The Skill Maker – Chapter 035

<You’ll Meet Your Enemy at a Weaponry Store #2>


The knife costed just as much as leasing a house.

The dagger wasn’t this expensive.

‘Is it this pricey because of the alloy?’

While Hyun-Soo was shocked by the price, Kim Yoo-Na watched and intercepted.

“You won’t be able to use that for a long time. How about that one instead?”

Kim Yoo-Na pointed towards one of the displays.

It was a sword that had a light blue glow to it.

It was long and sharp, which made it the perfect weapon for stabbing an enemy.

“You have a good eye. It was created by mixing a White Unicorn’s blood. As you can see, there’s a rich, blue glow, just like a unicorn’s blood. It’s two times, no, three times stronger than an ordinary sword. It’s the most useful weapon at that level.”

‘Seven billion……!’

Hyun-Soo was shocked again after he glanced at the price tag.

He couldn’t hear what the staff was saying.

‘Why is it so expensive? It seems like they just up the price whenever they use the word, monster. But they only mixed 3% of it. But it’s still seven billion…’

After checking Interface, Hyun-Soo was able to see that they only mixed a tiny bit of it, despite of how much the staff was talking about it.

If you knew how to handle metal, you would be able to get rich through this.

‘Should I learn that too?’

But, the staff and Kim Yoo-Na were starting to have a discussion and didn’t really consider Hyun-Soo’s opinion.

They were talking about what kind of monster was mixed in, the shape, its performance and durability.

They were talking so professionally about it that Hyun-Soo couldn’t intercept.

‘I don’t care about the monsters. I just need an ordinary sword that’s like a kitchen knife.’

He thought about just going to the market.

They might not carry the length that he wanted, but.

“I think this one is pretty good.”

“That’s a good choice, sir. It’s a weapon that can be used when you become a higher-ranked hunter. High-ranked hunters sometimes look for it. The fact that it’s light is what makes it stand out.”

It was a bit longer than the forearm and the blade was slightly curved.

The blade was white and the hilt was black. The color arrangement pleased Hyun-Soo.

On top of that, it was light so he liked it even more.

Hyun-Soo used Interface.


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The Skill Maker – Chapter 034

<You’ll Meet Your Enemy at a Weaponry Store #1>


He somehow managed to form a contract with Kim Yoo-Na, but there wasn’t a guarantee that someone would always watch his back.

That’s why he was in a hurry to become stronger.

‘It’d be nice if there were some nice items in this portal. I’m hoping for a medicinal herb that increases stamina.’

But this place was a swamp filled with mud.

It was obvious that it was difficult to grow anything in this place.

‘Everything that I can see with my eyes are useless…do I have to dig for it?’

Since he couldn’t check inside the swamp, it was impossible to inspect it.

Hyun-Soo dug the ground with his dagger as disappointment filled within him.

‘Should I change my weapon?’

The dagger was the best for throwing.

It was light, thin and sharp.

That’s why it barely had air resistance and it can be thrown without using too much energy.

‘But the length of it is pretty disappointing. It’d be nice if it was a bit longer.’

Maybe it’s because he’s gotten used to hunting or because he drank an excessive amount of potion, but his attacks were getting sharper and fatal.

However, compared to how much his skill has improved, his attack skill didn’t really increase much.

‘It is pretty short. If it was longer, I could’ve killed it a while ago.’

Hyun-Soo looked down at the dagger that was in his hand.

If the dagger was longer when he was fighting against the toad, he could’ve taken it down easily instead of attack it several times.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 033

<Contract – #3>


It was a swamp that one can sink in if they just walked on it, but Hyun-Soo was running on its surface, so it didn’t cause him any issues.


“You’re pretty witty for a toad.”

The toad noticed Hyun-Soo and was threatening him.

In order to stay out of its sight, he tried approaching by circling around it, but after getting caught, he couldn’t help but mumble in frustration.

“It was difficult because it would jump around every time I attacked…”

But not anymore.



Its tongue was still pretty dangerous.

When the tongue aimed for his ankle, Hyun-Soo managed to dodge it with ease.

He was actually thankful, rather than scared of the attack.


The shining light in the center of the tongue was the toad’s weakness.

The arrow-like tongue seems to roll back after it’s used to attack its opponent.

Hyun-Soo quickly followed behind it.

‘Mighty Throw!’

Hyun-Soo used his skill while aiming at the shining, white light that was in the center of its tongue.

However, the toad’s tongue flinched for a second and dodged the attack.


So close.

He decided to try again.

Hyun-Soo changed directions after running straight towards the toad.

After running with all his might, he stepped on the toad’s leg and jumped up into the air.

Kyahhh! Kyah!

It must’ve felt unpleasant by the fact that Hyun-Soo was on its body because it started moving around.

“Jeez! I almost fell.”

But, he stabbed its body with his dagger, so he was able to hold on.

Kyah! Kyah! Kyah!

However, the toad felt pain when Hyun-Soo’s dagger pierced deep into its body that it started moving around more violently.

In order to get Hyun-Soo off of them, it swung its tongue around.

If its leg were fine, it might’ve started jumping around.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 032

<Contract #2>


Kim Yoo-Na offered to give Hyun-Soo a ride since they were outside of the suburbs.

Since they were in a secluded area, there wasn’t that many cars during the ride back home.

The way that the car moved so fast, so smoothly was amazing.

“Sports cars are pretty nice.”

As soon as Hyun-Soo complimented, Kim Yoo-Na continued the conversation.

“It’s a bit flashy. It’s not my type of car. But, Hye-Na likes these types of cars. I’m just driving it in her place.”

“There are a lot of people that wants to drive a sports car. It’s cool and makes you look good.”

“I prefer bikes over cars…I’m not riding it because I was told that I would get into accidents.”

Hyun-Soo imagined Kim Yoo-Na wearing a tight leather jacket and pants.

But he quickly erased it from his mind.

“Don’t you have enough to buy one for yourself? The scrolls that you’re selling are passive scrolls in the recovery category and they’re pretty rare. They’re pretty exclusive too. Especially that skill. It’s just my opinion, but if you showed it to a global market, you’ll definitely get noticed. And the potion you gave me…it’s an item that’ll definitely become popular within the hunter community. High-ranked hunters and guilds will know that it’s a necessity. If they find out, the entire world will find out as well.”

Scrolls with a rare skill can’t be purchased because they’re not available.

People would definitely bid for it.

That’s what Kim Yoo-Na pointed out.

“There’s something I’m curious about. Something that I don’t understand is why you’re selling scrolls at such a small market. Is there a reason why you’re only selling it there?”


Hunters that are within Korea mostly use Hunter Net.

There are international forums, but in order to work at a place that uses the same language and is easily accessible, using the Korean forum was their only choice.

