn’t worth taking a risk?”


Sitri spoke as if she was assisting. She had her usual small smile, but he couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Whenever he saw her, the only thing that filled his mind was how beautiful she was.

Yong-Ho thought about Catalina again and answered.

“Yes. After Kaiwan, the King of Distortion, the House of Mammon really weakened. Since it wasn’t balanced, they probably didn’t make a move.”


It’s too much trouble to eat, and too much to throw away.

But in the end, Foras didn’t make a move. They just left them alone. Even during the time when the past owner died and the House of Mammon’s dungeon was at its weakest.

“But they’ve started moving. And it seemed like they’re determined about it.”

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The Dungeon Maker – Chapter 039

<Dungeon Fight #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


It was morning.

Without getting a wake up call from the Spirit of the Dungeon, Yong-Ho walked out of the bedroom.

“Good morning, master.”


Eligor was standing in the throne room like always. He greeted Yong-Ho like always and Yong-Ho smiled.

“You’ve definitely changed.”

“It’s all thanks to you, sir.”

His actions remained the same, but his outer appearance changed.

Eligor looked younger.

Saying that his youth has been restored was too much, but it was difficult to find a description that was fitting.

Muscles appeared on his upright back. His upper body was thin, but now, it was like a hard rock and the wrinkles that filled his face were almost gone.

  [Name : Eligor (M)]

  [Race : Red Demon]

  [Class : Spirit (Low Rank)]


  [Fire Level 0 / Darkness Level 1]

  [Main Stats : Strength / Stamina]

  [Development Rate : 0/100]

  [Strength Level 0| ★★☆ (2.5)]

  [Stamina Level 1| ★★☆ (2.5)]

  [Ability Level 0| ★☆ (1.5)]

  [Mana Level 0| ★☆ (1.5)] -> Upon development, advancement routes will open

  [Possible Advancement Race]

  [Red Demon| Beast]

Before, Eligor’s development information was as bland as the Goblins, but now, there was a lot more information.

The potential value of each development route increased a bit and an ability level appeared.

And the advancement route was Red Demon Beast.

Even though it was just a silhouette, it was enough to assume their outer appearance after they advance. The muscles were better developed and his horn became bigger. There was a high chance for him to change into a muscular spirit, which fit well with the name.

Like the Kobold, currently, Eligor wasn’t a fighting spirit. But, once he evolves and advances, then he’ll be able to be a part of the fighting group.

“I’m going to wash up. Let’s start after breakfast.”

“Yes, sir.”

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 076

<It Works #2>


If he’s talking about the large arrow-shaped fire that suddenly fattened up, then he saw it.

He also saw the fire’s small movement when it was trying to change its form.

However, to say that it changed into a different form was an exaggeration.

But he said the form changed a bit.

“But I have a good feeling. There have been new changes within the clan, so I should follow that change and improve my skill.”

“How are you trying to improve it?”

Hyun-Soo didn’t have any idea as to how he was trying to cut through the wind with the fire arrow.

When Hyun-Soo asked, David raised a finger.

“I have two skills and one of them is the Flame Arrow, which you just saw, and the other is a wind element skill.”

When he said that his other skill was a wind element skill, he raised another finger on his other hand.

“I think Robin Hood influenced the Flame Arrow a lot because I liked Robin Hood a lot when I was younger. Don’t you think it looks pretty good?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“What’s with that reaction? Anyways, I have two different powers that are polar opposites of each other. Isn’t that amazing? This kind of case is…extremely rare.”

David spoke as if he was bragging about himself.

“But the problem is that I have to use them separately. Well, having an A rank Flame Arrow is more than enough, but then a thought popped into my head.”

“What kind of thought?”

When Hyun-Soo asked, David started shaking the two fingers that he raised.

“A thought that maybe…if I were to mix these two skills together, then it might be even more powerful.”

“Mixing the two skills?”

“Yeah, when fire and wind meet, it becomes stronger. Think about a large fire tornado being shot down. Don’t you think it’ll be a lot stronger than the Fire Arrow? I even thought of a name. Flame Storm! Isn’t it cool?”


“All I have to do is blend these two skills together. It’s definitely possible theoretically.”

David locked the two fingers that he was shaking.

Like he mentioned, theoretically, it was possible.

But the problem was that a theory was just a theory.

“But it’s not easy. Despite of doing an imaginary training in my head, it’s not going the way I want it to.”

And that’s why he used the fan to create the wind and practiced by mixing the fire into the wind.

“I keep struggling because I’ve been using my strength by using a different method.”

David released a sigh after saying that he shouldn’t have watched Robin Hood.

There was another question that Hyun-Soo wanted to ask.

The purple light that emitted out of his body.

He remembered briefly seeing it before.

Back then, the color was much lighter and because it disappeared right away, he assumed it was his imagination…

“David, can you create a Flame Arrow right now?”

“Why? Did you think of something that can help me?”

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