The Skill Maker – Chapter 069

<Test #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Hyun-Soo had his own worries and problems.
When thinking about his situation and taking into consideration of other things, all he did was pick the best choice.
“Hyun-Soo, I’m sleepy.”
“Okay. Go to sleep. I’ll do the rest.”
“No, I’ll help you finish. But cook me something yummy when we get back.”
Even Hyuna’s eyes were half closed, she continued helping him while whining.
“Okay, fine. What would you like?”
“Spicy Chicken Stew. A spicy one. I keep thinking about that before going to sleep.”
“Yes, ma’am. Since you helped out, I’ll make it really good and serve it to you.”
“Yes! Then, I’m not going to eat and wait for you, okay?”
“Okay, okay. Anyways, I thought we would’ve been done by now, but we haven’t finished yet.”
The sibling let out a sigh at the same time.
One step forward towards Hyun-Soo’s plan.
In order to do that, he had to escape from this rice ball cake making hell.


Munch, munch.
Hyun-Soo stayed up all night making and packaging the rice ball cake and he opened one of them and ate it.
‘I didn’t know packaging these would take this long.’
There weren’t any bottles or containers.
He just small, plastic bags.
He mentioned how important packaging was, so using her high school girl senses, she worked on the packaging.
“You can’t put in several of these at once!”
“It’s better to put a few in and then wrapping them. It’s easier to eat and store.”
“You can’t slack off! The packaging is important when it comes to gifts!”
“It’s a Korean snack, so wouldn’t they like it more if the packaging was Korean-like as well?”
Then, she brought a scissor and thread and somehow packaged it to look like a pretty lucky bag.
‘Wow. Kim Hyuna, you’re pretty amazing.’
Hyun-Soo exclaimed to himself.
He didn’t know that would lead him to packaging hell though…
After escaping the rice ball cake making hell, packaging hell was what came next.
Hyuna instructed him to fold and tie in a certain way and he did that for several of hours.
‘I thought I would be able to sleep after I finish.’
There was a surprise.
In the end, he had to sleep late, but he managed to finish packing under Hyuna’s instructions.
‘The packaging isn’t even that important. All that matters is that they enjoy the rice ball cakes.’
Despite of thinking that way, Hyuna didn’t budge on her decision.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 068

<Test #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Kim Yoo-Na visited them last at night to help them with their English lessons and complimented them about how much they’ve improved within a short amount of time.
In Hyun-Soo’s eyes, Hyuna did improve a lot.
Maybe it’s because she’s still a student.
On the other hand, Hyun-Soo couldn’t say the same about himself, but hearing her compliment made him feel good.
People tend to want to do better when they hear compliments.
Kim Yoo-Na said his name.
Even though Hyuna returned to her room, she stayed and started talking to him.
“This is something I’m going to be saying at the meeting the day after tomorrow, but I think it’ll be better if you know ahead of time. Your test will take place during the second official hunt.”
“Are you allowed to do that?
“No one is against it, so it’s fine. If you don’t want to, then you don’t have to do the test…”
Kim Yoo-Na’s voice became quieter.
The test was like a qualification test to see if he’s worthy enough to join the crew.
When Kim Yoo-Na recruited him, she didn’t mention a test, but Hyun-Soo assumed there would be something like this.
‘This is the least I can do since I’m the only C rank in a crew full of A rank hunters and they probably think I was able to join through some kind of connection.’
In her point of view, she could think that Hyun-Soo doesn’t need to do a test since she already acknowledged his skills and potential.
‘The problem is that the other hunters have their doubts about me.’
In that case, it was better to show them once and for all.
Hyun-Soo felt better about doing that and they’ll acknowledge him.
“No, I should take the test. If I do, then everyone will accept me.”
Kim Yoo-Na mentioned that he didn’t have to take the test if he didn’t have to, but that was nonsense.
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The Skill Maker – Chapter 067

<Test #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


On a large table inside the cafeteria, there were a variety of dishes.
“Looks delicious.”
“You better cook next time. It was tiring.”
“The country will be at a loss if you pass out from my cooking.”
 Everyone complimented each other and thanked the hunters that cooked the food.
“Oh, what is this? It’s the first time I’m seeing it.”
“That’s, that person’s.”
“That person?”
“You know…”
The few hunters that saw Hyun-Soo’s dish showed their interest.
When they found out that Hyun-Soo made it, they hesitated.
But, they couldn’t ignore the fact that the dish gave off an aromatic smell and looked appetizing.
‘It’s probably not as good as an actual buffet, but this isn’t bad.’
It was time to eat and everyone started putting food on their plates.
It’s been awhile since they had the party, so they were enjoying themselves.
Since they’ve worked with each other for a long time, taking a break didn’t have much effect and since it was an official hunt instead of a request, they didn’t use all of their power.
The sound of the hunters chattering filled the cafeteria.
‘Looks good.’
He hasn’t been to a guild in Korea, but just from reading the comments on Hunter Net, there’s no way the atmosphere would be like this.
It’ll most likely have a tense atmosphere.
And ranks.
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The Skill Maker – Chapter 066