The community was naturally created without anyone forcing it.

Anyways, it wasn’t an international forum, so it wasn’t wrong for her to say that it was small.

“If that wasn’t the only place you were selling the scrolls, Hye-Na might’ve been better already. I’m just saying it because I felt a bit disappointed.”

What she was meant was, there was a limit to how far the information could reach because the community was small.

“You sold the scroll to Jung Ho-Sik at pretty low price. Are you…not doing it for money?”

“It’s not that.”

Am I not doing it for money?

Of course he was.

Hyun-Soo’s goal was money.

And saving up a lot of money.

Because of that, Hyun-Soo thought her comment was ridiculous.

It must’ve shown on his face, because when Kim Yoo-Na glanced at Hyun-Soo, she asked again in a confused tone.

“Then why…”

The problem was that he didn’t have the power to completely control his skills.

‘It’s something that I’ve felt when I first started selling.’

Without questioning, he followed the hunter to the Hunter Training Center.

It’s was a relief that the hunter let him go without any issues, but if there was…

‘I don’t even want to think about it.’

He might be locked up somewhere where he’s forced to create skills all the time.

There was something that bothered him after that.

That’s why Hyun-Soo decided to meet the buyers in an area with a lot of people.

Was he not doing it for money?

The answer was no.

If he could, he wanted to be open about it so that potential buyers could bid on it.

Anyone with common sense will know that one can make more money through that method.

But the reason why he was asking potential buyers to send him a message with a price was…

‘To prevent any potential danger.’

There was some information about him floating around, but there wasn’t a need to reveal more.

If more information were revealed, it can put him in danger and he wanted to prevent that.

‘It’s fine if I was alone, but my family isn’t hunters.’

Ordinary people are the ones that get hurt the most when they try to fight.

But what if the hunters came to them with bad intentions?

He automatically clenched his fist at the thought.

‘I leveled up and am now a D rank, but I’m still lacking.’

There might be high-ranked hunters that were crazy.

During his first hunt, the crazy healer was a scary one.

People in this world would kill others for money.

It wasn’t odd for others to do shady business in order to become stronger than others..

He wasn’t that far from that world.

‘There are already people that are jealous.’

Whenever he made a post about selling a scroll, people would send him weird messages.

When one has power, there’s bound to be people that are jealous.

There was a reason why Hyun-Soo was acting timidly despite of his amazing skills.

‘The reason why I gave the potions to Kim Yoo-Na first instead of posting them online is similar.’

The reason why he didn’t reveal the potions right away was to make it exclusive and save his strength.

But, there was something else that Hyun-Soo was more worried about.

Selling the potion would grab people’s attention, but something could happen to him.

Scrolls were often sold on the forum, so it wasn’t a big deal.

However, selling potions was new, so there was a high chance that it could cause a commotion.

If one had a potion, they wouldn’t have to wait for someone else to use their skill on them.

One can break through their limit.

Who wouldn’t want to become stronger?

‘Kim Yoo-Na qualified in that sense.’

Hyun-Soo calculated.

The first target that he chose to give the potion to was Kim Yoo-Na.

It hasn’t been that long, but Hyun-Soo has been observing her personality all along.

He somewhat grasped her personality and temper.

Men and melons are hard to know, but she wasn’t the type to fake her emotions and thoughts.

Also, the biggest reason why he chose Kim Yoo-Na was…

‘Kim Yoo-Na was tied down.’

It was safe to say that she was limited in what she could do.

‘I’m needed for Kim Hye-Na’s sickness.’

Kim Yoo-Na witnessed the effects of the potion that Hyun-Soo gifted her.

As time passes, the effects of the skill will show.

The car they were riding in arrived at a location that was near the place they met earlier.

Kim Yoo-Na noticed that Hyun-Soo was deep in his thoughts, so she didn’t say anything.

After parking the car at a quiet location that was a short distance away from the main street, Kim Yoo-Na turned to Hyun-Soo.

“So…what’s your answer?”

‘Why aren’t you showing the power that you have?’

That’s what Kim Yoo-Na’s question meant.

“I’m not sure. My answer will connect with what I want to say to you.”

“What do you mean….?”

“Kim Yoo-Na.”

Hyun-Soo turned his head and looked at Kim Yoo-Na.

Kim Yoo-Na had a suspicious look on her face.

Looking into her eyes, Hyun-Soo said what was on his mind.

“Please lend me your power.”

“What…do you mean?”

“You know what I mean. Instead, I’ll promise you this. I’ll take responsibility and extend your little sister’s life.”


Her large eyes started trembling.

It looked like she was shaken.

Kim Yoo-Na was a hunter that survived far longer than Hyun-Soo.

That’s why it was impossible for her not to know what Hyun-Soo meant.

She could even assume his true intentions.

This was a gamble.

Truthfully, Hyun-Soo didn’t have that many roads to walk on.

Realistically, the paths he could walk on were limited.

Selling skills was one of the roads he could walk on.

But, Hyun-Soo was getting greedy.

The more power one has, the more money they make.

The more power one has, it can ensure a greater safety.

Have more power can bring bigger happiness.

This is the reason why Hyun-Soo chose Kim Yoo-Na.

‘I offered the deal.’

All that remained was Kim Yoo-Na’s decision.

This is why Hyun-Soo gave her the potions as a gift.

And after giving Kim Hye-Na a bottle, Kim Yoo-Na saw the effects herself.

“I need some time to think.”

“That’s fine.”

Hyun-Soo respected her request..

There wasn’t a need for her to answer now.

Having her think about his offer and contemplate which would be best was better than her making a decision on the spot.

As soon as Hyun-Soo stepped out of the car, the red sports car drove off.

And a couple of days later.

Hyun-Soo received a call.

With the call, Kim Yoo-Na arrived.

After asking Hyun-Soo to meet, she sat up straight and spoke while staring at him.

“I accept.”

Before saying it, it looked like she was hesitant about it.

But after giving her answer, her rational and proud expression came back.

The A rank hunter that used her fiery fist spoke.

“But, I tend to be treat people a bit roughly, so it’s best for you to be prepared.”


Huff, huff!

The sound of rough breathing filled the humidified room.

‘I’m going to die.’

Hyun-Soo was catching his breath while sitting on a rotten log.

‘How is this a bit? This is just killing someone.’

But it was effective.

“You’re tired already? Stand up. You’re not planning on letting that monster go, are you?”

He tried to rest, but Kim Yoo-Na prevented him from doing so.

‘Oh jeez. Damn it! Shouldn’t she give me some time before treating me this roughly?’

It hasn’t even been five minutes since Hyun-Soo sat down, but she made it sound like he’s been acting lazy for an hour.

Hyun-Soo widened his eyes by how unfair she was being, but Kim Yoo-Na didn’t even flinch.

