The Skill Maker – Chapter 010

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< Good and Bad Things Happen At Once #4>


His happiness only lasted momentarily.

Hyun-Soo froze in place after seeing the large vines charge at him with the intention of ripping him to pieces. The green vines that were moving really fast in front of him was weird and at the same time, scary.

‘I’ll die if I get hit.’

In his mind, he strongly felt the need to get out of the way.

Although his legs were shaking, he managed to roll to the side and dodge the attack.

Knowing that dodging it once wasn’t the end, Hyun-Soo quickly stood up after rolling.

For the first time ever, he saw a monster up close and on top of that, the monster was trying to kill him, which caused his hands to shake.


His feet were in the same situation.

‘What’s the tanker doing…?’

Looking over at Choi Do-Won, he noticed his exhausted face and the healer that was trying to heal him with every ounce of energy they had left.

It looked like it would be difficult to aggravate the monster again.

Hyun-Soo gritted his teeth.

Even though his entire body was trembling with fear, he held the pebble tightly in his hand.

The fact that the energy field decreased to half all of a sudden must’ve affected the monster greatly because its movement wasn’t as agile as before.

Thanks to that, he was able to calm down for a moment.

However, he couldn’t let his guard down since the vines’ attacks were dangerous.

‘Damn it!’

While holding the pebble tightly in his hand, he started running. Like a whip, the vines started chasing after him.

Anyone would be able to hear the vines slicing violently through the air. The vines smashed the ground so hard that it caused countless numbers of debris to jump up in the air.

The vines were able to move freely, but when attacking long distance, it tends to stretch out in a straight line.

Hyun-Soo and the monster were pretty far away from each other.

After noticing that the vines would stretch out in a straight line, Hyun-Soo started running in odd directions.

‘White dot. Where are you white dot…?’

The white do that he was able to see so clearly was now covered by the flower petal due to the monster constantly moving around.

Sweat was rolling down Hyun-Soo’s back. His face was covered in sweat.

Due to his nervousness, he wasn’t able to feel it.

Sweat rolled down his eyes and was hanging on the tip of his eyelash, but he didn’t notice.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 009

<Good and Bad Things Happen at Once #3>


With only one healer, the D rank leader was able to keep fighting by maintaining his energy, but he ended up taking the hit.

It was because Kim Yoo-Han kept on spitting crazy comments that it caused the leader to lose his concentration.

The people at the base felt uneasy after seeing the formation break up.

Since his stamina and injury couldn’t be healed, Choi Do-Won couldn’t aggravate the monster.

“Ack! It’s looking at us.”

“Tanker, aggravate it!”

“…Healer, he’s dying. Please heal him!”

“I am!!”

“Sub-tank, what are you doing?!”

“What are you expecting?!”

When Choi Do-Won stopped aggravating the Flower Spore, the attackers started attacking it, causing the monster to turn their attention on the attackers.

The monster’s target changed from Choi Do-Won to the attackers.

“Ack! Damn it!”

The attackers nearby got scared and stood far away from it.

The thing that the Flower Spore was looking at was the long-distance attackers because they shot flamed arrows, which caused damage to the plants.

Since long-distance attackers trained their mind more than their body, their physical strength was no different than an ordinary human.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 008

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<Good and Bad Things Happen At Once #2>

That’s what the hunters meant by experience and if they receive a consistent amount, then they’ll acquire that many more skills.
The more experience you acquire, the more powerful skill one can use.
This is also known as leveling up.
Gaining a lot of experience also means that their rank is also increasing.
The carriers didn’t participate in the hunt, but they would secretly attack the monsters so that they’ll be able to raise their level.
Since they were nothing more than a carrier, they won’t be acknowledged as an official attacker and the hunters will always be hunters.
Unless you started out as a B rank with a silver spoon in your mouth, most of the hunters that didn’t have connections and money had to start from the bottom.
This meant that most of the active hunters had started from the bottom.
Because of this, considerate people like Choi Do-Won told the carriers that they could attack too.
Of course there were people like Kim Yoo-Han, a healer, who made rude remarks before entering the portal.
Knowing how difficult it was to get to this position, there were people that couldn’t stand it when others got to this position so easily.
“Hyun-Soo, if you have an offensive skill, you should use it. Since our attacks won’t reach the body, you should attack the vine over there.”
“Even if our attacks did reach the body, the attackers will get angry. Attacking without any gears will only make them think that we’re stealing their experience points, so it’s best not to attack it.”
“I see.”
Among the carriers, Hyun-Soo was the youngest, so the others started giving him tips.
Since the other carriers were speaking from experience, Hyun-Soo decided to memorize their tips well.
After several failures, he was able to enter the world of the hunter.
Leaving without doing much was worse than dying.
‘Is it time for me to finally use this skill?!’
Despite of awakening to his power, he was frustrated because of his future. While spending time at the batting cage, he acquired a skill.
He was moved by the possibility that this caused him to create a useful skill.