<Levshila #3>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


When they returned to the base, they said they were going to wash up and left somewhere.
‘I heard the sauna is really nice, so maybe they went there?’
The staff came out and started taking the plastic bags that the hunters were carrying.
They were trying to take the flower as well, so Hyun-Soo quickly intercepted.
Eugene and Katrina left as well, so Hyun-Soo was the only one there.
He pulled the cart that had the flowers and moved it near the dorm.
When he arrived at the dorm, he opened the bag and saw the flowers sitting in there.
‘Thankfully, they’re still in good condition.’
But the ones that were sitting on the bottom were bent and pressed.
Hyun-Soo separated the flowers based on the condition. A little over 30% of the flowers weren’t in the best condition.
‘It’s unfortunate that they turned out this way, but if they don’t grow, then I can just pluck them and use it.’
He decided to plant the good ones in the garden.
It was disappointing, but it’s not like he was going to throw them away, so he felt better about it.
‘What would be the best way to eat this?’
Even though it was a little over 30% of the entire flower, there was still a lot.
There was so much that a large sink wouldn’t be enough to hold the flowers.
Hyun-Soo took out a portion and started cleaning them up.
He got rid of the dirt on the flowers and washed them.
He didn’t have that much time until he had to prepare the food, so he couldn’t analyze the flower.
That’s when Hyun-Soo thought about how this should be eaten so that there won’t be any suspicion.
Chew, chew.
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The Skill Maker – Chapter 065

<Levshila #2>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Hyun-Soo’s eyes widened.

‘Only in the blue portal.’

He was able to obtain a really good item with one try.

‘Katrina and Eugene’s stamina was definitely about 190. And Brad’s was a bit higher than that.’

On average, A ranked hunters’ stamina was about 200 and with that, it was about 20%.

After calculating that, it actually didn’t seem that much.


‘It’s good for Kim Hye-Na.’

Before coming here, she survived on the rice cakes that he made out of the horns.

If there weren’t a lot, it would’ve caused a big issue.

But thankfully, he had a lot and it was delicious, so Hye-Na ate it on a daily basis since she didn’t feel disgusted by them.

‘I’ve been thinking about what I should do after that runs out, but I happened to get a good item.’

And the ingredient was two times better.

However, the duration was only 30 minutes.

‘It would be nice if I’m able to extend the duration somehow.’

The reason why he mixed it with other ingredients was not only to hide the original ingredient, but it was mainly to bring out the effects of each ingredient as much as possible.

He would mix them several times, boil them, grind them, and steam them to find the best ratio and method.

He would sometimes find interesting ways to mix them and find interesting effects that he wasn’t expecting.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 064

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<Levshila #1>

Edited By: Sebas Tian


Hyun-Soo asked Eugene who was sitting next to him.

No matter how he thought about it, the weight that the official hunt carried felt light.

‘They said it was simple but I didn’t think it would feel like going on a group picnic. No, that has too much freedom…maybe like a company pep rally?’

Before, Eugene explained it like it was nothing and it really seemed that way.

“I’m not sure. It’s a possibility. I heard that according to the ranks, hierarchical order and discipline is very important. We’re an interesting case.”

“But this is pretty good. We don’t really like having a linear relationship. Yoo-Na said that having a strained relationship will destroy the unity during a hunt.”

Katrina intercepted when she heard Hyun-Soo talk.

“Jeez woman. Talk slowly. If you keep talking fast like that, I have to keep moving around.”


Lately, Hyun-Soo has been using English to get used to the language.

Hyuna was way more fluent than Hyun-Soo and she nagged at him several times about how he needed more help than her.

Because of that.

He was able to speak more smoothly compared to when he didn’t know what to say.

However, when someone spoke fast or he heard long sentences, his head would feel complicated and look at Eugene to translate for him.

“Yoo-Na isn’t looking this way.”

“You’re right. She at least makes eye contact. I wonder if she’s mad.”

Like Katrina and Eugene mentioned, Kim Yoo-Na didn’t look at Hyun-Soo.

She was probably doing it on purpose.

It looked like she was ignoring him like the others, but the reason for it was different.

What did she say before?

‘I think she apologized saying that it might be harder for me to adapt because of her.’

One of those nights.

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