“I thought you could take down a monster by yourself, but it seems like you still have a long way to go. I cut of its leg so you don’t have to worry about it jumping.”


Hyun-Soo looked at the monster from a distance.

Like she had informed earlier, the monster that made Hyun-Soo panic lost its leg.

‘What’s the point? The tongue is more dangerous than its leg.’

He was currently in a green portal and was hunting a Red Spotted Toad.

There were only two participating in the hunt.

Just Kim Yoo-Na and Hyun-Soo.

But that didn’t mean that it would be the same as before.

‘No. It’s pretty similar since she’s helping me out.’

But, there was one fatal flaw.

‘The problem is that she’s putting me in danger in order to help me grow stronger.’

The day he first gave her potions.

They formed a contract.

‘I asked her to lend me her power. She’s a smart woman, so I’m sure when I said power, she understood it as me asking for more than that.’

The power that Hyun-Soo mentioned contained a variety of things.

It was her power and position as a high-ranked hunter.

‘In simple terms, I’m asking her to sponsor me.’

And another thing.

‘I asked her to help me level up. And that’s why I’m suffering right now, but.’

Because Kim Yoo-Na pressured him, Hyun-Soo raised his exhausted body.

But, he wasn’t dreading this situation.

“You can do it, right?”

“Even if I can’t, I’ll make it happen.”

“Great. Then, finish it off.”

Hyun-Soo grabbed the remaining daggers.

Splash, splash!

Whenever the muddy swamp took a step, it twined its ankle.

But, after Hyun-Soo looked down, he stomped his feet lightly.

Swoosh! Tap, tap, tap tap, tap!

His body lightly floated.



<Contract #2> End.

The Skill Maker – Chapter 031

<Contract #1>


‘But what if there was a potion that helped overcome those limits?’

Is there someone that wouldn’t want it?

He only created a potion related to stamina, but Hyun-Soo assumed that wouldn’t be the last.

‘There’s a high chance that I might be able to make a potion that increases one’s power or fatal attack.’

If he had the ingredients, he could make definitely make them.

The Medicinal Mix skill was there for a reason.

‘If I combine Skill Creation and Medicinal Mix, I’ll be able to make something great.’

“What exactly do you do?”

Kim Yoo-Na looked at Hyun-Soo with piercing eyes.

“Is that important?”

Hyun-Soo shrugged his shoulders.

There was a need to be careful with his words.

Kim Yoo-Na started touching the glass bottle she drank out of when Hyun-Soo didn’t answer.

“Why did you give this to me?”

“You can think of it as a present.”

“A present?”


A frown appeared on her face due to her doubts.

However, Hyun-Soo maintained his ‘I don’t care’ expression.

‘A present is a present. Despite of the fact that I have a different motive.’

Anyways, his primary purpose was to give it to her as a gift.

“I think it’ll be good for you sister.”


“I have two more potions.”

He was able to make a total of five bottles because the bulb was the size of a human’s head.

Out of the five, Hyun-Soo drank two.

It’s best to use the items that were limited in numbers.

However, when he drank the second bottle, he noticed that his stats didn’t increase.

‘It would be nice if it could be applied again, but nothing I can do about that.’

If it were possible, he probably would’ve kept drinking it.

He contemplated whether he should give the remaining three to his family, but he thought of something, so he decided to give it to Kim Yoo-Na first.

“A present…I’m not simple minded to just believe that. But, I’m grateful for them.”

After touching the bottle that contained the blue potion, Kim Yoo-Na pulled the bottle towards herself.

“In order to use the scroll, you said you had to be face to face with the target, right? If there’s nothing else, shall we go?”

Kim Yoo-Na hurried after seeing the potion that Hyun-Soo gave her.


The hospital that her sister was staying at was located close to the house.

It wasn’t that big, but the equipment inside looked really expensive and they had the same amount of equipment that a general hospital had.

“I’m here Hye-Na.”

Kim Yoo-Na spoke as he entered a large room that had a good amount of sunlight.

A little girl that was lying on a large bed struggled to sit up.

It was Kim Hye-Na, Kim Yoo-Na’s sister.

“You’re here?”

She managed to move her head and when Kim Yoo-Na noticed her moving her shoulders, she quickly ran to her and placed the pillow on her back.

“Huh? Who’s that?”

Hyun-Soo was a bit surprised when he saw Kim Hye-Na.

The first thought that popped into his head was.

‘She’s too skinny.’

She looked like she was around Hyuna’s age, but her cheeks had sunken in and he could see her thin neck and wrist through the patient gown. He now understood why Kim Yoo-Na was so worried about her.

Kim Hye-Na was a girl that was either about the same age as Hyuna or younger.

‘She told me she was sick, but she’s really thin.’

If she looked like her sister, then she would’ve been a beautiful girl, but she didn’t look like that at all.

Her face was so thin that she looked lifeless.

“Did you practice the harmonica? The teacher told me that you’ve been doing well these ways.”

Kim Yoo-Na was always cold in front of Hyun-Soo, but her expression relaxed in front of her sister.

“Mhm…I run out of breath so I can’t do it for long, but they complimented me for not making a lot mistakes.”

“Good job. I want to hear it later.”

“Okay, but Yoo-Na…you haven’t introduced me to that person yet…”

Kim Hye-Na pointed at Hyun-Soo.

When both the sisters looked at Hyun-Soo, he smiled awkwardly while standing near the door.

‘This is pretty uncomfortable.’

It felt like he didn’t fit in here.

However, Hyun-Soo had to transfer the skill himself, so he made an odd excuse and followed her here.

Because of that, it was hard for him to say that he would wait outside.

“Oh, he’s a hunter that goes on hunts with me.”

“Oh…do the other crews know of him? Is he new?”


He heard an odd word.

“No, it’s only temporary.”

“I see…I was wondering why you were with someone new. You can’t even go on dates because you’re so busy with me…I thought you brought your boyfriend.”


I almost choked while breathing.

‘Boyfriend? Who? Whose?’

Kim Yoo-Na was fairly pretty.

She gave off a sophisticated, yet proud image.

It was to the point where he could feel other people look at them when they walked together.

‘But, she’s a violent woman that slaughters monsters excitedly while being covered in monster’s bodily fluid. She even broke off a monster’s horn with her fist.’

The only time he saw her happy was when she obtained items that were good for the body.

To Hyun-Soo, Kim Yoo-Na was just another person and didn’t really see her as a woman.

But there were times when he realized that she was a woman after looking at her face.

‘I like girls that are calm and gentle.’

Kim Yoo-Na’s keen eyes were looking at Hyun-Soo.

Kim Hye-Na was the one that said it, but it felt like he was being punished for it.

‘This is pretty unfair since it was just a misunderstanding. Damn it. I have a younger sister too.’