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The Mightiest Manager – Chapter 14

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<Every Unconditional Favor Has a Reason- #4>


He contemplated for a moment while grinding his teeth. Honestly, it wasn’t worth contemplating over. If a lawsuit was filed, The Crescent would be at higher disadvantage than Hero Management.


‘Shit, shit, shit… and it’ll get worse if this event gets more complicated.’


Kang-Joon knew how to survive within the boundary of the law, and also knew that benefiting was much more important than resolving it. There was too much at stake for the opponent to confess their mistakes, so all Kang-Joon could do was try to benefit from a certain point. He wasn’t sure if it was intentional, but he knew that Director Hyun won’t ever tell the truth.


So, Kang-Joon decided to get as much as he could.


“Then…let’s do that.”


Due to the mistake that the director of The Crescent made before, they couldn’t just stand by and watch their first-rate device be taken away. When it came to the fate of the battle, it was cheaper for them, but I couldn’t help but feel bitter on the inside.


Kang-Joon entered The Crescent’s safe and received the A rank Aether Sword, which was created by a group of master artisans, and an armor coat. On top of that, he handed over a C rank Shield Bracelet.


The Shield Bracelet was part of the first-rate hunting device and it was a mini armor coat. When it’s used with an armor coat, it strengthens it like so that it can be used like a shield. Even though it was small, they had to include a lot of functions and despite of it being small and was a F rank Shield Bracelet, it was worth over 10 million won. (Approximately 10,000 dollars)


The hunter’s world revolved around money and that’s why there were so many things one had to spend money on.

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The Skill Maker – Chapter 007 (Part 2)

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‘It seems like I always have to study other’s expression.’

But Hyun-Soo didn’t lose hope.

It was a small step now, but later on, it’ll become a big step for him.

He might have to bow to the other hunters now, but he planned on raising his rank so that people wouldn’t look down on him any longer.

“Ready? Once you see a Flower Spore, get into position and when I aggravate it, start attacking.”

Hyun-Soo stood near the entrance along with the other carriers while listening to the leader’s instructions.

‘So this is what the inside of a portal looks like…’

Seeing the inside of the portal for the first time, Hyun-Soo kept on looking around.

Beyond the marsh-like walls and floors, he never imagined that there would be something beyond this large space.

The monster, Flower Spore, was at place where unknown grass and flowers grew and there were small trees in various places of the field.

It was such a peaceful location that if they weren’t here to hunt monsters, it would be nice place to have a picnic.

It didn’t seem like there would be any monsters in this peaceful place.

The field turned into a battlefield once a hunter sprinkled something, causing something to move below the ground.


“It’s coming! Get in position!”

Under Choi Do-Won’s order, the hunters got into position. Their plan was to spread out and trap the monster.

Suddenly, a rough, green vine appeared out of the ground.

Behind it, a wide flower petal appeared slowly.

It was as large as three adults with their arms spread out.


Under the flower petal, a thick, green bouquet started moving.

The Flower Spore completely crawled out of the ground and after seeing its full form, the first thing that came into Hyun-Soo’s head was how disgusting it was.

‘To think that a disgusting thing like that was living in such a peaceful place like this.’

After seeing its tentacle-like form, Hyun-Soo opened the interface.




> Flower Spore [F]

> Plant Type Monster

> Primary Location: Grey Portal

> Energy Field Status: 100%

> ??

> ??


I used it out of curiosity, and like I had assumed, something popped up.

‘What’s with all these unknown information?’

Since it wasn’t fully activated, there were several information that was missing.