Hyun-Soo felt like he needed someone to be on his side.

“He’ll provide treatment that’ll help you.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Nope. If you keep your eyes closed, it’ll finish quickly.”

Kim Yoo-Na signaled at Hyun-Soo.

She looked like she was going to kill him if he didn’t make it quick.

“It’ll be over before you know it. It won’t hurt and you just need to have your eyes closed for a moment.”

Hyun-Soo took out of the rolled paper from his bag.

Kim Hye-Na looked at him with curiosity and closed her eyes.

“Here we go.”


‘Skill Transfer!’


[Select the skill you would like to transfer]

[Transferrable Skills: Mighty Throw[D]/Low Rank Recovery[D]]

[Select the target]

[Target: Kim Yoo-Na(A)/Kim Hye-Na(-)]

Hyun-Soo immediately selected Kim Hye-Na.

She might become suspicious if he waved his hand in the air, so he used his eyes to select instead.

Moments later, the skill, Low Rank Recovery, disappeared from his list.

It was successfully transferred to Kim Hye-Na.


He still needed to confirm.

After activating Interface, he chose Kim Hye-Na as the target.


▶Name: Kim Hye-Na (??)

▶Rank: –

▶Class: –

▶Experience: –

▶Stamina Level: 21%

▶Energy Level: –

▶Stamina: 11 / Agility: 7 / Power: 2 / Critical Hit: – / ?? / ?? / ??


▶Skill List

[Low Rank Recovery][D]


He saw Kim Hye-Na’s information.

After seeing it, Hyun-Soo couldn’t repress his astonishment.

‘What’s wrong with the stamina and power? Is it a mistake?’

She must be really sick because her stats were close to zero.

She had a bit of stamina due to Kim Yoo-Na feeding her different items, but it was still 11.

“The scroll has been applied successfully. You’ll eventually be able to tell whether it’s been successfully applied.”

However, he couldn’t tell her the truth.

It was obvious that she was sick, but there weren’t going to be any surprises after using the scroll.

Hyun-Soo noticed his expression.

“…Thank you.”

It was a fair deal, so there wasn’t a need for her to thank him, but she genuinely bowed her head.

‘It’s not like I don’t understand her situation.’

Anyways, Hyun-Soo was in a similar situation.

And that’s probably he was able to relate to her.

That’s why he agreed to her proposal.

Since he transferred the skill, Kim Hye-Na should regain the stamina she lost.

Kim Yoo-Na didn’t know whether it was successfully applied, but she would be able to check later on.

The problem was that even though it recovers her stamina, if the cause of her sickness isn’t completely cured, her condition could get worse again.

The only thing they could rely on is….

‘Since Low Rank Recovery increases the cure rate of abnormalities by 3%, it should eventually cure her.’

In the meantime, all Kim Hye-Na has to do is keep living with her low stats.

Whether that’s possible is questionable.

‘Kim Yoo-Na used different ways, so it should be fine.’

Kim Yoo-Na took out of the two potion that Hyun-Soo gave her as a gift.

“Drink this too.”

“What is this?”

“It’s good. You like sweet drinks. That’s why I brought it.”

“The doctor will get mad….”

‘The Low Rank Stamina Recovery potion is a bit sweet.’

It was as sweet as junk food and the taste was sweet too.

‘It tasted like roasted marshmallows.’

It had the same taste as the chewy, soft, sweet marshmallows.

Of course a little girl will like the taste.

Kim Hye-Na’s eyes widened after sipping the potion.

Gulp, gulp!

The sound of her drinking the potion could be heard.


Kim Hyun-Soo looked over Kim Hye-Na’s information.

‘Her stamina increased from 11 to 23 thanks to the potion…’

Even though it increased, it was still below average when compared to an ordinary person.

But, for Kim Hye-Na, it did increase by two folds from her previous points.

Maybe it’s because of that, but Kim Hye-Na’s cheeks started getting red and she didn’t look so lifeless anymore.

Because her stats were so low, even though it was a low ranked potion, the effects kicked in right away.

“Yoo-Na, what is this? It’s really good and I’m feeling energetic.”

“Really? It’s good?”

“Mhm. But you don’t think the doctor will get mad? He said to be careful what I eat. You get in trouble every day because of it.”

Feeding her Energy Stones was okay, but if the doctor knew that she was feeding her parts from a monster, she would definitely get in trouble.

‘I won’t tell her exactly what it’s made out of…’

Anyways, Kim Yoo-Na managed to convince her about the potion and it helped increase her stamina.

Kim Yoo-Na wanted to be with her sister for a bit longer.

Kim Hye-Na expressed that she was tired and it could be due to the potion and the skill that was applied to her body.

She didn’t have a choice but to leave.

“Thank you.”

“It was a fair trade. Well…it would’ve been nice if I could bring more potions, but I only had two left, so that’s a bit disappointing.”

“I can’t be selfish and make that kind of request.”

Despite of what she had, she had a disappointed look.

Hyun-Soo checked the bait.

‘Hm, looks good.’

Maybe it’s because of the potion, but he noticed Kim Hye-Na’s condition getting better and he was able to see this live. In many ways, he completed the task successfully.

It was his own opinion, but he felt that he passed Kim Yoo-Na’s test.

‘Her attitude towards me changed a bit.’

At the same time, Hyun-Soo was also testing Kim Yoo-Na.

‘I think I can proceed with ease.’


<Contract #1> End.

The Skill Maker – Chapter 030

<Medicinal Mix #2>


As the morning sun shined through the bottle, it reminded him of the blue ocean.


[Low Rank Stamina Recovery Potion][Rare]

This potion was created with different medicinal herbs.

The ratio of the rare medicinal herbs is high, which increases stamina.

Stamina will be instantly increases and will be maintained during the entire duration.

Also, during the duration, it will slightly raise the recovery rate of any abnormalities within the body.

Effect: +Stamina 12 [Duration: 2 Hours]

+ Increases recovery rate of abnormalities within the body by 0.5% [Duration: 2 Hours]


‘I’m proud.’

After checking the potion’s information, a smile appeared on Hyun-Soo’s exhausted face.

He put in over 90% of the Flower Spore’s bulb and 8% of Bright Flower.

And he included 2% of the Treecreeper’s root.

And when he used the skill, even though none of the ingredients were blue, the mixed ingredients melted and changed into a blue color.

The smell was nice too.

It smelled like junk food because it gave off a sweet smell.

‘But, it has better effects than junk food.’

He felt disappointed by the fact that he wasn’t able to bring out the ingredients’ natural power, but other effects were added.

If someone didn’t know what a potion tasted like, they probably would’ve thought of this as a drink and would get curious enough to try a sip.

‘Let’s take a sip.’

Since it would be a waste, he dipped his finger and right when he was about to put it on his lips.


A familiar alarm ringed in his head.


“You have discovered the recipe for Low Rank Stamina Recovery Potion (Rare).”

Will you register the recipe?

Hyun-Soo looked at the Yes/No button that displayed in front of him.

‘What? Nothing appeared before?’

His eyes looked at the word, rare.

‘The first one that I made was normal, right? And the one I just made was a rare. I was too focused on the effects that I didn’t notice, but potions must have ranks too.’

Hyun-Soo didn’t think much and pressed the “Yes” button.

“The recipe for Low Rank Stamina Recovery Potion (Rare) has been added to the Recipe Book.”

‘Recipe Book?’

Filled with curiosity, Hyun-Soo instantly used Interface and checked the Recipe Book.


[Medicinal Mix][C]

Creates a new medicine by mixing different medicinal herbs.

Depending on the type of herbs, ratio and combination, different types of herbs will be created.

Depending on the experience, the success rate will change.

The recipe of the medicine created through Medicinal Mix can be added to the Recipe Book.

If an ingredient for a medicine that’s in the Recipe Book is available, it’s possible to create it instantly without any additional steps.

Experience: 2%

▶ Recipes Currently Registered:

Low Rank Stamina Recovery Potion (Rare)


‘The information changed a bit.’

It seemed like more was added as the skill developed more.

‘It probably means that I don’t have to prepare all the ingredients when I’m making the potion that’s registered in the Recipe Book, right?’

Hyun-Soo felt relieved after reading the explanation.

Preparing the ingredients was pretty tough.

He never made any vegetable side dishes before, but he had to prepare the medicinal herbs.

He’ll somehow do it since it’s needed, but…

‘But it’s not like I can’t do it…I should. I need to make money.’

If he thought of it as money, preparing them wasn’t even work.

It was medicinal herbs to be exact.

Anyways, they were all the same to Hyun-Soo.

While looking at the clear bottle that contained the blue potion, Hyun-Soo smiled.

It was as if he could hear the money being deposited into his account.

‘We should eat it first.’

There was still a lot of ingredients left.

The one to eat it first was him.


A car with an elegant design stopped on the side of the road.

The car was more transparent than a glass bead and the window of that car opened.

Right when a sleek looking car stopped on the side of the road, the people passing by had their eyes on the car.

‘Man~ I’m jealous. I want to drive a car like that.’

It was a sports car that only took three seconds to get from 0-100.

He remembered being jealous of the guys that drove expensive cars on TV.

It was impossible anyways.

He would only feel disappointed if he kept on thinking about and he tried not to look at it so that he wouldn’t feel deprived.

‘I’ll definitely buy one…huh?’

He was thinking about how he was going to buy one someday, but noticed someone stepping out of the car.


That person knew him as well.

“I’m sorry. There was traffic so I was late.”

It was Kim Yoo-Na, the person he was supposed to meet today.

After stepping out of the car, Kim Yoo-Na entered the café that Hyun-Soo was in and as soon as she approached him, the eyes that were on her were now on Hyun-Soo.

“Oh, right.”

The car that should be driven on the Autobahn was being driven within this small city.

Hyun-Soo felt about towards the car that Kim Yoo-Na drove.

‘How intimidating.’

He made it a habit to meet at the café since there were a lot of people, but their stares made him feel uncomfortable.

It felt as if he was being judged about every single thing.

He had an idea of what they were thinking despite of them not saying it.

‘I want to get out of here.’

The café wasn’t that hot, but he felt like he was sweating.

“There are a lot of people here. Do you mind if we go somewhere else…?”

Thankfully, Kim Yoo-Na made the suggestion first.

Hyun-Soo of course nodded in agreement.

Moments later, he sat in the car that he said he would buy later no matter what.

“If you haven’t eaten, I’ll take you to one of my favorite places. It’s quiet and private.”

“Okay. It doesn’t matter to me.”

He participated on hunts many times with her.

If she wanted to harm him, she could kill him in a portal where there weren’t any people.

On top of that, she was doing it for her sister..

When she suggested on going to a different place, Hyun-Soo nodded without any hesitation.

‘I should’ve thought it through.’

Whenever he met Kim Yoo-Na, it would always be in front of a portal, so he didn’t think that meeting her would catch other peoples’ attention.

If he knew ahead of time, he would’ve changed the location.

Despite of the fact that people were looking at her, it seemed like Kim Yoo-Na didn’t really care.

‘Maybe she’s used to it. She’s pretty and she drives an amazing car, so it would be odd not to look at her.’

While thinking that, Hyun-Soo slightly turned his attention towards Kim Yoo-Na.

A round forehead, a sharp nose and plump lips.

Her long, silk-like black hair was bouncing off of her chest.

He’s only seen her covered in the monster’s bodily fluids that he just now noticed her physical features.

“Is there something you want to say?”

“Oh, you have a very nice car.”

Kim Yoo-Na asked since she felt his stare, but Hyun-Soo couldn’t say that he was looking at her, so he vaguely answered her.

After driving out of the suburb, the car slowly stopped.

Following Kim Yoo-Na, Hyun-Soo stepped out of the car.

The place they arrived at was a tile-roofed house and as soon as they entered, they were led to an annex.

Hyun-Soo’s eyes widened because the house looked like it came out from a drama.

He stopped looking around after realizing that he was embarrassing himself.

“You obtained the scroll?”

“Yes, but as I’ve informed you before, there’s a condition. I need to use it on your sister myself.”

Hyun-Soo showed the rolled up paper that he prepared earlier.

‘The paper is fake, but the skill is real.’


[Low Rank Recovery][D]

The stamina recovery rate will increase by 21%.

The recovery rate for abnormalities will be increased by 3%.


It was a D rank recovery skill that he made with extra care.

Because of that, he read many medical science related books, despite of the fact that he couldn’t really understand, and watched documentaries too.

His parents now gladly agreed to get a massage whenever Hyun-Soo asked.

It could be considered physical labor, but honestly, this was Hyun-Soo’s way of leveling up other than participating in hunts.

Thanks to that, his experience increased and the skill’s level increased as well.

“Hm, is that the scroll?”


Kim Yoo-Na looked at the scroll that Hyun-Soo was holding with confusion.

She looked as if she wanted to say something, but she bit her lip and remained quiet.

“And the reason why I wanted to see you…was to give you this.”

Hyun-Soo took out the wrapped potion from his bag.


“It’s a potion that increases one’s stamina.”


Kim Yoo-Na had a shocked look on her face.

“I’ve never heard of a potion like that.”

Hyun-Soo looked straight at her doubtful expression and spoke.

“Then try it yourself.”

Hyun-Soo pushed the glass bottle that was on top of the table towards her.

Kim Yoo-Na hesitantly grabbed the glass bottle that contained the blue liquid.