It was impossible to check its primary skills.

It only displayed its basic information.

‘Is it telling me to raise my skills level? Well, at least I’ll know the monster’s name before attacking it. It’s nice to at least see its Energy Field Status.’

“Let’s first aggravate it.”

As the tanker, Choi Do-Won ran towards it first.

The Flower Spore was a lot taller than the average male and with its disgusting form, anyone would be intimidated by it, but it seemed like the hunters didn’t feel that way.

With his sharp weapon, Choi Do-Won cut the Flower Spore’s root.

As the thick, green vine was cut, a yellow liquid seeped out of it.


Wiggling its green vine, the petal part turned towards Choi Do-Won to keep its guard up.

As the flower petal shrunk, it bloomed widely and shot out green powder.

But, as the flower petal shrunk, Choi Do-Won was already far away from it.

After the green powder completely dispersed, they approached the monster again and deeply struck its roots.


The Flower Spore’s vines wiggled violently.

The vines that were spread out were now targeting Choi Do-Won.

“It’s aggravated! Start attacking!”

Choi Do-Won yelled out this command as he grabbed the shield that was on his back. The hunters that were spread out started attacking.

First, two attackers stood behind the Flower Spore.

Standing near the monster, they used the weapons that they brought and started attacking it.

Hyun-Soo, who was watching from afar, saw yellow liquid seeping out when the hunters attack with swords that were as large as their biceps.

‘If I become a close-range attacker, I should carry extra clothes with me.’

He wasn’t sure if it was their clothes or gear, but the two hunter’s faces were covered in the yellow liquid.

Out of the six attackers, four of them stood their ground and started attacking.

Some shot arrows and others shot flaming arrows. There were two people that threw iced lance towards the monster.

The problem was that the monster managed to counter-attack the arrows and the lance with its vines.

While tanking, Choi Do-Won looked towards the base and shouted.

“Attack its body! Attacking its vine has no effect!”

They started attacking its body like Choi Do-Won had suggested.

“I thought they studied the attacks, but they’re not doing so well.”

“If they coordinate well, they should be able to capture the Flower Spore, but…they should be fine, right?”

“I’m starting to feel uneasy. They shouldn’t have a problem as long as they avoid the vines, but seeing them attack the vines instead of the body is a bit…”

The carriers that were standing near the entrance were watching the hunt and started making comments.

“Let’s move closer. We don’t need to attack the body anyways and if we just attack the vines that are slightly sticking out, we can get experience points. Let’s move a little closer.”

When a hunter attacks the monster’s energy field, the hunter acquires the same amount of energy as they attacked.

The Skill Maker – Chapter 007 (Part 1)


<Good and Bad Things Happen At Once #1-1>


After looking at his watch, Jo Young-Jin led Hyun-Soo and the other members.

They arrived near the portal where they’ll be hunting.

There was a trailer, which was brought by people from an agency that purchased dead bodies and energy stones acquired after hunting the monsters.

In front of the trailer, there was about 10 people standing there.

They seemed like hunters that were going to officially participate in the hunt.

Jo Young-Jin called for Hyun-Soo and the other porters and introduced them to a man that was tall, built and had short hair.

“Hello, sir. These are the porters that will participate today.”

“Oh, thank you for coming. I’m sure you all know what’s going on, so I don’t need to go over anything, right? We’ll leave in 20 minutes. Also, for those that are able to make a deal, once you get captured as an aggravator, you’re free to make a deal.”

“Understood! Thank you.”

Following Jo Young-Jin, Hyun-Soo bowed his head.

It was a bit much, but since everyone else was doing it, he felt that he needed to do the same.

“He’s very nice. He lets us make deals too.”

“I agree. Some places require the deal skill, but once we go out to hunt, they won’t let us make any deals. It’s like they’re making fun of us…”

What that man said last must’ve been unusual seeing the carriers talk about it.

Then, Jo Young-Jin brought his hand to his mouth.

“Hey, be careful what you say.”

For Hyun-Soo, this kind of reaction surprised him.

Sending a message without a deal skill will automatically eliminate them, but attacking is forbidden?

Despite of Hyun-Soo’s question, time continued ticking and it was time to enter through the portal.