She contemplated for a bit and drank the entire bottle after removing the lid.



Her eyes widened.

“What, what is this?”

“As I’ve said before, it’s a potion that increases one’s stamina.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Kim Yoo-Na looked at Hyun-Soo as if she couldn’t believe it.

Despite of what she was saying, her eyes told a different story.

“You’ve eaten monsters before.”

“That’s…it was only because it was good for the body. When I eat it, I can slowly feel my body getting healthier and more energetic. This is just my opinion after trying it. Like a Placebo Effect? But this…it’s instantaneous. And I can definitely feel it.”

‘It’s real, not a Placebo Effect.’

Since Kim Yoo-Na didn’t have Interface, she didn’t know the exact information.

That’s why, despite of the fact that she felt the effect, she was doubtful because she thought maybe it was all in her head.

Honestly, the items that Kim Yoo-Na gave him had very little effect.

Since she was an A rank hunter, if she wasn’t sensitive about her body condition, she could’ve not noticed it.

But, the Low Rank Stamina potion was different.

After drinking, the stat increases immediately.

It was a potion that had a time limit, but there was a way to resolve that.

‘It’s to constantly drink the potion.’

Despite of the fact that the potion will only be counted one time, if one were to drink it after a certain period of time, they can keep their increased stats.

‘That’s the core.’

Once a person experiences the effect, they usually want more.

In order to develop their stats, a hunter must participate in a lot of hunts, capture the monsters and obtain experience points.

The other hunters aren’t able to find detailed information like Hyun-Soo could.

However, the hunters that had outstanding skills were aware of their limits.

It wasn’t expressed in numbers, but they themselves knew their true limits.

‘What would happen if they found out that there’s a potion that helps overcome those limits?’


<Medicinal Mix #2> End.

The Skill Maker – Chapter 029

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<Medicinal Mix #1>


‘This is the bulb of a Flower Spore? So, this transforms into a Flower Spore-like monster, right?’

There was something else that surprised him.

‘Other items had limitations and the percentage regarding the increase rate…’

The Flower Spore’s bulb was a bit different.

‘Does this mean it actually adds to the stats?’

He wanted to eat it and check, but eating it for the sake of testing seemed like a waste.

Hyun-Soo’s stamina stat showed up as 79 on the upgraded Interface.

The bulb provided 15 stamina points, which was a lot.

‘This will be quite useful.’

It wasn’t just useful, but it was amazing.

He felt good because he got more than what he expected.

‘I should think about what I should do with these.’

He happily walked out of the portal.


‘What should I do with these? It’s a waste to just eat them. Kim Yoo-Na said she’ll mix the spore with something else, so should I try it too?’

Bright Flower, Treecreeper Grass and Bulb of the Flower Spore were in Hyun-Soo’s hands.

After placing them on top of the table, he activated Interface and contemplated for a moment.

The effect of the Bright Flower wasn’t really useful.

It wouldn’t even be useful to his family since they all had the Low Level Recovery skill.

The Treecreeper Grass isn’t useful to ordinary humans.

It’s only useful to hunters that require energy to use their skills.

‘This is what I’m most concerned about.’

Hyun-Soo cupped his chin while looking at the shining bulb that was as big as a person’s head.

It was big, but on top of that, he didn’t know how to eat it…

‘Will it decrease the effect if I cut it?’

He managed to dig up a couple more of the other items, but he only found one bulb.

Hyun-Soo ended up grabbing a dagger after not know what to do with it.

“Whatever. I’ll just try it.’



Despite of its hard texture, it cut pretty easily.

Hyun-Soo ate a piece of it.

‘It tastes…like a coconut. It’s better than I thought.’

He assumed it would taste like grass since it was a bulb, but it was pretty aromatic and sweet that it made him want to eat more.

‘Let’s see…Interface!’

Hyun-Soo used Interface to check his stats.


▶Name: Kim Hyun-Soo (21)

▶Rank: D

▶Class: Skill Maker

▶Experience: 4%

▶Stamina Level: 87%

▶Energy Level: 94%

▶Stamina: 80 / Agility: 55 / Power: 68 / Critical Hit: 47 / ?? / ?? / ??


▶Skill List


[Skill Creation][C]

[Skill Transfer][C]

[Mighty Throw][D]


‘It increase. But…just by one point.’

Maybe it’s because he ate a small piece, but the bulb’s original effect wasn’t applied.

‘It’s actually better. I thought I had to eat the entire thing, but if it can be shared, then I can give some to my parents and Hyuna.’

He could get paid a lot, but he wanted to exclusively keep whatever was good.

First, he wanted to use it to its full potential and sell whatever was left later.

This was different from the skills he sold.

He could always control the skills he made and sell them.

But the natural resources inside the portal was available to everyone.

‘Since they don’t have Interface, they won’t be able to check their information and what kind of effects they have.’

He now knew.

It didn’t matter whether it was information or power. It was about obtaining it first.

That’s how you get ahead of everyone else.

Even an A rank like Kim Yoo-Na would check the effects by using her own body.

Like Kim Yoo-Na, there were probably people that are interested in the natural resources within the portal.

But whenever he saw Kim Yoo-Na’s reaction to items that were good for the body, he assumed that the items within the portal weren’t well-known to many.

If that’s not the case, then other hunters would’ve already known about them.

And Kim Yoo-Na wouldn’t have to make the effort of taking down a monster herself because she could just purchase them.

There were some that probably tried it.

However, there was a big difference between eating it without any knowledge and eating it while knowing what it was.

‘First, it would best to make it so that they can’t tell what it is.’

Hyun-Soo immediately went to the kitchen.

He brought a mortar and a chopping board and placed them on the table.

‘It said to grind the Bright Flower, so let’s do that first and then I’ll mince the bulb. It’ll be better if I could turn them into powder.’

Thump, thump, thump!

He placed the Bright Flower into the small mortar and started grinding it.

The bowl was filled with dark green juice.

Every time the sticky juice touched the pestle, it would stretch out and snap.

‘I thought it would be a bit bitter, but it doesn’t have any taste.’

After it turned into a green, sticky fluid, he poured it into a bowl.

Next was the bulb.

Crack! Crack!

Even though he cut it into small pieces, it was still pretty thick, so when he crushed it, it sounded like a piece of wood was cracking.

Since it was the seed of plant, he expected there to be some sort of moisture, but the more the crushed, the more it turned into powder.

After crushing the bulb, Hyun-Soo took out the Treecreeper Grass from his pocket.

Wiggle, wiggle!

“Oh, you scared me again! You’re an odd piece of grass.”

The world of the portal was filled with things that couldn’t be understood with common knowledge.

That’s why, even when there’s a moving grass, there no reason to be weirded out.

But, he was still surprised regardless, so as he was taking it out, Hyun-Soo was close to freaking out.

‘I threw it to the ground, but it’s still moving.’

This isn’t some horror movie…



As soon he took the grass near a pot of boiling water, it started moving more violently.

It looked as if it was doing its best to survive, so Hyun-Soo closed his eyes, threw the grass into the pot and quickly covered the lid.

‘I’m boiling a piece of grass, but it felt like I was catching a chicken.’

Hyun-Soo managed to prepare all the ingredients.

Hyun-Soo was lost in his thoughts as he looked at the ingredients.

He finished getting rid of its original form.

According to his plan, he would sort out the ingredients and put them all together.

But, Hyun-Soo got curious.

‘Should I mix them?’

He already cut and grinded them, so mixing them shouldn’t be an issue.

If there was one thing he was worried about, it was the effect.

‘It won’t blow up or anything if I mix them, right? Will it become poisonous?’

Hyun-Soo decided mix a small portion since it’ll be problematic if he mixed all of it.

The bulb turned into powder, the Treecreeper Grass was boiled and the Bright Flower became a sticky liquid.

He placed all three of them in a bowl and mixed them.

The powder melted and instantly disappeared.

The liquid enveloped the grass and made it look like a jelly.

While slowly mixing the ingredients, Hyun-Soo was reminded of something.

‘This kind of looks a red ginseng rice cake. It’s just different because this is dark green.’

Since he added ingredients that were good for the body, it’ll probably be better than ginseng.

‘It would’ve been great if I added the Mutilated Rhinoceros’ Horn powder.’

But his father already ate it all.

If he added the horn powder, he might’ve created an amazing item that could be really good for the body.

Hyun-Soo was a bit disappointed.

After noticing that there weren’t any changes to the ingredient, Hyun-Soo used Interface.

‘Let’s check. Interface!’


[Pickled Low Level Recovery Root][Normal]

The Pickled Recovery Root that was made by mixing different medicinal herbs.

Once eaten, for a certain period of time the stamina will increase in small amounts

And during that time, the recovery rate of physical injuries and energy will increase in small amounts.

Due to imbalance between ingredients and inexperienced creation skills

The full effects of the ingredients can’t be applied.

Effect: +Stamina 1 [Duration: 10 Minutes]

+ Energy Recovery Rate Increased by 2% [Duration: 10 Minutes]

+ Physical Injury Recovery Rate Increased by 2% [Duration: 10 Minutes]



He created something.

All he did was mix the ingredients, but he created something new.

Despite of the fact that he mixed three different ingredients, they had similar effects, but there was one thing that was different.

‘The Bright Flower’s effect increased the stamina’s recovery rate, but the Pickled Root increases the recovery rate of physical injuries. Did something change when they were mixed together?’


Hyun-Soo started thinking.

He carefully organized the thoughts he had when Kim Yoo-Na first told him about the effects of the natural ingredients within the portal and actually ate them to check the effects.

‘I think…I can make this and sell it.’

Mixing different ingredients will increase the effects.

He estimated the cost.

He knew he could make money with this.

Inside the portal was a rich mine.

And Hyun-Soo was the only one that could check the information.


Hyun-Soo looked at the pickled root.

And then.


“You have successfully combined resources with different effects.”

“With this success, Medicinal Mix [C] has been created.”


Hyun-Soo doubted his ears after hearing the alarm.

‘Medicinal… What?’


[Medicinal Mix][C]

Creates a new medicine by mixing different medicinal herbs.

Depending on the type of herbs, ratio and combination, different types of herbs will be created.

Depending on the experience, the success rate will change.

Experience: 1%


It’s like someone pushed me from behind.

Telling me to make money with this.

‘This is awesome.’

Depending on the ingredients and the combination, he could create an endless amount of medicine..

Hyun-Soo was already thinking about how to use this.

“Man, I’m tired….”

A man with dark circles was lying on the floor.

It was Hyun-Soo.

Despite of his family being asleep, Hyun-Soo was busy using the skill.

All he had to do was use Medicinal Mix and it’ll provide the results right away.

He created a whole batch of Pickled Low Level Recovery Root.

‘Knowing that the effects can change depending on the ratio is pretty fun…’

He ended up staying up all night because of it.

While making them, he would eat them so that it would recover his stamina, but it didn’t recover his mental fatigue.

‘On top of that, the activation level for Interface increased.’

He increased Interface’s activation level by 4%.

He used it so many times throughout the night to check the information of the new medicines, that the activation level increased without him knowing.

‘I am tired, but since I was able to make this, it’s a success, right?’

Hyun-Soo looked at the small glass bottle that was sitting on top of the table.

‘Low Level Stamina Increase Potion.’

That was what the bottle contained.

The potion was a light blue color.



<Medicinal Mix #1> End.

The Skill Maker – Chapter 028

<Level Up #2>


As soon as the activation level on Interface increased, the parts that had questions marks before were now revealed.

But, it didn’t completely reveal the information because there were still question marks on some parts.

“Did you level up?”

Kim Yoo-Na approached Hyun-Soo and asked.

“Yes, my rank increased.”

I was overwhelmed that my voice was filled joy.

I couldn’t walk on this path before.

This was the path I had to give up.

Even if he was late, knowing that he could walk on this path again made him feel touched.

“That’s a relief. Congratulations.”

“Thank you. It’s all thanks to you.”

It was true.

Getting help from a high-ranked hunter was really amazing.

After watching her, he learned what do to during combat and increased his stamina and agility.

If it wasn’t for Kim Yoo-Na, he would’ve just stayed home and wouldn’t have been able to participate in hunts.

He could’ve made a lot of money too.

However, there is a limit to that as well.

There was a limit on the skills he could make since his level was low.

‘I’m seriously lucky. Being able to level up like this.’

He remembered the thoughts he had whenever he looked at Kim Yoo-Na.

Kim Yoo-Na spoke with a small smile on her face.

“Then, please don’t forget about the scroll.”

“A man always keeps his words.”


Kim Yoo-Na had a satisfied smile on her face.

Even though she was covered in dark green fluids, she still looked pretty.

“It seemed like you were collecting something from the monster a moment ago…Can I ask what it is?”

“It was the Flower Spore’s premature spore.”

“Really? This is the first time I’ve heard of something like that.”

Kim Yoo-Na’s eyes widened after hearing his answer.

She looked curious as to whether it was good for the body.

Kim Yoo-Na was really interested in items that could be obtained in portals since she had already searched for most of the items that were in the portal.

If it wasn’t for Kim Yoo-Na he wouldn’t have known about the different ways that the items and the monster’s corpse could be used.

‘I knew that different industries used a monster’s corpse, but I didn’t know it could be used directly on a person.’

An Energy Stone could be used as medicine, but a monster’s corpse was a different story..