The muscular leader clapped his hands once and got everyone’s attention.

“Hello. My name is Choi Do-Won and I’m the leader as well as the tanker. The portal we’ll be going through today is Grey and our objective is to capture the Flower Spore. I’m sure you’ve all read our plan of attack. In today’s group, there’s one tanker, one sub-tanker, six dealers, and two healers. The deals may not be so great since we don’t have a lot of dealers, so if the dealers get captured as an aggravator, provide the best deal. Make sure they don’t turn their attention to someone else and if they do, stop all the deals. We’ll be entering in five minutes so finish your preparations.”

People that were in groups of twos and threes nodded their head.

“Making a deal with a Flower Spore will be ambiguous.”

“How come?”

The participating hunters must’ve already heard what kind of monster they were targeting.

The carriers of course didn’t get this information, so Kim Yoon-Soo let out a sigh.

“Since it’s a spore, we have to spread out and unless you have a long-distance analyzation skill, it’s hard to make a deal. It’s constantly moving because of its roots, so it’s hard to really pinpoint their location…”

Hyun-Soo remembered the illustration book he saw on the Hunter Net.

‘A Flower Spore…’

He remembered seeing it when he attended the hunter school, but it was very vague.

‘Let’s observe the situation first.’

Leveling up and money was important, but the most important thing was his life.

Hyun-Soo wasn’t planning on putting his life on the line.

‘If I just go at it, I might die, but it’ll be a problem if I got hurt. Not like I can afford to go to the hospital.’

He was going to observe the situation first and then make his move after grasping the situation.

Just observing was dangerous as well, but unless someone was going to commit suicide, it was better to lower the risk.

If he didn’t try, he wouldn’t get anything out of it.

While Hyun-Soo was thinking, the carriers were complaining about how this kind of job won’t help them increase their ranks. Then, someone with a high-pitched voice interrupted.

“Then what’s with the carriers that don’t do their jobs and only think about making deals?”

It was a guy who looked extremely angry.

After hearing the carrier’s conversation, a thin man with an angry expression looked towards them.

“Just do the job that you’re given and don’t get in the way.”


After Jo Young-Jin politely answered for the group and the man turned around.

The members of his group patted him and said, ‘Hey, go easy on them,’ but out of angry, the man pushed their hand away.

As soon as he neared the portal, Jo Young-Jin let out a deep sigh.

Hyun-Soo approached him and quietly asked.

“Who what that guy?”

“That was Kim Yoo-Han and he’s an E rank healer. According to the rumors, he’s the younger brother of the group’s leader. On top of being a healer, he has connections. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.”

He whispered that he was probably acting that way because of it.

In Hyun-Soo’s head, the name, Kim Yoo-Han and his class stuck to his head.

‘What a jerk. Are all healers like that?’

The way he treated the carriers was like a boss that was scolding their employee.

Despite of his class and rank, shouldn’t he at least treat others with respect?

Was it because he had connections?

“He was probably disgusted with us. They put their life on the line during the hunt, but we don’t participate in the hunt and still get experience. There are other hunters like him.”

“Do you get a lot of experience points when you participate?”

“No way. You’ll only gain 0.5% of experience per hunt…”

Operating the equipment that was around his wrist, Jo Young-Jin read the numbers.

“Let’s see. During the last hunt, I got 0.3%. I did make a deal, but…Honestly, as a carrier, it looks bad if you offer too many deals. Just like Kim Yoo-Han, there are hunters that think that carriers have it easy because all we do is make deals.”

He said carriers go through a lot and the other carriers let out a deep sigh.

Because of what Kim Yoo-Han said, the atmosphere became tense and it remained that way until it was time to walk through the portal.

Hyun-Soo remained quiet and observed the other hunters.


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The Skill Maker – Chapter 006

<A Jackpot That’s Like a Jackpot, But Not, But Is – #2>


After searching, Hyun-Soo found the Hunter Net and clicked the hiring/seeking job link.

However, they made it available to members only.

‘I’ll register first and then take a look. I’m sure it’s not limited to officially registered hunters.’

If that was the case, then his plan on trying to find a job online would all go down the drain.

Thankfully, ordinary people could register.

Hyun-Soo registered and before checking the seeking job page, he decided to look around the website.

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