That’s why, an ordinary hunter wouldn’t have thought about eating a monster.

But Kim Yoo-Na was different.

She looked at Hyun-Soo as if he had something she’s never seen before.

“I think this has a paralyzing effect.”

He already used Interface so he had detailed information about it, but Hyun-Soo said it as if he was making an assumption.

‘I’m really happy that I leveled up, but I should still watch what I say.’

“That’s possible. The Flower Spore bursts its pocket and paralyzes those around it. Hm. Do you think this is edible?”

‘You want to eat something that could paralyze a person?’

Hyun-Soo was dumbfounded after seeing Kim Yoo-Na contemplate about whether it was edible or not.

The immunity level of a hunter increases the higher their rank is, but to eat something like this…

“…Then, try eating it.”

“Oh, thank you.”

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 027

<Level Up #1>


“Great. Let’s get started. It’s better to start sooner rather than later.”

Hyun-Soo nodded his head.

“The monster we’ll be going against is the Flower Spore.”

It sounded familiar.

‘Is this fate?’

The monster that he fought during his first hunt was the Flower Spore.

And his life as a hunter was ruined because of that monster.

But to think that he would capture a Flower Spore right when he’s about to level up.

“You said you captured on before, right?”


“Then you know what to look out for. The monster may be similar, but since the rank of the portal is different, the monster will be different as well.”

“Got it. Don’t worry.”

“Right. You seem pretty used it now. I’ve met a lot of hunters, but I’m surprised by how fast you’ve grown. Why exactly are the other hunters excluding a hunter like you?”

‘I’m not sure. That’s what I would like to know.’

Kim Yoo-Na somewhat knew of Hyun-Soo’s situation, but she couldn’t understand why Hyun-Soo was forced out of the hunter’s community.

‘She might not know since she worked mostly overseas…’

Even though their relationship was created through a contract, but there wasn’t much that Hyun-Soo knew about Kim Yoo-Na.

The only thing he knew was that her sister was sick.

He didn’t really want to know and it looked like Kim Yoo-Na didn’t want to tell him either.

That was good enough.

This wasn’t the time to think about girls.

Honestly, she felt more like a guide than a woman.

He wasn’t sure when he would get the chance to talk to a beautiful woman like Kim Yoo-Na, but he didn’t have the energy to focus on these feelings.

“It’s coming. I’ll aggravate it, so start attacking it as much as you can.”

“Got it.”

Although the Flower Spore was from a green portal, it probably had similar stats.

Kim Yoo-Na explained that its level might be different, but its attacks should be similar.


Kim Yoo-Na punched the ground with her fist.

The even ground suddenly started rumbling.

The sound of the ground splitting could be heard and green vines flew out of it.


While the vines were stretched out and the monster was taking its place, he saw it appear on the Flower Spore’s body.

While watching the flower petals blossom, Hyun-Soo saw the light.

“Mighty Throw!”


The sharp dagger flew towards the bright, white dot.


However, because of its vines, it didn’t hit the white dot.

However, the dagger cut into its vine and the Flower Spore’s head was focusing on Hyun-Soo.


That’s when.

Kim Yoo-Na hit the Flower Spore’s body with her fist.

The plant type monster was really weak against her fiery fists.


The monster’s high-pitched scream filled the entire portal.

Since they didn’t have any other defense or a healer, they had to be careful whenever its vines tried to attach them.

For the monsters before, Kim Yoo-Na would aggravate them, so all he had to do was attack while dodging their attacks.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 026

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<A Fiery Attacker #2>

Hyun-Soo remembered the first time he met Kim Yoo-Na.

The time he contacted her after asking for some time to think…

They created a contract.

There was a reason why he acted the way he did when they went their separate ways.

They created a somewhat business-like relationship.

‘I provided my skill and Kim Yoo-Na provided an atmosphere where I could provide my skill. It’s a very fair contract.’

He couldn’t hunt because the healer community looked at him in a bad light.

After obtaining ‘Skill Transfer’ he changed to selling skills by creating fake scrolls.

It was a way to make money.

However, he did want to hunt in order to see how strong he was and wanted to experience catharsis.

He awakened as a hunter and yet, he haven’t participated in a decent hunt.

It was great that he was making money, but it was also his dream to become a hunter.

But, because of the difficulties in his life, he almost gave up on becoming one.

‘But Kim Yoo-Na appeared.’

Kim Yoo-Na hoped that Hyun-Soo would sell a healing type scroll to her.

She was desperate.

And that desperation helped Hyun-Soo make up his mind.

He said he wouldn’t fall for it, no matter the reason, but it got to him.

‘Hyuna also convinced me to make the decision that I wouldn’t regret later.’

It was true.

Family. And his sister.

Those were the keywords that Hyun-Soo couldn’t just ignore.

The thing that Kim Yoo-Na wanted was a healing scroll that healed at a fast rate and that could cure a body that was getting worse.

‘The problem is that that scroll was the best that I could make at that time.’

After deciding to help, he tried to make a similar scroll, but the scroll that he made was the best he could make at his current rank.

He was a bit disappointed, but thanks to that, he was able to transfer the ‘Low Level Recovery’ to all of his family members.

So, Hyun-Soo told Kim Yoo-Na.

In order to obtain a higher level scroll, he needs to increase his level.

‘I need to increase my level in order to obtain a high-ranked scroll.’

It sounded a bit blunt, but it was the truth.

He didn’t lie about it, so Hyun-Soo decided to be blunt.

‘If I knew a hunter that was an A rank, I would be able to participate in hunts again even though that crazy healer blocked me from doing so…’

In the end, he was getting personally tutored by a high-ranked hunter.

He wasn’t sure if portals with different ranks contained scrolls with similar effects, but there’s still a lot about portals that hasn’t been revealed, so it was hard to say that it was impossible.

Hyun-Soo made up a story based on that.

Since Kim Yoo-Na didn’t know about the fact that he created skills and sold them, she believed him, despite of feeling that something was off.

‘I got scared that an A rank might threaten me to show them proof.’

Thankfully, Kim Yoo-Na wasn’t like that.

Information about portals were valuable.

There was a reason why information about high-ranked portals were only given to high-ranked hunters and groups.

Information gave power, authority and it led to money.

The skills that Hyun-Soo sold were rare and valuable skills.

So asking information about the portal for free was considered rude or they were just looking for a fight.

‘It’s not like I can sell information for money though.’

It was true that he had to increase his Skill Creation in order to create a higher ranked skill.

And Hyun-Soo wasn’t planning on revealing the fact that he was a Skill Maker any time soon.

‘What if they lock me up somewhere after I reveal it? Who’ll help financially. Hyuna has to go to college and I have to buy a house too!’

Since he didn’t have any power, he might just ruin his life if he revealed it.

That’s why Hyun-Soo made up the story.

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